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Although in Depression Part III, we will be talking of depression and its relation to illness’ of the physical body I’d like to share this particular quote with you now.

“Scientists have also found that suppressed emotions—especially anxiety, depression and anger—play a role in creating hypertension, a hardening of the blood vessels. So what’s the domino effect that takes us from depression to hypertension? Depression causes the brain to release norepinephrine, which stresses the adrenal glands. This in turn causes the adrenal glands to release too much cortisol, which starts a cascade of inflammatory substances called cytokines. These cytokines cause oxygen to become “free radicals” which make any cholesterol in the blood harden and cement onto the arteries, causing them to clog and making blood pressure rise into hypertension range. So there you go. The domino effect of depression to hypertension, emotions moving from the brain to the heart. And it just shows that roadblocks to emotions can cause roadblocks in the flow of blood. A similar inflammatory response is seen in people dealing with chronic frustration.” All Is Well: Heal Your Body With Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition 

Another article on this blog may interest you ENERGETICS AND THE HEART CHAKRA…. here

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we often overlook caring for ourselves in ways we know we should.  Instead, we keep going, feeling run down and stressed, accepting it as a ‘normal’ until the effects of prolonged stress catch up to us in the form of a break down, depression, illness or physical pain.

“Depression—pressure to survive. Feeling overwhelmed, hopeless, disappointed, and disillusioned. Wanting someone to save you. Suppressed anger and resentment. Feeling and acting like a victim. Blaming others for what is not working in your life. Feeling unmotivated and uninspired. Can’t be bothered to do anything. Stuck in an old story that’s only getting gloomier.” THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF YOUR BODY: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness ~ Inna Segal 

Everything that has happened in your life happened because of your thoughts.  If you repeatedly tell yourself “I’ll never get ahead”, “I can’t afford that” “I’m stuck in this place forever”, your subconscious will take your word for it and start working to make these thoughts/words happen.

“So when opportunities knock I’m suddenly in conflict with myself, I lack courage, big time and withdraw or can’t make a decision. I find myself in a box of despair and inaction. I can’t move forward or backwards until another opportunity arrives. Then this vicious cycle begins all over again. I get enthused and fired up and when the door is about to open I withdraw and vegetate – stuck in a void until the next opportunity comes along.” (as written from Robin in an email) Thanks Robin! 

Your subconscious mind accepts whatever is impressed upon it or what you consciously believe.  It doesn’t have the capacity to think things out as your conscious mind does and it doesn’t argue with you, it accepts everything, good or bad.  The longer your negative thoughts continue to work on your subconscious mind the sooner they will emerge and take place in your outer life.

Depression, anxiety, frustration, worrying, etc., all of these are energy drainers.  They lower the flow of the life-force (chi) causing our minds and bodies to come almost to a standstill.  A lot of times depression can come from our fretting and worrying about what will happen regarding a problem, rather than the actual problem itself.  The crisis could be something that occurred yesterday or in the distant past that might affect our present or future but with all our fretting, worrying and whining we’re too irrational to figure out our problem.

“In particular, the fact that negative mood connects negative thoughts and memories, *even when these thoughts and memories have nothing else to do with one another*, sets us up for over-thinking. When you are in a bad mood for any reason, your mood activates–literally lights up–these nodes of your brain that hold negative memories from the past and negative ways of thinking. This makes them highly accessible: it’s easier to get there with your conscious thoughts. This is why it is easier to think of negative things when you are in a bad mood than when you are in a good mood. It is also easier to see interconnections between the bad things in your life when you are in a bad mood.” Women Who Think Too Much by Susan Nolen-Hoeksema, Ph.D

Changes within ourselves don’t begin at the brain level, they work on a much deeper level—the subconscious. And the subconscious holds within it all our early experiences which have a profound effect on how we present ourselves to the world.

 “I was always puzzled by the fact that people have a great deal of trouble and pain when and if they are forced or feel forced to change a belief or circumstance which they hold dear. I found what I believe is the answer when I read that a Canadian neurosurgeon discovered some truths about the human mind which revealed the intensity of this problem. He conducted some experiments which proved that when a person is forced to change a basic belief or viewpoint, the brain undergoes a series of nervous sensations equivalent to the most agonizing torture.” ~ Sidney Madwed


“The subconscious mind has no sense of humor, and it is important for you to know and understand this concept.  You cannot make a joke about yourself and think it doesn’t mean anything.  If it is a put-down about yourself, even if you are trying to be cute or funny about it, the subconscious mind accepts it as true.  I don’t let people tell me put-down jokes in my workshops.” Louise L. Hay The Power is Within You

I still remember, years ago in class, changing after gym class and listening to my classmates feeding into each other’s pattern of self-pity…”Im Fat…” Girl A would say then Girl B would say “no you’re not fat, I am.” Or “I need to lose weight”, “no you don’t, I do” or Girl B would say “I’m going fail the science exam” and Girl A would say “you studied hard, I’m the one whose going fail that exam .” Have you ever heard these comments played out over and over again?  Are they actually helping each other? Have you found yourself in a familiar pattern?  I have.  So why do we put ourselves down so frequently.  Why do we wallow in low self-esteem?  Why can’t we see our strengths, capabilities and the positives of our lives?  Why do we complain about ourselves with the hopes of hearing a positive affirmation in return?  And what if we don’t?  Something I did notice was people would complain about their ‘many imperfections’ hoping desperately to hear (as these girls did) positive affirmations in return.  It’s as if each put the effects their self-esteem in the lap of their friend. The bottom line is, they need to take their self-esteem and put it in their own lap.

Steve (not his real name) “I now see depression as an intense dialog between my life and “me”, and for the longest time I did not listen to my life because I didn’t believe in myself.  I was still listening to all the parents’ voices telling me that I should, I could do this and that to perfect my life; I was a prisoner of old repeating beliefs”.  

Steve spoke of his university days and working part-time as a waiter in a restaurant.  The restaurant manager constantly put Steve down, negatively commenting about his hair, his clothes and his cleaning abilities.  “I’d always cringe when the manager would walk towards me, because I anticipated being ripped to pieces by more negative comments.  I realized later, the manager wanted to make me angry, so I’d blow or worse get fired.  So I kept everything bottled up inside me. That’s when I started hanging around with a bad crowd, drinking and using drugs.  I think it was a way to numb my feelings and to self-medicate myself.  I became extremely arrogant, putting other people down; just like the manager did! I know now this was because of my insecurity, deep down inside I felt depressed, unimportant and unhappy about myself.  I expected to be cheated, stepped on and depreciated by others—the comments I made were really a reflection of how I felt about myself.”

“Your subconscious is your great darkroom.  It’s the secret place where your outer life develops. 

Therefore it isn’t your name, your manner of dress, your parents, your neighborhood, or the automobile you drive that makes you what and who you are.  You are the beliefs taking shape, image by image, light and shadow, there in your subterranean darkroom. In a moral sense, your subconscious is totally neutral, willing to look on ay habit as fitting, whether or not you or the world deems it good or bad.  That is why when we blithely drop negative thoughts into our subconscious, into this darkroom of ours, time and time again, we are so surprised to see these dark thoughts finding expression in our day-to-day experiences and relationships…time and time again.  As a matter of fact, it is rare to find something happening to us that we had no role in creating in this way.” The POWER of Your Subconscious MIND, Joseph Murphy, Ph.D., D.D. 

LET”S TALK ABOUT THE BRAIN…..for just a minute…

“Different chemistries are involved in learning than in unlearning.  When we learn something new, neurons fire together and wire together and a chemical process occurs at the neuronal level called “long-term potentiation,” or LTP, which strengthens the connections between the neurons.  When the brain unlearns associations and disconnects neurons, another chemical process occurs, called “long-term depression,” or LTD (which has nothing to do with a depressed mood state). Unlearning and weakening connections between neurons is just as plastic a process, and just as important, as learning and strengthening them.  If we only strengthened connections, our neuronal networks would get saturated.  Evidence suggests that unlearning existing memories is necessary to make room for new memories in our networks.” Norman Doige, M.D. The Brain that Changes Itself  

I’ve learnt Oxytocin is the chemical or hormone Dr. Doige is talking about in the above quote. Oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus and released through the pituitary gland or other parts of the brain.  People who have oxytocin-rich blood are known to be compassionate, confident, happy, curious and eager.  They think positively, feel good about themselves and can handle the many stresses in their life.

“There is some dispute over the idea that oxytocin is solely responsible for this new burst of learning, for changes in our existing attachments or how it might facilitate these changes.  Neuroscientist Jaak Pankseep argues that oxytocin, combination with other brain chemicals, is so overwhelmingly good at reducing our feelings of separation-distress that the pain of losing previous attachments makes less of an impression that it would otherwise.  This lack of distress may also free us to learn new things and from new bonds, which partially reconfiguring our existing relationships. Norman Doige, M.D. The Brain that Changes Itself 

Dr. Norman ‘Shealy’ was the first I heard talk openly about Oxytocin—he created a blend of essential oils called BLISS to help raise oxytocin in the blood–enhancing mood and relieving chronic pain.  I’ve never tried Bliss myself, but if you’re interested there are links at the bottom of this blog for you to look at.

I believe we can each work at raising our own oxytocin levels….

When we wake up in the morning our sympathetic nervous system sends just enough cortisol to waken us and keep us awake.  Most of us rush around like crazy to zoom out the door to get to work. If we could take a little time to be more loving to ourselves, e.g., showering longer, washing, shaving longer, lovingly combing our hair, meditating, walking in nature, etc. this stimulates a positive relaxing mood by activating the hormone’s dopamine and oxytocin in the brain. Release of oxytocin has a feedback effect…the more we take in and enjoy what’s around us, the more we’ll have enough ‘happy’ oxytocin in our blood for the whole day.  The more intense the emotional output of oxytocin in our blood, the longer and deeper it lasts, helping us to cope with the stresses of the day.


