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 “BLADDER problems, ANAL problems, VAGINITIES, and PROSTATE, and PENIS problems all come under the same area.  They stem from distorted beliefs about our bodies and the correctness of their functions……

I ask clients with sexual problems to begin to relate to their rectum, penis or vagina with a sense of love and appreciation for their function and their beauty.  If you are beginning to cringe or get irate as you read this, ask yourself why.  Who told you to deny any part of your body?  Certainly not God.  Our sexual organs were created as the most pleasurable part of our body to give pleasure.  To deny this is to create pain and punishment.  Sex is not only okay, it is glorious and wonderful.  It is as normal for us to have sex as it is for us to breathe or eat.” Louise L. Hay YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE 


We’ve experienced big changes in the way we relate to our sexuality.  We are and haven been in the midst of breaking old rules that have been governing our sexual truth for decades.  We are rejoining and healing old wounds that have told us over and over again that sex equates with sin.  Sex is all about giving and receiving, it’s about emotional energy, money, living space and creativity.  

“In the Bible, sexual intercourse is called having “knowledge’ of another.  We all have a deep desire to be fully known, not just emotionally or mentally, but also physically.  The body rejoices when it feels truly touched, recognized, and celebrated, and it grieves when we condemn it to remain forever unknown or unacknowledged.” Jalaja Bonheim

 In its most ecstatic sense, sexuality is linked to our creativity, co-creativity and empowerment.  It can release energy for projects at work, artistic ventures, sports, decision-making, writing and living creatively.  Sexuality keeps you flexible, fluid and sensitive to your health, you needs, your relationships with other people and your marriage to your Self. Sexuality has to do with our emotions, communication, creativity, the good and the bad, as well as setting boundaries and of love/hate, as well as suffering and of birth and death. 

“The second chakra is about friendliness, creativity, sexuality, and emotions and intuition.  The second chakra governs people’s sense of self-worth, their confidence in their own creativity and their ability to relate to others in an open and friendly way.  It’s influenced by how emotions were expressed or repressed in your family during your childhood.” Joy Gardner ~ COLORS AND CRYSTALS, A journey through the chakras

Sexual energy is where the life-force pours into existence.  When the electrical charge increases, our inner light brightens….sex isn’t just a high-voltage of energy, it is an undeniably, powerful, pleasurable and a healthy way of turning on.   



 In the lower abdominal area, we find the sexual genital area—the ovaries in women and the testes in men.  Both the ovaries and the testes are located in the sacral area or 2nd chakra—the place of emotions and sexuality—in fact your entire sexuality is located in this part of the body.  Your 2nd chakra contains your attitude about sexuality, your sexual attractiveness, what makes you attractive, if you believe money makes you attractive or that success makes you attractive—and—that you have to or need to accomplish something creatively in order to feel good about yourself sexually.  If you really believe this to be true, then you are losing large amounts of power and energy from your abdominal and sexual area—which includes the prostate.  

 “This [sacral] chakra is centered in the sexual organs and lower back region.  While the power inherent in the first chakra is part of a tribal family, or group energy, the energy in the second focuses on your individual ability to manage the power of sexuality, money, influence or control over other people, competition and self-defense…….

This is the “fight or flight” chakra that is another manifestation of your survival instincts.  It is also the center of your body that thrives on creativity and your need to give birth, either literally or figuratively, to creative projects.  But if birth is associated with this chakra, so is literal and figurative abortion.  When creative projects or activities in which you are involved cannot be completed, their premature death represents an energy abortion.  Given this perspective, men as well as women should recognize that they have abortions.  Many of the men I have read who were coping with prostate cancer had their creative projects “aborted” in midstream. Caroline Myss 

In  Part 1 of the Prostate the last paragraph read…..“It is in this part of the body [sexual area/2nd chakra] that we fear losing control and fear of losing our power. These fears could manifest as chronic pain in the lower back and in the pelvic area, arthritic conditions, prostate cancer, impotency and bladder problems. Problems with the prostate can also be associated with financial difficulties or losses and the fear of losing control of our sense of security and independence. There has been a tremendous increase in prostate cancer in the last 30 years, because we have unknowingly, unconsciously, connected the energies of sexuality and power with money.” 


