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“I care enough for myself to nourish myself with all the best that Life has to offer. I learn about nutrition because I am a precious being, and I want to take the best care of me that I can. My body is special and different from all other bodies; therefore I learn the things that my body assimilates the best. 

I learn everything I can about food and beverages. I pay attention to what I eat and drink, and I notice if some food or beverage does not seem to agree with me. If I have something to eat and an hour later I fall asleep, I realize that that particular food is not good for my body at this time. I search out the foods that give me good energy.

 I bless all my food with love and gratitude. I am nurtured and nourished. I feel healthy, happy and great.” ~ Louise Hay Newsletter, Issue 6

Stress, emotional upsets, financial losses, menopause, some medications, and smoking withdrawal can also increase your cravings for comfort food. Food, like any other addiction, is a form of self-medicating. So you have to get to the source of what you are trying to numb. Otherwise, you can go from diet to diet and it won’t matter. You may lose weight, but you will gain it back. You have to face what you’re hiding from, why your self-esteem is affected and replace your meals with essential nutrients that naturally balance and boost your metabolism.

Most people think metabolism is about the body’s ability to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight. Although they’re partly right, metabolism is about the transformation of food into fuel and energy that the whole body needs to continue and function. There is an array of different networks that influence your metabolism; each cell in your body (and there are trillions of them) comes in all different sizes and shapes; individual cells make up tissue, tissue forms organs and organs take part in maintaining your bodily system. Your circulatory system, respiratory system, endocrine system, gastro-intestinal tract, liver, musculoskeletal system, elimination system, nervous system all work in concert and contributes to the homeostatic balance or good of the whole body. All these systems and organs need to be comprised of healthy, well-fed cells in order to carry out their individual jobs in a balanced and efficient manner. So, nourishment of your cells begins with the food you eat.

When your needs aren’t been met, they limit the activity of your cells, slowing down the feedback loop between your body’s enormous communication network. These needs can be emotional or physical in nature creating self-doubt, unexplained nervousness, sudden outbursts of anger or weeping and/or melancholy/depression. Not only that, all the mental and emotional baggage we carry ultimately becomes our biology; we end up carrying too much weight in our mid-section or throughout the body.

Your metabolism is intimately linked with your energy field that contains all your character traits, your beliefs about yourself and the world, as well as all your memories, locked-up emotions, hopes, fears and hang-ups. When we refuse to see a problem or don’t want to deal with anything upsetting, it not only blocks our awareness, it represses our digestive system which is the core of our life-energy, intuition and life expectancy. When we are out of power, we repress our inner impulses, we become stuck, rigid and bound up with acute anxiety, suffering either gastrointestinal problems and/or constipation. In search of healing, we try everything from laxatives, antacids, fiber, and enzymes when all we really need is a healthy diet that would help regulate things. To maintain a healthy digestive tract you need to experiment with food and discover what truly nurtures you; intuitively you need to attune with food that will support your entire subtle system.

Food is alive inside you; it’s, not just a lifeless substance you eat to live. Food is bursting with life-giving energy!

“You may be surprised to learn that your food absorbs and transmits consciousness…and the subtle energies in your meals can profoundly influence your entire life. When you take the time to tune in and connect with the vast array of energy fields within your meal, magic happens. Suddenly you’re no longer contained by the confines of your identity and your physical body. You enter into the awareness that you’re not separate from the universe. Each item of food you ingest can be a key that opens doors of perception and connection…..

 Your food is indeed composed of undulating energy fields that can profoundly impact your life. Many people view their physical body as a static biological entity. However, in reality, your body is a vibrating, intelligent force field of energy that’s constantly transforming and renewing itself. When the viable energies of your food interface with the energy flows of your physical form, it allows you to step into a higher level of spiritual frequency. (But only if you understand how to attune to those fields; this is one of the secret recipes for savoring your life.)

Not only does your food consist of “energy, frequency, and vibration,” but its energy is also always in motion. Beneath the surface of that red apple on your kitchen counter or the buttered toast on your breakfast table exists a river of energy force fields that swirl into form, dissolve, and coalesce once again. All life is energy, and in every moment, we’re immersed in a great ocean of it. It’s constantly ebbing and flowing in constant, ever-changing currents that pulsate through time and space. In every morsel of food you eat, there’s an infinite, yet patterned, timeless cosmic order of waves of pulsating electrons that spiral in and out of existence, which have a profound impact on your body and on your life.” Denise Lin and Meadlow Lin ~ The Mystic Cookbook

We all eat to satisfy different needs. If eating is a form of stress therapy for you, you may find it difficult at first to improve your health by eating better. Our lives are constantly going through cycles of joy and despair; if you’re eating to feed an emotional need it’s going to have a greater physiological effect on your body than all the health foods you buy to improve your life. People who are overweight are no strangers to stressful emotions such as hopelessness, despair, anger, guilt, and anxiety. And what’s worse, thoughts can enlarge the problem, causing us to return to rather quickly to our habitual eating patterns. If this happens and you feel upset and guilty about it, it will constantly perpetuate your continual bingeing to geel good about yourself.

There’s no doubt that our physical surroundings influence who we are. This includes our homes, workplace, as well as the people around us—parents, family teachers, friends, lovers, and even strangers. All of these have the power to shape our lives in all kinds of ways, many of them subconscious.

Unfortunately, most of us are bad judges when it comes to evaluating our own appearance. We look at our bodies from every angle then zoom in and see a certain part of our body as abnormal or by seeing ourselves as having the wrong size or shape. We can become so preoccupied with our hair, teeth, size of our nose, or width of our thighs, we don’t see the parts that are attractive to ourselves and others.

Being self-conscious creates a fluctuation in the rhythm and balance of the mind/body communication network; it diminishes our energy and our self-esteem levels to an all time low. Self- consciousness has been linked to problems such as isolation, loneliness, depression, weight issues, hormonal imbalances, and many different health problems. The more we worry about how we look, the more we’ll struggle with difficulties and temptations.


James, at age 40, was a successful corporate lawyer who had been overweight since a child. Recently he was diagnosed with Type II diabetes and tipped the scales at 330 lbs. He hated himself and felt bad that he had to squeeze past people in a crowded bus or movie, and each time he felt these bad feelings, he comforted himself with food.

His doctor told him his blood pressure and cholesterol were high—he had to lose at least 120 lbs or face serious medical consequences, but James didn’t think he was able to do it. He’d been trying commercial programs and quick-fix home remedies since he was a teenager. They all worked for a time—then he gained all the weight back and some extra as well. With ten or fifteen extra pounds his love handles had become a spare tire. James was caught on a roller-coaster of on/off diets; not only were his diets sporadic, so too were his weekdays disorganized and hectic; he never actually had a sit down breakfast or lunch but binged on food all day long.

For many people, just getting through the day is harder than losing weight or living longer. Telling people who feel emotionally isolated and spiritually alone that they may live longer if they just quit smoking, change their diet or begin exercising is not all that motivating when they’re constantly feeling depressed or unhappy.

Food not only numbs our pain. When we eat, the body releases a cascade of rewarding brain chemicals (natural opioids) that make us feel better, setting us up with an addictive relationship with food. It has been proven that people who are ‘stress eaters’ have chronically high levels of adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol in their blood. Epinephrine has been called an anxiety hormone because it is known to be called upon when faced with problems or difficulties; cortisol on the other hand is known as the ‘hormone of defeat’ because the adrenals secrete it when we feel overwhelmed or totally discouraged.

 “When stress continues for a long time, and cortisol levels remain high, the body actually resists weight loss. Your body thinks times are hard and you might starve, so it greedily hoards any food you eat and any fat already present on your body. Cortisol also turns adipocytes, young fat cells, into mature fat cells that stick with us forever.

 Cortisol tends to take fat from healthier areas, like your butt and hips, and move it to your abdomen, where cortisol has more receptors. In the process, it turns once-healthy peripheral fat into unhealthy visceral fat that increases inflammation and insulin resistance in the body. This belly fat then leads to more cortisol because it has higher concentrations of a specific enzyme that converts inactive cortisone to active cortisol. The more belly fat you have, the more active cortisol will be converted by these enzymes—yet another vicious cycle created by visceral fat.” Master Your Metabolism ~ Jillian Michaels

Christiane Northrup ~ Abnormal adrenaline and cortisol levels http://www.drnorthrup.com/womenshealth/healthcenter/topic_details.php?topic_id=94

As James and I talked, I had an inkling James may be suffering from adrenal fatigue which can be caused by several different stress factors such as: insomnia, weight gain, depression, hair loss, acne, carbohydrate cravings and lowered immune function. When our adrenals are stressed, we are more susceptible to heart disease, diabetes, stroke and other potentially fatal conditions.


Our bodies tell the story of our lives; they express our fears and aspirations, our deepest secrets and experiences. When reading a body, try to get an overall impression rather than concentrating on a specific area; stay open and let whatever captures your attention. Both James and I felt that his overeating and bingeing had more to do with things inside him than to outside events. Hands-on healing allows us to really become more immersed in ourselves—it relaxes the body allowing us to look non-judgingly at the many patterns that have constructed in our lives; patterns such as our inner parent who prevents us from being more in the present.

When we are not following our true path, our inner-self will use all the tools and skills it has to stop you. If you still don’t listen it will look for other ways to get more and more dramatic. It’s amazing how difficult it is for us to make life changes—we’re reluctant to move forward—fear hurting others and so end up violating our own values. Everything in our system gets all gummed up. When this happens, we use eating, drugs or other mind-altering devices that often result in addictive behavior. But, when an illness strikes or our health is in jeopardy we need to take time to replenish and re-energize ourselves.