“Many people are often curious about why they keep attracting the same thing over and over again.  They are absolutely certain that they are not sending out anything negative, yet in a specific area of their life, negative experiences keep showing up.  This happens because they are sending a negative vibe non-deliberately simply through their observation of what they are currently getting. 

For example, if you open your wallet and don’t see any money, by observing that you’re not seeing any money there, you are now offering a vibration of lack, fear or some other similar negative vibration.  Although you’re not doing it on purpose, the Law of Attraction is simply responding to your vibration and giving you more of the same.  It doesn’t know what action you are taking that is causing you to generate this negative vibration.  You might be remembering, or pretending, or daydreaming, or in this case just merely observing.” LAW OF ATTRACTION ~ Michael J. Losier 

Every single moment you experience a mood or feeling, you’re sending out from your energy, a negative or positive vibration.  There is a universal energy around you that humbly responds to the energy you’re emitting right at this moment.  This energy does not judge or grudge it simply reacts and gives back the same as what you’re sending out, positive or negative.

“Light” and “Dark”, Positive and Negative are simply judgments of our human minds …so are “good” and “evil”…in fact, they both mean pretty much the same….they each express a like or dislike.  If we were to toss a coin ‘head or tails’, we could not possibly attract the head side of the coin without the tail side coming with it.  Positive/negative, light/dark, good/evil are one piece of the whole..they are needed in relation to each other otherwise neither could function.  There is a pulse in the universe that constantly moves like a ping bong ball. flowing back and forth, slowly at first…then as consciousness and awareness become a part of the process the energy starts moving faster and faster.  This creates tremendous tension between the two opposites until a spark is created and something is created, conceived. We cannot have light/dark male/female without the other, they are magnetically attracted to each other….nothing will get off the ground or seek emotional expression without their cooperation.  On another level, you could see or call this magnetic force as a romantic attraction and attraction is an important ingredient to any creation.

“When you find yourself in a crisis where everything seems at the point of breakdown, avoid reacting aggressively, getting defensive, or trying to combat the problem head-on.  Like being caught in quicksand, the more you struggle, the more you’ll be sucked in.  Surviving difficult challenges depends upon your ability to stay centered, focused, and as calm as possible.  Reacting emotionally to a crisis will only compound the difficulties.  Be firm, yet flexible, and work steadily to resolve the situation.  It may take a good deal of time and energy than you expected but adopting a nondogmatic approach and keeping things in perspective is the solution now….. 

Be as creative as possible and stay very alert while plotting a course through this minefield of difficulties.  Only by deeply trusting in yourself and the power of intuitive guidance can you find a resolution.  Even if you disagree with what others have to say, do not react or argue, but stay open and hear them out.  When a breakthrough seems imminent, remember to stay alert. The real moment of resolution will become apparent in due course; it cannot be forced.” TAO Oracle ~ Ma Deva Padma 

When we dig out old beliefs, losses, pains, promises, hurts, dreams and people who programmed us to see the world as they saw it, we will release expectations and assumptions and discover a huge storehouse, a hidden power of incredible knowledge.  You don’t need to learn this knowledge, you already own it but only you can search for it.


“We are quite ignorant of the real power of our habits until we try to give them up.” ~ C. S. Lewis 

I wrote an article on Creating Your Own Affirmations here… 

“When a depression comes on, it replaces anything else that I have going.  Life just stops.  There is no point, no purpose, no hope.  What I hold onto is the passage of time.  Everything passes with time, and in time I’ll be released, seemingly by just having waited it through.  When you’ve been as confined by grief as I have been, you whole body feels as if it’s been played upon by another person.  After an experience like that, you feel like you’ve just recovered from a long illness.  You appreciate some things, like weather and the colors that you want to wear.  You feel privileged to have lived out so much.  Tragedy will set you apart, in some way it will single you out, because you’ve looked at death and survived.” Helen Palmer

Most of us do our best to avoid uncomfortable or painful feelings, especially when others are around and frustratingly say ‘that’s all we hear…just get over it with ya’.  When I avoid awareness of what I am feeling, I also have to avoid how my body is expressing the feeling.  Usually this involves me partially or completely stopping the movement(s) that would normally express my feelings.  If I’m angry and begin to make a fist and tense my arm and shoulders as if to hit, I can only stop this by opposing the movement of that tense muscle.  The tension signals my brain that I need to back-off, or direct my thoughts and feelings elsewhere.

We usually express our feelings and experiences through our body posture and movements.  When we feel joy, our whole body moves—smiling, dancing, singing, etc. In fear, our whole body either becomes frozen and tense or immediately runs away.   With depression, it’s like a black cloud that won’t lift; we may not want to get out of bed, hiding ourselves under the covers, coming out only to go to the bathroom or gravitate towards sugary starchy foods to stimulate our senses, but these foods drain more of our energy and we find ourselves putting on weight.

Have you ever tried uplifting inspirational affirmations, only to become more depressed and frustrated because they seem to say the opposite to what you’re feeling?  Repeatedly saying an affirmation you ‘don’t believe’, will ‘not’ make you believe it—in fact it could create an even greater resistance.  Why? Because, wanting to change what we’ve believed so long to be true, the first thing we hit head-on is our own frustration and doubt.

Affirmations expose us to an intense dialogue or series of arguments that shuttle back and forth within ourselves;  we work with them from several different angles and notice ‘I’m not listening….or is it I don’t believe it myself….or is it I don’t believe in myself?   Steve who we met earlier, struggled with his inner calling…“ affirmations for me, don’t work…I’m constantly hearing all the voices in my past telling me I should be doing this and should be doing that….I’m a prisoner of my past….I’ve actually been looking for a key to a door that has no walls around it.’

“Like most of us, I didn’t always find the pathway easy and smooth because just babbling affirmations didn’t work all the time, and I couldn’t understand why.  I asked myself, “What am I doing wrong?” Immediately, I blamed myself. Was this one more example of me not being good enough?  That was a favorite old belief of mind. 

At the time my teacher, Eric Pace, would look at me and refer to the idea of resentment.  I didn’t have the faintest idea what he was talking about.  Resentment? Me? Surely, I didn’t have any resentments.  After all, I was on my pathway, I was spiritually perfect.  How little I could see myself then!” The POWER is WITHIN YOU ~ Louise L. Hay 

What exactly did Steve mean when he said he was ‘looking for a key to a door that has no walls around it’. When I worked with Steve’s energy, I noticed his toes were curled under and wouldn’t release.  Often when the lower back is in pain and the feet are not able to relax, it’s an indication of not feeling safe or grounded with the world.  In this case it felt Steve was searching and struggling too hard to be different from who he was.  Our need ‘to do’ is often an expression of our deep human need to feel accepted.  Unfortunately, when we work unconsciously to gain love and acceptance from others we always seem to experience tension and fear that we still won’t get accepted (usually a closed door in a dream indicates feelings of rejection).  Basically, I told Steve to stop worrying about ‘what the others might think or say’.  It also felt the ‘aspiring affirmations’ he was saying to himself were way too high and out of his reach (the key?).  They were causing him to feel as if he was coming apart at the seams and they weren’t working on releasing old thought patterns and blocked emotions.  I told him he needed to find a more subtler yet purposeful approach….kind of like watching or feeling the soft slow-opening of a flower.   But to feel that flower unfurl, we need first to ground at the roots.  We need to tap into that deeper level of our being and to our own inner rhythm.

Another thing we talked about was the anxious feeling of getting results…it tends to take us out of the present and we lose the pleasure of that moment.  We need to relax into the moment and not have too many thoughts on the future.  Steve needed to accept that where he was right now, was fine…when we can relax into knowing nothings wrong where we are, we can let go of a big sigh, and just relax.


We all tend to build up an image of how things really are, an image of who and what we are.  This image of ourselves might be somewhat true, but there are always aspects of ourselves that don’t fit this image.  If we hang onto this image tightly, we restrict and deaden ourselves, and we prevent ourselves from discovering the parts of our lives that are unknown and alienated.  If you can let go, even a little of your idea of who you think you are, you have a chance to discover more of what you are actually experiencing at this moment.  It can even be a way of finding new ways of being and discovering things about yourself you may not be aware of.


Awareness, Acceptance, Adjustment

“The formula is simple.  Take your greatest victory as your ceiling and your worst defeat becomes the place where your foundation will be built.  Once that’s in place you’ve got a frame which you will fill with joy and sorrow.  From your center will come the creative force of your being, your truth and your instincts.  It is from this place that everything else evolves.” 

AWARENESS – To make changes to our world, we first need to know where we are before we can decide how to get where we want to go.  If you got lost driving to my house, you’d call and ask for directions.  To help you get here, my first question to you would be “Where are you now.”  Awareness is about asking yourself….”Where am I now”; it always determines your next move.

ACCEPTANCE – Awareness and acceptance are intertwined.  By learning to accept freely and uncritically where we are at this moment, we begin to allow our unconscious to release more knowledge about ourselves.  The process of acceptance is one of acknowledging to ourselves that we are in fact perfect—it is where we are supposed to be right now.

Mentally fighting our current situation with judgments such as “I should be better” drains our energy and self-esteem.  Without acceptance of where we are, there is no possibility of moving in a direction of our choice or of every enjoying ourselves fully.

For example, until some acknowledges and accept a current situation of being overweight, he or she cannot choose the goal of thinness and enjoy the process of moving toward it.