Prostate Cancer – “Struggle with work and finances. Confusion,
overwhelm, indecisiveness. Feeling undesirable, rejected, ashamed, helpless. Fear of aging and of getting old. Allowing others to dictate your worth. Fear of failure”. THE SECRET LANGUAGE OF YOUR BODY: The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness ~ Inna Sega

“I’ve been spinning my wheels for years– rushing around trying to start businesses, etc, doing everything under the sun to ‘become successful’–only I was using other people’s definition of success, and not my own. I was spending hours upon hours of my day doing things I didn’t really care about, for people I’d rather not even be with, trying to live up to their expectations of me.

Recently, I came to a realization about my own perceptions towards salary and career. Somewhere along the line, I picked up the notion that if you advance too far and get paid too much eventually, you will create problems for yourself.” 

The above quote came directly from a gentleman who is, at the moment, in remission from prostate cancer.  Frank (not his real name) was very open and honest about his relentless and frustrating search for success and security.  “I’ve spent a good part of my life, constantly striving to achieve more and more….I’ve looked for success, influence, money and position in the hopes I’d be  accepted, approved and loved by others.  I can tell you right now, it didn’t work.” 

“Suffering is a natural by-product of a distorted sense of self.  When we identify with portions of our being and with circumstances, people, things and ideas outside us, we are ripe for suffering.  And to the extent our self-image is intimately identified with an object or event (be it an idea, person, or thing), we are more likely to suffer.” THE TWELVE STAGES of HEALING, Donald M. Epstein, D.C. 

Frank, now 59 years old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer at the age of 52.   In 2001 he separated from his wife, who apparently complained ‘he was so busy with his work, he never had time to spend with her.  Confused and deeply hurt, Frank really thought he was doing it all for her, he tried to make amends but the more he approached her, the further she withdrew from him.  Frank left his home guilt-ridden.

“Guilt is the demon of the second chakra because it curtails the free flow of movement, largely by taking the pleasure out of it.  If I feel guilty about what I am doing, I do not fully enjoy it.  I cannot fully sense the experience as one part of me is frozen off, restricting or trying to control what I am doing…….We might say that guilt is the prison guard that keeps the shadow caged, keeping it from coming into the light of consciousness.  As a result, the caged shadow becomes even more insistent and the prison guard must tighten his control.”  EASTERN BODY WESTERN MIND, by Anodea Judith

Guilt has a way of contradicting everything you feel and think. Whenever you suddenly get an exciting thought or idea to do something for you, guilt will rush up and tell you why you can’t do it.  And then, after it’s stopped you from doing what you wanted to do, guilt will rush in again and say ‘why didn’t you do it?!? Guilt always tells you that you should be doing better than you are. It convinces you that you don’t have what it takes to pursue your dreams and that your dreams are inappropriate anyway.  Guilt as mentioned above, is the demon of the 2nd chakra.  It can drain so much energy from your prostate and lower back, that to keep these areas nourished, the body has to look for and steal energy from other cells and tissue.  

“According to Louise Hay in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, prostate problems are likely connected to mental fears that weaken one’s sense of their own masculinity. An enlarged prostate can also be related to “giving up” or sexual pressure and guilt. Prostate cancer, as with all cancers, relates to longstanding resentment, or a dark secret or grief literally eating away at oneself.”  http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20050104.htm 

Frank did everything he could to keep himself from being emotionally hurt again.  He kept himself distracted and busy to avoid getting involved in another relationship.  What he didn’t realize was that a relationship would be the greatest source of emotional healing for him.  The 2nd chakra is one of our most vulnerable areas and the home of some of our deepest fears (loneliness, betrayal, abuse, abandonement….).  The guilt and pain that he was avoiding was exactly what Frank needed to focus on to heal and let go and find in time a loving relationship.   And he did.  Frank met a lovely woman over the internet and they have both lived together for over 5 years and shared their most intimate pasts (good and bad) with each other.   

