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Within our humanness, there is a drive, a hunger, to seek, find, understand and re-unite with an essence greater than ourselves. It is a sense that somewhere exists an infinite place of total, unconditional Cosmic LOVE. A place of such magnitute that all human experience pales before it. We ‘all’ yearn for this, whether you believe this or not.

We all need a place where we can rest in silence and solitude. It’s a place, a safe haven where we can reconnect with that ‘still’ small voice and hear the whispers and guidance from a higher wisdom. It’s a place where we can escape from the fast lanes of existence, balance ourselves out and feel comfortable and relaxed in our bodies. The problem is when we don’t want to come back to reality. We want to stay (hide) in the free flowing, worry-free living of space. It becomes an addiction.

“Meditation, however, is anything but a cure-all and has dangers too. Many people use meditation as a method for relaxation and may complicate a problem that already exists: lack of extraverted involvement. For such people, the indiscriminate use of meditation may unnecessarily increase loneliness and contribute to reducing lively contact with reality.”
Arnold Mindell

In the last segment of this blog, we learnt that inactivity leads to bone loss. We also discovered weightlessness, has many scientists worried about the bones of astronauts who venture and stay in space.

Spiritual addiction leads to physical inactivity which also leads to bone loss. Spiritually addicted people prefer a quiet, dreamy solitude, they lack interest in the daily routines of life and their own physical body. This can lead to lack of exercise and careless eating habits, which quickly can affect the bodily system and undermine its health as well. The body lacks breath, motion, experience, curiosity and many other activities that make life worth living. The more we live in the higher chakras of the body, the more disconnected we will become to reality. The upper chakras will be spinning at full throttle but the torso, legs and feet immobile. Less blood will be pumped through the circulatory system, causing softening of the vein walls. In time, the heart could utterly collapse from lack of movement.

“In my view, the drama of human existence, and the drama of the transpersonal, take place against a rich psychological backdrop of good and evil. If we deny the psychological reality of evil, then how can we partake fully or deeply in life’s drama? This does not mean, however, that we must therefore accept the existence of transcendent Evil, in the sense of a metaphysical reality beyond the realm of human experience. For me, and this is crucial, the transpersonal does not necessarily imply, nor depend upon, the metaphysical transcendent. Transpersonal means the transcendence of ego boundaries, not the transcendence of human, psychological or interpersonal realities. Transpersonal development involves becoming more fully and more deeply human, not rising above our humanity.

In order to reclaim and enrich our humanness it is necessary, I believe, to acknowledge fully the shadow side of human nature, both personal and collective, and to find meaningful, creative, soulful responses to the challenges that this awareness will bring. As human beings who happen to be transpersonal psychologists, we should also realise that there is an important shadow side to the transpersonal that must be understood and responded to.” The Shadow in Transpersonal Psychology by Michael Daniels

The below case study deals with a couple who were very much into the Hippie Movement, Woodstock and illicit drugs.  They believed in the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out”  adopted by Dr. Timothy Leary, one of the founding fathers of the Hippie Movement.   

Dr. Leary apparently ate the legendary “sacred mushrooms,” which he purchased from a shaman. The psychedlic mushroom apparently put him into a  state of mystico-religious ecstasy, which he described as the deepest religious experience of his life. From then on, Dr. Leary, a lecturer in psychology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated
himself totally to research on the effects and possibilities of the use of
psychedelic drugs.  This research was doomed from the start and Leary was put in prison for possession of illegal drugs.

This link http://www.flashback.se/archive/my_problem_child/chapter5.html#6 is about Dr. Tim Leary and is actually chapter 5 of a whole book entitled My Problem Child From Remedy to Inebriant by Albert Hofmann. 

“After nothing had been heard from Leary for a long time, his name again appeared in the daily papers in summer 1975 with the announcement of a parole and early release from prison. But he was not set free until early in 1976. I learned from his friends that he was now occupied with psychological problems of space travel and with the exploration of cosmic relationships between the human nervous system and interstellar space – that is, with problems whose study would bring him no further difficulties on the part of governmental authorities.”  Albert Hofmann

This case study involves a couple I met at a Health Conference in Toronto, 5 years ago. Chris and Gail were both in their late fifties and in their younger days, known as the Hippie Generation and the Love Children.  They both definitely knew of Dr. Leary and both Chris and Gail had tried LSD and ‘magic mushrooms’.  It isn’t for certain if the drugs had anything to do with their inability to have children…..only Gail sadly spoke of this.

Today, Gail suffers from osteoporosis and other complications. Chris had severe osteoporosis and died 2 years ago from Cancer invading his whole body.

