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The Fascial Web

The Fascial Web ~ Created by British Sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor Barcroft

“Fascia is wrapped throughout the body on “lines of pull.” It connects toes to brow in one uninterrupted sheet of fascia, and fingers to chest and neck. The heart fascia is connected at the collarbone, which connects to the arm and fingers. It coils around the bones, muscle fibers, muscle bundles, organs, arteries, veins and nerves, applying tension and compression to the body material it surrounds. http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-17936/understanding-fascia-what-it-is-why-you-should-care.html 

Fascia, the connective tissue of the muscular system

Fascia, the connective tissue of the muscular system

Fascia magnified 25X https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzy8-wQzQMY 


Resistance is an inner contraction,a hardening of the shell of ego. When you surrender, a new dimension of consciousness opens us. ~Eckhart Tolle

Even though great strides have been made to bring awareness to the fascia, it is the least most understood energy system and quite possibly the most important. The fascia or connective tissue is a continuous web-like membrane that wraps, interweaves and connects all bodily parts and processes (creating, supporting the body as an integrated ‘whole’). There is no part of the body, not one single cell that isn’t connected to this crystal-like lattice. It’s elastic and liquid-like connective tissue, delivers energy and information through its own independent nervous system. The fascia even forms the walls of the individual muscles, holding and binding our muscular network together; this web exists to help in our function and depending on our repetitive movements, creates patterns and cycles of our postures and habits. Over a long period of time these patterns and cycles can cause pain affecting our movements. One of the building blocks of  fascia is collagen which forms, thick twisted bands of densely packed fibres that support our movements and posture.

“In terms of fascia, however, collagen has a particular role, and supports our frequent movements and postures. If we were to hold a certain position for any length of time, we would experience stiffness. This stiff feeling is the beginning of collagen fibres lining up and thickening. Continued lack of movement or stiffness may eventually lead to ossification and atrophy, and is characteristic of so many stooped and painful postures we see around us. Bowen Unravelled: A Journey into the Fascia Understanding of the Bowen Therapy ~ Julian Baker

Fascia is a graphic expression of how we feel and think—it reflects our past experiences, our attitudes and our patterns of behavior.  The fascia also dictates our basic body shape, and our upbringing, physically and psychologically.  Therefore, the fascia expresses the movement within us as well as our conflicts and confusions.

Pain is caused by a lack of proper circulation or a blockage in the flow of energy—it can also impede the flow of blood throughout the body. This can result in numbness, heaviness, stiffness and swelling of the joints and muscles. Stress and tension also slows down our circulation and becomes an inflammation in certain areas of the body.

Stress doesn’t come from what we do, but more from how we react to what we do. We contract or tense the diaphragm to protect ourselves, the tightness in the diaphragm creates restriction in the mid back and lower ribs through its fascial connections. Indeed, stress and tension can literally tie our fascia in knots anywhere in the body. As tension in the fascia escalates, it forces our muscles to tightly grip us to a point it’s nearly impossible to disentangle ourselves from it.  If the fascia can’t return to it normal liquid state, we end up with a lot of toxins in our muscles. One surgeon was quoted as saying, “on cutting into thickened fascia, a large of amount of pus gave way”..

Metaphysically, fascia dysfunctions can leave us feeling restricted, helpless, fearful, frozen, angry, frustrated, brittle. In many cases it’s as if we’re stuck and no matter how hard we try, we can’t seem to move forward. Fascia grips and hardens wherever we have repressed an emotion. Stiff or rigid muscles indicate stiff or rigid thought patterns.

Fascia restrictions can cause an individual to struggle with a lack of personal power, self love, self-worth, competency, resources (both time and money), and lack of support. The person may feel separated from the world as if they’re outsiders watching others live happy, healthy lives. S/He may feel resentment and frustration because they can’t seem to execute and manifest their desires and dreams. When the fascia contracts, our perception of the world is becomes confused, disoriented, we retreat inside with our emotions. When fascial dysfunctions affect home, or work, we may feel trapped, either in a negative relationship or bad job, and are afraid to take the steps necessary to change. When we’re in pain we tend to pull away from our bodies and have difficulty staying grounded in reality. When that happens we easily become overwhelmed by the demands of life; and see the world hostile and people unkind. We can’t understand why everyone can’t just get along and accept each other rather than causing conflict and creating emotional pain. Rather than going with the flow, we pull back; and rather than dealing with problems, we carry them around in the fascia and the muscles.