“Studies have shown that when an eagle gets old (around age 30) its physical condition deteriorates significantly. At this stage, the eagle retreats from its normal habitat, into a lonely place. Over a 5-6 month period, it undergoes incredible transformation The makeover process of self-revitalization is interesting: the eagle knocks off its own beak against a rock, plucks out its talons and feathers. This facilitates new growth in each area of the removed body part. Finally at the end of the hibernation period, the eagle is restored to its former majestic glory; and is able to live another 30-40 years. Like eagles we too must take time to renew ourselves.”SEVEN SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE ~ By Victoria Melhado-Daley


The value of scanning a person’s aura, is it provides a map or focal area of a person’s physical problems. Then, hands-on-healing works on releasing and relaxing tight areas from tension and blocked or held-in areas. Also with scanning you are gently sending out ripples of positive energy so that when the healing session begins, the client is more and more relaxed, slowly drifting down and deeper towards their inner self.

When I began James treatment, I started at the head position; this helps to balance both hemispheres of the brain, calm the emotions and dissolves a lot of mental thoughts and chatter—it also evens the flow of energy in nerve endings and, brings about well being.

James was struggling with work, he had a good job, the only problem was he either had no energy for it or found it boring or lacked the confidence for it. I got the impression he came to the clinic today, mainly to get permission to quit.

As his body relaxed, I felt that his family history and his mother’s nagging and scolding had a lot to do with his self-esteem, his appearance and weight. As a child his mother fed him less than his brothers and sisters to lose weight but the more she forced this, the more James ‘secretly’ ate. She ridiculed and put him down in front of his friends. As the healing progressed it became clear that James had done the ‘reverse’ of what his mother wanted, so when he binged on food, he was showing her passively and aggressively, ‘you can’t control me, I’m in control of myself’! But in truth he felt powerless. When we feel powerless we get angry. Anger is the emotion we use to protect our boundaries and to show others we want to be treated differently.

When our emotions overwhelm us, we often turn to food to soothe them. Stress is known to create a powerful psychological hunger that never seems to be satisfied no matter how full our stomachs feel. Stress is also the culprit that makes us ignore food that is good for us and instead we grab cookies, candy or ice-cream because we ‘know’ it’s bad.

Now I understood why James ate on the run. Meal time was a tense and stressful time for him; it was a reminder of what he had to endure as a child. Now, being single, he hated having to cook for himself and after all these years hadn’t even tried. “I haven’t been able to find the energy or the motivation to improve my diet, but maybe with alternative therapy there is hope in helping deal with this problem”.

Resting my hands on either side of James collarbone, helps to energize the lymph nodes, vocal chords, thyroid, parathyroid and blood pressure. Energetically, the throat area represents how we express, listen and assert our will out into the world. This area and particularly the thyroid maintain your body temperature, heart rate, muscle contractions and your metabolism, the rate at which food is turned into energy. Chronic fatigue, muscle pain, depression, weight problems and skin problems can be an indication of thyroid problems. I really felt that James may be suffering from thyroid deficiency—especially since low energy was one of his strongest complaints. Another indication of low thyroid is feelings of inadequacy, choking back hurts and swallowing tears. James was definitely displaying these when I first met him. This whole area seemed swallowed up by his past and this past was dulling his senses and keeping him trapped in a holding pattern that was ruining his life.

(The positive attributes of throat area or 5th chakra on an emotional level is about speaking our truth, knowing the truth and acting upon that truth….In a way, what we say, can sometimes determine what the outside world thinks of us. Through our verbal actions we express our true being. Our personality shines outwards for the world to see through spoken communication.)

I noticed treating James’ arms that he had little white bumps on them, known as keratosis pilaris, which possibly indicates a deficiency of essential fatty acids and vitamin A. It’s also another indication that the thyroid’s out of control. Usually problems with the skin has to do with the liver and gall bladder meridians. It’s old debris that has cluttered and accumulated in the system. Inner frustrations can also clog the ‘system’ and overeating and alcohol are known to affect the liver. Stress definitely has an affect on the skin, especially feelings of being disappointed and let-down . If the system becomes sluggish the person usually feels lethargic and really tired. And when we’re tired we eat for energy and usually it’s all the wrong foods so it then becomes a vicious cycle.

Physiologically speaking, hunger begins in the brain when the limbic system determines that the body is low in blood sugar, or glucose. Most of the food you eat is converted into glucose, much of which is converted by the liver into fat for later use. When glucose levels are low, the liver sends signals to the hypothalamus–the small but vital gland at the base of the brain below the thalamus–that blood sugar levels have dipped dramatically. The hypothalamus, in turn triggers stomach contractions or hunger pangs, demanding a fill-up. When nothing happens, nasty growling noises ensue. The hunger cravings can drive you batty, making you feel light-headed and irritable.

In the heart area I noticed James to be a sensitive and child-like person who seemed to get his feelings hurt very easily. Rather than risk being hurt, he had a tendency to stay in his head rather than getting deeply involved with others. Retreating inside his head let him be ‘safe’ or so he thought but also very lonely. I actually felt James was a very sociable kind of person but he didn’t think he could ‘afford’ to fool around or be lighthearted. We talked about this after and I asked James to start a journal and look at any patterns that were preventing him from being more playful in the present. I also suggested he go to trauma counselling which helps adults who were abused as a child. I also recommended, once in the recovery phase to join a group program specifically for individuals who have struggled with their weight due to traumatic childhoods.  Trauma can damage a person’s ability to relate to others; they are constantly on guard and don’t feel free to be their true selves. James agreed he needed guidance and support in this area; at the end of the session, I printed out a list of trauma centers in his area for James to investigate and choose the right  one for him. … [Understanding the impact of trauma  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK207191/

The stomach or solar plexus area was most probably the most out-of-sync area in James whole body. We know that James worked very long hours of detailed mental work. Sometimes doing this kind of work, forces the blood to head and depletes the flow into the stomach and abdominal region. Lack of blood in these areas can cause tension, friction and discomfort here. It can also cause kidney troubles, intestinal problems as well as liver ailments, diabetic conditions hemorrhoids and constipation. All these are caused by holding onto thoughts, feelings, experiences or people that need to be emotionally released.

From a previous article on my blog….

The solar plexus, located at the center of the body (stomach area) is one of the most important chakras because it controls, energizes and affects so many surrounding vital organs; no other organ of the body is so easily disturbed or affected by our emotions than the stomach! This part of your body is also the most important center of the sympathetic nervous system because it is the nerve center that stimulates and reflects your most deepest feelings. Fear, anger, shame, guilt and pain often get stored in the memory cells of the stomach, sitting there for days/months/years until someone, or some outside force awakens them. This area is easily disturbed or imbalanced by negative thoughts and emotions—when these strong impulses are released, they’re sent through the nerves to every part of the body. When strong emotions are released, we have a ‘body flashback’, the cells and muscles of our body temporarily control and produce all kinds of fears and symptoms that we can’t at the time stop. See more here 

There are a pair of hunger hormones secreted by the body–leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is generated by fat cells sending signals to the brain to stop eating when the stomach is full…the trouble is, many people have conditioned or built up a resistance causing their bodies to ignore this internal reminder causing the appetitie supressing leptin levels to drop…making them hungrier.

 “…when leptin signaling doesn’t work, you keep eating because you never feel like you’ve had enough food.

 In addition to the leptin release you get after eating, your body also experiences a leptin surge overnight, while you sleep. This leptin surge boosts your levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone, which helps the thyroid release thyroxine…

 Believe it or not, low levels are not our biggest leptin problem. Researchers are finding that many people who are overweight actually have very high levels of leptin. How could this be? Well, the more fat you have, the more leptin you produce. And similar to what happens in insulin resistance, when the body continually cranks out excess levels of leptin in response to overeating—the receptors for leptin can start to get out or no longer recognize. People with leptin resistance have high levels of circulating leptin, but their receptors cannot accept it, neuropeptide Y never gets shut off, they remain hungry and their metabolism slows down. (This high level of neuropeptide Y also interferes with your T4 activity, further damaging your metabolism.)” Master Your Metabolism ~ Jillian Michaels

Leptin resistance and insulin resistance go hand in hand, but just like with insulin resistance, if you lose a bit of weight, your body will become more sensitive to leptin and it will start acting the way it was intended to—to help you push away from the able and say “Enough!”

The other hormone ghrelin increases the appetite. Released primarily in the stomach, ghrelin levels rise (spike) dramatically before you eat. Research has found that obese persons do not show the rapid fall in ghrelin levels after meals, which in turn may lead to continued food intake and obesity. It spikes again when your stomach feels empty. This is why people who restrict their calories have high levels of ghrelin—the fewer calories they eat, the hungrier they get.

Another interesting tidbit was James’ astrological chart (which I looked at after the treatment). One aspect that stood out strongly to me was the Moon square Pluto—it confirmed we were on the right track.