After the Hippie movement, Chris dedicated his life to Buddhism and Channeling, Gail worked feverishly to pay the rent, keep the home clean and meals at the table. She gave Chris space to further his studies and worked with him in her spare time. On weekends they went into seclusion, meditating each day from morning to night. Neither one knew how this threatened the bodily function, until Chris slipped a couple of stairs and broke his hip and pelvis. A bone scan revealed his bones literally melting away!


At the time of our meeting, Chris was wheelchair bound with a nasty cold. Gail, a tiny frame of a woman, told me her energy felt divided between her daily tasks and her spiritual activities. She told me the more she meditated the more she wanted to spend there. “The world seemed so cruel and unyielding all I wanted to do was escape the turmoil.” Instead of training her mind at the task at hand, she and Chris lived in the Universe’s all embracing love. Instead of being aware of their surroundings, they dissolved them into nothingless. “The more I did this, the more scattered and confused I became.” Reality had given them a hard knock, forcing them to re-gain consciousness.

Both were intrigued with Hands-on-Healing and asked if Reiki would help them. At the time I wasn’t sure how or what the Reiki would do; the only way to find out was to try it. And that we did. Gail came first. As I scanned her body, her outer energy felt distorted and revealed it had suffered a great loss of energy, especially to the immune system and endocrine glands. Also, for Gail’s age, her skin was wrinkly, her hair all white. As my hands scanned her throat area, the former vibration of heat from her energy body suddenly went numb and cool. Although healers are not allowed to diagnose, I felt her thyroid levels of thyroxin were low. Hypothyroidism can mimic aging which is caused by an abnormal decrease in a person’s metabolism. I recommended she ask her doctor for a full blood test. I also felt Gail was dehydrated, depressed, malnourished and inactive.

After scanning Gail’s body, the Reiki treatment began. Starting at the head area, I slowly worked to the position of invoking the Sei-Hei-Ki symbol for mental/emotional healing. It is in this placement we intuitively ask the client if they would like a spiritual and emotional healing. Most times a Reiki practictioner will hear a Yes or No; sometimes the body itself will physically reveal if it does or does not want to proceed. In Gail’s case, it was a big YES!

I was not prepared for what happened next. Unbenownst to me, Gail’s tissue and muscle (especially the upper back, the reverse side of the heart) had served as an armor to hold in all past emotions and prevent them from rising to the surface.

Blocks are held by the tissue, the story behind those blocks are held in the bone. Layers and layers of hidden and denied needs cried out for recognition. Each had a voice of their own as the room suddenly seemed full of several different entities. Gail’s body seemed to slightly rise up and slump back down on the Reiki table. She started sobbing as repressed wounds and clinging pasts were released. I’d never seen anything like it! Deep down I sensed feelings/past-lives/issues still weren’t ready to be released, they held on like glue. They were locked away in her lymph glands and sub-basement, more work was needed for Gail to find the key.

(When I do a healing, my guides are automatically present and beside me. I imagine a white pail filled with sea salt by my feet and near the treatment bed. This pail is used to absorb, cleanse and purify darker energies put in it. At the end of a healing session, I imagine the pail being hurled into space and cleansed/transformed by the light of the Sun.)

The whole session took nearly 2 hours to complete. Her adrenals and liver were lethargic and exhausted. When this happens, the cortex of the adrenals gives off a hormone called cortisol. When this hormone is dramatically elevated it reduce’s the stomach’s ability to resist its own acid, this could lead to ulcers and gastritis. All this can also affect the thyroid, the gas pedal of our metabolism. If you’ve ever felt an inexplicable inner shakiness, this could be caused by an exhausted thyroid gland.

I explained to Gail that as she continues to let go and clean out old experiences, her aura will change color, become clearer and less dense. It will flows smoother and more evenly and her energy patterns will increase. I recommended acupuncture, acupressure or shiatsu to work on her swollen lymph glands (these glands are an important part of the immune system). It is here foreign substances are surrounded and dealt with by an army of white blood cells called in by the physical body.

Gail was amazed of the initial healing and frankly so was I.  The healer’s body is but a conduit for a higher power.


Chris’ healing was a totally different story. When he finally came to see me, through the urgings of Gail, his energy was silent, withdrawn and lethargic. More than once I had to call him back to reality as he seemed to lose focus and disappear into a spacey, dreamy kind of altered state. It seemed to be his way of skirting different aspects of himself as well as refusing to be consciously aware of ‘things as they are’. He seemed split off from life to avoid the challenges, risks and unplesant experiences that are a necessary part of living. When one does this, he becomes less in contact with himself and less in contact with his surroundings. Chris seemed to be putting himself to sleep to avoid his own feelings and desires. A hynoptic sleep to ignore these experiences.