3. ADJUSTMENT – Once we are aware and accept where we are, can we go on to make the changes in our habits that we’d like to make and bring us to a greater state of health.

The keys to the stage of Adjustment are patience and moderation.  Often we go too fast and become discouraged when we can’t change everything overnight, or else we think that the changes needed are so great that we’ll never be able to make them and discourage ourselves before we start.

This whole process for both these exercises is like playing a game with our subconscious mind, tricking it to give up its hold on old, habit patterns.


All you need for this particular exercise is a pen and paper handy to jot down what your senses are showing you…..

Whenever you become aware of your body and its position, you immediately experience relaxation and a flow of energy because you are listening to it more closely than before.  You will become aware of your presence, your form and your communication with your body and your surroundings.  At first you may be restless and feel as though you are thinking thousands of thoughts…don’t worry…if you subconscious is trying to remind of you of things you need to do, write them down , acknowledging you will take care of them afterwards…this will help to relax you.

As you begin any type of visualization or meditation you may notice old or hidden pain rising from your subconscious.  If you find you suddenly feel angry, depressed or frightened, try to gently allow yourself to feel the experience without resistance and let go of trying to make sense of your feelings.

Sit or lie down and find a comfortable position….close your eyes and let go…notice any tension…see if you can release this tension or adjust your body so that you are more comfortable…Focus your attention on your breathing and continue to let go…Become aware of your breathing….feel the air moving through your nose…feel it move down your throat and into your lungs…and notice how your chest and belly expand and contract gently as you breath…now imagine that instead of you breathing air that the air is breathing you.  Imagine that the air is gently moving into your lungs….and then slowly withdrawing…You don’t have to do anything at all because the air is doing the breathing for you….Just experience this for a while…then become aware of any images, thoughts, feeling, memories and jot them down with the pen and paper you have nearby.

In this particular section we’re going to discover where we are now in order to reconnect our selves with the purpose of our lives.  It may be we’ll find ourselves going back to our past but the goal is not to lose ourselves in old memories but to observe and draw them out of our inner being and out into the open.  As you do this exercise record what you visually see, feel, discover and experience. Events of your life may reveal themselves as a flowing and continuous movement like a river moving through many changes and phases.  Or they may not appear in any chronological order..don’t worry about this, just let the images flow and record them as they come to you.  Then again, you may receive a kaleidoscope of disconnected images….again just let it flow.

After you’ve written down what you visualized or felt, heard, etc., choose one that you feel is unclear or unfinished.  It may be in the form of impatience, fear, anger, irritation, guilt, or blame.  Allow yourself to relive the situation in your mind’s eye.  See the person(s) involved and rexperience the thoughts that come.  Let the emotions flow over you, as it were happening now.  In the privacy of your own room, you don’t have to control or hide your feelings, just let them envelop you….sink into them without judgment.

After a few moments notice what’s happening you to physically.  Has your breathing changed?  Do you feel hot or cold? Is any part of your body tense (tight, jaw, clenched fist, tight abdomen, frown?) What are your thoughts?  Are they clear, objective or confused and blurred?

Ask yourself how you feel about the person(s) involved?  Can you clearly see a solution?  What is it you wanted but didn’t get?  Do you know exactly what to do next to remove the stress?  Can you accept what happened or do you need to do something more to remove the stress?  What do you want to do right now to feel better?

Look back at this stressful time and look at yourself physically.  Were you tense, over-tired from work or lack of sleep?  Did you over-eat or eaten foods you know didn’t agree with you?  Did you have coffee, alcohol, cigarettes or other stimulants?  On a regular basis do you get out and enjoy yourself?  Do you get enough air and exercise?

When these answers are clear to you, slowly open your eyes and write them down.  See where you can make changes—small ones—one at a time.  If you need to resolve something with someone, then resolve in your mind you will do it.  Finish it.

In DEPRESSION Part III we’ll be looking at depression and its effects on our health.  We’ll look at ways to combat it, for example,  let look at laughter….

“Good spirits are a vital part of life.  Denying joy is one of the greatest deprivations on this planet.” Norman Cousins 

Have you ever laughed so hard tears of joy run down your face, your belly hurts and your cheeks freeze up.  Studies have shown that laughing is one of nature’s best antidotes for depression and illness.  The physical act of laughing causes an increase in the body’s blood flow and oxygen supply, and gives a workout with the diaphragm giving the stomach and intestines a good massage as well as massaging the heart with its up and down motion.  With laughter our stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline are reduced, blood pressure drops and our anxieties fade as we reactivate and discover the child within us.

Play and movement brings our minds into the moment….like children we make fun out of everything we do…concentrated and absorbed on what we’re doing.  With no roles to play or conflicting attitudes, our bodies and minds relax making us feel in harmony with the world and people around us.  Laughter creates an explosion of goods feelings, positivity and effortless connectedness.   We let go of life and feel in harmony with the world and the people around us…..

Laughing out loud and oxytocin http://lifescapecounseling.com/2010/04/10/laughing-out-loud-and-oxytocin/

Laughter is the best emotional medicine http://www.livestrong.com/article/12141-laughter-best-emotional-medicine/

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Norman Shealy’s website https://www.normshealy.com/Default.asp

Dr. Norman Shealy, and the Rings of Fire  http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=32580


*I’m moving at the end of this month.  With all that’s involved with packing and unpacking, the third article on depression most probably will come out in September, 2013.  However, I will always answer all your emails.

Have a great summer everyone!!!


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To own your Power (self-mastery, enlightenment, intuition, knowing) you have to find it. And it isn’t easy to do.  You cannot buy or possess it.  Self-Mastery is not something we can force or something we have to do. It is a gradual unfolding of understanding – of seeing ourselves as we truly are ‘Now’ and then realizing we are not that at all.

Working on our own lives and the depths of our being activates a spiritual knowledge we never knew we had.  When we focus inwardly, deeply, remarkable psychic perceptions can occur.  To make yourself the best instrument you can possibly be you need to work on yourself.  You need to look at every aspect of your life and recognize what areas need to be healed.  You have to work through your programming, your habits, eating habits and hygiene.  You have to be willing to release things that aren’t working in your life and see all the relationships in your life as a reflection of you.  It kind of like being Alice (Alice in Wonderland)….you may not always like what you find hidden deep within you.

Whatever reason for developing your psychic powers, you will have to look at areas of your life that aren’t working and question why.  You need to delve into parts of your life that makes you feel uncomfortable and learn why.  Developing your Power is about placing yourself between the past and the future no matter what situation is prominent in your live now.

“…..Now is not limited to the immediate instant.  It is not just here and now, not just the spot on which we stand, nor this moment we speak.  Our Now moment is elastic.  Therefore, we stretch the present moment back as far as it needs to go in order to include as much of the past as is still an active part of the present.  ……The now of our life thus becomes more than a moment.  It is a unit of time that is as long or as short as the situation of each requires, and it includes the most recent relevant past as its moves into our present. 

For each person, this elastic Now has a different content and a different duration.  We may now be in the midst of a great love or between loves or deprived of a feeling of love.  We may now be in the midst of a meaningful work, or between meaningful works, or feeling ourselves to be without meaning in our work and seeking it.  We may be in a time of exhilaration or in a time of depression……Whatever it is, it is the Now for us, our own Now.  It is the particular present moment in which we find ourselves…….this present moment…..may reach back three years…..[or] merely a few weeks…..The period that is Now varies with each individual…..Our focus and starting point is always the present moment in time….We begin by placing ourselves between the past and the future in the particular situations that are at issue in our lives.”  Ira Progoff, Ph.D. 

This Now can be likened to the process of grieving a tremendous loss.  If you accept the pain and sadness you feel afterwards, you can truly ‘understand’ where you are and how difficult it is.  You then have the means to slowly learn how to release some of that hurt and move on.  If you can’t accept where you are now, you’ll be unable to move past the pain and unable to move forward in life.

Any situation that you find yourself in is an outward reflection of your inner state of being.  One of the hardest things is to see yourself as you really are.  When criticized, our backs go up and we feel a need to justify ourselves to others.  It is hard for the ego to take criticism without reacting.  ‘It’ feels smaller in the eyes of others, less loveable and of course very vulnerable.

When opening up to psychic work, you can’t be thinking about how bad your day was, why your child got a D in math or your partner’s problems at work, or worrying about your friends illness.  You can’t be thinking about how tired you feel, or how angry you are after an argument.  You also can’t be priding yourself on how much you’re improving, and how accurate your readings are, and how much you are enjoying yourself.  How come you ask? Because all of the above restricts and imbalances your energy flow.  In the book, The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz, he explains this beautifully in the section called “personal importance”.  True psychic work is when you leave that earthly part of you behind, trusting implicitly in your inner Self and gaining access to a whole new and mysterious dimension.

The yearning for the spiritual is an inherent trait in us all.   Perhaps this is why more and more people are turning to meditation to sense and rekindle this feeling again.  We don’t have to go outside of ourselves to find it.  It exists within us.  When we learn to acknowledge and accept our Power with confidence, we access and are in direct contact with an abundance of information of this world and beyond.

Have you read spiritual books written by Mystics such as The Dark Night of the Soul, by Saint John of the Cross or the Interior Castle by Saint Teresa of Avila?  What books have you read recently that touched your soul?  These books were written by a greater power, containing a profound wisdom and a deep source of guidance for all humankind. Those who channeled such great works were known to have abilities to communicate with spirit guides, devas and angels and those who had past on.  Their work was the highest expression of Divine Truth and Wisdom.  This is the highest form of meditation where we experience the Self in its natural pure state.

