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“….observations of the etheric body reveal a vital energy body or [auric] field which forms a matrix which interpenetrates the dense physical body like a sparkling web of light beams.  This energetic matrix is the basic pattern upon which the physical matter of the tissues is shaped and anchored.  The tissues exist as such only because of this vital field behind them.” Barbara Ann Brennan, Hands of Light 

Our aura is the energy field that surrounds and radiates outward from the physical body.  This electromagnetic field is constantly moving, unfolding, transforming and shifting.  It is usually seen oval in shape and completely surrounds a person in rings or layers of light.  These rings of light are seen clairvoyantly as swirling patterns of liquid light with several colors shimmering through them.  For some of us, the aura may not be seen visually but definitely sensed or felt.  The aura has been actually photographed through the use of Kirlian photography, named after the Russian scientist Semyon Kirlian, who discovered it.  This invention can capture the flow of energy around a person and even the life force around plants and vegetables.   

A person who is able to do aura readings has the ability to gather information about the size, shape and intensity of the colors and apply it to the health of a person.  Knowing the different subtle fields and their colors, a healer can pick up a person’s passing thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as information concerning their physical health and spiritual development.   

Many people who work with auras, especially in the field of healing have developed a natural sensitivity to the aura.  The aura can often show the onset of an illness, long before the symptoms begin to show.  In most healing classes, the student is taught to scan the client’s aura to locate the areas in the body that feel congested or depleted in energy. Through this ability to ‘sense’, healers often find their hands drawn intuitively to an affected part of the body needing treatment.   

It was believed for quite a long time that the many colors emanating from the etheric were coming from the chakras.  Thanks to science we now know this is wrong.  There is an intimate and dynamic relationship between the etheric system and the nervous system and every single cell in the body.  The body and the etheric are not separate systems.  , they work simultaneously together, each affecting the other.     

“as the student builds a pure physical body and a refined etheric, as he develops the emotional virtues and as he coordinates [223] and enlarges his mental body, he is continuously altering its rate vibration and changing its rhythm, which change demonstrates to the eye of the clairvoyant as mutation in color.” Alice Bailey 

Metaphysics teaches that the aura consists of 7 interwoven rings of light, known as the subtle bodies, each revealing a different aspect of the person.  The first ring reveals their state of health, the second their emotions, the third their intellectual makeup, the fourth their higher mind (imagination and intuition), the fifth their spirit, and the sixth and seventh reveal cosmic aspects.  These last two are much more difficult to see on most people.  

The aura overlays the etheric, which is known as the mirror image of the physical body.  It is usually seen as a bluish or cloudy haze around the body.  The etheric network of interlacing cords or nadis interpenetrate the physical body and vitalize it through prana.  Their job is to assimilate, transmit and absorb energy from prana and radiate it out around the nerves.  This web of energy is constantly flowing with information and  reveals the energy and health of an individual.  You could say the aura is our ‘antenna’ and is constantly at work protecting us from harm.  It measures about one-half to four inches out from the body.  

“In the etheric body, which is an exact replica of its denser counterpart, we have the organ of active radiatory fire, and . . . the vehicle of prana. Its function is to store up the rays of raditory light and heat which are secured from the sun, and to transmit them, via the spleen, to all parts of the physical body. . . . When the physical furnace burns brightly and when the fuel of the body (pranic rays) is adequately assimilated, the human frame will function as desired.” Alice Bailey (A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, p. 57). 

For your interest…. 

The spleen has an important role in dispersing prana throughout the whole physical body.  Prana is known as the Breath of Life.  It has an intelligence all its own and begins from our first breath till the end of our life.  The spleen is the main distribution center of pranic energy in your body.  Physically the spleen is approximately the size of your fist and located in the upper left part of the abdomen behind the stomach.  It looks dark red and feels kind of spongy.  It produces and stores blood cells and filters out debris.  It is part of the immune system and the largest organ composed of lymph tissue.   When the body is under stress, the spleen contracts and sends more blood to the rest of the body.  Or if an injury cuts an artery, the spleen will work hard to make extra blood cells to make up for the blood you lost through the wound.   

Clairvoyantly/esoterically, the spleen is seen as a disc with six spokes which absorb tiny vitality globules from the atmosphere.  After being drawn into the spleen, these globules are broken up into seven atoms each charged with seven types of prana.  These seven types are:  violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, dark red and magenta.  So each of the 6 spokes of the spleen takes up a specific color.  The last color magenta is actually the first of the atoms to be absorbed….its pranic energy is the life of the nervous system and the balancer of the etheric body.  Beginning in the heart, this prana is absorbed by the tiny fibers that pulsate through the physical, etheric, emotional and mental subtle bodies.  These ‘fibers’ are in fact made up of ‘invisible’ nerve matter.   

If this subject interests you might like these books:  

The Hidden Side of Things by C.W. Leadbeater

The Etheric Double by A.E. Powell

Spiritual Healing by Dora Kunz

Mind and Body by Priya D. Lal 

Now that we have a better understanding about prana and colors, let’s get back to the aura….. 