When our thoughts are free, our feelings flowing, our bodily senses intact, we have contact with the outer world as well as what’s happening on an inner level. As I nudged toward this possibility, Chris changed the topic to, annihilation of the Ego to reach elightenment through Ascension. Oh my gawd, this is a misconception many spiritual teachers and gurus have taught their students….to kill the ego to make real spiritual progress.

“Those who try to “kill” the ego by an act of will are usually those who are least comfortable with their own ego, whose ego is in active conflict with their spiritual aspirations and who wish to achieve the wishes of one part of their personality at the expense of some other part. This is psychological rape, for which the abused psyche will surely seek revenge. Generally these people convince themselves that they have destroyed their own ego, when in fact they are merely ignoring it.” Marilyn Waram

We are to live in this world, we won’t survive it or protect ourselves if we don’t. Chris seemed to be in search of a world, an illusionists dream of a world filled only with unconditional love which he couldn’t seem to find. This endless search, I discovered, left him with a horrible craving and an empty feeling inside. The more he yearned for it the more ungrounded he became. I could tell his physical system was starting to burn up by this high circuity of energy and sooner or later he was going to blow a fuse.

When I approached Chris to scan to his body, he in turn took two steps backward, as if to say, “I don’t want to do this.” Almost immediately I sensed a tension creeping through his body, as muscles tightened around his chest and stomach, making his breathing difficult. His body stumbled towards me as if it was crying out for help. It was obvious he was visibly disturbed at what I had just witnessed and tried to compensate for what was happening. I in turn was feeling at my wits end on how I was going to help this guy. It took a few seconds for me to realize it was he who was projecting those thoughts on me. I had to re-center myself so as not to lock in on his emotions.

Emotions force us to do something to remove the tensions they’ve caused. And one of the best ways of removing tension is to talk. So I decided to break the ice. Through experience, I have learned that although emotions are aching to be released, sometimes we wait for the other person to put our puzzle pieces into a whole picture….which I was grasping to do. The problem was, all the pieces didn’t seem to be there! Or, I had become too emotionally involved.

I asked Chris what he was trying to do with his life. It was a question he appeared ready for. His answer was to make the world a better place through his spiritual work. I told him, if he wants to change the world, the best place to start is his own life. I reminded him that the Aborigines in Australia were the ones that said….”you must become the change you want to see in the world.” Chris looked as if he was going to escape into another dream world, when a sudden commotion down the hall jolted him back to the moment. Again, it seemed something or someone was intervening. Chris seemed drained of trying to hold in all that unwanted energy and leaned against the healing bed. “How can you help me”, he asked. “Let me show you” I answered.

As I scanned his body I told Chris everything I was doing but not ‘all’ what I was feeling. His insides were chaotic and literally on fire. It was if there was a rebellion going on, a war that had been going on far too long. I’d seen this before and although I wasn’t totally sure, (and not allowed to diagnose) Chris’ body showed signs of possible cancer. Cancer has no regard for human life, only for its own survival. Could it be that all those denied and pushed away feelings were now rebelling, forming unsociable behaviors, that in our outside world is seen as gang related. And these gang members were wreaking havoc on the normal cells of Chris’s body? Again, I wasn’t sure.

When I tried the Reiki mental/emotional symbol on Chris, the answer was a flat NO. He wasn’t ready to release anything yet. His emotions were locked up as if in a tightly secure prison with no way out. As I proceeded to do hands-on-healing, I could feel this tightly held energy trying to force its way up my arms and through my body. Fortunately, Reiki attunements and its symbols won’t let this happen; they protect the healer from coming in contact with these extreme static energies.


The Chinese beleived that the vital force call chi, circulates in the body thorugh meridians traveling a set route between organs and systems. The meridians are either yin or yang depending upon which way the chi flows. The meridians have an intimate connection with the nerve pathways of the body’s autonomic nervous system which is linked to every organ and part of the body. When chi is flowing through each of the twelve meridians, the body is kept in balance and good health. The autonomic nervous system works continually without you even having to be aware of it. This system helps you breathe, digest, grow new cells, keeps hormones balanced and your heart beating to name a few. It is only recently that we are paying more conscious attention to our bodily functions rather than leaving them on auto pilot.

Paying close attention to the flow of Chris’ meridians, the kidney meridian was one of interest. The kidney meridian (Yin) flows ‘up’ the body. It starts at the sole of the foot and runs up the back of the leg to the front of the body. From this point it ascends in a straight line to the breast bone. Disorders associated with this meridian include brittle and soft bones, back pain, asthma, phlebitis, varicose veins as well as uterus and prostate problems and a weak bladder.