“The Bibles (Great Books) of each of the major civilizations are connections to the past.  They do not restrict us to the past, but they link us to it.  They give us a sense of continuity so that each generation can be reminded that the present moment has been preceded by many that have gone before.  No matter how intense our own experience may be, we are not the first to feel it.  We are not the first to be groping and leaping our way toward the truth.  We need therefore to be aware of what has taken place in earlier times so that we can live our present experiences in an organic relationship with the past.” Ira Progoff,  Ph.D.   

To be continued……

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“Our blood corresponds to the life energy within us, the movement of love and vitality throughout our being. Blood pressure can be raised by exertion, shock, conflict, or passion. High blood pressure is usually due to increased pressure and stress or anger and similar hot emotions. If it does not normalize easily, then it is know as hypertension…

Those who have high blood pressure are often over-active, as if doing everything possible to avoid themselves. Activity is a way of averting aggressive or emotional impulses – high blood pressure is symbolic of feelings not being expressed or even acknowledged, creating a buildup of inner pressure. As the emotions begin to spill over, physical difficulties can develop. It is essential that we learn how to read the signs before damage is done, and to connect more deeply with what is seething just below the surface. These are hot emotions which, if ignored for too long, create a great deal of damage.
What is getting you so heated? Are you applying the pressure yourself or is it coming from outside you? Are you trying to avoid something that is making you angry or upset? If high blood pressure is due to panic or fear, we need to recognize the insubstantiality of external events to reconnect with our inner balance. Breath awareness and inner conscious relaxation are essential.”
Deb Shapiro, Your Body Speaks Your Mind

We’ve all had our adrenalin and blood pressure rise at some point in our lives; it peaked for a few moments or hours then slowly returned to normal. But for some it does not return to its ‘normal’ level. When it doesn’t, it’s labelled hypertension. Our blood pressure is controlled by the brain which goes through a cyclical rhythm throughout the day reacting to stresses and anxieties caused by outside influences. These cycles can affect the normal rhythm of the body and the blood’s circulation.

Blood pressure is controlled by the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system which works similar to a plane on ‘autopilot’. It ensures that your organs, such as your lungs or heart work without you thinking about it. Your awareness of this system is triggered when your body is threatened or needs (cries out) for your undivided attention. It is your nerves that carry these messages to the Thalamus also known as the ‘brains inner room’ . The Thalamus relays these nerve impulses to the cerebrum (responsible for our ability to speak, read and write) and helps you to realize ohh I’m in pain! Other areas of the brain tell you exactly where the hurt is coming from. The hypothalamus controls the movement of the heart, gut and bladder; makes us feel hungry, thirsty; feel angry or aggressive; and stops us from falling alseep during the day.

So high blood pressure is a perfectly natural response of the body under stressful conditions and exercise. When you go for your daily jog, your heart rate increases and your blood pressure goes up. The problem is when the blood pressure remains high after the stress has been eliminated and the exercise session ended.

Also, obesity and heart disease are escalating at an alarming rate, young and old alike…..and our children are more than ever before taking perscription medications for health……..and behavioral problems.


When progesterone, estrogen decreases, it affects the pituitary gland which is connected to and triggers the ovaries. It also has an intimate connection with the hypothalamus (that tiny gland in front of pituitary)….which reads our emotional reactions and tells us what ‘we ourselves have programmed’ to feel is alright or if there is a problem.

Here’s a great link explaining the Hypothalamus http://www.becomehealthynow.com/article/bodynervousadvanced/956/

Doctors once believed that since the blood pressure is controlled by the autonomic nervous system it wasn’t humanly possible to have conscious control of it. It has taken years of of several body/mind techniques to prove that the mind is definitely capable of taking charge. Before we venture into the study of these techniques, let’s look at the physical causes of high blood pressure.


There are many physical conditions that can elevate our blood pressure. Stress, smoking, salt, kidney disease, liver congestion, arteriosclerosis, nutrition and sometimes even tumors can cause our high blood pressure to rise.


Stress can temporarily raise our blood pressure. It can be caused from an argument at home, with your boss, kids, spouse as well as fear, financial problems and other emotional problems that affect our sympathetic nervous system (SNS). When activated our SNS activates the adrenal glands to produce a hormone which tightens up or narrows the diameter of the blood vessels. This defense mechanism is actually supposed to help you function more efficiently by increasing the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the body’s tissues and cells. Temporarily this increase isn’t harmful unless you already have high blood pressure……in some instances this can cause a stroke.

As we age, the Hypothalamus can become overreactive and affect our stress fight/flight response. When the hypothalamus sees a problem it tells our adrenals, (adrenals see everything as a problem) and they pour out the adrenaline. The adrenals are situated just on top of the kidneys and help us through emergencies in life. If we are threatened the body produces adrenaline and cortisol (the ‘stress’ hormone) which creates within the body an intense flooded feeling even panic. Cortisol stays in the body longer than adrenaline, interferes with digestion and suppresses the immune system allowing tumors if present, to grow faster. Cortisol can create a fearful, threatened feeling that overstimulates our whole system. Unexplained muscle aches, chronic headaches, feeling hopeless or helpless and crying more than usual are signs of chronic overarousal. Anxiety coupled with cortisol has been known to cause unexplained heart palpitations, a nervous stomach, road rage and short temperedness.


It was the book Future Shock (1970) that first described the diastrous effect of an accelerating ‘modern’ world on human life. Many other books since, have exposed this theory that too much change too fast weakens the body as well as its emotional and mental well being. Even if we are surrounded by material comfort, it will not reverse the damage done. The medical term for wear and tear upon the body is STRESS.

The widespread incidence of heart disease is increasing at an alarming rate…its becoming an epidemic. Not only men but women are suffering from hypertension and over half of all deaths result from circulatory disease. Not only that there has been an increase in the sale of sleeping pills which certainly indicates insomnia and sleeplessness is a major health problem and a precursor for other ailments including mental illness. And what about the stress on our children? Fighting, guns, knifes and behavioral problems are running rampant all over the world. Stress has become a serious problem!

SMOKING causes the blood vessels to constrict, decreasing oxygen and nourishment to the body as well as increased blood pressure. Nicotine has a stimulating effect on the adrenal glands which sends out a hormone (cortisol) to help defend the body from this toxin.

Also, smoking has been linked with cancer, osteoporosis, migraines, early menopause, immune disorders, insommia, stress, insulin reduction and many other problems.

Very interesting link http://www.physicsforums.com/archive/index.php/t-87214.html

“Cortisol imbalances due to inflammation can cause fatigue in several ways. Because cortisol is designed to keep you alert in times of stress, it can cause insomnia, and the lack of quality sleep will make you tired. Cortisol also suppresses insulin production to keep the sugar available for muscles in a stress response, and can result in low blood sugar, which will also make you fatigued. Lastly, your adrenal glands can ultimately become exhausted from the constant demands placed on them to produce endless amounts of cortisol, usually as a response to chronic inflammation from a poor diet and smoking.”

Also from this site……

“When your body is stressed and in fight-or-flight mode, it doesn’t want to expend any energy for immune system functions that are of no importance until you’ve either fought off or run away from whatever is endangering you. After the stress is over, the body assumes you may have some injuries which require an immune response to fight infected wounds, at which point the immune system kicks in again. But as long as your body is producing cortisol, even if it is just in response to inflammation, the immune system can become suppressed.

Experiments have shown that cortisol can reduce white blood cell production by 38%, and that prolonged elevation of cortisol can damage the thymus gland which produces these immune cells.”

Another great link with several interesting articles attached…..



In this fast paced world many of us are digesting too many processed foods which are extremely high in salt content. Energy drinks designed to ‘boost’ your energy and keep you awake are ladened with caffeine and salt. When the body is overtaxed with these substances, it short-circuits and literally blows a fuse, which causes your system to breakdown. Salt is one of the most powerful stimulants for the body!

When sodium levels become excessive, wastes cannot be discharged from our cells and nutrients are not absorbed as well either. When this happens, cellular fluid increases and edema (water retention) can occur. This creates extra pressure on the blood vessels which increases the pressure inside causing high blood pressure.

One way of telling if you have too much salt in your system is by the amount of salt in your perspiration. Do you notice a white ring under the arms of that dark shirt you were wearing the other day. This white residue or dried perspiration is an indication of too much salt accumulation.


The main function of the kidneys (part of the urinary system) is to remove toxins and excess water. They have been known to filter almost 400 gallons of blood a day and over a quart of urine a day!

From http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=4647

“The kidneys regulate the body’s fluid volume, mineral composition and acidity by excreting and reabsorbing water and inorganic electrolytes. This helps balance these substances (which include sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, phosphate and hydrogen) in the body and keep their normal concentrations in the extracellular fluid. Body fluid volumes, which are regulated by the kidneys, are related to blood volume and the blood pressure in your arteries.”

A sodium/potassium imbalance can prevent the kidneys from eliminating liquid wastes from the body. Smoking has been known to be a contributor to kidney disease as well as lack of exercise, too much salt, excessive caffeine and a poor diet. etc.


The liver processes about 6 cups of blood each minute….in fact all the blood in the body flows through the liver both to detox and pick up nutrients which it stores. It is one of the most important internal organs and considered the ‘master chemist’ of the body. If it becomes congested with toxins or chemicals a back pressure builds up which can cause hypertension. In fact liver congestion is one of the major causes of high blood pressure and heart problems.


Atherosclerosis is caused by a buildup of plaque in the arteries. Plaque is a combination of cholesterol, calcium, triglycerides, blood proteins, etc. that overtime hardens and narrows the arterial system, reducing circulation and oxygen supply to the body.

More on this later in the Cholesterol section.