If you are unhappy with yourself and with what you are doing in life, you will reflect that dissatisfaction to those you care for and love the most. Then you’ll start thinking and believing that the relationship itself is the reason you’re so unhappy. So much true love is lost because people believe they are no longer free when they are in a relationship. In fact, the first thing we seem to do when love enters our lives is to place rules upon it and chains around it. But when two people love and trust each other and remain free and independent individuals, they reflect their personal satisfaction back to each other – and the love thrives. This is also true of relationships with our children, relatives, and friends, and especially with our significant other.

“There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, and the most successful ones are between people who regard themselves as individual, independent entities, rather than someone else’s appendage.”  Sally Brompton


 Addictions come in many forms, they aren’t just physical….addictions represent desires, attachments, demands, expectations, emotional programming and anything that causes you to live in the past, rather than the here and now.   Addictions disempower you by making you worried, anxious, resentful, uptight, afraid, angry, bored, and any other obsessive thought pattern that prevent you from taking responsibility for your life.

 “Through this energy center (2nd chakra) you are attached to your addictions, regardless of whether they are drugs, work, or other habits.  Having to be first in line or needing to have the last word in a discussion or debate with someone is a form of addiction as surely as alcoholism or overeating.  Addiction is the act of giving away your power to a substance that in turn controls you, a type of second-chakra tug-of-war.” Sacred Contracts, Caroline Myss

 Some addicts are so restless they’re unable to relax and enjoy life. They’ve developed an addiction to needing activity, of needing problems to solve and things to do all day long.  They’ve become so preoccupied with the search for success and security that, without realizing it, they’ve sacrificed their health and their peace of mind.

 “An addiction is the attempt to find fulfillment in something outside of ourselves, as the ability to fill that need from within is lacking.  Addiction may be to food, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sex and so on.  Whatever it might be, it is a means of filling the emptiness, the hopelessness, the meaninglessness of life that is like a deep hole inside, demanding satisfaction.  This is an issue of our relationship to ourselves; of resentment and anger at the world for not filling our desires’ of not being able to really love ourselves and to face our inadequacies and aloneness fearlessly.” THE BODYMIND WORKBOOK Deb Shapiro  

How do we heal our addictions?  By being aware of them, by being aware of where our thoughts keep going.  When we discover our thoughts wondering back to the past or forward to the future, we have the choice of bringing our awareness back to the present, to the now, to this very moment.  Living in the moment dissolves your restlessness, your intense likes and dislikes, and your attachments and fears.   Living in the moment is having the courage to live consciously and with awareness. 

“Acceptance means living in reality rather than in ideals, fantasies and projections, and have our wishes and our dreams cloud over our view.  If we accept that we are unhappy, we enter the path that leads us through that happiness and out of it.  If we do not accept and acknowledge what we have to feel grateful for, we cut ourselves off from our joy, from God, or Soul, or the Self, or that aspect of Energy that is the Highest—whichever name we give to it.” SOUL THERAPY by Joy Manne 


“Think of the most threatening situation you have felt in the last day or two.  Are you about to lose your job? Is the person for whom you feel the most love paying more attention to someone else other than you? Do you have unpaid bills that you cannot take care of?  Do you have a pain that could be cancer?  Now these problems either have solutions—or they don’t.  Either you can do something here and now about them—or you can’t. If you can do something here and now about them, then do it—even if it’s just a first step.  It saps your energy to be worried or anxious about a problem. Do what you can do—but don’t be addicted to the results or you will create more worry for yourself.  If you can’t do anything about a problem here and now, then why make yourself uncomfortable and drain your energy by worrying it?  It is part of the here and nowness of your life.  That’s what is—here and now.  Worry, anxiety or other unpleasant emotions are absolutely unnecessary—and simply lowers your insight and the effectiveness of your actions.  Ken Keyes, Jr. Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

WORK is an expression of our energy, our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our souls, our creative potential.  It’s no wonder it deserves our attention.