The bladder meridian (Yang) complements the kidney bladder and flows ‘down’ the body. It is one of the longest meridians that starts from the inner corner of the eye, passes over the head and divides at the base of the neck, creating two branches that run down along each side of the spine, past the buttocks, down the back leg and ending at the little toe.

While I was scanning Chris’ body, my hands, especially the fingers, followed the meridian lines which sensed what was balanced and what was not.

When energy work is needed on the meridians I like using a Herkimer diamond which complements and enhances the Reiki healing energy. Because these herkimer diamonds are small and hard to handle, I sewed mine into a pair of laced cotton gloves. I don’t need to worry about losing them and their effectiveness and healing potential are increased with most cotton materials.

Chris and I talked through the whole procedure though he carefully guarded his deepest secrets. I realized Chris wasn’t truly meditating, he was using it as an escape to avoid being bulldozed by the weight of his emotions.

I suggested an alkaline diet for Chris which comprised of mostly fruits and vegetables. Also a complete medical was adviced. I aso told this to Gail who made sure Chris made the appointment. It was through the medical field that Chris was diagnosed with cancer of the prostrate which eventually found its way into his liver and lungs. Sadly, Chris passed away in 2007. Gail has taken living in the moment very seriously. We are still in contact with each other even though we’re thousands of miles apart. After Chris died, Gail decided to move closer to her sister’s farm in Texas.

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“Healing is primarily a spiritual process proceeding from within outward, from the spiritual center to the circumference of the physical body.”Eric Butterworth

Life is so fast paced, we hardly notice feeling run down and stressed—we think of it as a normal state until the effects catch up to us in the form of a break down, illness or physical pain. Usually this cycle begins with an upset, which then leads to stress. Stress is usually caused by change, a change we don’t want or feel we can’t handle—this causes emotional discomfort, which causes spiritual pain and then dis-ease.

We go to the doctor, purchase expensive medicines only to find they create more havoc in our lives. What doctors don’t know is how some drugs (e.g. for depression), affects the brain. Science is re-discovering what our great grandmothers knew years ago…..that our state of mind affects our health. Depression plays a role in many different illnesses and it is also known to diminish the immune response. It really is time doctors paid closer attention to the feelings and perceptions of their patients as well as how they consider their health, their disease and the status of their illness.

Also, scientists have discovered nerve fibers seem to influence the immune system. If you were to dissect the spleen for example, you would find something surrounding the blood vessels. If you were to study this closer and look at all the other organs of the immune system you’d discover nerve fibers going into each one and forming a direct connection with the immune system cells! Do the nerves control some aspect of the immune response? Yes they do!

Chakras and Meridians

For each illness, we’ll be covering the chakras and then the meridians which are affected. This entry isn’t as yet complete. I’ll be updating it daily until completed.

Our body is composed not only of physical elements such as muscles, bones, nerves arteries, organs, glands, etc.; it is also enveloped by an energy field that surrounds and protects us from bacteria and germs as well as from pollutants in the environment. This subtle energy is a template or mirror of the physical system which is composed of energy centers emanating from the spine, and surrounding the physical body. Anything that affects the body must pass through this protective shield first—which enters through our awareness via our intuition, thoughts and emotions. The energy bodies have energy centers or chakras or ‘wheels of light’ which look like spinning discs that allow Chi, Prana, the Lifeforce to circulate through the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Each chakra also has its own tone and color. These centers then feed twelve channels which flow like rivers or streams, carrying Prana energy throughout the physical body, to nourish and assist it in balancing the body’s systems and functions.

In Chinese medicine, the body is made up of circuits of energy called Meridians. Twelve channels are directly connected with the body’s internal organs, while two channels deal with important circulatory functions. When energy becomes imbalanced or stagnated, our vitality drops and discomfort and sickness may occur. These meridians just happen to run close to the nerves and arteries of the body—in fact it interpenetrates our physical system. This proves that the aura (electromagnetic field) of the body does exist and can also reflect health and illness. Bright colors are indicative of a healthy body whereas muddy colors can indicate an illness or an impending health problem. The invention of Kirlian photography allowed scientists to see the aura was not just one’s vivid imagination—it really does exist! The aura is an outward expression and reflection of what’s happening energetically and physically in the body—through the chakras, meridians and etheric system.