“Consider the themes of Moon and create from them a sense of struggle for survival, and a propensity to Spartanism (a key tenet of Pluto) the mother therefore might not be especially nurturing. The same can be said for those with Moon in Pluto’s domicile, Scorpio and also his house, the 8th. Very often children with these placements are made to ‘make do’ or suffer some form of privation that sets them apart from others. One friend of mine with a strong Moon-Pluto configuration was always forced to make do with the cheapest school shoes and soccer boots, such that they hurt his feet because they were so cheap and poorly made. His mother saw the cost of good shoes as a waste of money since he would only grow out of them anyway. This seemingly trivial economy belies the normal priorities for a mother at least in the eyes of the child: the mother is supposed to consider the welfare, happiness and comfort of the child as being of paramount importance and yet here is a subtle message that the child is undervalued, not worth the expense and not very well nurtured.

 This lesson is often taken to heart too.

 The Moon-Pluto child might become painfully awkward when attending to their own nurturing as a result. As adults they may develop compulsions about food and dietary issues and this is why Moon-Pluto more than any other contact seems to associate with eating disorders, although in general terms there will invariably be several other supporting factors in the astrology too. “http://chirotic.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/moon-pluto-the-gathering-storm/

All in all the actual Reiki treatment lasted just over an hour. As James slowly woke-up (he fell asleep), I suggested he ask his doctor for a complete blood test that included all vital glands and organs. I explained the energies that were depleted and the visions I saw as the treatment progressed. I told him eating disorders are very common with low self-esteem but bingeing often starts as a way to cope with abuse, upsetting relationships or controlling parents. The possibilities are endless and the root of the problem needs to be uncovered, or his habit of bingeing would continue. I told James he needs to talk about his feelings instead of acting on them. I felt it was extremely important that James talk to his doctor about his bingeing and highly recommended he asked his doctor to recommend a counselor trained in eating disorders.

When asked James if he was happy at his work. He wasn’t at all. So I asked him what he would like to do? ‘Well’, he said rather shyly, ….’I’d like to sell real estate’. ‘Wow”, I said, ‘go for it!. Learning something new will give you the confidence you need and it’ll be a huge change from doing the same type of job over and over again’. He was surprised at my enthusiasm but wasn’t quite sure how it would be accepted by others. I asked James ‘how old are you’? He answered forty and then got the drift of what I was getting at…and replied with a chuckle twelve! He realized he was living back at that age and noticed there were a lot of things in his life that needed changing. When we change, everyone around us also begins to change. After giving it quite alot of thought, James decided to start taking some night school classes in real estate.

I also suggested he learn to cook! We had a dietician in the clinic who was holding a class in a couple of weeks called Food and Mood Eating; it was based on the premise that simple meals could be designed to provide enough carbohydrates to activate the insulin-tryptophan-serotonin connection and enough protein that wouldn’t upset the whole serotonin balance. “Serotonin what” James questioned. I quickly told him low serotonin levels are what give you that nagging need to put something in your mouth, and especially sweet or starchy food. James signed up for the cooking class!


Serotonin is a chemical in the brain that controls both emotion and eating. Serotonin keeps us awake during the day, it influences our appetite, boosts our energy levels and makes us feel relaxed and good about ourselves. If serotonin levels are low, you’ll find yourself craving for sweets or constantly wanting to binge on foods. We tend to eat to make ourselves feel better…and it works because the more carbohydrates we eat, our serotonin levels go up! The problem is, the more weight we put on, the more serotonin it takes to elevate our mood. I told James a product called 5-HTP, purchased from any health store is a great way to increase the brain serotonin levels…it’s also effective in treating depression. Also, I told him a natural serotonin booster is laughter—how often do you really laugh?


Forget about diets, they don’t work. ..instead of counting calories, carbs or fat, eat natural high-quality food and try to avoid a lot of fat and sugar. The best thing you can do for your body is cut down on red meats, sugar, and fats, and eat more whole grains, vegetables, fruits, leans meats and instead of dairy products, try rice or almond milk instead. Avoid process meats as they help to pack on the pounds and build up the wrong chemicals in your body. Eating the wrong chemicals causes dramatic hormonal shifts wh;ich start to wear down the body’s natural healing process. I know when talking hormones we automatically think of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone but in this case we’re talking about the whole endocrine system.

 “…We have to wake up and realize that every bit we take and every lifestyle choice we make matters. Not just for calories or fat or carbs, but because those bites or choices tell our bodies how to react. With bite after bite, sip after sip, breath after breath—when we pick the wrong foods or surround ourselves with toxic chemicals, each moment of consumption tells our hormones to do things that, consciously, we would never want them to do.

 We have to learn how our modern food supply and toxic world interact with our hormones. We have to understand exactly how they make us overweight and sick. That’s the only way we can set it right again and that is what Master Your Metabolism is all about.” Master Your Metabolism ~ Jullian Michaels


Enzymes are what makes metabolism happen! That’s why they are so important for digestion. If the body does not have enough oxygen, glucose and nutrients in the blood our metabolism will slow down and we will be more susceptible to illness. Nearly all processed and refined foods have very little enzymes and without these the body isn’t getting enough nutrients. When the body can’t convert the food you eat into energy, it causes a person to eat even more, in an effort to get those ‘essential nutrients’. Most overweight people are enzyme-deficient which is why they continue to feel hungry, even after a large meal. When we understand what the term metabolism means, it’s not how fast you metabolize food but how efficiently you convert food into energy. Every function of your body needs energy, not only to move, run, exercise and speak but also to simply grow hair, breathe, digest our food, fight illness and especially to use our brains.

Sprouted foods like alfalfa, buckwheat and lentil contain a valuable supply of enzymes that are vital for good health. Also fresh fruits and vegetables are vital providers of enzymes too. Raw foods help to cleanse the system but living on salads is not going to give you a lot of vital ‘yang’ energy….so no more than a third of your diet should be raw, except in very hot weather. Avoid ice-cream or any food or drink from the fridge as the cold slows down both the spleen and stomach functions. Unfortunately cooked foods have very little enzyme content.

We all know magnesium is important for the bones and teeth, it’s also helps in absorbing calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium as well vitamin B’s, C and E. But what a lot of people don’t know is that magnesium is responsible for more than 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. It helps in metabolizing carbohydrates, fats and proteins and in the conversion of glucose into energy. The adrenal glands regulate the amount of magnesium with a hormone known as aldosterone. Magnesium cannot be stored in body for long periods of time and therefore we need to eat foods with this mineral in them. Kelp, wheat bran, almonds, wheat germ, cashews, soya beans, walnuts, beetroot greens, spinach, parsley, garlic, bananas, peas, potatoes are some foods rich in magnesium.


Minerals play an important role in regulating the acid/alkaline levels of the body, and, they are a major factor in regard to your metabolism. They are the spark plugs of the body, transmitting vital electrical and magnetic forces (positive/negative charges) which are constantly required to energize the body and keep it running efficiently. There are fourteen essential minerals that are required for the body to work properly and they must be consumed in our diet, as the body is unable to produce them.

(Minerals are converted into organic salts which are dissolved in our bodily fluids (water and blood) and broken up into the form of IONS which are either positively or negatively charged. When these IONS are dissolved in our bodily fluids they conduct an electrical energy which repel and attract one another. The minerals sodium (not salt) and potassium for example are both positively charged while the minerals fluorine and chlorine are negatively charged. The functions of minerals in the body are very complex when we realize the way energy is transferred in the body. These functions are essential for a multitude of body movements, such as relaxation and contraction of your muscles as well as nerve impulses from the spinal cord and brain to all parts of the body.)

As soon as food is eaten, the digestive system begins to separate food into minute particles and compounds, which are then capable of passing through the walls (Epithelium Cells) of the small intestine and then into the bloodstream. The movement these minute food particles, from one side of the intestinal wall to the outerside is known as osmosis. The continuous movement of nutrients can only take place when there are a variety of minerals from the food we eat. Refined and processed foods lack the minerals needed for this, causing waste and impurities to enter the bloodstream. This creates a constant need and search for food to keep the body healthy, which makes us overeat and adding unwanted pounds and health problems.


In relation to ancient philosophies, there are five different aspects of energy known as the Five Elements—Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood (Deepak Chopra mentions six). Each of these elements have different qualities of energy And they also have their own particular “flavor”. Fire is known as bitter, Earth is sweet, Metal is pungent, Water is salty and Wood is sour.

 “Traditionally, all foods have six flavors to it. And what happens is, if your taste buds are not experiencing all the 6 tastes each day, then that causes imbalance in the body. After all we have these taste buds for a certain purpose. The six tastes are the following: Sweet, Sour, Salt, Bitter, Pungent, and Astringent.

 It turns out that our taste buds are distributed in a certain manner. For example, the tip of the tongue is highly concentrated for sweet taste, The back of the tongue for bitter taste, sides of the tongue more for receptors of sour taste, the surface of the tongue, more for salty taste….and then the other tastes I mentioned, pungent and astringent…there are few receptors for this, yet each taste is quite characteristic in that both have an affect on the body.” Deepak Chopra, Magical Mind, Magical Body

The five elements or six are different qualities of ‘chi’ energy, which manifest in the universe and also manifest in us, linking us with our environmen, the cycle of the seasons and the hours. The way we respond, physically, and emotionally to outside influences and to the forces of nature depends on the balance of the elements within us. Fire is the element of heat, summer, enthusiasm, and warmth in human relationships. Earth is the element of harvest time, abundance, nourishment, fertility and the mother-child relationship. Metal includes the Western idea of the air element as well as the force of gravity, the minerals within the earth, the patterns of the plants and stars as well as electricity and magnetism. Water is the source of life, the capacity to flow, infinitely yielding yet infinitely powerful, ever-changing and dangerous. It is the most Yin of all the elements. Wood is the most human of the elements. It is the element of Spring, and the creative urge to achieve, which turns to anger when frustrated.