“The aura also absorbs energy from other energy sources around us, like sunlight and ozone, plants and  other people.  Many authors have suggested people can be classified by the colour of  their aura. For example, blue means a highly spiritual person,  trustworthy, honest, etc… Orange means an emotional type of person  etc… I have found this to be very misleading. The aura is such a  complex and changeable engine, it simply cannot be judged by its basic hue alone.  The aura is sensitive to colour. It reacts to the colours of clothing  and that of our surroundings, ie. wall colours. This explains why people  have strong preferences in colour. For example: If you like Pink or Red,  it means you have an active heart centre that is giving off lots of  Green. Red and Pink give off different types of green that are in  harmony with that aura.  Colours are widely used in hospitals and institutions to calm agitated  people and put them at ease. Pink is the most calming colour for this.  It is the emotional colour of love and happiness. Watch a mother’s aura  when she first looks into the eyes of her new baby, and falls head over  heels in love. At that special, joyous moment when they bond for life,  you will see this most lovely of auras, in all it’s glory.  There is a whole science devoted to the use of colours. This is called Colour Healing or Colour Therapy.” Robert Bruce   

Most people can be taught to see auras and usually see the etheric, closest to the body.  To see the other layers, gets more difficult.  As we move up through the layers, each one is twirling at different speeds.  The higher up we go, the faster they spin and the more invisible they become.   

But you don’t need to see all the other layers to understand the energy coming from yourself or another person.  The etheric contains information you need to know to diagnose an aura pretty accurately.  The problem you may encounter, that healers do, is picking up vibrations from your or a person’s clothing.  This is why healers usually scan the body very slowly.  With their hands, they can feel congested or depleted energy.  The most common sensations felt are:- pressure, warmth, tingling, cold, or electrical feelings.   

“Although color is usually thought as an absolute, it is really very subjective.  Because of this variation and because the aura is continually pulsating, two people observing the same person may pick up different colors.  Every emotion leaves its trace in the aura, so the colors fluctuate with your moods.  Often, however, one or two colors will remain predominant.  As you observe the aura for colors, allow the awareness of the color and its meaning to rise anew with each aura you observe.  Here are some common color associations. 

RED, energy, strength, courage

BRICK RED, anger

DEEP RED, sensuality

CRIMSON, loyalty

PINK, cheerfulness, optimism

ROSE, self-love

ORANGE, joy, vitality, balance of mental and physical

YELLOW, wisdom, creativity, spiritual


GREEN, ingenuity, compassion growth

PALE GREEN, healing power

GREYISH GREEN pessimism, envy

BLUE, spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual

GREYISH BLUE, melancholy

ICE BLUE, intellectual

PURPLE, spiritual power

ORCHID idealism

WHITE, highly spiritual (rarely seen)

BLACK, depression, death (rarely seen)

BROWN, earthly

DULL BROWN, low energy,

GREY, fear, boredom, repressed anger

GOLD, pure knowing and intuition

SILVER similar to gold, very developed psychically”

~by Diane Mariechild 

One of the first times I observed the aura was in an evening art class.  We had a visiting artist who didn’t waste anytime in getting us started. Placed before us was watercolor paper or something similar and a set of watercolors, 7 colors in total, a child would use.  

‘Breath slow and deep’ I remember her saying, ‘fill yourself as though your whole body is an empty vessel, breath again and again and allow your heart to absorb it, then send out bits of your essence in its current…now find your heartbeat…’  

Then, we were each told that we had 5 or 10 minutes to paint symbols or colors that expressed our innermost feelings on the paper.  For the next few seconds you could have heard a pin drop….here we were, on a Thursday night, most of us with no pep after a challenging day at work and we were to imagine and produce an artwork created from deep within?  But those frustrations, feelings and emotions were exactly what the teacher wanted.  She told us Soul art wasn’t just about love, laughter or joy.  An artist doesn’t ignore the irritants of their day by burying them under the rug….he or she brings them out in a vivid array of an assortment of colors.  ‘There are no limits to where your creation of the Self will take you’, she said.  Although I don’t remember exactly as it was told, our teacher said something like  ‘A negative becomes a positive when we are perceptive enough to see the wisdom of the emotion.’   

Once our watercolors were setup, we had 5-10 minutes to complete our painting.  With little time to think, our main guide was our intuition.  Artists who painted in exact detail now had their brushes flying every which way..the flow of energy and enthusiasm was contagious….what a way to express all our different emotions.    When time was up, we each took turns showing off our creation.  What we noticed was that most of us only used 2-4 colors.  The art teacher told us never to lose the sight, that like dreams, each persons symbols and colors expressed their true nature.  I sure wish I could remember her name lol!  

We weren’t to analyze or criticize each others work but to express the more positive impressions of the work.  It definitely brought about an atmosphere of fun and laughter, followed by deep felt insight.  It raised the energy levels of everyone in the room.  It was an incredible network of energies connecting and coming together.  I’m sure an inner shift occurred in many of us that night.  It just may have been what stimulated me to explore self-healing and the metaphysical world.  

If you’re interested, do try it!  This has nothing to do whether you are an artist or not.  What it will do is speak volumes about your own life experiences.  Not only that it allows you to feel and express your emotions in a productive way.  It also shows you how to ‘freeze frame’ an emotion and get it out of your system.  And you don’t need to show it to anyone!  This is your own art diary of heartfelt emotions and a valuable opportunity to deal with emotions in a healthy way. And it only takes 5 or 10 minutes of your time!!  Then, the next day or the day after that, you can reflect on your painting and see what emotions it evokes.  It’s fun to do with friends…..very close friends who know each other well.  