A friend of mine who is an acupuncturist told me there are 365 known acupoints along the meridian channels. One of Sue’s in-class assignments was to paint iodine dots to recognize these points on another student’s body—and likewise the other student did the same to her. I had visions of a class of naked bodies and told Sue what I imagined. She laughed and said they all wore bathing suits under their clothes that day—bathing suits that could stained by the iodine. We burst into laughter at the thought of this spectacle! After recovering from our hearty laugh, Sue mentioned that energy tends to stagnate along these specific points…..when this happens these acupoints become sensitive to pressure. Most healers, whatever profession, have gifted hands that act like a magnet, attracted to areas a patient didn’t even know were sore.

The body is laced an incredible electrical system that interpenetrates the body, the immune system and lymph glands and nodes as well as our Spirit.

“The lymph glands are a part of our immune system as they help purify the blood, keeping it healthy and strong. They also “clean up” garbage in the body (such as dead cells in the blood) for removal. Their relationship to the blood implies that the lymph glands are intimately connected to keeping us in an even emotional state, constantly purfiying our emotions. Swollen glands or blocked lymph nodes can therefore imply an emotional blocking or a denial of emotions, leaving us unprotected and vulnerable to invading poisons, or to the effect of poisonous feelings.” (Debbie Shapiro The BodyMind Workbook).

Chakras are not solid objects. You cannot physically see or hold them in your hands—but, you can ‘feel’ them and each of us feels them slightly different—kind of like an electrical current felt humming through a set of wires. Some people have been known to ‘see’ the chakras and aura of the body.

In CFS and FM, I found and others agree that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th chakras are affected. The 1st, chakra is the structure that builds your house or physical body. This is the base or center that supports all the other six chakras. The 1st chakra is connected to one’s identity, your ancestors, your family, the earth, to physical survival, grounding, in the Now, etc.. I believe the immune system is also part of this chakra as well as muscle, bones and the circulatory system. It can be compromised by stress, depression, grief and loneliness—there’s a sense of helplessness and hopelessness. When there is a low sense of Self, we’re looking at the 3rd chakra and repressed feelings the 2nd. These unexpressed emotions and feelings become 5th chakra issues which eventually upset our body chemistry.

The Chakra Test

Did any of you do the Chakra Test posted earlier? http://www.eclecticenergies.com/chakras/chakratest.php

My friend Jenny was kind of enough to comment her findings. I did the Chakra test as well. Our tests were very similar, so I thought I’d post Jenny’s and look at them in relation to the chakras. .

Root: under-active (13%)Sacral: open (63%)Navel: over-active (75%)Heart: open (50%)Throat: over-active (75%)Third Eye: open (56%)Crown: open (44%)

The areas where Jenny and I slightly differed were the Navel and Crown. My Navel (3rd Chakra) was open (25%) and the Crown (62%).

The three lower chakras, 1, 2, 3, govern self-consciousness, survival and will, the 4th or heart chakra is the bridge that connects our physical and spiritual awareness—chakras 5, 6, 7.

In relation to CFS and FM, the Root or 1st chakra is under-active or disconnected from its Base. This chakra is the foundation for the entire chakra system—it acts much like an anchor plunged deep within the earth. Damage to this chakra can be caused by hurtful memories, trauma, loss or pain which becomes imprinted or stored in the bones, joints and immune system. Uprootedness can also be caused by losing someone dear to us or if we are alienated from the family.

The main job of the base chakra is to help a person cope with his or her environment. This takes the form of survival, fight or flight, or mastery over one’s physical condition in life. The color of this chakra is Red, Brown and Mauve. Of all the chakra colors it’s vibration is the lowest, while the crown or 7th chakra vibrates the highest.

Did you know most intuitive people tend to get Fibromyalgia or pains in the back and neck? Psychics can see events that could happen in a person’s life. If these events are detrimental to the client, they will with great intensity try to change a person’s course in life, based on what their intuition is telling them. The sheer pressure of the Will’s force can create a pain in the neck. The neck is 5th chakra issues and is about saying the right thing at the right time and to the right person.

For example, an intuitive tarot reader is called upon when we need them to focus on dispelling illusions, or looking at a situation in its skeletal form. To make things clear and understandable, this person has to use a lot of their own energy to separate, distinguish and express the meaning of the cards. If the tarot reader tries to rescue, change and convince someone’s fate, the effort required to try and get through to them will drain precious energy in the intuitive’s neck. It’s like you see the person’s potential but they don’t! We end up hitting our heads against a brick wall which can cause neck problems, headaches, ear problems (tinnitus, vertigo, dizzyness), etc. So when we try to force our will and way on someone else, (I’m right, you’re wrong) we suffer neck problems.