Each of these elements also governs a meridian or organ function in the body as well as a personality or emotion, so that any disturbance in the elements will affect the mind and body in different ways.


We have lost touch with ‘natural living’; most of the foods we eat today are nutritionally imbalanced from chemically processed foods and packaged in the frozen section of your grocer or in tins and bottles.

When you walk into a grocery story, listen and let the food talk to you; you’ll know this is happening as you’ll be magnetically drawn to them. Every time you gravitate to a specific fruit or vegetable, that’s your intuition talking. All positive foods give off an energy an aliveness that attracts you to them. Be aware when you go shopping and you’ll gravitate to all the positive-energy foods. When we are around positive foods, our body resonates with the foods’ light-energy; we become happier, lighter, and definitely hungrier.

“Which vegetables look vibrant? Fresh? Or withered: Also smell them: fragrance is a sign of high energy. Then beyond this, practice intuiting their vibes (useful in reading organic produce, which may not look as blemish free as chemically treated produceI. Does a vegetable emit a glow, an aliveness? Do you feel drawn to it? Lusciously alive food can shoot spotlights of joyful energy toward you that open your heart—especially palpable when you slice these delectable morsels at home, releasing their inner energy.

 In contrast, a dead vegetable seems sad, listless, or lacks attraction, indicators of waning life force. To get a full vibe assessment, also be sure to hold the vegetable. While doing so, cup your palm a few inches above the surface to sense its energy field, just as you do with people. Alive foods emit heat, tingling, even ecstasy. Dead foods feel more like lumps. Then, notice where you’re physically drawn, a magnetic feeling. Your body knows where to go. Don’t force it, but pay attention: Are you pulled toward the watercress? Does okra repel you? An artichoke beckon? Reading energy is initially visual, then feeling which healthy foods attract you. If you keep gravitating to candy bars or other comfort foods, be suspicious…..Also know: anything you buy in packages—pastas, soups, cheeses—have lower energy than fresh, organic food.” Positive Energy: 10 Extraordinary Prescriptions For Transforming Fatigue ~ Judith Orloff

 As you walk up and down the isles of your favorite grocer, notice how your body responds to foods that aren’t so energetic. Foods that are farther from their natural state lacks the nutrition your body needs, your intuition will notice this and naturally gravitate to foods that are higher in nutritional value.


You’ve probably noticed that rich, heavy foods (such as pasta, steak, rich sauces, breads, and pastires and cakes) tend to leave you feeling rather heavy and lethargic—as will alcohol, after the first rush has faded.

Highly spiced foods, coffee, and green/black tea are examples of foods that leave you feeling energetic, though they can make you restless and irritable.

Most fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will leave you feeling balanced, calm, clear-headed and relaxed.

Eating with awareness, you’ll never have a weight problem, ever. When you eat with awareness you enjoy your food more fully; you notice how food affects you and will, most likely, not overeat; you’ll become more aware of your habits; and awareness will help you change that habit. Paying attention you won’t need to overeat that’ll cause you to gain weight and you’ll eat less and enjoy your food more.

Whenever you eat, no matter how much or how little, make a rule you are going to sit down and do that. Don’t eat when you’re standing, don’t eat while you’re driving, don’t eat while your walking, don’t eat while speaking on the phone, etc. .

When you eat while doing something else, liked reading the paper, on the computer or watching tv, then you’re not paying attention to what you’re eating. When you eat unconsciously you’ll find the food almost gone and you hardly even tasted it! Your mind can only focus on one thing at a time. Yes, it can shift back and forth but in practicing awareness your mind should only pay attention to one thing.


“I would not be happy in a world without chocolate, so I have developed a Haagen-Dazs meditation. When I eat the teaspoon of ice cream, I close my eyes and meditate—on the rich flavor, the cold rush, the wonderful sensations as the ice cream melts on my tongue. I would prefer to have a small spoonful of Deep Chocolate Fuge Haagen-Dazs than a pint of a fake-frozen dessert. It’s exquisitely satisfying. After all, the first bite is always the best and the last bite is the next best—so if you eat only a bit, then it can be heaven, but only if you really pay attention.” EAT MORE, WEIGH LESS ~ Dr. Dean Ornish

Meditation is about appreciating and being aware of everything and everyone around you, it’s also about going quietly within to learn more about yourself and others on a deeper level. Meditation is about letting go of old thoughts and patterns and seeing things in a different perspective. There are countless books and sites on this topic with simple exercises to get you started. Try it out, you’ll enjoy it.

Links – More to Follow


Insulin Resistance   http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/insulin-resistance-the-slippery-slope-to-type-ii-diabetes/

Enzymes   http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/enzymes/

Digestive Enzymes and Cancer   http://vitalitymagazine.com/article/digestive-enzymes-and-the-treatment-of-cancer/


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Continued from Part 1 & 2 Metaphysically Understanding Arthritis

Fiona was scheduled for another Reiki session the following week.  She called to cancel the appointment at the beginning of that week due to fighting a bad cold.

 Sometimes, when a person is healing and releasing a buildup of toxins from the body, he or she may contract flu like symptoms, as the toxins find a way out of the body. People with a great deal of accumulated stress or emotional blocks can find everything stirred up especially after the first and/or second treatment.  Many people don’t understand that these symptoms are actually the body healing itself.  All pain experienced is pain leaving the body.


I asked Fiona if she’d like distant healing for the week she was away with a cold.  She agreed and we set a time for the following evening when she would be turning in  for the night.

Distant healing is about empathically connecting and creating a spiritual link to another person who is at a place other than where you are.  Distant healing transcends time, space or shape…..it doesn’t matter how near or far the client is……all that is required is a desire, and love/compassion (not pity) to heal another.  Intent is of the utmost importance as well as meeting the comfort level of the person receiving the healing.

Every healer discovers and develops his or her own unique way of receiving and sending energy.  After learning various methods they find what they like best or even develop their own from what they’ve gathered along the way.

All that’s needed is a client’s full name, birth date and where they reside.  Without this, Reiki or other healing modalities will have no place to focus and just won’t have enough power to fill a body with healing energy.

Sometimes distance healing can be better and more powerful than hands-on healing.  Connecting spirit to spirit, opens the heart, creating a glowing network of invisible threads of unconditional energy.  Absent healing is even more effective when the client cooperates with the healer and is in a relaxed state at the time or sleeping…..this bridges the gap of our humanness….it’s when miracles can happen.

No absent healing has ever been the same for me.  Distant and hands-on healing shares in a unique mutual exchange of energy….each one is a mirror, causing healer and healee to take a deeper look at her or himself.   This higher wisdom/vibration helps us to hear and see truth more clearly.  Every healing has a message for all involved.


In Part 2 of this previous segment, we discussed the Alta Major, located at the base of the skull.  Its color is magenta, a mixture of red, green and violet. When the Alta Major is balanced, we have the ability to see and understand a situation spiritually; it allows us to step back and see the bigger picture.  But when unbalanced we lose the sense of excitement in our lives.  We shut down and either blame someone else for our problems or go into denial.   This form of denial blocks our energy system. This is what I felt when establishing a connection with Fiona.  A great many of her fears were linked to her history.


As I relaxed and centered myself, my mind went into a kind of daydream state gently focusing on Fiona’s form until it became clear.  Knowing what Fiona looked like made it easy to zero in on Fiona’s physical body.  If we’d never met, my imagination would have kicked in, visualizing and sensing an energy body of light lying before me.  This is my ‘anchor point’ to return to if I happen to lose my focus.

Opening my inner awareness for any impressions, the first thing I usually ‘see’ is energy highways flowing from the client’s chakras.  These highway of energies,  criss-cross and  intersect throughout the body, creating a cascade of light (aura) that emits beyond its boundaries. Surrounding the aura, energy dark patches or shadows might be seen.  Making a mental note of the areas, allows me to return and explore them further.

Returning to  Fiona’s throat chakra, I felt as if I had been bumped up against a wall.  This area was packed with a whole lot of clutter and a lot of commotion.  Her heart chakra was congested to the point that I felt squeezed into a tight corner, unable to move or breathe.   Sprouting from her body were lines or cords each one making a connection Fiona had with someone.  Some were dark and stiff, others brightly glowing.  The darker ones symbolized a unhealthy connection; they drained Fiona of her energy and weighted heavily upon her.  Intuivtively I felt they could be the cause of her tension as well as arthritic pain.

Where there should have been brightness, a damp mist seemed to hang around her stomach, (Solar Plexus Chakra), which slowly dissipated around the hip area or 1st chakra. Her abdomen felt tight and distended.

 As I focused on sending the distant healing symbol of Reiki, it transformed into a liquid light of energy, attaching itself to a huge, gossamer network.  Adding the Power Symbol, tiny bubbles of light bathed the delicate strands with soft glowing light.   As the light grew stronger, it was joined by another light that seemed to move up from the earth along Fiona’s right side and then circulated down her left side and back from where it came.  When witnessing this happening, I intuitively knew this healing session was at its max.  I could visually see this higher vibration clearing Fiona’s energy.  Golden scissors started cutting the dark stiff cords, one by one loose.  Some had strong emotional attachments and started to sprout back.  Visualizing the Sei-Hei-Ki, helped zap them clear into outer space.