TO SEE THE AURA the person you want to ‘see’ should first of all wear a neutral color and if it’s possible, have them sit close to a white or lightly colored wall or surface.  The lighting shouldn’t be bright and not too dark.  If you wear glasses, it might be easier to see the aura without them. Ask the person to relax by taking 3 of 4 deep breaths in and out.  You shouldn’t be too close to the person, standing at least 10 or 15 feet away.  When you are ready you’re going to look past the persons head and shoulder area and focus on the wall behind them.  Don’t stare hard, use a soft focus.  As you continue to gaze past the outline of the body you should soon be able to see the aura become visible.  It will almost look like there’s a light or halo behind them.  If you change your focus to see the aura itself, it will disappear, but if you go back to focusing on the wall, it will eventually reappear.   It may take a few times before you see the aura, so don’t get frustrated.  Then again you may see it and not believe it, feeling that it had to be an after-image or that your eyes were playing tricks on you. 

Note:  You can practice seeing auras on plants, animals, clothes, crystals, etc. .   

The human aura, though, has a much stronger electromagnetic field…it gives off electric energy and receives magnetic energy, which is why we leave traces and imprints of ourselves everywhere we go.  It’s also why certain objects in our home or jewelry worn, absorbs our energy.   

Another way to practice seeing your own aura is to use a mirror.  I found the bathroom mirror great for this, but don’t let that limit you.  Dim the lights or whatever room you’re in, turn the light off but allow light to flow in from the next room or hallway.  Look in the mirror and focus just above the hairline and shoulder area.  The first thing you might see is your face or image in the mirror disappearing.  This is natural. As you continue to l a kind of whitish blue outline around your head.  If you can practice keeping your eyes open and gazing above your head in the mirror, you’ll eventually see other colors and shapes become visible.  This may take a few tries.  When you get real good at it, you can actually blink and the image will still be there.  

Note: Try looking at your aura after exercising and then after sitting/relaxing and write down your perceptions.  

Or try cleansing your aura, this visualization works and is simple to do…. 


Imagine that golden drops of rain are falling upon you. You are in a golden shower of rain. Feel these drops pass through your aura and above and around your head: feel them touch your physical hair and your head. Feel these drops pass through that part of your energy body that surrounds your shoulders, your back and your chest: feel the drops touch your physical shoulders, back and chest. Feel the golden drops pass through your energy-body at the level of your waist, your hips, your buttocks, feel them touch your physical waist, hips and buttocks. Feel the drops pass through your energy-field around your legs until they reach your feet: feel them touch your physical legs and feet. Let the golden drops run away, taking with them everything that does not belong in your energy-field. 

Your auras and physical body are clean 

TO SENSE AURAS work with a partner.  Relax and center yourself.  Stand about 5 feet away from this person and slowly walk towards them with arms extended and palms out.  When you feel their aura, slowly move your hands around your partner’s body, *about an inch or so away from it.  (Concentrate your energy on the center of your palms) Become aware of this person’s energy.  Notice how far away from the body you can perceive his/her energy.  Notice if there are any places that feel cooler or warmer than others.  Often in people who don’t get much exercise the energy around their legs and feel will feel cooler or harder to detect.  Notice any changes in the flow of energy.  (You may notice such changes in the solar plexus area, many diseases originate here) Places that feel very warm, indicate blocked energy, as do unusually cool places.  You will find that as you notice disruptions in the energy flow your partner will probably confirm them by saying something like, “Yes, I recently sprained my ankle, I just had a cold, or my back hurts.”  

*Note:  A very healthy and energetic aura can be felt as much as 3 feet away. 

PSYCHIC SELF-DEFENCE is a form of protection when we are overwhelmed by forces or bombarded and influenced by other people’s energies, old buildings, etc..  The body’s astral field is very sensitive to thoughts and emotions. More than likely you are a ‘sensitive’ and have on occasion been affected by invisible forces in the astral realm.  This can have a profound effect of flooding the mind with chaotic emotions!

Once you become aware of your own aura, you will start to notice how it responds and reacts to a home a room and even other people.  Have you encountered someone whose energy felt so close you needed to take a step back or two?  More than likely that was their aura intruding into your aura.  We are constantly sending out waves and vibrations, some filled with love, others filled with fear, anger, excitement and so on.  Imagine different auras with different thought/emotional energies all mingling together, for example on the bus or the train, going to/from work.  Ever suddenly feel drained or claustrophobic? 

This is an easy visualization to do when you’ve felt overcome or disrobed of your energy. 

Sit in a relaxed position in a comfortable chair.  Breathe slowly and deeply for a few moments, until the mind is quiet.  In your mind create a curtain of blue light, beginning from the floor of your feet, all the way up to the ceiling above your head.  Light up this curtain of blue with sparkling rays of silver which are bright and shiny, rather like currents of electricity flowing along a bare connection.  Allow this curtain of blue light to overwhelm you.  Draw it in through your nostrils and down inside yourself, until you are filled with blue.