From…. http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/Atherosclerosis/Atherosclerosis_Signs.html

“Atherosclerosis usually doesn’t cause signs and symptoms until it severely narrows or totally blocks an artery. Many people don’t know they have the disease until they have a medical emergency, such as a heart attack or stroke.***

Some people may have other signs and symptoms of the disease. These depend on which arteries are severely narrowed or blocked.

The coronary arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to your heart. When plaque narrows or blocks these arteries (a condition called coronary artery disease, or CAD), a common symptom is angina (AN-ji-na or an-JI-na).

Angina is chest pain or discomfort that occurs when your heart muscle doesn’t get enough oxygen-rich blood. Angina may feel like pressure or a squeezing pain in your chest. You also may feel it in your shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, or back.
This pain tends to get worse with activity and go away when you rest. Emotional stress also can trigger the pain.

Other symptoms of CAD are shortness of breath and arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats).
The carotid arteries supply oxygen-rich blood to your brain. When plaque narrows or blocks these arteries (a condition called
carotid artery disease), you may have symptoms of a stroke. These symptoms include sudden numbness, weakness, and dizziness.

Plaque also can build up in the major arteries that supply oxygen-rich blood to the legs, arms, and pelvis (a condition called peripheral arterial disease). When these arteries are narrowed or blocked, it can lead to numbness, pain, and sometimes dangerous infections.”


Again, prepared foods and fast food outlets are taking their toll on our health. It’s only recently they have taken trans fats out of their menus but high sodium levels and saturated fats are still in the food, a precursor for high blood pressure and heart disease.

Just imagine your morning breakfast, consisting of a cup of coffee, cereal, toast, juice, all landing in your stomach simultaneously. How does your stomach sort out the entire mess and how? Forcing the stomach to process all different kinds of food at once is taxing to the system. It’s like trying to balance your check-book, calculate your income tax and figure out a budget, all at the same time! Yikes!

Our body can only take so much interal abuse before it begins to show signs of disease. We need to continue to be on the alert for new better ways to improve our diet, emotions and lifestyle…..they are all closely interwoven.

to be continued…..

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In my third post “Putting Ourselves Back Together”, (see archives) we talked of awareness, symbols and identifying a symptom. I used a simple quiz to identify the shadow side of an illness. A friend of mine “Lisa” (not her real name) tapped the depths of her unconscious to answer this little questionnaire. Looking back at this entry, it felt undone. Lisa was pushed out of her comfort zone to answer the questions, I felt they also deserved an interpretation.

To walk in balance we must be able to reconcile all aspects of our life, good and bad. One cannot exist without the other—they are intertwined together.

This segment is about changing one’s perspective and what Marianne Williamson calls a Miracle.

“Sometimes a miracle is a change in material conditions, such as physical healing. At other times, it is a psychological or emotional change. It is a shift not so much in an objective situation—although that often occurs—as it is a shift in how we perceive a situation. What changes primarily is how we hold an experience in our minds—how we experience the experience………In asking for miracles we are seeking a practical goal: a return to inner peace. We’re not asking for something out us to change, but for something inside us to change.”
Marianne Williamson – A Return to Love

Symbols reveal a whole spectrum of experiences; no one person experiences them the same. They are a way of expressing our emotions, energy and mind that can change from moment to moment. Each of us process the world and its symbols differently…..we each own a unique subconscious mind that perceives the world with three major senses, sight, hearing and touch. Usually we use these senses at different times, gravitating towards the one we use most of the time. We start sentences with “I See”, “I Hear”, “ I Touch”. The other two senses, taste and smell are used too but don’t seem to be as dominant.

Take the tarot for example, if I asked each and every one of you to give your interpretation of one card, we’d receive a variety of positive and negative answers—a variety of weaknesses and strengths. In a tarot reading, these weaknesses and strengths are seen as gift—a gift of changing our life. As you read through this chapter, you may feel you’d like to offer Lisa another perspective on her symbols. If you do get an intuitive hit, by all means offer your insights. We all learn from one another.

“I have now come to understand the extraordinary importance of leading an integral life. That is, allowing myself to first notice, then to blend, all the aspect of who I am—those that I and others called ‘positive’ and those that I and others have called ‘negative’—into a greater Whole.”
Neale Donald Walsch.

To save time jumping back and forth, I repeated the questions and Lisa’s answers from the previous post—Putting Ourselves Back Together.

The questions were….

If your illness were an animal, what type of animal would it be?
If your illness was a plant, what plant would it be?
If your illness was a landscape, how would it seem?
If your illness was a body of water, how would it be? Is it deep, clear, what’s the temperature, is there any movement
If your illness was a color, what color would it be? Is it bold or weak in color? How intense?
If you could pick a geometric shape for your illness, what would it be?
If this illness was a type of music, what would you hear?
If this illness was a tool, what would it be?
If this illness was a character from history, who would it be?

And Lisa answered…….

animal: Fisher Cat;
plant: Venus Fly Trap
place; Barren mountains, like out in the western US
body of water: Raging sea; deep as can be; freezing and so dark of color that one couldn’t see one’s hand in front of them.
color: dirty maroon
geometric shape: rhombus
music: heavy metal
historical figure: Jack the Ripper

She explained why she chose Jack the Ripper…..…..

“Oh, I picked Jack the Ripper as my historical figure representing my migraines…it’s because someone like that is an invader. He invaded lives and snuffed them out. When I have a migraine it’s as if I’m being robbed of life…even if it’s only for a few hours, but it’s obviously worse when I get a “three day sucker” type migraine that robs me of DAYS!
And the other symbols too……pretty apparent that my migraines remind me of gnashing teeth…ie. the ruthless teeth of a Fisher cat; the sharp tines of a Venus fly trap (the trap alone is significant ’cause that’s how I feel when I’ve got a migraine…trapped in my own head pain); the jagged mountain peaks; and the off-kilter look of a rhombus (out of sorts, like a flattened square). As for the raging sea…when I was a kid I was even afraid to LOOK at books that contained the fish that are so far down in the depths that they glow white and have horrendously, fiendish teeth. Raging, because that’s how a really bad migraine feels…it’s out of control. And then there’s the fact that I fear water and can’t swim…another out of control feeling. Now as for the dull maroon, we’ve discussed that before as being a color that bothers me. And regarding the Heavy Metal music…it also sounds out of control to me; relentless pounding like my head feels with a migraine.”

Let’s look at Lisa’s symbols and see how we can help to see them in a new light.

For a person, she chose Jack the Ripper. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_the_Ripper And yes he did, as Lisa indicated, invade lives and snuff them out. His victims were prostitutes—ladies of the night. Symbolically prostitutes negotiate their spirits and lives for a paycheck. Is emotional and financial security an issue in Lisa’s life? Haven’t many of the mystics of our time told us—it is how we approach our ‘wealth’ or lack of it, is an indication on how we ‘value’ ourselves.

(In the next chapter, we will be discussing the energetic system of the body and how it relates to an illness such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, migraines, etc. We will discover how the lower abdomen (Sacral/2nd Chakra) is connected to the element of water and the lymphatic glands, as well as our emotional mood swings and what we love—such as money, relationships, creativity and sexuality.)

Also, the flow of oxygen or chi in our body can become blocked by stresses, memories, past traumas and past mistakes. When an old cellular memory is awakened it usually registers as pain. Are your migraines triggered by past traumas, a past life? Are self defeating thoughts draining your lifeforce? “Jack” cannot literally enter your personal space, unless you let him. Valuing your self-worth, “Jack” can’t touch you.

Jack the Ripper WAS a legend in his own time, his rampage of killing made him immortal. He simultaneously lives in the past and present time. And his immortality will continue in the future. He’s known in every language and around the world. He lives in schools, history books, psychology books, portrayed in police training as a serial killer, movies, novels, etc. He made his ‘mark’ in the world. Without judging his actions—he knew what he wanted, focused his will and intention to attract it. So, how is Lisa like Jack the Ripper. And how or why does she attract him into her consciousness. What is his purpose in her life and what is he trying to teach her?

If I were to ask her to close her eyes and really try and see him……is there something going on in you right now that makes it difficult to focus your attention on him? How do you feel? Can you guess or assume what he sees as he looks at you? What would you say to him? What would he say to you? It would be interesting if Lisa did have this dialogue and let us know!

I love how synchronicity works! After typing this, Lisa wrote me an email and said…

”AND, I think that past-lives regression (she just read the book Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.) could be something that just might put my migraines and stomach issues into perspective. Plus, maybe it’s the key to unlocking the deeper, psychic intuition/knowledge that I feel is deep down somewhere inside me. It’s slowly starting to rise to the surface, but I think this kind of therapy could get the process moving in the right direction. Patience for me is key, ’cause obviously I just can’t go traipsing off to find a psychotherapist who does this kind of work just now.”

Then I found this…

“If we do not claim the soul’s power on our own behalf, we become its victims. We suffer our emotions rather than feel them working for us. We hold our thoughts and passions inward, disconnecting them from life, and then they stir up trouble within………We all know what it feels like to hold anger in our hearts, as it builds and transmutes into corrosive resentment and rage. Even unexpressed love creates a pressure that demands release in some kind of expression.
If violence is the repressed life force showing itself symptomatically, then the cure for violence is care for the soul’s power. It is foolish to deny signs of this power—individuality, eccentricity, self expression, passion—because it cannot be truly repressed. If there is crime in our streets, it is due, from the viewpoint of soul…….to the failure of the soul and its spirit to unveil themselves.”
Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul

Interesting that Lisa brought up her stomach issues and that was where I was heading with her symbol for the plant—the Venus Fly Trap. I remember having a little venus fly trap when I was around 10 years old. I’d put meat or flies in its trap and watch the claws slowly close—fascinating! Energetically, once this happens, enzymes are released onto the insect or meat which is then reabsorbed into the plant. When the claws reopen, all that’s left is the dried remains of the fly which eventually is blown away in the wind.