Continuing to use the Distant Healing Symbol, I asked for the healing to repeat itself every 2 hours for the next 7 days and then bowed in reverence and respect for this sacred moment.


 This absent healing had quite an impact on Fiona’s life and her dreams.  I didn’t find out until I saw her again, 2 weeks later.

Fiona told me as the absent healing took place she fell into a very deep sleep.  In a dream, she met a Hermit who presented her with several pieces to a very large puzzle.  The puzzle when finished was supposed to describe her whole life, from its beginning to present.  Though she was tired and didn’t feel well, Fiona reached out and picked up the pieces trying to make them fit together.  No matter how hard she tried the puzzle kept falling apart.  And Fiona was falling apart too, crying but still determined to make all the pieces fit together.  This was when Fiona heard a voice ask her “Why are you trying to do this yourself.”   She remembered answering angrily back “how else am I supposed to do it.”   In fact she remembered speaking these words out loud as she started waking from the dream.

When Fiona recounted this dream to me, she told me it felt as if it had been imprinted on her body/mind and soul.  “No matter where I was or what I did, the dream kept flowing up into my consciousness.  It wouldn’t leave me alone.”


Fiona and I did speak right after the absent healing, so she knew what had been heard and seen visually . Somehow I felt the distant healing and the dream were related.  The old energies hiding out in her heart were forcing her to deny, doubt and undermine her intuition and power. I told Fiona to seriously look back and see when she had given someone the right to make her decisions and decide what was best for her.  It was a path that definitely wasn’t hers.

When logic can’t get a grip on something, we go into a tizzy and when this happens our intuitive side is unable to grab the attention of our conscious or unconscious minds.  Fiona’s Base, Sacral, Alta Major and Throat Chakras were off balance.  The Alta Major when balanced helps us to assemble and bring together different aspects of the Self.  It allows us to give and receive energy without even thinking about it.  Not being able to put the puzzle pieces together Fiona agreed it seemed to say she was cut of from the Divine’s great source of energy.  The emotional feelings of others, was influencing her progress.  Feeling sick and tired symbolized a feeling of weakness and insecurity.  Without a focus, Fiona was drifting aimlessly in a world symbolized by the hermit.

You have to remove yourself from your personal drama”, and realize it is all symbolic. 

I told Fiona to seriously look back and see what energies supported her well being and those that were counterproductive.  She also needed to clear her past and devote her energy on the relationships that made her feel good and those that were stealing her energy.  As she did this, it would attract interesting people with similar intentions and goals into her life.  All the people we know and meet are reflections of our inner self.

Fiona questioned the last sentence.  To demonstrate I gave her a crystal and asked her to look at the many different facets in it.  Just as the crystal has many faces, so do we.   We are in fact a collection of multiple personalities.  Some are angry, manipulative and critical; some are beautiful, inspiring and loving.  Some are hidden from us and have a life of their own.  When emotionally charged, a personality (archetype) projects out, attracting energies of the same kind.  The goal or reason is to heal and embrace these aspects of ourselves and in so doing find their hidden treasure.

We talked more of her friendships and relationships and how some of them showed the imbalances in her life.  We spoke of how our own childhood experiences attracted a partner that made us reenact our childhood injuries.  Fiona saw her husband as one who was retrained, self-contained and buried his feelings and desires.  “Oh my god, she said, that’s a splitting image of me!”  Fiona knew she also had a habit of distancing herself from others.  Again we talked of the Hermit whose life is admired for his independence but who lives virtually alone in his fortress, avoiding the pain of being vulnerable and then rejected.


All of us have lived many lives and gathered experiences along the way.  This has allowed our soul to understand, integrate and process the information for us to use in another time again.  This leads us pursue more answers which puts us in sync with other human beings, angels and guides.  It puts us in touch with our own Family of Light where events and circumstances are created to move us beyond the limitations of fear.  They help us to heal various aspects of ourselves.

Integrating all this information was not an easy process for Fiona.  At first she was blasted with chaos and confusion.  Many of her archetypical energies (multi personalities) were in conflict with themselves.  In fact some of these conflicts were not understood until something happened further down the road to reveal their meaning. She is still discovering everything we see in the outer world has an inner meaning for us.

Fiona did go to counseling and learnt more about her-self.   She changed her diet, exercised and lost some weight.  As she changed so too did her husband and family.  “There are still struggles to deal with but not as many as before”.  Some friends fell by the wayside and although it was painful to lose them, she learned to  intuitively understand it was their time to go.

Fiona is still amazed how the Reiki healings were able to see right through her defenses and began the profound change of embracing her own life.  Her arthritic pain has lessened a great deal, though it still reminds her it’s there when the seasons change or there’s dampness in the air.


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Within our humanness, there is a drive, a hunger, to seek, find, understand and re-unite with an essence greater than ourselves. It is a sense that somewhere exists an infinite place of total, unconditional Cosmic LOVE. A place of such magnitute that all human experience pales before it. We ‘all’ yearn for this, whether you believe this or not.

We all need a place where we can rest in silence and solitude. It’s a place, a safe haven where we can reconnect with that ‘still’ small voice and hear the whispers and guidance from a higher wisdom. It’s a place where we can escape from the fast lanes of existence, balance ourselves out and feel comfortable and relaxed in our bodies. The problem is when we don’t want to come back to reality. We want to stay (hide) in the free flowing, worry-free living of space. It becomes an addiction.

“Meditation, however, is anything but a cure-all and has dangers too. Many people use meditation as a method for relaxation and may complicate a problem that already exists: lack of extraverted involvement. For such people, the indiscriminate use of meditation may unnecessarily increase loneliness and contribute to reducing lively contact with reality.”
Arnold Mindell

In the last segment of this blog, we learnt that inactivity leads to bone loss. We also discovered weightlessness, has many scientists worried about the bones of astronauts who venture and stay in space.

Spiritual addiction leads to physical inactivity which also leads to bone loss. Spiritually addicted people prefer a quiet, dreamy solitude, they lack interest in the daily routines of life and their own physical body. This can lead to lack of exercise and careless eating habits, which quickly can affect the bodily system and undermine its health as well. The body lacks breath, motion, experience, curiosity and many other activities that make life worth living. The more we live in the higher chakras of the body, the more disconnected we will become to reality. The upper chakras will be spinning at full throttle but the torso, legs and feet immobile. Less blood will be pumped through the circulatory system, causing softening of the vein walls. In time, the heart could utterly collapse from lack of movement.

“In my view, the drama of human existence, and the drama of the transpersonal, take place against a rich psychological backdrop of good and evil. If we deny the psychological reality of evil, then how can we partake fully or deeply in life’s drama? This does not mean, however, that we must therefore accept the existence of transcendent Evil, in the sense of a metaphysical reality beyond the realm of human experience. For me, and this is crucial, the transpersonal does not necessarily imply, nor depend upon, the metaphysical transcendent. Transpersonal means the transcendence of ego boundaries, not the transcendence of human, psychological or interpersonal realities. Transpersonal development involves becoming more fully and more deeply human, not rising above our humanity.

In order to reclaim and enrich our humanness it is necessary, I believe, to acknowledge fully the shadow side of human nature, both personal and collective, and to find meaningful, creative, soulful responses to the challenges that this awareness will bring. As human beings who happen to be transpersonal psychologists, we should also realise that there is an important shadow side to the transpersonal that must be understood and responded to.” The Shadow in Transpersonal Psychology by Michael Daniels

The below case study deals with a couple who were very much into the Hippie Movement, Woodstock and illicit drugs.  They believed in the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out”  adopted by Dr. Timothy Leary, one of the founding fathers of the Hippie Movement.   

Dr. Leary apparently ate the legendary “sacred mushrooms,” which he purchased from a shaman. The psychedlic mushroom apparently put him into a  state of mystico-religious ecstasy, which he described as the deepest religious experience of his life. From then on, Dr. Leary, a lecturer in psychology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated
himself totally to research on the effects and possibilities of the use of
psychedelic drugs.  This research was doomed from the start and Leary was put in prison for possession of illegal drugs.

This link http://www.flashback.se/archive/my_problem_child/chapter5.html#6 is about Dr. Tim Leary and is actually chapter 5 of a whole book entitled My Problem Child From Remedy to Inebriant by Albert Hofmann. 

“After nothing had been heard from Leary for a long time, his name again appeared in the daily papers in summer 1975 with the announcement of a parole and early release from prison. But he was not set free until early in 1976. I learned from his friends that he was now occupied with psychological problems of space travel and with the exploration of cosmic relationships between the human nervous system and interstellar space – that is, with problems whose study would bring him no further difficulties on the part of governmental authorities.”  Albert Hofmann

This case study involves a couple I met at a Health Conference in Toronto, 5 years ago. Chris and Gail were both in their late fifties and in their younger days, known as the Hippie Generation and the Love Children.  They both definitely knew of Dr. Leary and both Chris and Gail had tried LSD and ‘magic mushrooms’.  It isn’t for certain if the drugs had anything to do with their inability to have children…..only Gail sadly spoke of this.

Today, Gail suffers from osteoporosis and other complications. Chris had severe osteoporosis and died 2 years ago from Cancer invading his whole body.

After the Hippie movement, Chris dedicated his life to Buddhism and Channeling, Gail worked feverishly to pay the rent, keep the home clean and meals at the table. She gave Chris space to further his studies and worked with him in her spare time. On weekends they went into seclusion, meditating each day from morning to night. Neither one knew how this threatened the bodily function, until Chris slipped a couple of stairs and broke his hip and pelvis. A bone scan revealed his bones literally melting away!