Very slowly, change the curtain of blue light to red.  Allow the red curtain to envelope you as completely as possible.  Feel the warmth of the red vibrations against your skin, and see these vibrations as burning away all the negative energy in your aura.  Feel the energy pulsating inside you.  See yourself being completely revitalized. 

Hold this image for a few moments, then gradually change the red curtain of energy to a gold curtain.  Allow this to enfold you, at the same time drawing it into your very being.  Become totally absorbed by the golden light.  Hold it for a few moments, then very slowly allow the whole exercise to fade.

Relax in your chair for a few minutes.   

You may or may not feel immediate results but you will as time passes.  It has a remarkable effect on one’s aura, making it appear more vibrant and clear.  You could definitely try it and then look at your aura in the mirror.  This really is an exercise about getting rid of psychic garbage and a buildup of emotion/thought forces.    

And last but not least you could try the “Auric Egg”, it’s quite good too. 

First of all, pick a color you feel is powerful enough to give you spiritual protection.  It should of course be one with which you feel very comfortable with.  Then create an auric egg of color around yourself. 

See yourself objectively at first, sitting completely surround by the color of your choice.  Then, very slowly allow the color to obliterate you completely, until you can only see the colored egg before you.  At this point feel yourself inside the egg, surrounded by the beautiful color.  Make it a strong egg, with plenty of movement in the color.  Allow the energy to infuse you with vitality, to the extend that you can feel yourself almost vibrate.Continue this visualization for 10 minutes if you can.  This is easy enough to do everyday.





The human aura http://www.spiritdove.com/a_auras.htm

What color is your aura  http://www.blogthings.com/whatcolorisyourauraquiz/ 

Dowsing rods and the aura http://gerberink.hubpages.com/hub/Locating-Auras-with-Dowsing-Rods


Kirlian Photography http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDOi1BLoN3U


Stay tuned……


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“Diabetes – Fear of fully participating in life. Great need for control and to know things. Deep need for attention and approval. Constant craving for love, with a belief that you are unworthy or undeserving. Deep-seated guilt. Belief you have to struggle to survive. Can often lose yourself in relationships. Constant need for sweetness to mask the feelings of weakness, limitation, and belief that there is not enough”. THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF YOUR BODY: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness ~ Inna Segal

Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which a person cannot metabolize sugar in the blood.  As the levels of blood sugar, known as glucose rise, especially over a prolonged period of years, the sugar becomes toxic to a number of systems in the body, including the cardiovascular system.

 The cells of our body need glucose to produce energy……AND….the brains only food is glucose.  Glucose needs to be at a certain level for the brain to function normally.  After we eat, sugar levels normally rise in the body triggering a release of a hormone called insulin from cells in the pancreas called beta-cells.  Insulin ‘knows’ how to opens the doors of all our cells in the body, allowing glucose to enter them.  As glucose enters the cells, sugar levels drop off until we eat again.

 This site http://diabetes.niddk.nih.gov/dm/pubs/overview/ gives a clear and concise overview of diabetes as well as a wealth of information on clinical trials and research.

 “When people eat, the pancreas automatically produces the right amount of insulin to move glucose from blood into the cells. In people with diabetes, however, the pancreas either produces little or no insulin, or the cells do not respond appropriately to the insulin that is produced. Glucose builds up in the blood, overflows into the urine, and passes out of the body in the urine. Thus, the body loses its main source of fuel even though the blood contains large amounts of glucose…….



 Type I diabetes is an autoimmune disease. An autoimmune disease results when the body’s system for fighting infection—the immune system—turns against a part of the body. In diabetes, the immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. The pancreas then produces little or no insulin. A person who has type 1 diabetes must take insulin daily to live……


 The most common form of diabetes is type 2 diabetes. About 90 to 95 percent of people with diabetes have type 2. This form of diabetes is most often associated with older age, obesity, family history of diabetes, previous history of gestational diabetes, physical inactivity, and certain ethnicities. About 80 percent of people with type 2 diabetes are overweight.”


“Children can develop diabetes at a time of parental conflict, such as divorce or death, feel that they are the cause of the loss, or that the parent no longer loves them, or due to a smothering, excessively adoring parent.  Adult diabetes can occur during times when you feel under-nourished emotionally.  It also occurs in connection with obesity, which is often linked to a loss of love or fear of intimacy and shows the link between overeating to make up for a lack of love and inability to receive love.” Deb Shapiro YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND

My brother passed away from a Diabetic Coma at the young age of 34.  Like so many who have lost loved ones at an early age, I started searching to understand the energetics of this disease.   Two years after Len’s death, I found myself catapulted into Alternative Healing.  Every person encountered taught me more about the forces and causes behind an illness and how each illness acts upon and affects one’s physical well-being.  Each healing  shared, helped me to recognize what needed to change about myself.

How Others Intuit The Energetics of Diabetes

 “One of the things I have discovered about diabetes is that it requires being in the present. It forces us to be diligent. It requires us to manage our lives – every little tiny thing: food, sugar, sleep/rest, testing, insulin, exercise, treatment options. It requires we take responsibility for ourselves. Our health, our quality of life depends on our ability to act responsibly.” Carolyn Myss


I understand what Caroline Myss is saying, for it is absolutely essential to understand a disease.  Type II diabetes can place major obstacles in your efforts to stay healthy, but this disease can magnify other risk factors, especially  your cardiovascular system and nerves.  Damaged nerves stops us from feeling the sensations of heat, cold, touch and pain.  You may not be aware of the pain that results from the heart not getting sufficient oxygen.  Without this warning singal, you may not be conscious of angina or even heart attack.  Also when sugar levels stay high in the blood, damage can occur in the tiniest blood vessels transporting oxygen to the tissues.  These tiny arteries or arterioles become scared or clogged with cholesterol-containing plague.