The back has been known to be a guidance system when something isn’t right in our lives. Also, the upper chakras may be more predominant than the lower, which leaves less support for and care towards physical needs.

“Without awareness of bodily feeling and attitude, a person becomes split into a disembodied spirit and a disenchanted body.” Alexander Lowen

This is something I have struggled with for a long time. It became common practice to direct my energy away from the onslaught of my family. It was my way of escaping when physically I couldn’t get away. Now I no longer fear persecution, but I still find myself escaping at times when I should be listening. And I’ve had to ask people to repeat what they were saying, because I was in another world when they were speaking.

This takes us to the 7th chakra, and as indicated mine is open around 62%. This is almost at an over-active state. When the 1st chakra and 7th chakra act as a pair and in a somewhat balanced way, we find ourselves searching for a deeper meaning to life. We turn towards spiritual philosophies to widen our understanding so we can explore and verify our perceptions with greater care.

With my 7th so open, I’m more in my head then in my body, ignoring or denying the signals my body struggles to point out. To give you a visual, imagine a helium filled balloon for someone’s head—there is definitely a lack of earth and an overpowering desire to just float away. This denial can over-burden and strain the whole system which eventually succumbs to pain and complete exhaustion. We lose vital energy and power. It also can affect the skeletal system and the teeth.

The body doesn’t get sick without reason. When we choose to ignore it or something stressful going on in our lives, the body will produce symptoms. What we need to do is understand the weak areas of our body and the symbolic message it’s trying to send us. Also, the medicines, herbs and natural products you’re taking right now, are they good for your body?

Kinesiology is a technique in muscle testing. Applied kinesiology shows us there is a direct relationship between certain organs and muscles in the body. For instance the hamstring muscle is connected to the large intestine and the quadriceps muscle to the small intestine. So when we have an intestinal flue, we experience weakness in the legs.

To do try this test, grab something that you know is detrimental to the body. This test requires two people. Hold the tomato with one hand in front of your stomach area or solar plexus (3rd chakra) and extend your other arm straight out in front of your body, palm down. The other person also stands by your side and holds his or her arm out in front of their body. They then place their wrist above yours and applies pressure down as you apply pressure up. There should be a balanced pressure. If what is being held to your stomach is not good for your health, your arm will be weak and will not be able to maintain the outstretched position.

Now try something that you think is good for your health and do the same test. If this product is beneficial for you, your arm will maintain strong and you’ll easily resist the pressure of the other person.

I found a couple of interesting sites on Kinesiology http://www.advancedliving.com/muscletest.ivnu

Energy testing yourself http://feelingfree.net/awareness/selftest.htm

I’m also learning to stop what I’m doing for a moment and do a quick body check. Asking the body how it feels, allows us to listen in on the emotions and feelings at the moment. As we learned earlier, we become ‘aware’ of our bodily sensations. This leads us to the 2nd chakra and the Element Water. Water gives us a sense of movement. This chakra relates to emotions, intimacy, movement, creative energy, money, sexuality and power.

The Earth’s constant motion moves in conjunction with the four seasons, day and night, time and tide. Earth is but a small dot in the universe yet, an integral part of an incredible planetary system in which predictable cycles are a common denominator. But it is the emotional cycles of human life – how people feel – that changes trends with the masses, creates wars, laws, creativity, economic and ecological shifts, and evolution itself.

Feelings are constantly being triggered inside us but we are not always aware of them. At some point we become weighed down by all the unaddressed and unexpressed emotions—we become depressed or unhappy without actually knowing why. Movement of the water stagnates—our bodies fill up with toxins affecting our muscles, moods and clouding our minds. We may have a tendency to hold water, or experience problems in relation to elimination. Our 3rd chakra, loses enthusiasm, our adrenalines burned out.

When we fear losing control with our finances, relationships, jobs, sexuality, the 2nd chakra becomes disempowered. Not only does our creativity become stifled and we suffer from mood swings—we feel stuck, powerless, seeing no way out of a situation.

When I started this section of my blog, I was very serious in accomplishing this at a certain date and time. What happened was I got myself into a tizzy about getting it done. And the more I stressed about it, the more it bogged me down and slowed my progress. What happened was my FM hit with a vengeance. This increased my sense of powerlessness and loss of creativity. This also crumbles a sense of Self Worth (3rd chakra). The Fibromyalgia forced me to let go, to stop feeling the urge to hang on so tightly. For three days I was in excruciating pain. But in the process a new energy entered my life—new input of how to create this section which became of great value to me. I saw I was trying to create and do it ‘my way’—which stopped me in my tracks. FM not only slowed down my mobility but also helped me tune into spiritual guidance and what others could also offer me.