At the time of our meeting, Chris was wheelchair bound with a nasty cold. Gail, a tiny frame of a woman, told me her energy felt divided between her daily tasks and her spiritual activities. She told me the more she meditated the more she wanted to spend there. “The world seemed so cruel and unyielding all I wanted to do was escape the turmoil.” Instead of training her mind at the task at hand, she and Chris lived in the Universe’s all embracing love. Instead of being aware of their surroundings, they dissolved them into nothingless. “The more I did this, the more scattered and confused I became.” Reality had given them a hard knock, forcing them to re-gain consciousness.

Both were intrigued with Hands-on-Healing and asked if Reiki would help them. At the time I wasn’t sure how or what the Reiki would do; the only way to find out was to try it. And that we did. Gail came first. As I scanned her body, her outer energy felt distorted and revealed it had suffered a great loss of energy, especially to the immune system and endocrine glands. Also, for Gail’s age, her skin was wrinkly, her hair all white. As my hands scanned her throat area, the former vibration of heat from her energy body suddenly went numb and cool. Although healers are not allowed to diagnose, I felt her thyroid levels of thyroxin were low. Hypothyroidism can mimic aging which is caused by an abnormal decrease in a person’s metabolism. I recommended she ask her doctor for a full blood test. I also felt Gail was dehydrated, depressed, malnourished and inactive.

After scanning Gail’s body, the Reiki treatment began. Starting at the head area, I slowly worked to the position of invoking the Sei-Hei-Ki symbol for mental/emotional healing. It is in this placement we intuitively ask the client if they would like a spiritual and emotional healing. Most times a Reiki practictioner will hear a Yes or No; sometimes the body itself will physically reveal if it does or does not want to proceed. In Gail’s case, it was a big YES!

I was not prepared for what happened next. Unbenownst to me, Gail’s tissue and muscle (especially the upper back, the reverse side of the heart) had served as an armor to hold in all past emotions and prevent them from rising to the surface.

Blocks are held by the tissue, the story behind those blocks are held in the bone. Layers and layers of hidden and denied needs cried out for recognition. Each had a voice of their own as the room suddenly seemed full of several different entities. Gail’s body seemed to slightly rise up and slump back down on the Reiki table. She started sobbing as repressed wounds and clinging pasts were released. I’d never seen anything like it! Deep down I sensed feelings/past-lives/issues still weren’t ready to be released, they held on like glue. They were locked away in her lymph glands and sub-basement, more work was needed for Gail to find the key.

(When I do a healing, my guides are automatically present and beside me. I imagine a white pail filled with sea salt by my feet and near the treatment bed. This pail is used to absorb, cleanse and purify darker energies put in it. At the end of a healing session, I imagine the pail being hurled into space and cleansed/transformed by the light of the Sun.)

The whole session took nearly 2 hours to complete. Her adrenals and liver were lethargic and exhausted. When this happens, the cortex of the adrenals gives off a hormone called cortisol. When this hormone is dramatically elevated it reduce’s the stomach’s ability to resist its own acid, this could lead to ulcers and gastritis. All this can also affect the thyroid, the gas pedal of our metabolism. If you’ve ever felt an inexplicable inner shakiness, this could be caused by an exhausted thyroid gland.

I explained to Gail that as she continues to let go and clean out old experiences, her aura will change color, become clearer and less dense. It will flows smoother and more evenly and her energy patterns will increase. I recommended acupuncture, acupressure or shiatsu to work on her swollen lymph glands (these glands are an important part of the immune system). It is here foreign substances are surrounded and dealt with by an army of white blood cells called in by the physical body.

Gail was amazed of the initial healing and frankly so was I.  The healer’s body is but a conduit for a higher power.


Chris’ healing was a totally different story. When he finally came to see me, through the urgings of Gail, his energy was silent, withdrawn and lethargic. More than once I had to call him back to reality as he seemed to lose focus and disappear into a spacey, dreamy kind of altered state. It seemed to be his way of skirting different aspects of himself as well as refusing to be consciously aware of ‘things as they are’. He seemed split off from life to avoid the challenges, risks and unplesant experiences that are a necessary part of living. When one does this, he becomes less in contact with himself and less in contact with his surroundings. Chris seemed to be putting himself to sleep to avoid his own feelings and desires. A hynoptic sleep to ignore these experiences.

When our thoughts are free, our feelings flowing, our bodily senses intact, we have contact with the outer world as well as what’s happening on an inner level. As I nudged toward this possibility, Chris changed the topic to, annihilation of the Ego to reach elightenment through Ascension. Oh my gawd, this is a misconception many spiritual teachers and gurus have taught their students….to kill the ego to make real spiritual progress.

“Those who try to “kill” the ego by an act of will are usually those who are least comfortable with their own ego, whose ego is in active conflict with their spiritual aspirations and who wish to achieve the wishes of one part of their personality at the expense of some other part. This is psychological rape, for which the abused psyche will surely seek revenge. Generally these people convince themselves that they have destroyed their own ego, when in fact they are merely ignoring it.” Marilyn Waram

We are to live in this world, we won’t survive it or protect ourselves if we don’t. Chris seemed to be in search of a world, an illusionists dream of a world filled only with unconditional love which he couldn’t seem to find. This endless search, I discovered, left him with a horrible craving and an empty feeling inside. The more he yearned for it the more ungrounded he became. I could tell his physical system was starting to burn up by this high circuity of energy and sooner or later he was going to blow a fuse.

When I approached Chris to scan to his body, he in turn took two steps backward, as if to say, “I don’t want to do this.” Almost immediately I sensed a tension creeping through his body, as muscles tightened around his chest and stomach, making his breathing difficult. His body stumbled towards me as if it was crying out for help. It was obvious he was visibly disturbed at what I had just witnessed and tried to compensate for what was happening. I in turn was feeling at my wits end on how I was going to help this guy. It took a few seconds for me to realize it was he who was projecting those thoughts on me. I had to re-center myself so as not to lock in on his emotions.

Emotions force us to do something to remove the tensions they’ve caused. And one of the best ways of removing tension is to talk. So I decided to break the ice. Through experience, I have learned that although emotions are aching to be released, sometimes we wait for the other person to put our puzzle pieces into a whole picture….which I was grasping to do. The problem was, all the pieces didn’t seem to be there! Or, I had become too emotionally involved.

I asked Chris what he was trying to do with his life. It was a question he appeared ready for. His answer was to make the world a better place through his spiritual work. I told him, if he wants to change the world, the best place to start is his own life. I reminded him that the Aborigines in Australia were the ones that said….”you must become the change you want to see in the world.” Chris looked as if he was going to escape into another dream world, when a sudden commotion down the hall jolted him back to the moment. Again, it seemed something or someone was intervening. Chris seemed drained of trying to hold in all that unwanted energy and leaned against the healing bed. “How can you help me”, he asked. “Let me show you” I answered.

As I scanned his body I told Chris everything I was doing but not ‘all’ what I was feeling. His insides were chaotic and literally on fire. It was if there was a rebellion going on, a war that had been going on far too long. I’d seen this before and although I wasn’t totally sure, (and not allowed to diagnose) Chris’ body showed signs of possible cancer. Cancer has no regard for human life, only for its own survival. Could it be that all those denied and pushed away feelings were now rebelling, forming unsociable behaviors, that in our outside world is seen as gang related. And these gang members were wreaking havoc on the normal cells of Chris’s body? Again, I wasn’t sure.

When I tried the Reiki mental/emotional symbol on Chris, the answer was a flat NO. He wasn’t ready to release anything yet. His emotions were locked up as if in a tightly secure prison with no way out. As I proceeded to do hands-on-healing, I could feel this tightly held energy trying to force its way up my arms and through my body. Fortunately, Reiki attunements and its symbols won’t let this happen; they protect the healer from coming in contact with these extreme static energies.


The Chinese beleived that the vital force call chi, circulates in the body thorugh meridians traveling a set route between organs and systems. The meridians are either yin or yang depending upon which way the chi flows. The meridians have an intimate connection with the nerve pathways of the body’s autonomic nervous system which is linked to every organ and part of the body. When chi is flowing through each of the twelve meridians, the body is kept in balance and good health. The autonomic nervous system works continually without you even having to be aware of it. This system helps you breathe, digest, grow new cells, keeps hormones balanced and your heart beating to name a few. It is only recently that we are paying more conscious attention to our bodily functions rather than leaving them on auto pilot.

Paying close attention to the flow of Chris’ meridians, the kidney meridian was one of interest. The kidney meridian (Yin) flows ‘up’ the body. It starts at the sole of the foot and runs up the back of the leg to the front of the body. From this point it ascends in a straight line to the breast bone. Disorders associated with this meridian include brittle and soft bones, back pain, asthma, phlebitis, varicose veins as well as uterus and prostate problems and a weak bladder.

The bladder meridian (Yang) complements the kidney bladder and flows ‘down’ the body. It is one of the longest meridians that starts from the inner corner of the eye, passes over the head and divides at the base of the neck, creating two branches that run down along each side of the spine, past the buttocks, down the back leg and ending at the little toe.

While I was scanning Chris’ body, my hands, especially the fingers, followed the meridian lines which sensed what was balanced and what was not.

When energy work is needed on the meridians I like using a Herkimer diamond which complements and enhances the Reiki healing energy. Because these herkimer diamonds are small and hard to handle, I sewed mine into a pair of laced cotton gloves. I don’t need to worry about losing them and their effectiveness and healing potential are increased with most cotton materials.