 “Most men have put their entire life into their work.  To cross the line into retirement, become idle, leave one’s job or give up a passion is extremely difficult.  Etienne is employed by the local town hall.  He says to himself:  “It’s not a very prestigious job.” But he is also the conductor of the town band and puts his entire soul into this hobby.  He can’t count the hours he’s spent at parades, concerts, and rehearsals.  He gives all his free time to the band, which has caused some family problems along the way, but the people in his town like him.  Etienne has status.

One day, the mayor and his new team decide to put someone else in charge of the band.  They tell Etienne without beating out the bush, adding, “You’ll always be welcome in the band.”  A few weeks later, Etienne comes to see me because of the lumbago, lower abdominal pain and pain in his left leg.  “I need to go to the toilet all the time—I have to get up several times a night.” A scan reveals benign hypertrophy of the prostate, a logical consequence of the loss he experienced.” UNDERSTANDING THE MESSAGES OF YOUR BODY Jean-Pierre Barral D.O.  

Many of us look outside ourselves for appreciation, encouragement and self-esteem—we look to others to mirror our value back to us, to keep us energized and in top form.  One of the ways we give ourselves and our energy away is in trying to be everything to everybody…one of the most crippling things we can do to ourselves is to let an outside source make us feel useful and loved. 

Many of us have worked for years at the same job and plan to continue until retirement. We’ve put the belief that once we retire, the company will continue paying us a pension—a form of payment for all our years of service. Then without notice, the company you’ve worked for suddenly closes its doors and you’ve lost not only your job but your well-deserved pension.  The trauma of believing this company would take care of you is felt as a form of violation and betrayal.  You’re in your 50’s now and unable to find another job.  

 “So this person had invested his energy was let go at the age of 50 some, couldn’t find another job, the trauma that millions of people are finding themselves in and the consequences that they are feeling violated and betrayed and the trauma is hitting them in the prostate system.  There is a tremendous increase in prostate cancer. Because this is where violations of that level hit.  Why?  Because we have connected the energetics of sexuality, power and money” Caroline Myss


Prostate Cancer my journey http://danielsencier.blogspot.ca/

Prostate Health http://www.peacefulmind.com/prostate.htm 

The Power of the Prostate – Research Project – Barbara Brennan students http://www.barbarabrennan.com/studentsalumni/sample_yr4_projects/E_Stillwell.pdf

Nourishing the Energy Body http://www.tldp.com/issue/175-6/Nourishing%20the%20Energy%20Body.html



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“Money will command your attention. Allow it a proper place in your life, but deny it a throne. Money means many things, but nothing so much as a yardstick by which your measure will be taken. The need of it, the use of it, the power of it, the love of it will be used by others to define who you are and who you are not. Even you may use it to determine how you should perceive yourself. Be careful. Money is also known to be a relentless slave master. If I have learned anything from this balancing act it is the importance of defining your worth in your own terms.” By Sidney Poitier in ‘Life Beyond Measure, Letters to My Great-Granddaughter’ 

Is Sidney Poitier saying, we have let money mean too much, allowed it to become a measurement of our success in life? Many of us have a deep seeded sense of poverty in our consciousness, our world has been through wars and the great depression. These events, feelings and attitudes have been going on for generations. They generate fear, insecurities and our own sense of lack. Poverty consciousness leaves us unable to enjoy or even take note of what the world is offering you.

We‘ve been through some rough times lately, demands on our time and energy can leave us feeling emotionally drained and physically exhausted. If your total life was a bank account, how many daily deposits and withdrawals are you making to and from the account? This account includes the body, mind and spirit. We all have a “life account” from which we frequently make too many withdrawals or allow others to withdraw too freely.