The 2nd chakra is also about being with others who are willing to invest time, knowledge and energy together. When this happens our lives burst wide open. My FM subsided albeit slowly—but the gift it gave me was allowing Spirit and others in, accepting what they had to offer.

Parts of the body controlled by the 2nd chakra are the sexual organs, large intestine, lower vertebrae, pelvis, appendix, bladder and hip area.

The base chakra gives us stability, the 2nd or sacral chakra gives us movement. Without water, the earth would be infertile. Picture a beautiful waterfall flowing majestically down a mountain. Look closely at the rock formation and see how the water has gently carved, molded and smoothed the face of the stone. Together earth and water create a potent connection. This helps us to see that the sacral chakra also has to do with our bodily fluids, blood circulation, hydration and elimination. It is also linked to the lympathic system which takes us to the 5th or throat chakra. The chakra of Willpower and Self Expression. The thyroid and parathyroid sit here.

Quoted from…. http://www.parathyroid.com/parathyroid-function.htm

“The sole purpose of the parathyroid glands is to control calcium within the blood in a very tight range between 8.8 and 10.2. In doing so, parathyroids also control how much calcium is in the bones, and therefore, how strong and dense the bones are. Although the parathyroid glands are located next to (and sometimes inside) the thyroid gland, they have no related function. The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolism and has no effect on calcium levels while parathyroid glands regulate calcium levels and have no effect on metabolism. Calcium is the element that allows the normal conduction of electrical currents along nerves–its how our nervous system works and how one nerve ‘talks’ to the next. Our entire brain works by fluxes of calcium into and out of the nerve cells. Calcium is also the primary element which causes muscles to contract.”

The parathyroid function is to release a hormone into the blood which balances the level of calcuim released from the bones into the blood stream! So why does parathyroidism occur more in women who are no longer in their child bearing years or in the throws of menopause? When this particular area is not functioning well, calcium may begin building in the blood. Not only does it adhere to the blood vessels and main arteries of the body, it can cause mental confusion as well.

AND, researchers are looking at this as well as inflammation and an overactive immune system in the study of Alzheimer’s disease. An over active immune system can cause inflammation in our central nervous system and the destruction of neurons which trasmit and receive signals in the brain.

This lack of balance is connected to the 5th Chakra, which in my assumption could be the cause of osteoporosis as well. This afflicts both men and women. All different ranges of blues, from light to dark affect the throat chakra. A healing stone recommended for the throat chakra is a deep lapis lazuli blue. This chakra is connected not only to listening but through speaking as well as being Heard.

The first three chakras, red, orange and yellow, are warm active colors. We are attracted to them because they seem to move toward us. Where blue, indigo and violet are cool expanding colors. In stead of moving towards, they move away from us. And interestingly enough red, orange and yellow when ‘hot’ have a tendency to irritate green, blue, indigo and violet. But that’s not all, to reduce the intensity of a color, we add its complimentary. The complimentary color for Red is Green. Orange’s complimentary is Blue, Yellow’s complimentary is Violet! If these colors irritate each other how do we get them to work together? Hmmm…

Hot could be considered negative emotions such as hatred, anger or fear. If we could see it in action, we’d see the hot colors, red, yellow and orange wrapping themselves around us and strangling our movment.

I also think these energies are more at odds with each other when we tend to rebel or feel being pushed into a mould that doesn’t fit us. Instead of conforming to the dictates of my parents and their standards of living, I rebelled. Instead of finding a common ground, we fought tooth and nail constantly! Until I gave up that is. No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t have a voice in my household. What I felt or thought had no meaning…..at least that’s what I thought.

The third chakra is known as the emotional body, the area through which emotions located in the aura, such as fear and anger, enter the body. When we have so many fears within us, we cannot hear our own inner guidance talking to us, wanting to guide us and show us the way.

The Solar Plexus (3rd chakra) reacts to our social life. It reacts on a physical level to a situation we are going through at home, at work, social gatherings etc. I truly believe this chakra could have a book of its own, it’s so complex. Most illnesses begin with the emotional body which indicates the third chakra is affected. Its color is Yellow.

Yellow corresponds to warmth, sunlight, happiness and joy. Yellow people are very intuitive, lovable and generous. Many yellow personalities are often found with their heads in the clouds. On the negative side this color creates nervousness and self-consciousness.

“The positive aspect of Yellow is expansion; the negative aspect is regression.”
Dr. Bruce Copen

Depression can be caused by a lose of self respect. The third chakra IS about the Self–its about caring for oneself and for others–its about self-esteem and fear of rejection. When we are overly sensitive to criticism, illness can manifest in the abdomen, stomach, upper intestines, liver, gallbladder, kidney, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen and middle spine. Phew! That’s quite a list!