Chris and I talked through the whole procedure though he carefully guarded his deepest secrets. I realized Chris wasn’t truly meditating, he was using it as an escape to avoid being bulldozed by the weight of his emotions.

I suggested an alkaline diet for Chris which comprised of mostly fruits and vegetables. Also a complete medical was adviced. I aso told this to Gail who made sure Chris made the appointment. It was through the medical field that Chris was diagnosed with cancer of the prostrate which eventually found its way into his liver and lungs. Sadly, Chris passed away in 2007. Gail has taken living in the moment very seriously. We are still in contact with each other even though we’re thousands of miles apart. After Chris died, Gail decided to move closer to her sister’s farm in Texas.

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Do you need Me? I AM there.
You cannot see ME, yet I AM the Light you see by.
You cannot hear ME, yet I speak through your voice.
You cannot feel ME, yet I AM the Power at work in your hands.
“I Am There” by J.D. Freeman

As mentioned previously Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalia (FM) benefit from an array of different modes of healing. Reiki is but one way to experience the advantages of allowing the body to heal itself. Reiki is a catalyst that allows the patient the process of healing his or her own body—with CFS and FM it should be used in conjunction with medicine and alternative healing..

An illness is considered to be a lack of energy and balance with the many layers of the physical body. In the last segment I wrote…..
“Usually this cycle begins with an upset, which then leads to stress. Stress is usually caused by change, a change we don’t want or feel we can’t handle—this causes emotional discomfort, which causes spiritual pain and then dis-ease. “

“the greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life….Unhappiness ultimately arises not from the cirumstances of your life but from the conditioning of your mind.”
“The Power of Now” Echkart Tolle

A buildup of stress affects our immune system causing chemical changes within the body. This buildup can cause fatigue, anxiety, depression and many pain-related problems as well as inflammation of the tissues and endocrine disorders. This causes the organs in our body to mis-fire, throwing our physical and energetic system off balance.

When we aren’t feeling well our energy is focused in the area attacked by the pain and usually there isn’t enough energy reserve to move it through and out of the body—the lymph fluids gather around the imbalance, turn to sugar and stagnates. (As mentioned I have noticed sugar aggravates and triggers my Fibromyalgia attacks—ohh and I love sugar!).

The Reiki hand positions help to replace and store enough energy in the body’s immune system and organs, helping to move and eliminate toxic materials which allow the body to return to balance and good health.

I have participated in Reiki exchanges, and have seen many variations on the positioning of hands during a treatment. Some practitioners use seven hand positions, some use twenty four, some use variations of the twelve more commonly accepted hand positions. Still others were not taught specific hand positions, but rather to intuit where the energy was needed in a recipient’s body. So, which system is correct, or best?

The hand positions are related to the locations of the chakras and the endocrine glands as well as some of the meridian points. Reiki, when administered over time, seems to have an accumulating effect in the endocrine glands, which keep our immune system in top-working order. When enough energy has gathered, then the chemical reactions of the glands push the immune system into different cycles of the healing process.

Endocrine Glands (Original illustration created by Diane Abeloff, 2002)




When a person has had a long-term imbalance, there is usually not enough energy to trigger a higher immune response, and the “condition” seems stuck and on-going. But, when additional energy is introduced, then the immune system can draw upon it, kicking the body’s defense mechanism into a higher level of healing, causing their illness to change/mutate, and trigger the healing process.. By doing Reiki on the specific hand positions, a practitioner can give the fastest “charge” to the glands that are responsible for maintaining ‘health’, and accelerating the healing process. It is possible to just lay hands on one area of the body, but it will take much longer for the energy to find its way to each of the organs of the immune system and to amass or “kick start” the healing process.

Most healers once initiated into a healing modality find over the course of time, their own way. I did. With a combination of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Massage, Touch for health, Astrology, numerology, etc., I’ve incorporated my own healing system which in my estimation stimulates and enhances the body’s own ability to regain and maintain a healthy balance. When I teach Reiki, some of what I’ve learned is integrated with the session and guides the students to ‘feel’ the energetic system of the body. Some students are advanced and able to see the body aura right away. Others, as they practice and use their gift of intuition begin to see the aura as well. It wasn’t until I was attuned and practicing Reiki II that I began to see auras as well as the chakras and energetic system. It is truly amazing! You can see the aura change before your eyes with a person’s passing thoughts, feelings and emotions. There is an abundance of personal information about a person within the combinations and frequencies of color. If interpreted ‘correctly’ a person’s true character can be revealed, for the truth is clearly visible behind the façade or mask they carry with them in day to day life.

Often with a Reiki session, the client becomes more and more relaxed, slowly drifting down and deeper towards their inner self. Usually I like to start at the head position—there I can tell how much stress the person has brought with them. If I feel they need to relax, I ask them to take three long, slow deep breaths and as they exhale to release all their tensions, cares and worries of the day—just let it go. Reiki music plays in the background as well as healing scents, which help to calm and soothe them.

As healing commences, I ask the patient to visualize Reiki as drops of sparkling energy/water slowly flowing down their shoulders arms and chest and every portion of their body. When this happens they start becoming more sensitive to their inner world, turning their vision inward—their relaxation deepens, they begin ‘seeing’ memories or stories starting to unfold of their own past. Sometimes they find themselves going to the place within the body that feels the worst at the moment. Sometimes a patient sees an image forming that expresses how the pain feels.

When the Reiki treatment progresses, I encourage my patients to talk during the session. As their day to day distractions fade into the background a number of possibilities can happen. Just as the layers of onion is slowly peeled away, so too are our thoughts and memories. The deeper we go, the better the results—it takes us down and into the core issues. I do not judge or comment what the patient speaks of, only encouraging them to see it for what it is and let it go. As the patient relives and recounts their own inner issues, he or she usually comes to a dramatic realization of what emotional issues could be causing their pain. Sometimes this can happen with one session, sometimes it takes more.

When a new patient schedules a healing session, I ask for and write down their name, date of birth and health concerns. I look at their natal chart, their lifepath number and zodiac sign before they come for the appointment. The astrological chart helps me to understand their inner makeup as well as the challenges they’ve had to face in life. Also sending distant Reiki to a client while they are on their way to the session helps them to be in a relaxed and receptive state when they arrive. If a healing was done recently, smudging the room with sage helps to release any negative energies left by past clients and also acts as a blessing. The use of incense or oil burner helps to raise the vibration in the room. Soothing music during a treatment helps a person to relax and BE. Sometimes I bring the tarot along with me and ask the client to shuffle and choose a card, asking him or her what the card means to them. It can be an important catalyst in the healing session.


Rachel (36) is a friend of mine who suffers from FM and frequently visits for a Reiki session or ‘tune-up’. As mentioned earlier, each person and each treatment is different. Rachel is one of several people I know that suffer from either CFS and FM. I thought I’d share a Reiki session we had recently.

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“Both CFS and FM make you stop, whether with exhaustion or pain or both.  If you have either of these illnesses, there is little doubt you will spend some time resting.  This is an important factor in your bodymind understanding.  A large number of people affected by these types of illnesses—and there are many variations—are high-flyers already climbing their career ladders.  If so, you may well be stressed, and this will certainly strain the immune system.  But it may also be that you are going in a direction that is not true to your inner nature—as if you are going against the grain or against your spirit.  And then you get stopped.” Deb Shapiro YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND

Do you think you have chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia? The only reason I ask is because hypothyroidism can be missed with these illnesses. In Fibromyalgia for Dummies, Dr. Staub mentions that a low thyroid function leads to fatigue and also causes painful and aching muscles. I experienced this a few years back when I became premenopausal. I also had trouble maintaining my body temperature, my skin became dry and I suffered from heart palpitations. Also high estrogen levels can affect the thyroid. To get a proper diagnosis, I highly recommend taking a thyroid blood test. By the way, some auto immune disorders can be yeast related too.

Maybe, like me, you have both! But if it is just your thyroid, taking a synthyroid drug will diminish a lot of the above symptoms. When I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, within a week of taking the medication I felt a lot better. Hypothyroidism has also been known to mimic menopause. With fibromyalgia, there is unfortunately no quick cure. Not yet, anyways.

I consider myself a very spiritual person. As I look at all the different patterns of my life emerging, I’m starting to see that spirituality was initially a form of escape. It was a form of disassociation and a defense from avoiding some of the more painful experiences in my life. Having a spiritual consciousness does not make you immune to dis-ease. This was a huge lesson for me to understand. What spirituality does do however is provide you with certain tools to understand and work with an illness. I’ve also learned that spiritual development is about learning to treat the whole self with love, respect and attention. It means giving the body the things it needs to be healthy.

One of the greatest tools that continually helps me on my journey is astrology. It has taught me to dive into my emotions and feelings. It has shown me emotions are an essential source of personal power. On a physical level it says ‘there’s a real world out there, and you’re in it’. Astrology helps us to find our own individuality and compass in life. North, East, West and South = NEWS! It’s definable and measurable and it never lies. It helps us to nurture and understand ourselves and evolve to higher levels of understanding. When this happens the healing process begins.