When Lisa gets migraines usually her stomach acts up too. She feels nauseous and when severe she vomits or actually makes herself sick to feel better. Are enzymes part of the problem?

“Only one digestive enzyme, amylase (for starch), is present in the mouth. However, food is normally not in the mouth long enough to permit complete digestion and little nutrient absorption takes place in the mouth…… Amylase (for starch) is inactivated, or destroyed, when stomach pH falls below 6.5”

And this…..

“One of the major functions of stomach acid is to initiate the digestion of large protein molecules. If this digestive function is not performed efficiently, incompletely digested protein fragments may be absorbed into the bloodstream. The absorption of these large molecules may contribute to the development of food allergies

and immunological disorders.6 7
In addition, stomach acid normally provides a barrier against bacteria, fungi, and other organisms that are present in food and water. People with inadequate stomach acidity may therefore be at risk of having “unfriendly” microorganisms colonize their intestinal tract.8 9 Some of these organisms produce toxic substances that can be absorbed by the body.”


Symbolically, the Venus Fly Trap could be associated with the Vampire archetype. Actually so can Jack The Ripper.—Vampires are immortal, they have no heart and drain the life-force from their ‘victims’.

Vampires draw upon the ‘vanity’ of an individual, who happens to be their ‘object of attention’. Interestingly, the vampire cannot survive without a strong co-dependency—they are also shadow or night creatures.

More on the vampire….

“The Vampire has the ability to derive energy and even erotic excitement by drawing on the lifeblood of others. Although this may seem negative atfirst, and clearly has strong shadow implications, it nonetheless can be a valuable asset. The ability to draw sustenance from others can be positive as long as it doesn’t rely on draining them of their own life. Even a co-dependent relationship has the germ of a potentially strong one: the desire to be needed, to be a source of support for one’s partner. It can be converted from a negative relationship by reversing the polarity and requiring the other person to contribute positively to the relationship. If they are not willing, then, of course, the relationship needs to end. So the positive Vampire has a genius for finding the core of value and life energy in another — going for the jugular, as it were — and eliciting that energy in a constructive, non-co-dependent fashion.”
Caroline Myss

Lisa’s geometric symbol was the Rhombus. My first reaction was—what the heck is a rhombus? So of course I googled rhombus and discovered it is like a like a diamond, or kite—but flat. Most of the sites I found were on mathematical equations—far too advanced for my little brain.

Here’s what I found on wikipedia…. “The word rhombus is from the Greek word for something that spins. Euclid used ρόμβος (rhombos), from the verb ρέμβω (rhembo), meaning “to turn round and round”


“Swarovski® crystal flat backs in a fabulously faceted diamond-shape — known as rhombus. Use the rhombus flat backs on bridal veils, shoes, earstuds, as buttons, add to polymer clay designs and more. The flat backs have a silver-foil backing that adheres with a jeweler’s glue, such as G-S Hypo Cement or Jewel Bond”

Wow! Lisa is into crystals and would like to be very creative with them. Could this be the new perspective for her symbol, rhombus?

Rhombus ARE like flat crystals. On a positive note, crystals contain a vast amount of knowledge which is pressed into crystalline form. They contain a life force that over time has come together in time and space. Symmetrical in shape, they mimic nature’s goal to become whole.

When I brought Lisa’s shape into my awareness, it felt as if I couldn’t breathe. My chest felt tight and compressed. The pressure, unrelenting. Breath is vital to life! Lisa sits for hours at a time, keyboarding, creating, writing, etc. When we sit for long hours, we can close off our oxygen supply to the brain, which creates tension and stress in the body. Our breathing becomes shorter, shallower and we breathe more in the lungs than in the belly. Do this ring any bells Lisa?

Maybe intervals of conscious breathing may help to keep a steady flow of energy into her system. A simple way of allowing oxygen to flow through her body, her blood and veins. It would also bathe her organs, like the liver, gallbladder and pancreas and prevent them from becoming constricted due to low energy. One of the liver’s prime functions is purifying the liquids of the body. When affected, the liver can cause headaches, fatigue or eye problems. In fact, so can the gallbladder. One of the liver’s function is working with producing Vitamin D, which is essential to absorb calcium. Also, one of the functions of the liver is to remove estrogen from the body—wherever there are excesses in our body, the liver and gallbladder work at eliminating them. But when these organs become ‘bogged down’ they becomes congested and sensitive—which also irritates the nervous system. When this happens we feel exhausted—we can’t think—we can’t function properly. When the liver and gallbladder lack energy, they will look for it in other parts of your body—especially the brain!

The “place” Lisa picked was “Barren mountains, like out in the western US”. Well, mountains are considered the realm of meeting our Spirit or as others call, the Higher Self. Barren though, feels cold or hot, thick, empty. It’s like we’re experiencing a draught, my mouth feels dry and parched, the blowing sands hurting my eyes. I don’t feel creative—in fact I feel immobilized. It seems Lisa’s geometrical symbol, rhombus and place, barren mountains are connected somehow—especially to her digestive area.

And well we’re at it, let’s look at what the intestines do. They absorb energy from our food and break it down into bits and parts. Then they analyze these minute peaces and see how some of them could be made useful. Some could be combined with others, while others are stored for later use—others are eliminated and deemed useless. Now doesn’t that sound a Virgo or Chiron? They discriminate and deem what is useful or what isn’t and works around them to create something that is of service to humanity. Chiron’s symbol and service is in the shape of a “Key”!

When we become stressed, anxious or over-taxed, we feel weak, lack confidence—we find ourselves forgetting things. All this tension rises to a peak—a barren mountain.

What if Lisa could somehow climb up the mountain and find a sacred place or power spot of her own. What if Lisa meditated on the peak and asked—“what do I need to know”—from this mountain of power. Would it open the flood gates for spiritual energies to flow in this restricted place? What of bringing nature spirits into this sanctuary and the land below? I wonder?

The color she picked was Maroon. Lisa and I talked of great length about this color at an earlier time and do you think I could find it—NOT! Maroon resembles a deep red color- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maroon_(color)

Maroon feels like a serious and practical color that works best with routine, order and organization. Many business women wear the color maroon to the office and important meetings. It is a ‘practical’ energy of order, logic and priority. As I step into its energy it speaks ‘seriously’ of focusing on a specific course or direction as well as looking for solutions. In regards to Lisa, it feels physically, emotionally and intellectually confining. So how does this color relate to migraines? Is it due to diet and a lack of oxygen,.exercise. Again, I’m seeing issues with Lisa’s digestive organs—the stomach, gallbladder and liver can be seen energetically as a dirty red color when afflicted. Does maroon, red mixed with black, relate also to the lower part of our body or 1st Chakra*?

There are similarities to Lisa’s chakras and migraines as well as to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue—as well as a host of other illnesses. The next section will expand on this energetic system of the body.

(*There are seven ‘energy wheels of light’ in the body called Chakras. If you’ve ever seen a prism, the chakras act just like it, separating White Light into a spectrum of colors. These seven chakras are represented ‘symbolically’ as the seven candlesticks in the book, Revelations. They also represent the seven mansions, Saint Teresa of Avila talked about in her book “The Interior Castle”. And according to yogi tradition, the kundalini is also connected to theseven energy centers in the body. When opened they are seen as swirling rainbow colors.

Not only do these centers contain information about your life, they store and manage your Power. Two subtle energies, one female (+) and the other male (-), connects the chakras. The female carries life currents through the left side of the body and the male carries life currents through the right side of the body. They cross-over at the medulla oblongata** in the neck. These positive and negative currents give rise to the astral and physical nervous system. Also, there is a lifeforce a current that flows through these channels, an intelligent energy that connects and transforms these positive and negative energies into fuel or energy.

**At the base of the brain is the Medulla Oblongata. This area at the back of the neck feeds nerve energy to our five senses. When our nerve energy becomes depleted, it never reaches our ears, eyes, throat or mouth. Our five senses are literally starved and react by creating a physical problem. When we are drained of energy, of power, our body steals it from our eyes, ears, nose, throat and mouth.

The Base or 1st chakra is Red in color. It warms our bodies, our spirit, and fires our soul. It flows like a river through our veins and arteries bringing passion into our life. Black in red (maroon), can make our blood run thick and cold and slow—slow deliberate movements. I also see Maroon as a color of what we believe are our limits. Limits could represent a financial or material setback. The 1st chakra is about our basic survival needs, our security, our stability, our ability to pay the rent, keep the car in good repair, keep our homes clean, etc. It represents our country our family our home.

Perhaps limitation and how Lisa deals with it, is an important lesson in her life at the moment. We all have limits. When we reach them, we feel stopped in our tracks, boxed in or crushed by its weight (rhombus). Lisa must feel this at times with her migraines. Are their emotional issues in her life that are creating distractions in her life? Has she overlooked little things when in a flurry of activity? Is she not comfortable with small issues and petty details? Maybe the question she should ask is what she is learning from the color maroon, and how to apply it in her life?

Lisa’s symbol for music was Heavy Metal. Well, I’m not a big fan of this myself. Listening to a song or two is enjoyable, but one after another, would definitely send me into the land of hysteria . It affects the nervous system and cuts away at my thought processes—it’s hard to feel the body against this excruciating loudness. It rips away at our concentration. What is its purpose? Heavy Metal music can energize as well as deplete us—just as creation and destruction co-exist. Without destruction we wouldn’t exist. So heavy metal music somehow tips the scales of balance—is its meaning somehow telling Lisa there is too much change—or a lack of change? Is our biology not in sync with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Are we out of sync with the Universe or vice versa?

is it possible ‘heavy metals’ are the problem? A simple hair analysis can detect this.