Just like a life bank account, your subconscious keeps a tally of your self-worth based on what you think of yourself. Every time you criticize yourself, you also make a withdrawal on your self-esteem account. And every time you give yourself credit for what you’ve done, you make a deposit.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that if you make more withdrawals than deposits, you’re going to end up physically, mentally and emotionally bankrupt. If you feel sluggish and cranky, you could already be on your way to bankruptcy. When we overdraw physically, mentally or spiritually, we “see red”, ie., we experience frustration, anger and exhaustion.

But when we credit our life’s account by setting realistic limits, we have more to give. And when we have more to give, there is also more to receive. Although taking care of ourselves is often difficult to do, it is an excellent investment in creating the quality of life we want and deserve. By taking the time to nurture ourselves, we ensure we will not get “overdrawn”.

This neat little visualization helps to balance your life account. Imagine, or picture yourself in a town that looks friendly and prosperous. As you stroll along the sidewalk, people smile at you. You enjoy the architecture of the buildings.

Just ahead you see your bank. But it isn’t just any bank, it is literally your bank. It says so on the front, in elegant gold letter: The (your name) Bank and Trust Company.”

Opening the front door, you go inside. The interior is spacious and full of light. Friends and business acquaintances are in line waiting to make transactions with you. You notice which ones are there to make deposits and which ones are there to make withdrawals.

The door to your office has your name on it, and below it, “PRESIDENT”. Sitting down at your desk you check the balance sheet of Your Life Account. The statement could be in a ledger, a filing cabinet or even on your computer.

What debits are itemized? Are these debits from that project at work that didn’t go through? Did they come from blowing up at friend…..or the friend blowing up at you? Were you late for an appointment? Missed an important date? Or didn’t exercise hard enough? Make note of your own debits and tuck them in your mind.

Now what’s in the credit column? Anything? If not you’d better make a deposit in your Life Account. “But what do I put in it” you say? Well, you get up in the morning, you brush your teeth, pet the dog, called on a sick friend, cut the grass, did the laundry, drove the kids, share your lunch….get the idea? How about that bright idea that was recently put into action? And how about that goal you accomplished?

These all belong in the plus column, but unless you give yourself credit for them, consciously entering them, they won’t register in your subconscious. So write your accomplishments in your in your ledger, seeing them written in your handwriting or filed in your computer.

Check your Life Account regularly. It can be daily or weekly, but check it! If more debits show up then credits, start balancing! Review the good things you’ve done—everything from the magnificent to the mundane—and remember to make those deposits. The simplicity of this visualization is marvelous.

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To create your own affirmations, you need to set goals and at the same time be flexible so the Universe can bring you more than you asked for.

Take a piece of paper and list all those things that make you happy and list the things that you desire to create in 2010. Start with the smaller things that have less emotional importance behind them. As you do this, also write up any fears, beliefs or doubts that you have regarding the thing or circumstance that you wish to create. Maybe you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, find a partner or make more money.  Ask yourself about your beliefs regarding your body, your ability to look attractive and be healthy, your worthiness for love and companionship. Ask yourself what you really believe about money. Are you allowed to pray for these things? Are these things spiritual?  When you have completed this task, get a feeling/sense of how many  times you told yourself no, or that guilt or a belief in your inability  came up to be heard. How many times did an inner voice tell you that your dream was not possible? Which voice did you believe, the one that says that you can do and have what you want, or did you give in to the voice of doubt?

It is your choice what you believe, be aware of your limiting beliefs, change and move beyond them, and then you will see new forms unfolding in your life.