Only YOU can manage your disease,  Of course your doctor will prescribe insulins or oral medications but ultimately it is YOU who must be the one in control on a day-to-day basis.

There is extensive material on the internet and in books about diabetes.  Take the time to really learn all that you can about your condition.

The good news is, diabetes can be well controlled.  In both type I and type II, diet and exercise play major roles and are essential as part of your treatment.   Stack the odds in your favor by doing all you possibly can to work with you doctor and bring your diabetes under control.

The most important element to self healing is the ability to be present with your self.  You cannot begin if you are preoccupied with the past or living in the expectations of future times.  All these do is scatter your ability to focus and  leave you powerless.

Being in the present  will begin the process of releasing powerful emotions that have been masked or blocked.  It means courageously looking back and inward on a pain originally based on a fear…..an often painful process  we all try desperately to avoid.  AND  when we avoid pain, we experience frustration, anger and exhaustion…..our bodies only get sicker.

Taking care of yourself requires discipline and focus……it takes alot of courage to nourish and respectfully pay attention to YOU.

It is your right and responsiblity, as well as your joy to love and be loved.

“The sugar level in our blood obviously relates to the amount of sweetness and love in our lives and to the opposite, anger and sourness. Diabetes can indicate that the love we are receiving is uncontrollable and excessive, to the point where it is smothering or overwhelming. It is also unusable as it is constantly being eliminated in the urine, thus responding to a sense of loss and inner sadness. In this state there is a great desire for affection and love, yet an inability to know how to act if it is received. This give rise to anger and resentment, a blaming of others for our own inner fear and confusion in dealing with love. The word spleen also means moroseness and irritability. Hypoglycemia indicates the same conflicts with expressing and receiving sweetness, but the conflict leaves an inner depletion and emptiness.” Deb Shapiro

From Louise Hay’s “Heal Your Body”:
“Diabetes (Hyperglycemia, Mellitus):
Probable Cause: Longing for what might have been. A great need to control. Deep sorrow. No sweetness left.
Affirmation: This moment is filled with joy. I now choose to experience the sweetness of today.

Represents the sweetness of life.
Affirmation: My life is sweet.

Probable Cause: Rejection. Anger and frustration becauuse life seems to have lost its sweetness.
Affirmation: I love and approve of myself, and I alone create sweetness and joy in my life.”

This quote is also from a book by Louise L. Hay  and Mona Lisa Schulz

“People who have adrenal gland, pancreatic, and blood sugar problems are often overwhelmed by their emotions and have lost their identity by being constantly in service to others. These people often feel better about their internal spiritual life than their external life of weight and looks and work. Sprituality becomes the outlet they use to build self-worth and self-love. It is literally how they define themselves. Because of this tendency these people often let their physical appearance go and their digestive health plummets, leading to blood sugar problems and fatigue. To them, spirituality is the universe; advancing their career or caring for their appearance or well-being on Earth is not part of their skill set.

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from the symptoms of adrenal gland and blood sugar problems, the first step is to take medical actions. But as is the case with many emotion-centric disorders, medicine will probably only be effective for acute problems; chronic issues need a subtler approach to healing. You need to build your sense of self-worth and manage your responsibility for others.” All is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition ~ By Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Shulz

 “DIABETES: Mental Attitude: Refusing to give. Takes the form of deliberately withholding Self from others. Fear of never being able to have enough. Thinking Self does not have enough to give, therefore being stingy with how one gives.

Suggestions for Improvement: Be courageous. You can’t hide your Self forever, and fear is a limitation. Bring the real you out where others can see you. You may find you are a pretty valuable person. Practice giving something away every day to a stranger. It must be a stranger so you will not expect something from them in return. Choose to give to someone you will not see again. This is a place to begin.

Mental Attitude: Desire to give and holding back on this. Fear of losing from giving. Attitude of Self righteousness which is selfishness. Conditionally giving and receiving. Jealousy.
Suggestions for Improvement: Have the courage to reveal the Real you. Give to ten people each day. Find a present for someone each week, a present that is very special and just exactly for that person.”   Daniel Condron


There are many different reasons why illness and disease develop in the human body. And although we have come to know that all illness has its roots in spirit, we cannot simply decide that all people with diabetes suffer psychologically from it the same way.  There are so many extenuating circumstances and conditions that a soul may have experienced, that each illness should be looked at as unique in terms to it’s meaning for each person. Many have written on the meaning of different illnesses, however, it has to feel right to in order for the information to empower you in taking charge of your life.

Dis-ease, and the circumstances of your life cannot be simply explained away by just telling yourself you’ll love and honor yourself more. The crux of the problem is discovering what prevents you from loving yourself first that needs to be explored.  Once uncovered then you can take your old beliefs and replace them with beliefs that support who you are.