“Analysis of hair samples has many advantages as a preliminary screening method for the presence of toxic substances deleterious to health after exposures in air, dust, sediment, soil and water, food and toxics in the environment. The advantages of hair analysis include the non-invasiveness, low cost and the ability to measure a large number of, potentially interacting, toxic and biologically essential elements. Hence, head hair analysis is now increasingly being used as a preliminary test to see whether individuals have absorbed poisons linked to behavioral health problems.”

And this…..

“Chemical analysis showed extraordinarily high levels of lead in strands of Beethoven’s hair, according to William Walsh, chief scientist for the Health Research Institute in Naperville, Ill. The institute performs chemical analysis of trace elements in the hair of children and adults and relates it to nutritional and biological conditions that contribute to behavior disorders and mental illness. Walsh led the Beethoven hair study in collaboration with Argonne physicists.”

Last but not least is Lisa’s answer to ‘a body of water’ — Raging sea; deep as can be; freezing and so dark of color that one couldn’t see one’s hand in front of them.

“The myth of going under water, of being drowned and born again, has been passed down through history in different religions and different cultures as the myth of baptism—the being immersed in the river to be drowned, to die, in order to be born again. This is a daring leap into non-being with the prospect of achieving new being.”
Rollo May

The first that came to my mind, in regard to the raging sea, was a force powerful enough to create a tidal wave. That force doesn’t exist on earth, it is the Moon. A full Moon’s gravitational pull can create great bodies of water to swell—and the earth is composed of almost 60% water. In an astrological birth chart the Moon represents the mother, emotions and shows the way people react to situations and others they encounter. The full Moon can bring an energy of calm—we surrender to a force greater than your own—like a spiritual and healing connection.

The sea is unpredictable—an undertow can drag us into the deep and dark, into the ‘twilight zone’. We fight a surge of panic that rises within us—our minds in turmoil and chaos. Our arms propel in powerful strokes to rise to the surface, our heart and brain feel like they’ll explode. It’s a feeling as if we will die.

I wonder if this is how Lisa feels. If it is, what is it that she is really struggling against. In real life I know Lisa can’t swim and this may be the cause. Perhaps as well, it comes from a past life. Did she drown in another lifetime?

What if she imagined a whale, instead of those nasty fish in the deep. Whales can take a breath and travel thousands of meters in the dark sea in search of food. As humans we couldn’t follow the whale without a submersible, the pressure of the deep waters would crush our lungs. Also sunlight diminishes as we enter this world of gloom—the temperature of the water drops fast. We are in a world like no other- a world between worlds.

“Whale swimming in deep waters often represents your own search for deeper awareness about yourself or the universe. A whale spout is a type of air or wind dream, in which you seek out the breath of life and perhaps a break from being emotionally or empathetically immersed. Alternatively, this may represent the liberation of positive ideas and energy.”A symbol reflective of the regenerative power of water to refresh your ideas, bring peace and healing, and smooth out the rough spots in life.”

Patricia Telesco/The Language of Dreams
“It had never occurred to me that feeling empty might actually be a route to something deeper and richer within.
Tony Schwartz

Hopefully these interpretations may help Lisa in searching for wellness. If she feels a tinge of recognition or resistance to anything written here, then she should explore those avenues more. What’s happening—the unconscious is opening, releasing it to the conscious mind. When this happens, what has laid below the surface, in the dark so to speak, has risen to the surface, into the light.

We all have limits. When we reach them, we feel stopped in our tracks, boxed in, or even crushed under their weight. But, by expanding our belief in our own capabilities, we will produce an expanding energy which creates more space around us. This pushes those limits up and out and away from you so that they no longer pressurize you.

Since “Lisa” is not my friend’s real name, she won’t be able to comment on this blog. If she sends an email of her thoughts and allows me to post it, I’ll create a new section for all of you to see.

Stay tuned to the next section on the chakras, meridians and more……

Ask Caroline (Vampire)


Indigestion, Heartburn

Jack the Ripper




A Return to Love

The Language of Dreams

Hair analysis

Lead Posion


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“Life is like an onion; you peel off one
layer at a time, and sometimes you weep”

Carl Sandberg

After typing my last post, a magazine I’d taken off the shelf had flipped over to page 28 and here’s what I saw….

Immunity – too much of a good thing?

“According to Dr. Paul Ridker, a Harvard University medical professor, those of us who express a highly tuned immune system – and therefore a faster and more intense inflammatory response – may be at greater risk for a heart attack than those who have higher levels of cholesterol but lower levels of inflammation. This may answer the question: why do some people with advanced heart disease (i.e., badly blocked arteries) survive years, while others, whose levels of cholesterol and arterial congestion is relatively low, had heart attacks? Further it drives home how important it is to your health to control excess inflammation.”
Alive Magazine, February 2007, No. 292

Wow! I can remember discussing fibromyalgia with my doctor. He said nonchalantly, “Well no one has ever died from fibromyalgia.” And a quick thought entered my mind, “but I bet it’s an invitation for a host of other illnesses.” I didn’t actually say this however, I wish I had. Unfortunately, my visitation ‘time’ was up and I was ushered out into the waiting room where at least a dozen people were anxiously waiting to see the Doc. I hope all their questions were answered….mine sure weren’t!

Fibromyalgia IS an intense inflammatory response! And excessive, oh boy, most of us with FM can attest to that. The stress it puts on our bodies forces the adrenals to keep releasing more hormones. This in turn stops the production of our thymus gland, which, leaves us more susceptible to infection and illness. And, if I’m reading the above article right, heart disease!

The thymus gland is situated above the heart and is of great importance to the immune system. If you could look inside your bone marrow, everyday, it is creating billions of cells that will become different kinds of immune cells. One in particular that we are interested in, is a lymphocyte, a natural killer T-Cell, it’s the good guy. These powerful cells first go to the Thymus which comes from the Greek word thymos meaning soul or personality….it’s connection is to the immune system and our sense of Self. But if our adrenals are on a high, how do these cells get to the thymus. And if they don’t get to the thymus, where do they go?

It is the thymus that gives the T-Cells special instruction before they move into our bloodstream. But without instruction, would the immune system and its powerful chemicals attack anything in its path, including healthy cells? If that’s the case, the immune system would act as a gallant knight charging into battle, killing his men as well as his opponents. Or do the T-Cells with no where to go, just dissipate? Any doctors reading this care to comment?

And, if the thymus is about ‘a sense of Self’, if it’s not working properly would we class that as low self-esteem, a low sense of self, weak self preservation, self-limiting fixed concepts? If it does, then we may be onto something. I myself have an inferiority complex…..I’ve always admired others but never seen these same qualities in myself. I’ve turned down many opportunities because of an inner fear that I wasn’t good enough. I can’t tell you how long I’ve been working on myself to see my true potential. In the last few years, I’ve explored my creativity in all facets of the arts. And I think I’m actually narrowing down which ones I’m interested in bringing to fruition. But it has taken a long time!

So how do we work on calming and strengthening the adrenals, opening the thymus and recharging all the immune glands. With Awareness.

The goal of spiritual practice is full recovery, and the only thing you need to recover from is a fractured sense of self.
Marianne Williamson

“People have a tendency to look at the things they want and say, “yes, I like that.” However they look at the things they don’t want and give them just as much energy, if not more, with the idea that they can stomp it out, they can eliminate it, obliterate it. In our society, we’ve become content with fighting against things. Fighting against cancer, fighting against poverty, fighting war, fighting drugs, terrorism, violence. We tend to fight everything we don’t want, which actually creates more of a fight.” Lisa Nicols, The Secret

It was Frederick Perls, who was one of the founders of gestalt therapy. He noticed that many people’s personalities lacked ‘oneness’ and in fact seemed fragmented. Carl Jung later called these fragments archetypes. Perls claimed we never look at ourselves as whole but in pieces.

When I studied astrology, my teacher said the same thing about reading astrology charts. He said we look at a chart in pieces instead of looking at the ‘whole’. How true!! When I first studied astrology, I looked at each aspect, each house, each sign independently. When there was a negative twist to an aspect, it would depress me. On the other side of the coin, a positive aspect would elate me. It was like a see-saw effect or a swinging pendulum. So how do we begin looking at the whole?

Awareness is listening to your body and letting it tell you where it needs help. Your body has an inner wisdom that tells you when to rest, what to eat, when to sleep, etc. It all begins with paying attention to the body and learning what it has to say. If you want to live more fully aware of yourself, more in touch with life and the body, you can learn to do it. But you have to commit yourself to a full exploration of what’s inside you. You have to learn how to work with the body. If you really want to develop this you also must be ready to Hear The Information it tells you. Many of us fear what the information will say, so we go on a large explanation of how we couldn’t do it because we felt blocked, or out of touch with our feelings. I truly don’t think this is it. You’re afraid of what your body is going to tell you. You’re being defensive, you’re resisting.

Awareness requires honesty and integrity. It is the ability to be in control of your thoughts and feelings. It’s about focusing your thoughts, feelings and attention on a particular subject. Awareness is intuitive, it’s knowledge and information that doesn’t judge, grudge, criticize or have an emotional charge to it. If it does, you’ve hit a live wire, an old memory of being hurt or criticized that has burrowed itself in your body. And you’re going to keep paying for that memory until you find a way to release it.

Awareness silences the inner chatter within our mind and calms our emotions. One of the best ways is studying and meditating on symbols that are meaningful to YOU. Symbols are created by your subconscious mind; we see them all the time in our dreams. Working with our own library of images we can begin changing what we don’t like or what we wish to improve in our lives. We can start removing obstacles from our paths, many of which were put there when we were children. There is a huge data bank we’ve created different experiences from and all these come from our unconscious.