When the first chakra is disconnected from the feminine Earth, we can feel orphaned and motherless. The masculine principle predominates, and we look for security from material things. Individuality prevails over relationship, and selfish drives triumph over family, social and global responsibility. The more separated we become from the Earth, the more hostile we become to the feminine. We disown our passion, our creativity, and our sexuality. Eventually the Earth itself becomes a baneful place. I remember being told by a medicine woman in the Amazon, “Do you know why they are really cutting down the rain forest? Because it is wet and dark and tangled and feminine. ~ Alberto Villoldo

Resistance manifests in the fascia whenever there is fear, denial, withdrawal, or separation.  We experience it in the body as hard, dry, unyielding, crystallized…

“Yet resistance is a natural and unconscious reaction to change. To free ourself from its clutches, we simply need to acknowledge it as a part of the process of growth. When we have a context for accepting change, then resistance is acceptable. Within a spiritual context we embrace our negativity. We become our own best friends and allow our feelings to be what they are.” LIFE CHANGES WITH THE ENERGY OF THE CHAKRAS ~ Amika Wauters 

Let’s backup a bit and learn more about the fascia and its importance to the cellular function and function to the body…

“Fascia plays a vital role in the following functions: Cellular respiration; Elimination; Metabolism; Fluid and Lymph flow; Repair by deposition of repair tissue; Conversion of body heat; Fat storage; Cellular health and the immune system ~ Myofascial Release ~ Ruth Duncan

Many forms of healing help to reverse the hardening effects of the stress on your muscles and fascia tissue. With hands-on healing, areas of holding begin to soften. Fresh blood begins to flow where hardened muscles previously squeezed the blood flow out. Fascia tissue begins to separate from each other, calming the nervous system and relaxing the body/mind.


It’s important we learn a bit about the fascia before exploring the many muscle groups of the body and their metaphysical meaning.  The fascia surrounds and embeds every living tissue, including all the muscles; without this 3 dimensional web, the body would quickly collapse.  There’s many web sites on the subject of the fascia if this introduction tweaks your interest…

If you’ve ever studied  the intricate web of a spider then you probably know its threads are woven from the inner vibration of the spider.  As the spider evolves, all that it has learned to survive is recorded and stored within its body.  Its web of life blends the past and present together attracting future events to come.  Without its web the spider could not survive.  It has become for the spider the visual point of the self, that continually evolves, disintegrates and then comes into being again.   A dynamic tapestry of energy, a universe within a universe never at rest but constantly sending and receiving even the most minute vibrations of its world.  It is and has become the instrument for the conscious expression of the spider.  A matrix of interlocking energies uniting the spiritual with the physical a powerful symbol of the creative spirit manifesting into form.

Just as the web is the foundation for the spider, so is the fascia system the matrix to the human body.  The purpose of fascia is to maintain our body shape and keep our organs in their proper place; It is a catalyst and one of many different sources of power to our bodies. Without it we could not survive.   It hugs our human form in a continuous web of threadlike energy which possesses 10 times more sensory nerve receptors than the muscles in our body, and has a signalling system very similar to that of the nervous system.  The fascia system is a totally integrated system in which every cell in the body is embedded in its structure .

“Research is revealing that the body is made up of unique molecular crystalline structures. These living structures can create, transmit, and receive biophotons to facilitate communication between tissues and molecules. This communication also relies upon a quantum field of biophotons. These two processes—the crystalline and the quantum—interact to spread information around the body.