Reality is created according to our beliefs and feelings about ourselves, the Universe and the Divine. So if a soul identifies with the need to suffer in order to learn, it will see that belief reflected in the reality he/she is in.  In fact all of life is truly an attempt at healing.  We learn more about ourselves and our life on Earth from falling off balance, then finding our way back to balance again.  There is no value to pain and suffering unless it leads to some kind of learning.


Imagine if you could actually plug yourself into a main computer; you’d be able to listen in and discover how the interplay of emotions and feelings affect every cell and organ of your body.  Today we’re going to zoom into the pancreas and discover what could cause low blood sugar or diabetes.   In the next section we’ll look at a couple of case studies and what is needed to balance the sweetness in our lives.

 The pancreas’ main function is to assist in transforming and transporting foods and fluid throughout the body, purifying the blood and chi (lifeforce/energy) in the body. So the pancreas has a nurturing, nourishing energy about it.

 In Chinese Medicine, the pancreas is paired with the Spleen Meridian.   This meridian is feminine (Yin); its element is Earth, relating this body-centered organ to the archetypical Mother.

For most of us our mother was the first encounter we had with being nurtured and loved, we were dependant on her care.  Constantly we had to watch, anticipate and respond to her needs and wants, trying our best to make her happy. What an emotional rollercoaster!  A smile or a frown can change our perception that the world is safe or dangerous.  And we carried these emotions, these feelings and our ways of coping with them all through our life.

 The brain is the first to record traumatic events and experiences.  When the brain can’t handle the excess stress it passes it on to an organ in the body, which immediately records the emotion.

 The need to be loved is a secret hunger for the Pancreas.  Eating is a social act that has deep emotional meanings.  Early in life food somehow got mixed up with love and caring — we started eating because we felt undernourished and/or didn’t get enough nurturing. There are also some of us who eat to feed the hungers caused by stress or loneliness. All this has an impact on our pancreas, affecting our energy, our attitudes and blocking our metabolism.

The Pancreas is also extremely vulnerable to intense emotions and feelings caused by a reaction to an outer event.  In fact both the spleen and pancreas react to serious events that can affect us for life.  These two organs absorb most of our severe shocks.

Emotional shocks felt physically and emotionally by the body are recorded by the unconscious mind in two-thousandths of a second!  Physically we can dress and heal our outer wounds but the memories of the trauma become imprinted in the unconscious mind. When something or someone triggers that memory, it resurfaces activating a rush of adrenalin, fear and stress in our lives.


When writing Daniel Condron’s (intuitive thoughts/feelings/ideas on diabetes and the pancreas, (see above) my mind searched to understand his true meaning.  Words Daniel spoke of, like refusing to give, holding back and selfishness all seemed (to me) to be trapped in a web of ‘Self Interest’.  Most dictionaries describe selfishness  as “an excessive interest in oneself”, or egoism.   But I wanted to go deeper, I wanted to get to the ‘Source’ of how a person becomes selfish in the first place.  How is it they become blind to the need of others?

We know the pancreas/spleen thrives on being understood, accepted and loved.  When functioning at its fullest, we feel good about ourselves….we give unconditionally to others and experience a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

But what happened along the way that the pancreas didn’t get its needs (love, nourishment) met?  Where was it that a person’s normal development of personal power (the ego) got thwarted?  Was it someone very close and dear (a parent, caregiver, teacher) who kept telling them as child they weren’t good enough, smart enough or strong enough to make the grade.  Was the parent(s) emotionally cold, depressed or consistently unavailable?  Perhaps verbal and physical abuse as well?

 When a mother/parent is emotionally distant, the child soon learns to keep his/her own distance as well.  Rejection from a parent can lead to a child rejecting the parent which can lead to rejecting his/her own life-force.  To survive, he/she numbs their body, numbs their feelings, constricting and minimizing their life energy.  Holding it in, they look and appear independent, others admire their independence, but they are virtually alone in their own world, determined to avoid, at all costs, being vulnerable to rejection.

The pancreas/spleen is also affected when a person is told over and over  “you’ll never make it”, “you’ll never be good enough”, or is being overly controlled.  Its energy draws in on its Self, the individual feels frustrated, hurt, discouraged and brokenhearted….wounded, the pancreas starts to shutdown.   When this happens, an alarm sounds off!  The Heart and Heart Meridian gets its lifeforce from the pancreas/spleen meridian.  The body/mind sensing something isn’t working as it should, tries to takes over and in the pancreas’ case, fights to gain a sense of control.  But if a person is unable to express his/her anger to his/her abuser, their sense of self-worth is threatened and the pancreas becomes doubly wounded.  This can also lead to craving for sweets and rich foods, which indicates a way of compensating for the lack of love in one’s life.

If only a person could see how much he/she is truly loved and admired by others.

Anger is a way of protecting our boundaries and showing others we will not tolerate others intimidating or injuring our own sense of worth.  Unfortunately, everything and everyone is seen as a threat and  the angry person finds themselves in a vicious circle of conflict, causing separateness, loneliness and despair.  As Louise Haye, Caroline Myss and others have noted,  ‘the sweetness is gone’.