How Awareness Works

Remember playing musical chairs when we were kids? The music played and played and we kept marching round and round, faster and faster until the music stopped. Now aren’t some of our days just like musical chairs? It’s a vicious circle that insults the mind and the body.

During a morning or afternoon, let the music stop, say STOP and notice what your thoughts and feelings are, notice the position of your body. What’s going on that you weren’t paying attention to? A nagging ache or pain may be obvious at this very moment. Your body is simply telling you where it needs your attention. A simple body check will tell you where you need to concentrate your energy. Maybe all you need is to stand up and stretch, take a walk. Pain is the body’s way of saying, pay attention to me.

Wherever you are, no matter what you are doing, you can develop awareness. And when you do, you will discover how you avoid, block, interfere and change your own thoughts and actions. You’ll become aware of how you unconsciously hold or move positions. Our bodies are sending SOS messages but our minds suppress them and by the end of the day, we beginning feeling our tense and abused muscles. Indeed, I have noticed many uncomfortable poses I’ve put my body in and how these poses have affected my body. My shoulders hunch over from the pain and it seems my neck gets shorter by the minute. After typing that rushed report, my neck and shoulders are a mass of knotted muscles.

“The symbol plucks all the strings of the human spirit at once……”. J.J. Bachofen

Symbols are powerful messengers. They are the expression of the soul and your inner wisdom.

The Second Initiation

Focused “mental/Spiritual” INTENTION and AWARENESS is the key into the power of REIKI

Reiki II, consists of learning the symbols which are the essence and have been called the “Formula” of Reiki. The power and effectiveness of the symbols come from the Reiki attunements that are given during a Reiki Class. Before the attunement the student is shown these symbols and given time to memorize them. During the attunement, the energies of each symbol come down and enter the student’s mind/body, linking themselves to the appropriate symbol in the student’s mind.

From My Reiki II Manual

Reiki is the flow of energy patterns and symbols, constantly mixing, exchanging and drifting apart in an endless dance with Universal Energies.

Reiki II is about increasing your power and becoming consciously aware of your relationship to life. The attunements awaken the “still-small-voice” with each of us, asking us to recognize the truth even when we don’t like what it says. It is a willingness to know yourself as you are, dropping pretenses and disguises. Reiki is about changing attitudes and patterns of behavior so that stress and illness can be understood and a sense of harmony and balance is maintained.

When I teach Reiki, my students learn, healing oneself is the catalyst to heal others. The purpose of healing is to become whole – to help us become aware of, admit to, reclaim and integrate our fragmented parts. Integration then becomes a support system within the Self. When we are comfortable with the self, we no long feel the need to use the title of our jobs, our spouse, our bank account, therapist, university degrees, etc., to hold us up. Integrated means we are able to stand on our own two feet.

Some methods of awareness are role playing and/or exaggerating the symptoms and behaviors. The principle awareness is to be in the ‘now’, to become aware of bodily senses and to ‘stay with our feelings’ until we start understanding their message and begin our own journey of healing.

There are so many ways to use guided imagery and meditation to improve our lives, reduce stress, enhance self-image, heal the body. The internet has millions of hits on these and other techniques. I’ve only touched a few that have helped others and also helped me.

Listen to your surroundings

“Nature speaks in symbols and in signs”
John Greenleaf Whittier

Look around the room you’re in at the moment and let each thing speak to you about itself. I definitely know the room I’m in right now, especially my desk is saying, “I’m messy and full of all the work you must do. Until you tidy me up, I’m going to irritate you and keep you from concentrating”. Eek! Okay, okay, I get the message, you’re point is very clear! Let me clean it up!

If we can really listen to our surroundings we will begin to see the effect they have upon us. And when we become more aware of our environment we can change our surroundings and make them more comfortable and less ‘agitating and distracting’.

Do you get the picture? How about that beautiful painting hanging in your room or that sculpture in the corner? What does it want to say to you? How about the hanging plant, the couch, the chair? If you can learn to ‘listen’ to your surroundings you can become aware of the ‘effect’ they are having on you emotionally as well as physically. And, all this eventually leads to a healthier body.

Try being aware of your stance when doing the dishes, reading, at the computer, brushing your teeth, bringing in the groceries, taking out the garbage, talking on the phone, etc. You’ll be quite amazed at how you may clench your jaw, and stiffen your muscles. Look in the mirror at those forehead wrinkles.

Exaggerating Symptoms

When we are in pain all we want is for it is to go away, disappear from our consciousness. Another form of awareness is Gestalt Therapy, this is expressing your symptom or pain more by exaggerating it.

Close your eyes and think of any pain you’re experiencing now or have experienced lately. Focus your attention on the pain and look at it in detail. What parts of your body are affected and what sensations do you feel in these body parts. Pay attention to feelings of pain and tension, see if you can really accept the discomfort you feel. See if you can increase this symptom and be aware of how you do this…..now see if you can reduce it by letting go in some way. Take more time to explore your illness and become more aware of it in detail.

Identifying a Symptom/Illness – The Power of Symbols

We are moving to a deeper region of the inner self, becoming aware of the symbolic messages of our body from within. The simple questions following should be answered from a relaxed and focused pace. Here, we are trying to understand what our illness looks and feels like, symbolically. We are listening to the messages of our body. This exercise can be used for all kinds of illnesses…..CFS, FM, Migraines, Bladder Infections, Multiple Sclerosis, Ulcers, etc.

I adapted this inner communication guide from a book by Laura Day, who has written many great books on intuition and awareness. There’s a link to her website below.

Take a deep breath and allow a few moments to center yourself. You will obtain a more accurate result if you respond to the questions without thinking, allowing your intuition to guide you. Do not judge, just listen.

Trust your first response.
Don’t go back to change your answer.
Let your first response BE the response.

This is not a pass or fail test, just simply notice what images come to mind.

If your illness were an animal, what type of animal would it be?
If your illness was a plant, what plant would it be?
If your illness was a landscape, how would it seem?
If your illness was a body of water, how would it be? Is it deep, clear, what’s the temperature, is there any movement
If your illness was a color, what color would it be? Is it bold or weak in color? How intense?
If you could pick a geometric shape for your illness, what would it be?
If this illness was a type of music, what would you hear?
If this illness was a tool, what would it be?
If this illness was a character from history, who would it be?

Whatever symbols or images appear at first, acknowledge them, write them down quickly and then go back and look at them. It could be quite revealing. The character in history could help you understand what character your illness seems to take on. Studying that character, their life, etc., could bring much meaning to your own symptoms.

A dear friend of mine, Lisa (not her real name) did this exercise in regard to her migraines that constantly haunt her life. Here are her answers to the above questions.

Janice, I want to answer the questions you asked regarding if a migraine was a …., what kind of ….would it be? These are what first came to mind for me.

animal: Fisher Cat; plant: Venus Fly Trap; place: Barren mountains, like out in the western US; body of water: Raging sea; deep as can be; freezing and so dark of color that one couldn’t see one’s hand in front of them; color: dirty maroon; geometric shape rhombus; music heavy metal; historical figure: Jack the Ripper

Will have to ponder over my answers myself! Wonderful excercise, Janice. Whatcha think about the answers I gave?

Lisa wrote back later and said….. “Oh, I picked Jack the Ripper as my historical figure representing my migraines…it’s because someone like that is an invader. He invaded lives and snuffed them out. When I have a migraine it’s as if I’m being robbed of life…even if it’s only for a few hours, but it’s obviously worse when I get a “three day sucker” type migraine that robs me of DAYS!
Curious, I googled Fisher Cat and discovered it is part of the weasel family.

As for those symbols…pretty apparent that my migraines remind me of gnashing teeth…ie. the ruthless teeth of a Fisher cat; the sharp tines of a Venus fly trap (the trap alone is significant ’cause that’s how I feel when I’ve got a migraine…trapped in my own head pain); the jagged mountain peaks; and the off-kilter look of a rhombus (out of sorts, like a flattened square). As for the raging sea…when I was a kid I was even afraid to LOOK at books that contained the fish that are so far down in the depths that they glow white and have horrendously, fiendish teeth. Raging, because that’s how a really bad migraine feels…it’s out of control. And then there’s the fact that I fear water and can’t swim…another out of control feeling. Now as for the dull maroon, we’ve discussed that before as being a color that bothers me. And regarding the Heavy Metal music…it also sounds out of control to me; relentless pounding like my head feels with a migraine.”



Now that we see how negative symbols can run amok in our life, how do we transform and evolve emotionally, spiritually and physically from them?. The only way to move through the pain is to fully experience it, understand it, and act upon that understanding.

Negative symbols have a positive side to them too, all we have to do is change our perception of them. We’ll explore this in the next section, Healing the Body/Mind with the Spirit. This section will explore the spiritual components to healing Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, through the chakras, astrology, the meridians, and much, much more.

In the next section, I’d also like to address communicating and connecting with a supportive group. Many people with CFS and FM feel uncomfortable and vulnerable discussing this unfamiliar illness. Yet discussing how we feel could helps us overcome our resistance, anxiety and discomfort to it. It has been proven our attitudes, perceptions and emotions make a difference in how our immune system functions and also how the brain reacts to these emotions too. What do you think?

“We with our lives are like islands in the sea, like the trees in the forest. The maple and the pine may whisper to each other with their leaves…..but the trees also commingle their roots in the darkest underground, and the islands also hang together through the ocean’s bottom.” William James

Some favorite links of mine…
Lots of info on healing, acupuncture, elements, etc.

More Healing Metaphors

Body is a map of Consciousness


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Fritz Perls

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