This crystal matrix is critical for health, as it interconnects a person’s internal self with the environment. Light travels through the body’s crystal matrix into the DNA, which then produces “bio-holograms” that create the body. The most conductive light-matrix is the connective tissue, the largest organ in the body. The connective tissue is crystalline information;  the collagenous molecules that encase the organs are liquid crystals and the other, firmer tissues are considered solid crystals. The collagen molecules are also interesting in that they are semiconductors, able to convey electricity and information. The connective tissue can therefore process information just like the semiconductor chips in your computer.” The SUBTLE BODY: Cyndi Dale

If you can accept the concept that our bodies are like tiny microchips containing a library of  thousands of files  then you may also accept the theory that the fascia can store large amounts of information and arrange it in an infinite variety of ways—yet it isn’t that intelligent—that’s the brain’s role.  Its ability to retrieve information is quite miraculous and it can perform many complex operations in a twinkling of an eye. It is, an excellent record keeper of every injury, every memory (good and bad) that has had an emotional impact on our lives.  When we discover “balance” by learning the lesson, these events are no longer stored in the fascia where information would be pushed up for recognition.  Instead it is sent deep into our ‘energy systems’ for “reference”.

The fascia contains numerous cross energy currents, that needs to be moist to allow the free flow of energy. .It’s only been recent that we’ve begun to understand its intimate connection to the natural currents of the body. In different areas of the body, the fascia varies in thickness and strength, forming a shield of protection and location to the more delicate organs, like the spleen, liver, pancreas and gallbladder.

The fascia, also known as connective tissue is made up of three basic components: Elastin, Collagen, and a Ground Substance. Elastin, a fibrous substance, allows the fascia to be stretchy, flexible and expandable. When you think of elastin, think of an expanding and contracting elastic. Collagen another fibrous substance, allows the fascia to be strong, supportive and structural. Collagen gives fascia its strength and integrity. Blended in with, and in between, these fibrous elements is the ground substance. It is the gel or goo, so to speak, that allows the fascia great fluidity, in its normal state.

Apparently there are approximately 120 types of fascia found in every region of the body.  The abdominal area has may levels of fascia; in fact it has the greatest concentration of fascia in the body. Together the deep and superficial fascia hold our skin, muscles, bones, organs and systems together, offering them  a shield of protection and lubrication…certain areas hold stronger concentrations of energy..interconnected with all the inner workings of the body.

Habitual poor posture causes the fascia to bind down or clump together to support the pressure that’s been imposed on it. This causes the fascia to deform, creating an abnormal pull , which in turn worsens the condition. Because this imbalance occurs over a long period of time, We don’t usually realize it until the pain becomes excruciating.

“Fascia shrinks and toughens in response to any kind of stress; physical, environmental or psychological. When your posture closes for an extended period, pressure through the crystalline ground substance signals special cells within your fascia to produce more fiber. This causes overlapping fascial sheaths to adhere to one another. The knots we feel in our muscles when we are tense result when adjacent layers of fascia stick together. Chronic tension in the upper shoulders for example, causes fascia around the involved muscles to form adhesions that make it difficult to stretch out. “The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand and Move in the Modern World ~ by Mary Bond

“The long-term effects of stress on your body can be devastating. Not only are you plagued by an increase of stress hormones you also suffer from other aspects of the Fight or Flight Response. In Fight Response you hold on tightly. You tighten your muscles as if you were preparing to do battle with an enemy. If you remain frozen in this state of consciousness over time, your muscle tissue continues to shorten, harden, dry out and bond together. The fascia, or “connective tissue proper” as it is often called, forms layers around and between your muscles. When the muscles remain in a constant state of contraction, they bond together in a process called “hydrogen bonding.” Return to Nature: The Five Pillars of Healing ~ by Jon Burras

Fascia is designed to counteract stress by absorbing and distributing it along its entire network to maintain balance and to help reduce both physical and emotional trauma to the body. “Restrictions” of any nature can cause the fascia to shorten, solidify and thicken as it constantly tries to deal with stress and tension throughout its entire network. Because the fascia works as a complete network from head to toe, it effect and cause structural problems anywhere in the body.