 Balancing receiving with giving helps us to experience a deep sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.  Not only do we feel accepted by others but we also begin to accept ourselves.  We escape from the circle of constantly needing to achieve to get others approval in order to feel worthy and accepted.  The next section will delve into this more.

If you’ve read this article from the beginning, you’ll remember the Element ruling the pancreas/spleen is Earth.  The Earth’s highest expression is being there for others…it is the comfort-giver and empathizer, graciously supporting and caring ALL who are in need.  An Earth person is wonderful to be around.  They listen attentively to your problems and know exactly what to say to make you feel better.  They love to please.  At their worst, Earth people worry and overthink everything excessively!  This of course can prevent the mind from seeing the truth objectively, restless and searching everything seems in a muddle and they can’t make a decision.

But what happens when the Earth person lacks the solid inner foundation of self-esteem this motherly archetype provides.  Toxic waste strips them of their natural resources and severs their connection to Her rhythmic cycles.  This in turn has triggered a painful disconnection from their own inherent nature.

My mother suffered abuse and rejection as a child and this spilled over to her own children.  It’s a wonder all four her children didn’t get diabetes.

It was my brother who suffered from and absorbed her feelings.  Leonard was sensitive to her struggles of unworthiness which in turn made him feel isolated and unworthy.  He was only 8 when they discovered his fainting spells were caused from a lack of sweetness in his life, projected from the mother.  As an adult, he  seriously believed he’d never be able to love another because of this serious health problem.  He never quite felt he belonged.  In an attempt to cover this up, Leonard bent over backwards to make everyone else’s life happy and fulfilled.  He gave of himself freely what he felt he didn’t deserve himself.  He constantly rejected any praise from others, he couldn’t accept their compliments.  He was so focused on his own failures and limitations, he couldn’t see what others saw that was right and good about him.  He didn’t believe in himself.  If only he could have seen how others saw how wonderful and lovable he was, perhaps he would be alive today.


This leads us to Astrology, especially the planet Venus.  Venus rules the secretion of insulin, the assimilation of sugars and carbohydrates in the body.  She also rules the saliva in relation to digestion, the swallowing reflex  as well as the our sense of taste, touch and smell.

In the next section we will see what happens when Venus is strong in a natal chart and in difficult aspect to other planets.  In a couple of case studies we’ll look at this and a person’s predisposition to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or diabetes.

 In ending this segment I’d like to quote what Jeanne Avery wrote in her book ASTROLOGY AND YOUR HEALTH…..

“Almost all people who are psychic or who work in areas where psychic energy is an essential commodity, have a predisposition to hypoglycemia or diabetes.  This is particularly true of clairvoyants, mediums and astrologers.  Such problems are also common in people who work as therapists and healers.  People in these fields seem to have a particularly heavy draw of energy from the solar plexus area, which includes the pancreas.  This is the center ruling the emotional body.  If the balance of love and pleasure is disrupted or destroyed, that area of the body may be afflicted.  It is very important for healers to allow pleasure and love to be a major part of their lives.  These dedicated people give a great deal of their universal love energy and frequently have a lack of that energy on a personal level.  With this kind of imbalance, energy is also drained from surrounding organs such as the kidneys, spleen and gall bladder.  It is necessary to consider all of the related planets when a diagnosis is made.”

Here is an interesting site on the spleen/pancreas meridian.  It contains a wealth of information and all you wanted to know and understand about it!  http://www.meridianpress.net/articles/introducingthespleen.html 

Stay tuned to the next segment…….

One girls ongoing healing journey – Type 1 Diabetes http://mysweetlife.co.uk/



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“Osteoporosis; is the eating away of our firm foundation. Bones are the hardest substance in the body. They support and give strength to the body. They are also the most brittle of substances that make up the body. If we see ourselves as having little or no support in the world of a physical or of a metaphysical nature our own foundation is weakened and the structure collapses in upon itself. “

“EMOTIONAL BLOCK ~On both a physical and metaphysical level, bones represent support. Bone disorders are invariably linked with a fear of not being sufficiently supported or fear of not sufficiently supporting others. Bone disorders indicate that we don’t feel “solid” enough to take care of our own lives.

…MENTAL BLOCK ~ Bone disorders are a message from your body to acknowledge your own inner strength. Your body is telling you to stabilize yourself, to regain your balance by allowing yourself to experience simple pleasures without guilt. You have everything you need to create a stable life, without having to depend on others for support.” Your Body is Telling You: Love Yourself ~ Lise Bourbeau

The word Osteoporosis literally means porous bones. Bones are our inner scaffolding, a supportive solid structure created to give our bodies form as well as protect our internal organs and works as a frame for our muscles and skin. It is through our bones we strive towards independence and find our place in the world. But in a world that is in a continual state of flux and change, women and men are physically crumpling to the increased pressures and stress that surround them. Many who have been unable to regenerate their energy against the bitterest winds and storms are now being diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Lise Bourbeau, author of the excellent book, Your Body is Telling You: Love Yourself, also claims that bone disorders that end with “itis” (inflammatory disease) also indicates repressed anger. Anger is a form of energy; the more it builds up, the more necessary it is to release it.  Energy can’t be destroyed, so if we don’t release our anger and let it build, it can have damaging effects on the physical body.  Repressed anger can cause hypertension, headaches, PMS, heart problems, ulcers and it makes osteoporosis worse.  Holding on to anger causes you to “tense up”, putting extra pressure on your joints and muscles.  Long-term anger exhausts your life force and energy – it drains energy from the ‘foundation’ of your body.. your bones, muscles, blood vessels, immune system and internal organs..it also destroys your self-esteem and self-worth.