“Perhaps you might make a claim such as, I can be a great violinist,” but when challenged you back down and say that you were only joking.  But of course you were not.  You do have that feeling within you, it is just that the thought form has difficulty having integrity and self-worth.  It feels that what others think is more important than what you think.” Stuart Wilde

Uncovering Hidden Beliefs

 Writing things down is a very powerful way of uncovering beliefs. You may choose one of several of the following topics to uncover your beliefs about: Love, God, Your Body, Money, Sexuality, Relationships,  Health etc.  Start at the top of the page with ‘I believe that (my body, God, love,  sex etc) is …………… Keep doing this until you feel that you have nothing more to write. You will most probably be quite surprised by many of the things you have written. Read and re-read this list of beliefs and then start asking yourself which beliefs are fearful and which beliefs support you in creating what you want.

Ask yourself where certain beliefs came from and decide whether they are still serving you.  Don’t judge yourself for holding any negative beliefs.  Instead, congratulate your ability to change the future by changing the past.

Another very powerful exercise is making use of the non-dominant hand.  If you are right handed then the non-dominant hand is the left hand and if you are left handed, the non-dominant hand is the right hand. By using your non-dominant hand to write out the answers when uncovering your hidden beliefs, you can tap into the deep inner wisdom of the inner child and you soul. This system of uncovering your inner self and it’s truths can lead to unprecedented levels of healing and harmony.  To start, take you pen in you usual writing hand and write out a  question such as this: Inner Self, please reveal to me my beliefs about  (God, money, sex, my body etc) and tell me how I can change things so  that I can create more joy in my life. Now place the pen into your  non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and in a moment or two, you will feel an internal ‘click’ that will indicate that you are ready to write out  the answers. Open your eyes and start to write. It may feel very awkward at first, and maybe the handwriting will be difficult to read, but you will soon be on your way to solving some of your deepest issues in life.  This exercise can put you directly in touch with your Inner Child or Higher Self. For some of you, there may be an emotional release involving anger or tears. Allow that which needs to be expressed be expressed. Sometimes, the inner child can express anger that will be directed at you. Be aware that this is a time for solving inner conflicts and remember that all expressions of negativity are simply requests for more love. So love each part of yourself and be kind, gentle and patient with yourself.


Once you have identified what it is you want to have,write down any ideas you have about how to create it in your life. Think about the essence of what it is you wish to have and develop to bring these qualities into your life. If you have decided to stop smoking for example, you may be thinking about being more grounded or the ability to breathe deeper and feel your emotions without having fear of them. Practice doing these things and imagine your home being filled with the scent of flowers and being able to take in the breath of life fully, without hesitation or fear.

You may be wishing for more money. Imagine yourself doing all the things you love doing and see how your love and enthusiasm spill over  and reach those that you can be of service to. See yourself being paid for doing that which you love to do and see those that you serve being enriched by your services.

Visualization is a powerful way of bringing new things and forms into your life. Once you set a goal, start a diary or journal, and visualize having what it is you want every day. Choose a time once or twice per day when you know that you will not be disturbed and visualize the thing you want. You may wish to pray or to create sacred ceremonies around your visualization, write your own song or mantra and sing it under the shower.

Visualize events flowing, see people accepting your ideas and your energy, feel in control of what is moving toward you.  Feel this magic that is a part of you.  Walk outside, meditate or sit and listen to your favorite music; relax in the bath or sing in the shower.  In this state you will begin to look at the words you speak and if they mean what they say or if they contain only half-truths of who you are.  If you’re having trouble picking affirmations for yourself, try affirming a phrase like, When I speak my voice is strong, calm and vibrant. OR My mind flows with concise and yet powerful messages whenever I will it to do so.  OR I express my thoughts vividly and with enthusiasm.

 In Stuart Wilde’s book “AFFIRMATIONS”, he writes..

“As you begin to see your life as a manifestation of energy, you will find that your best work is in “consciousness.”  This means that as you think and feel and indicate what it is you want in thought, realty is transformed around you.  Eventually you will perceive only dimensions of your own creation and these thought forms will have beauty.”