“Over time, fascial restrictions insidiously spread like a pull in a sweater or stocking. Flexibility and spontaneity of movement are lost, setting t up the body for more trauma, pain and movement limitation. Although fascia is predominantly aligned top to toe, abnormal forces can cause it to twist and turn increasing the tensile force, pulling the body out of its three-dimensional alignment with the vertical gravitation axix. This results in biomechanical inefficiency and highly energy-consuming movement and posture (Barnes 1990). Deformation of tissues and the tensile force of the entire fascial unity can create pressure of up to 2,000 pounds per square inch on pain-sensitive structures (Katake 1961). MYOFASCIAL RELEASE ~ Ruth Duncan

It is important to know that restrictions in the fascia do not show up in any of the normal testings, such as CT scan, X-rays, myelograms, blood work etc.  This is why, for a long time, myofascial problems were misdiagnosed or completely ignored.

Imagining the fascia as liquid crystal flowing into every cell and nucleus in the body, we can sense its extreme sensitivity/receptivity to our insides and emotions. Metaphysically we know unexpressed emotions of the past can become locked in our tissues and organs; the fascia then would undoubtedly retain physical trauma, memories, scars, pain and stress. This ‘irritation’ also causes inner friction, reduced movement and restrictions in tissue growth. . All these can cause the fascia to tighten, becomes knotted, congested, sticky or brittle; not only is there restriction in the area of the injury; but also affecting other areas of the body.  This can cause layers of the fascia to become glued together restricting blood flow to joints, limiting nerve activity and muscle contractions. Movement would be more painful, putting us in a holding pattern that affects the body, mind and emotions. Because the fascia is a web, like a spider’s web, a pull in any one part will cause a reverberation through the entire system.

“Because the fascia connects to all body regions, adhesions in one place can create strain in distant areas. A stiff knee can derive from restricted fascial organization in a foot or hip, from adhesions around digestive organs, or even from imbalanced head position due to hearing loss in one ear. Any immobilized region tugs on distant strands of the holistic fabric, distorting the entire organ of posture.” The New Rules of Posture: How to Sit, Stand and Move in the Modern World ~ by Mary Bond

As well, the fascia is a web or tapestry of family threads, inborn traits and emotional memories. The emotional pain originates early in childhood when the unconditional love that the child needs is not received. The parents usually mean well but their love wasn’t freely given, because they’ve were hiding from their own emotional pain. Not only are they afraid of showing emotions, they’re also afraid of feeling them. This emotional suppression tightens the threads of fascia in a stranglehold and the individual looks like they’re sitting on a time-bomb of sadness, anger and fear, which either explodes, or trickles out in states of moodiness.

If we try to avoid or deny we’re suffering, most of the time it becomes more intense, often showing up in different areas of our bodies with increasing vengeance.

“Copper wire is a well-known conductor of electricity. If copper wire becomes twisted or crushed, it loses its ability to conduct energy properly. It is thought that the fascia may act like copper wire when it becomes restricted through trauma, inflammatory processes, or poor posture over time. Then its ability to conduct the body’s bioelectricity seems to be diminished, setting structural compensations and, ultimately, symptoms or restrictions of motion.” Treatment of Chronic Pain by Integrative Approaches: ~ by Albert L.Ray 


MYO means ‘muscle’, and fascia means ‘tissue’.  We already know the fascia or connective tissue is a continuous web-like three dimensional structure that intertwines, surrounds and supports every muscle and cell in the body.  The term myofascia, refers to both the muscle (myo) and its ‘fascia’ as a single unit.

In truth, when we move, we are mostly feeling this through the fascia layers and not so much our muscles. The fluidity of the fascia allows to the muscles to slide and glide through, next to and across one another. Even when the mind is going through all ups and downs of glory and defeat, your fascia is going through a thousand details (involuntarily) before you move a single muscle.  So even though your body hasn’t performed a task, the fascia is working hard at fighting and resisting your perceived circumstances.  In truth, it shouldn’t be fighting at all!

There are several modes of healing that aim to release tightness in muscles by stretching tight bands of fascia in the muscles and skin. Myofascial Release, Bowen Therapy, Reiki, Quantum Healing, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, Acupressure are designed to release chronically shortened muscle fibers through hands-on-healing and slow stretching.