The need to control also creates an aura of stress and tension around ourselves…it drains our energy. Control comes from the need to dominate and perfectionism..it can also come from not trusting others. Control keeps us limited and disconnects us from our creativity, spontaneity, imagination and fun. Control can easily lead to aggression or anger…it can constrict and restrict our energies leading to oppression and depression.

Stress also causes our body to become rigid, tight and inflexible. This in turn causes the muscles, ligaments and tendons to tighten and over time shorten, creating an uneven pull on the skeletal bones of the body. Eventually the tension can build up to a point where it causes pain, inflammation and bone malformation. As energy levels drop from the buildup of toxins, this puts a ‘crimp’ in our circulation of energy, our energy backs up, and the already maxed out immune system weakens and turns on itself. Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are autoimmune conditions as well as Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the Epstein-Barr Virus.

Releasing anger takes time and patience. For some people it can take longer but if you work at releasing anger (hitting a pillow, yelling in your car, walking, exercising, etc.) it will reprogram your nervous system and will help to make you less ‘reactive’ to emotional triggers.

From http://www.alive.com/420a2a2.php?subject_bread_cramb=227

“Your immune system is the most complex and critical component of your body’s inherent defence mechanism: a vast network of specialized cells and organs including your liver, lymphatic system, thymus, spleen and bone marrow. Together they share the responsibility of maintaining your resistance to disease.

Immunity is partly inherited and partly shaped by lifestyle. Your ability to ward off disease is determined by the resilience of your natural defences.”

Most of our immune cells originate in the bone marrow, in fact there is a whole cast of characters that make up the immune system and its roots can be traced to the ‘stem cells’ in our bone marrow. When balanced, the immune system cells are able to distinguish what is the “enemy” and what is the “self”.

If you’re really interested in learning all you can about the immune system this site “The Anatomy of the Immune System” is fantastic! If you click “elsewhere” on 1. Bone Marrow, you’ll discover and learn more about the various characters of our stem cells.

Look at it here http://www.microbiologybytes.com/iandi/2b.html

One of the stem cells, the macrophage is the easiest to identify under the microscope. It looks like a dark, horseshoe shaped blob and is rather quite large compared to the other cells of the immune system. If you remember the old Pac Man game then you’ll have a good idea what the macrophage does.

“Monocytes circulate in the peripheral blood prior to emigration into the tissues. Within certain organs they have special names, e.g. in liver they are known as Kupfer cells, in brain as microglia, in kidney as mesangial cells, and in bone as osteoclasts. Elsewhere they are referred to as tissue macrophages”

The macrophage also accumulates in tissues that are injured and inflamed, such as arthritic joints. There its venemous tentacles seek out, surround and destroy its prey. It dines on the bacteria or a clump of viruses that were tied together by your antibodies. Sounds like a horror story involving poisonous spiders, doesn’t it?

As mentioned in the above quote, the macrophage exist in bone as osteroclasts. These are microscopic cells specially designed to nibble, dissolve and breakdown bone. They are similar to the demolition crew in the construction industry. How and why an area is targeted for ‘remodeling’ is still not yet understood…although they are called in when a bone is fractured or broken. What we do know is that the osteoclasts spend a couple of weeks resorbing the bone and when done, mononuclear cells, the cleanup crew pull up and prepare the surface for new bone formation. Then, the osteoblasts take over and start rebuilding. So healthy bones are constantly remodeling themselves. But what happens in the case of osteoporosis or osteopenia? What causes the osteoclasts to continue demolishing?

“In osteoporosis, the net rate of bone resorption exceeds the rate of bone formation, resulting in a decrease in bone mass without a defect in bone mineralization. In women, osteoclast activity is increased because of decreased estrogen after the menopause. (Men with prematurely decreased testosterone may also have increased osteoclast activity.) These changes result in further net loss of bone. The amount of bone available for mechanical support of the skeleton eventually falls below the fracture threshold and one may suffer a fracture with little or no trauma.” From http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=11794

So somehow the osteoclasts become hyperactive and perforate and penetrate too deeply into the bone. These osteoclasts act like hungry termites, gobbling away at the framework of your house, weakning the foundation of your physical being. There are more osteoclasts then osteoblasts and the fewer osteoblasts cannot keep up the demand of rebuilding and recalking the holes in your bone. Your bones become less supportive and more fragile.

Our bones are constantly losing and replacing cells….they are ‘living tissue’ that grow as the body grows. Bones, give our bodies form, protect our internal organs and work as a frame for our muscles and skin. It is our bones that enable our muscles to move, giving motion and life to our physical being.

How do we prevent and/or reverse the cause of bone loss? What makes our bones stay strong and healthy? Is calcium the answer? We’ll be looking at these questions and more in the next article(s) of this blog. Osteoporosis afflicts both men and women. In fact studies indicate that doctors/scientists have not paid enough attention to osteoporosis in men. Perhaps the reason women are catalogued more, is because, they are known to live longer than men.

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