Stuart Wilde’s book not only teaches you how to write affirmations, he also explains the power of the “word” and how this ‘power of change’ affects you and others.  Affirmations align your SELF with compassion, trust, self-respect and confidence.  Others will see your strength and independence.  

In his book Stuart Wilde writes that affirmations will also “detach you from the world, for it is basically weak.  Part of this detachment is your ability to withdraw from the mind set and the feelings of society around you.  Remember, the way society controls you is that it implies that you are in some way responsible to it, or that at the very least you have a duty to it.  This of course is not true and the God Force does not ask you to support, or not to support anything. …….one you go beyond worrying about whether people like you or not, then you can undercut their manipulation of you and establish a feeling of total independence.”

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“VENUS you make the heavens tremble and the earth quake. Great Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart? You flash like lightning over the highlands; you throw your firebrands across the earth. Your deafening command … splits apart great mountains.” D. Wolkstein & S. Kramer, Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth

“As they turn, the planets are showing us the mysterious workings of God’s hand, expressed in the harmonious movements of the spheres. Each planet, as it revolves in its orbit, reaches positions where Earth, Sun and Planet form distinct alignment patterns. Only one planet shows us a perfect geometrical form. This form is pentagonal and the planet is Venus. Creating five equally-spaced alignments over a period of eight years, she draws the perfect, hidden and secret symbol of the five-pointed star in the heavens. As above, so below. The very landscape bears the sign of her secret revelation.”
—Key To The Sacred Pattern by Henry Lincoln

The quotes above were taken from http://www.maverickscience.com/venus.htm “The Many Faces of Venus” , 


http://www.aniwilliams.com/magdalene-venus.htm “Venus and the Return to Beauty”

It has been documented throughout history by scientists and astronomers and astrologers alike, that Venus definitely seems connected to great catastrophes to the earth.  She has been linked with the great Influenza of 1918, the Sars epidemic of 2003 and possibly even the H1N1 (Swine Flu) 2009.

 Apparently Venus has no magnetic field of her own, so when she passes close to our atmosphere her turbulent ’emotion-in-action energy’ interacts with the magnetic field of the earth.  Venus can easily sway and control the elements of water, air and fire in her favor.  Many pictures of Venus/Aphrodite depict her as the fire and air of the imagination, floating naked in a conch shell, upon the rippling waves of the seas uncontainable surges. 

In mythology Venus/Aphrodite birth was complex and subtle.  Uranus, her father was cast into the ocean, the unconscious and feeling element prior to her birth.   Born from his genitals, sensual organs, this symbolized her connection with feelings, the power of water, the unconscious and with pleasure.  Almost immediately after being born she rose from the ocean into the air.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the famous painting by  artist Botticelli,  showing Venus rising from the sea called  The Birth Of Venushttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Birth_of_Venus_(Botticelli)

Astrologically, we’ve come to know Venus as the planet of love and beauty.  She also possesses the power of attraction, enmeshment and the power of quiet, gentle persuasion.  She is symbolic of affection, sentiment, sympathy, romance, friendship, beauty, pleasure, music, manners, art, attractiveness, values, appreciation and a sense of aesthetics.  

“Astrologically speaking, the archetypes that correlate to self-sufficiency or self-reliance are Taurus, the 2nd House, and the inner side of Venus. Remember, Venus has a dual rulership: Taurus and Libra. The Libra side of Venus reflects a persons needs that are projected upon a partner: co-dependency. It also reflects our capacity to give to, and receive, from a partner. The Taurus side of Venus reflects the inner awareness in all us of what our needs are, needs that must be meet in order to live; survive. It also reflects our inner relationship to ourselves.”   Jeffrey Wolf Green

But to put all this simply, Venus represents what you like and dislike.  Venus’ cycle comes into play in our astrological chart around 10 months of age.  After a lifestyle of the ‘same stuff’ , we start wanting something else. 

Venus also represents your sense of  ‘taste’ what you like and don’t like, and taste is also tied into  early memories of what’s nice and not nice, what’s beautiful and not beautiful as well as our Self Worth and Personal Values. 