“Shiatsu as ‘bodywork’ is distinguished by pressure, which has a specific effect on the connective tissue….body tissue which have become congested, brittle or poorly circulated can rapidly regain hydration and flexibility through the application of pressure…and a better connection in communication throughout the cells of the whole body (piezoelectricity).  SHIATSU THEORY AND PRACTICE ~ Carola Beresford-Cooke

~ to be continued….

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The astral body can be thought of as a field of energy occupying roughly the same space as the aura, but constantly shaped and reshaped by patterns of thought and feeling. All images, words, and sensations affect this body, and are affected by it in turn; it interacts freely with the astral level of the cosmos, and with the astral bodies of other human and non-human beings. It contains most of those parts of the self we normally think of as “mental” or “inner”— intellect, emotion, imagination, will, and memory, the instruments of concrete consciousness — and it is also the basis for the individual personality.***

The mental body can be thought of as the essential pattern of the Soul. It can be described as a subtle “body” only in a highly metaphorical sense, and cannot be located in a spatial sense at all. This body is the instrument of abstract consciousness — that is, thought that does not involve forms and images of the sort we perceive with our senses — and thus makes it possible to perceive the core ideas or structures of experience, which exist outside of space and time.


The etheric, astral and lower mental bodies, all correlate with our physical existence on earth.  Each one of us is a unique human being, with particular personality characteristics and a spiritual essence or soul.

The astral reacts to emotions, feelings, and memories that are recorded and triggered in and from the etheric field, which impregnates every cell, tissue and organ in the physical body.  The etheric field, apart from the astral body has it own nervous system which is composed of a vast network of energy lines colored with violet or gray forces of light that surround and interpenetrate the body anchoring itself in the heart, the brain, and spleen of the physical body. Every cell within the human body is permeated and enclosed by this etheric matter. The tiny vessels called nadis are similar to the nerves of the body except that they are exposed and vulnerable to the slightest vibration.  As these webs of energy known as the nadis or etheric nerves  criss-cross one another they form  major cross-over points that look similar to the hub of a wheel.  These major crossover points connect and breathe life into the 7 major chakras, which also underlie and control the endocrine glands.  

The astral body, (called the desire body or field of senses) is not only a reflector of your feelings and emotions, it is also your relations to people, animals, plants, your environment and the universe.  The astral field surrounds and envelopes the etheric field, extending as far out as a foot or so from the physical body, it is filled with colors, textures and shapes, constantly expanding and contracting, depending on a person’s mood and emotional state.  If we could see the emotional richness of this field, it would be a wondrous display of flowing colors, changing at the slightest shift in one’s mood and behavior.  

Have you ever thrown a small stone into a pool and watched as it gently disturbed the surface the water?  It sends out waves of ever-increasing circles, radiating out in all directions…..If more than one stone was thrown, the waves would splash in all directions….anyone close to that particular shore would have a good chance of getting wet.  This is one example the astral can affect others energy.  But there is another way too.  The waves from the water also sends out sounds or vibrations ….concentric circles resonating through the air.  If the sound of the stone was loud hitting the water, the vibrations in the air would be fast and erratic…a whirlwind of energy.  Just imagine how far those vibrations could go!

The astral field can be cluttered with passions, experiences, worries, regrets, negative self-images, memories, actions, reactions, emotions, analyses, hopes and fears.  From the time we learnt to express ourselves verbally, we have struggled to find words that would express our feelings that would be ‘acceptable’ to our friends, parents and teachers.  We began to wear masks to disguise our true feelings from others, to protect ourselves from criticism and disapproval.  Every time we do or say anything or have anything done or said to us, we add another distraction and our true self gets buried deeper and deeper.  The more we hold in and hold back our thoughts and feelings, this flux of energy can have a direct affect on the body’s nervous, endocrine, muscular and immune system.  

(Interestingly, the word endocrinology comes from the Greek words meaning ‘within’ and ‘I separately’ and this truly explains the role it plays in our lives.  Each of these centers has a symbolic meaning….looking at the seven endocrines from the top of the head down,  the pituitary is  considered the ‘master gland’, the pineal is known as the ‘third eye’, the thyroid represents ‘our power to choose’, the thymus is ‘the director of the immune system’, the adrenals are called the’ fight/flight center’, and the testes (male) and ovaries (female) continue our existence as a species. 