Accepting an illness means we have to do something about it. It makes us stop and take notice of something gone wrong that needs our attention. If we don’t we tend to feel powerless to face the challenges ahead. Instead we face whatever happens, happens….we become a ‘victim’ instead of empowering and healing ourselves. We cannot run away or try to suppress it….pain is real and there are times we have to learn to live with it. The pain itself will teach us what to do, that’s if we ‘listen’ and stay mindful of it. Accepting what is, takes time and patience to initiate.

Our body and spirit goes through many cycles of cooperating and compromising. When this happens, there is less tension. Our bodies and our health is in a constant flux of change. It’s up to us to continually work at keeping it balanced. To heal, we must turn back the tide and use our own initiative, will and spirit to get well. Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and Hypothyroidism are all auto immune diseases. This literally means your body is under attack from itself!! It’s as if our body and soul are at war with each other. So how do we find peace within ourselves?

When I learnt Reiki, I discovered there were three levels to each initiation. Reiki I, represents the body, Reiki II, the mind/emotions, Reiki III the Spirit. Learning and understanding what FM was, took me through three different `stages.

From my Reiki I Manual…

The Reiki attunement awakens our abilities to feel, hear, touch, smell and live again. It takes us back into our bodies and jolts us back to life. A body that reawakens and allows the spirit to feel grounded and connected within a solid structure. Our body is our best friend and lifetime companion. Yet it really is an automated machine that willingly obeys and acts out our every thought, feeling, word and desire. Reiki rebuilds the energetic system of the body. It reconnects our emotions to our spirit and our spirit to our body, helping us to rebuild a stronger foundation and a healthier body.

Anatomically, the 1st Chakra relates to physical body support. The 2nd Chakra represents our emotions. We’ll be covering the chakras and their meanings shortly.

The First Initiation – The Body

This was when I started looking seriously at my diet and my intake of processed foods, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Sugar, I discovered really aggravated my FM. I try to avoid sugar, especially at night and carbonated beverages as well as juices.

In the morning, I haven’t been able to give up my first cup of coffee. Ohh, that’s a must! If I need more of the ‘taste’ of coffee, a decaffeinated works just as well. And besides, too much caffeine definitely stimulates our nervous system and exhausts our adrenal glands. These are the glands of emotion and help us to survive through sudden emergencies, releasing energy and vitality into our body. Without them we’d surely die.

Also, I mentioned about salts in the previous post and I have found myself craving for chips, salted nuts, pretzels, etc. So it does seem, my blood pressure must dip at certain times when FM strikes and knocks me down. I’ve also craved dark chocolate and have discovered dark chocolate is actually good for CFS and FM, as it work as an antioxidant as well as an anti inflammatory. The darker the chocolate the better! Oh and not the whole bar (aw sucks)…..a piece a day is sufficient.

Three meals a day is good practice and also increasing your fiber intake. Fiber can actually cleanse the body by absorbing toxins and moving them out of our system…re the bowels.

Foods and cleansers that contain preservatives and chemicals are also known to magnify FM symptoms. Even wheat, corn, soya, dairy products and citrus fruits can aggravate FM. Also, be aware of artificial sweeteners, sulfites, MSG and food coloring. These are toxic!!

Magnesium is essential for muscle and tissue and requires calcium for proper assimilation. Magnesium cannot be stored in the body for long periods and therefore we need to supplement our diet regularly with it. Magnesium is an alkaline mineral.

Special note: Drinking too much milk can lead to a magnesium deficiency! Milk contains high amounts of Calciferol (synthetic Vit D) which actually withdraws magnesium out of our bloodstream. Also, if you’re taking a Vitamin D supplement, make sure its coming from a natural source.

“Theories suggest that the root cause of fibromyalgia is an imbalance somewhere in the body. For example, people with fibromyalgia generally have low levels of serotonin the hormone known as the pain messenger. A deficiency of magnesium, which can cause achy joints, has also linked to the condition. There is also belief that people with fibromyalgia have high levels of toxins in the blood.” Debora Yost

Read the labels of everything you buy and notice how you feel when you eat certain foods. I learned that a high intake of protein lowers our calcium and magnesium in the body. I also discovered carbohydrates enhance them. By observing what we eat, brings our body into balance. Once the needs of our body are met, then its ‘whole’ can be addressed.

CFS and FM symptoms can also be minimized by mild exercise. Even when you just want to curl up in a ball, find a way to get up and keep moving. Don’t fall into self pity, believe me, it only makes it worse. Also, muscles that aren’t used, tend to lose their stretch and eventually shorten. Stretching exercises are great in putting elasticity back into our muscles.

Don’t get discouraged if you can’t do an exercise all the way. You will. Don’t strain or rush. I had to train myself to work slowly and smoothly without jerking or bouncing. Slowly you can build from a 10 or 15 minute workout to a half an hour. Take your time. Most of us with FM and CFS have a tendency to ‘over extend’ ourselves, I know I do. Now we’re learning to nurture ourselves and pace our movements.

Have you looked into practices such as tai chi, Qi chong, water aerobics, walking or yoga. Natural endorphins are released during exercise and help with pain relief. It also keeps our joints limber. Physical exercise also pushes fluid through our lymph system which helps to move waste through our bodies.

Posture is very important. I’ve become aware of slumping as well as jutting my head forward, especially at my desk at work. Being a dispatcher for a busy courier company, I don’t always have time to do a regular ‘body check’. The problem is, when the phone calls quieten down, this is when I really start to notice how I’m sitting and of course feeling my pain.

My greatest tension is in the neck area. This is where I’m learning to to be aware of and break old physical habits, like jamming the phone between my neck and shoulders and trying to do several tasks at once. I’ve also noticed when putting my mascara on in the morning, I have a tendency to tilt my neck back, which overstretches the muscles in the front and compresses the vertebrae in my neck.

The most vulnerable neck muscle is the trapezius http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trapezius_muscle it runs from the base of the skull down the back of the where where it fans out to the shoulders blades and spine. This is a nasty one for me!

Also look at the sternomastoid. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sternocleidomastoid_muscle ohh when tense, this is the muscle that can also affect the face, ears and jaw. It supports the neck to the side and front where the trapezius controls the front and back. Schrunching our heads and neck to the telephone strains and tenses both these muscles. Also mental stress, depression and anger can tense these muscles up without us even noticing.

Another major symptom these muscles can create when stiff/tense is the feeling of being off balance and feeling dizzy…..they have also been the cause of unexplained fainting.  The sternomastoid when affected can send pain deep into the ear and to the eye and the sinuses.  This muscle can make your teeth hurt and the root of your tongue hurt.  Sometimes it can cause a chronic cough or sore throat, I’ve met many people with FM who have had these symptoms and yet their doctor flatly refused to believe muscle tension was the cause.

The inner ear acts as a guidance system for focussing and tracking of the eyes.  The sternomastoid when extremely taut or overstretched can affect the inner ear as well as the eyes, causing blurred or double vision.

Where do you hold tension in the body? What muscles feel tense and taut? Make a note of the areas and then search wikipedia or other informative sites. Learn how the muscles in your body work.

“The muscles enable all the bodily systems to function, such as circulation, digestion, breathing and nerve impulses.  Their freedom of movment is essential for optimum health.  When the muscles are restricted, whether through tension, tightness, or lack of tone, your energy will be unable to flow smoothly, and you may suffer from related problems.  Stress release and emotional expression are therefore essential for muscle ease.  Exercise is also vital–it not only releases muscular tension but psycho/emotional tension as well.” Deb Shaprio YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND

Vitamin A and E as well as essential fatty acids and a good calcium/magnesium supplement could help your CFS and FM. Your body will guide you to what works and what doesn’t. What works for someone else, might not work for you. As mentioned earlier, CFS and FM is a multi symptom disorder; to treat it we need a multi faceted approach.

Barley greens are ten times richer in calcium than milk. I was astonished to learn that. To absorb magnesium in our bodies we need calcium, phosphorus, vitamins B6, C and D as well as a normal intake of protein. For my body size I require about 50 grams of protein a day.

I found this really great site http://www.immunesupport.com/understanding_cfids/ It also has chat rooms and newsletters on FM and CFS.

Reiki, acupuncture, ‘light’ massage, therapeutic touch, homeopathic medicines as well as reflexology all help to minimize the pain of CFS and FM. Shiatsu (pressure points) is also good in helping to move blocked and toxic energy.

I’ve found aromatherapy oils, chamomile, lavender and sage help to soothe the muscles. They’re great in the bath or add a drop to your favorite body lotion. Epson salt baths help to draw out pain from our aching muscles.

There are a lot of great sites on natural herbs and vitamins to use to relieve the symptoms or pain of CFS and FM. Part 3 of Chronic Fatique and Fibromyalgia addresses how healing is related to the mind. It explores our emotions as well as the body/mind connection. Exploring the complexities of the Self, starts setting us apart from everyone else.

CFS and FM seem to be an internal battle; to heal we need to STOP and listen to our internal struggles, our judgements and how our belief system thinks our life should be. We need to look at our habits and routines; as well as put aside what we think other people expect of us and tap into and identify with our true nature.

Do you think FM and CFS could also be related to our high-tech world? Is this a form of disconnection from the rhythms of Nature. Have we allowed our bodies to become immobilized, tense and frozen.?

Technology has allowed us to expand our minds, our self expression and group awareness. Its invisible webbing urging us towards greater connectedness. But…..

“We tend to think of the rational as a higher order,
but it is the emotional that marks our lives”
Merle Shane

Scientists link processed foods to autoimmune disorder http://www.trueactivist.com/scientists-officially-link-processed-foods-to-autoimmune-disease/

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