Everything that you like and don’t like is a statement of your values.  And your values will depend on how secure you felt with your mother, represented by the Moon in your chart.  Your self value  also has to do with how she loved herself and if she truly wanted kids or not. 

Value and Self-Worth (Venus) also represents how beautiful you ‘think’ you are.  From a Scale of 1-100, how beautiful are you in the morning?  Do you have to enhance it or is your image beautiful just the way you are. 

Like Venus, we all want attention, to be liked and noticed.  It does make a difference when you are liked and you like yourself.  When we don’t get the attention we need it affects our emotions, how we live and our habits (Moon).  How do you eat when you are rejected or don’t feel loved? 

So if we are going to look at Venus in  your chart, we also have to look at the Moon, for the Moon is the primary feminine archetype in astrology and represents your relationship with her which will inflence, all relationships to come.  

“We can understand Venus as describing what we like, sort of what tastes good to us. But like sweet sugar in the mouth, the pleasure it gives is nice, but might not be very fulfilling. The Moon describes what feeds us. Therefore, it is important that we understand the relationship between Venus and the Moon in our natal charts. If the two are in conflict, extra attention may need to be paid to make sure that pleasure feeds us, rather than leaving us undernourished. Someone with Venus in Cancer, for example, might appreciate the cozy and caring aspects of a love affair. But if the Moon is in Aries, space for spontaneity must also be included. This person can be very responsive to the partner much of the time (all other chart factors being equal), but suddenly pull away to reclaim her/his individual space. This can lead to confusion for both partners. It’s really about addressing two very different needs. The difficulty is that Venus and the Moon are close enough in their natures to mislead us into reading one for the other. Liking and needing are not the same thing. The form of love (Venus) and the substance of emotion (the Moon) may or may not be similar for a given individual. ”  by Jeff Jawer http://www.zodiacal.com/articles/jawer/intimacy.htm

Oh and what about your financial stability, that’s a Venus aspect too.  Someone once said Money is one of the greatest spiritual masters on this planet because no one touches it without a change of values…….so all that glitters isn’t gold. 

What happens when you want something you can’t have or spend all your money on a special dress for that unforgettable evening, only to find out someone is wearing the same dress and paid a 1/4 of what you paid.  Will it cause you to reevaulate things?  Will you stay at the party? 

So Venus is about how much you like yourself, how satisfied you are with your life and these all tie into your Self-Worth.  So where does this all begin?

As a child, we absorbed everything around us, seeing and hearing everything that our parents and everyone else around us did.  Every hour of every day we watched how one was praised, one was criticized, who won arguments and how; who was liked and disliked and why; what was noticed and what wasn’t.  We quickly developed strategies for making friends, getting a new toy, being allowed to stay up later, getting our sister/brother in trouble, being Grandma’s favorite.

We also aborbed our parents way of being together and learnt to evaluate whether we approved or disapproved, adopted or rejected it. 

You may have not liked how your parents dealt with each other and vowed never to act that way…..but to your dismay when your partner angered you, you found yourself giving him/her the very same look your mother gave your father whenever he dared to stand up to her. 

Our Self-Worth and Self-Image are the building blocks to how we hold up and interact in our relationships.  Venus rules the sign Libra, the sign of marriage and also the 7th House. 

Libra is represented by the ‘scales of balance’ and this sign and the  7th house pushes us outside of ourselves to search for a partner with the right chemistry.  But this chemistry isn’t all honey and roses.  The goal/purpose of your unique natal chart is to become consciously aware of yourself and receptive to new information.  Hence the  7th house outwardly and unconsciously attracts someone who will meet your particular emotional needs that were unmet  as a child. 

So what we fall in love with, is a partner who possesses both the positive and negative traits of our parents and reflects those images back to us.  Hence the looking glass of Venus, the sacred mirror for inner healing.   


 to be continued…..

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