“It is…known that the most powerful chemical created in the body come from..[the] endocrine glands.  Likewise, it has been found that each is a neurohormonal transducer—able to convert electrical energy in to hormonal energy, and vice versa.  A neuro-hormone is a hormone that affects nervous system function or a hormone released due to nerve stimuli.” William A. McGarey, M.D.

“Whatever electricity is to man, that’s what the power of God is.  Man may in the material world use God-force, God-power or electricity…..” Edgar Cayce  

I’m getting a little ahead of myself here in regards to the nervous system, endocrines, chakras and aura, which we will look at in detail later.  But I felt it was important to have some understanding of the endocrine glands, which are both physical and spiritual ‘beings’.  These 7 spiritual/glandular centers have a consciousness of their own and each is related to the other 6 through our nervous system and the hormones in the blood.  Each one of us has a ‘group’ of amazing consciousnesses inside our being….each with its own history and experiences.  And, each center has its own attitude, responses, feelings and works differently in any given situation.  It is the nervous system and these seven areas of consciousness that make each of us unique, showing how we’ve communicated with spirit flowing through our bodies.  Carl Jung was one the first to see and understand this, birthing the concept of  ‘the archetypes’.  

“….the easiest way to work with the chakras physically and through their associated endocrine glands.  Each chakra is affiliated with a specific gland.  Endocrine glands produce hormones, substances that stimulate growth and development.  There are nearly 100 known hormones in the body.  Working with a chakra through diet, intentional healing, holistic processes, and other means can create optimum function for the related gland and the entire region related to that chakra.” Cyndi Dale 

As well, clairvoyants, healers and those developing a greater spiritual awareness are aware of the subtle fields and energy patterns that reflect what may be happening or what’s about to happen to a client’s physical and emotional levels.  Just as an illness can manifest in the subtle bodies, healing too often comes through the subtle fields before it can manifest in the physical, which is why many healers work, at least partly in the aura, without laying their hands directly on the physical body.  Sensing the subtle fields gives us a clue of problem areas that are excessive, weak, tense, blocked or held in by the client.  Healing relaxes, de-stresses and unclutters the mind.

Most of us are awkward in expressing our feelings at one time or another.  The reason is that we rehearse in our minds what we want to say before we say it.  The complexity involved with talking this over within ourselves is happening so fast we’re not even aware of it.  The problem with this is that we usually lose touch with the original, basic feeing that emotionally motivated us in the first place.  So when we express something different than what we originally felt, a split occurs between the body, mind, and our feelings and expressions.  

When two people interested in each other, come together, they immediately create and project hair-thin threads of auric energy.  These threads connect the two auras, feeding emotions and data from one to the other.  All communication between the connected individuals is accomplished through the subconscious mind and telepathy.  But when we are not expressing our true feelings, we are not being real, authentic, other people can feel this on a subtle level though they don’t interpret the feeling consciously.  

“The electromagnetic field that surrounds your Earth and moves through the entire universe is continually adjusted and affected by your every move, thought, and action. Thus you are part of the intricate web of energy that flows through the entire cosmos. As you can effect the energy of the entire cosmos, so too you can effect the energy of each other. You have the ability to send love to the farthest reaches of creation and at the very moment that you send the energy, your intention makes it so. Therefore in this way you move in unison with each other co-creating harmony or discord within the turning cycles of creation.” http://www.newagevillage.com/wiki/index.php/Healing_As_Energy_Transfer

This puts you right smack in the intricate web of energy that flows through the entire cosmos. Something so simple as an act of kindness will pulse along this intricate net of connections, sending and spreading positive feelings in all directions.  

*I still remember when I was in the ER with my oldest son who had accidentally stepped on an old rusty nail.  The wound had been cleansed and we were waiting for the nurse to give him a tetanus injection.  On the other side of the room was a woman crying and sitting all alone.  I felt so sad that I couldn’t do anything for her.  On impulse I sat beside her and held her hand.  I still remember the smile that arose upon her face, her eyes all watery.  The woman seemed so relieved, so happy.  I thought, I would cry too.  Words simply cannot explain what happened that day.  All I can say is that I’ve never looked upon simple touch as so simple after all.  When I spoke of this to my healing teachers and friends, they said healing energy was being transferred to the woman.  But I see it differently.  We are all energetically interconnected, there is no separation.  Energy is what we are and when we learn to dance with the energy and share it with others, this is what truly makes us what we truly are.  So don’t be afraid to ask others if they need a hug.  And don’t be afraid to ask if you need one.  And even beyond touch, don’t be afraid to smile and say hello to strangers walking past.  As a society we need to move beyond the fear we have toward each other.   

Emotions are what God used when creating the Universe.  Without emotions, art, music, the stars, singing birds, earth, angels and you would not exist.  The word emotion comes from the Latin meaning ‘to move out from’.  Energy must be free to flow in order for love to exist.  Just as the blood in your veins needs to flow in order to keep you alive, energy, e-motion, needs to flow to keep your soul qualities of love, health, abundance and creativity alive within in you.  

If you think about it, everything you desire is tied up in your emotions.  All the joy, all the abundance, all the love and all the peace, energy, enthusiasm and playfulness are all part of emotion.  When you suppress your feelings of sadness, grief, anger and pain, you also suppress the love and joy along with them.  Emotion is the key to creation and an important step in becoming your higher self.  

Suppressing your emotion will not make it go away.  The stagnated emotion will reside in your auric field, in the muscles and cells of your body…and begin to make up your energy.  This core energy has a resonance, and this will in turn begin to resonate with similar energy patterns.  These energies can be events or other people.  So no matter how you try you will not succeed in escaping the pain…you’ll take it with you wherever you go and possibly increase the load as years go by.  

I have learned that as soon as something starts to go ‘wrong’ in my life, it means that I am no longer in the upward spiral.  Almost every time something isn’t working for me it has lead to a release of something, and mostly it meant forgiving someone else and myself in the process.  I’ve also learnt that the release and expression of emotion is the key to allowing more love, joy and abundance in my life, I have also learned there is a fine balance between delving into my past and staying in it.  

One of the issues that everyone faces when clearing up their emotional debris is how to let go of the situation and the beliefs surrounding it.  To do this we have to understand the ‘mind’ and the mind isn’t just in the brain but in every part of the body.  It is constantly recording stimuli and input and experience.  The mind is the seat of all our beliefs, perceptions, experiences, memories and aspirations.  It is the most powerful tool we have in our possession and also the most difficult one to control.  A portion of the mind, is also connected to the autonomic nervous system which is always active, even while asleep, giving us the gift of life by keeping our organs and systems working together, by controlling our circulatory system, breathing, heart-rate, blood pressure, etc.   The autonomic is also the domain of your unconscious mind, your dreams and all your memories of present and past lives.  We’ll explore all this in Part IV of the Subtle Anatomy, the Causal Body. 

Within the soul and higher self lay all the answers as to why an event, relationship or circumstance happened and the reason why.   

“The key to healing lies in the unconscious.  If we can become aware of the memories stored in our bodies and bring them to mind, we can gain a different, nonrational understanding of how the past influences the present and our conscious minds and actions.  We can do it if we learn to tap into what I call the intuition network, to help us envision and create healthier lives, instead of allowing old memories and patterns of behavior to continue re-creating painful experiences.” Mona Lisa Schulz



*The skin really is the body of the soul.  It is actually one of the richest sources of all the hormones found in the body.  So when we stimulate the skin we can cause a shower of healing chemicals into our blood stream.  One of the most important of these are growth factors or growth hormones.  By simply stimulating the skin we can produce these growth factors or hormones right into our blood stream.  Like the other organs, the skin is also the seat of emotions.  When we are deeply moved we say we were deeply touched.  We describe situations as sticky, ticklish or thorny, all these have to do with sensations in our body.  Therefore the experience of touch or sensation linked to a thought is really what an emotion is.  Once again, we can influence emotions, feelings and desires through our skin as a result of the release of these hormones.)

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