Traditionally, the spleen and kidneys have been attributed to the 3rd chakra. Yet the kidneys in Chinese medicine are akin to the Element Water, (2nd chakra?) and the Spleen is attributed to the Element Earth (1st chakra?). The Spleen is also part of the immune system (1st chakra) which filters wastes from the blood as well as foreign substances and infuses the blood with new immune cells. In the Webster dictionary, the word spleen is described as anger, resentment, ill humor and malice, to name a few. It is said to be the seat of anger, agitation and melancholy in the body. The spleen distributes energy in the body and can be affected adversely by feelings of bitterness, critical thoughts and ‘fixed’ regrets.

In traditional Chinese medicine as well as Reiki, the cause of illness is considered to be an imbalance between the interactions of Yin and Yang. How we go about our day to day activities are the foundation (1st chakra) of our health. When I went to visit a friend who is proficient in acupuncture and shiatsu, Sue explained which meridians in regard to CFS and FM seemed congested and stifled with negative energy. She told me in most CFS and FM symptoms, the immune system, adrenals, lymph glands, kidneys and liver are very sluggish. She said these organs of the body are not able to work well enough to eliminate the toxins in our system.

Sue asked if I was suffering from night and days sweats, which I replied yes and considered this to be premenopausal symptoms. She told me these sweats were probably caused from energy stagnation in the kidney area as well as the liver and spleen and could easily mimic other symptoms . Well I’ll be, I thought! I asked Sue what treatment she’d offer to patients suffering from CFS and FM. First of all she told me each person with these symptoms is different and individualized treatment was necessary. That’s fair I thought. In Reiki, a patient is treated in much a similar fashion.

The five Reiki symbols are the five levels of mind that lead to enlightenement. They also represent the five elements, five colors and five forms. When joined together hese symbols form a mandala or geometric shape of a multifaceted diamond. They are also connected to the five elements, earth, water, fire, air and spirit and may also be compared to the five points of the pentacle and to the chakras. And we will see these elements in a different light in relation to the meridians.

“All things manifest their potencies and their qualities by means of color. There is a tremendous power in color repulsions and color affinities. From these facts an exact materia medica can be constructed. The seven different colors in sunlight are each composed of a different style and number of vibrations and each has special properties and chemical powers. Everything possesses finer positive and a coarser negative principle.
Edwin D. Babbitt, The Principles of Light and Color

The Earth is considered the Mother of all the Elements. All LIFE that we know springs from and is generated from Her womb. Through a form of alchemy, Earth blends and reunites the four elements metal, wood, water and fire, through a process of transformation draws them back into the earth and simmered gently in her cauldron until each element is purified. But if the fire is too hot, the elements will lose their integrity, their potency and dissolve into ashes.

In Chinese Philosophy each element corresponds to a particular organ. The Earth corresponds to the spleen, metal to the lungs, water to the kidneys, wood to the liver, and fire to the heart. The five elements interact with each other in three distinct ways: producing, overcoming and threatening. Within this cycle, wood burns to make fire, the ashes seep into the earth, which become mined metals, which when melted become water (liquid) which nourishes trees and plants. But in this life cycle is also death or destruction. Without destruction life could not exist. There will always be a balance of creation and destruction. So within this constant change, wood is cut down by metal, fire is extinguished by water, earth is penetrated by wood, metal is melted by fire and the flow of water is either contained or cut off by earth.

In climate changes, wind corresponds to wood, heat to fire, dampness to earth, dryness to metal and cold to water. Their corresponding emotions (sympathy, sadness, joy, anger, fear) blend together raising our spirits and encouraging kindness, gentleness, rightousness, respectfulness and humor. The formula of the five elements combined into ONE involves the mixing of the Yin and Yang to allow our bodies to join together in harmony and beauty.

The sacral center or 2nd chakra is the Creative Womb in both women and men and considered the area of incubation and gestation. This area can create another human being, a plan, idea or project. It corresponds to the color orange.

“The effect of Orange upon the mentality is to aid the assimilation of new ideas, to induce mental enlightenment with a sense of freedom from limitations.”
Roland Hunt

When we feel powerless, hurt, angry, jealous, resentful, etc., energy is depleted from our muscles and leads to a breakdown in circulation as well as our digestive and eliminative areas. Thoughts of bitterness and rage can shrivel our cells, harden our veins and arteries and ‘congest’ the flow of fluid throughout the body. This also creates nervousness and organic disorders.

Something I would like to clarify, is that the aura that emanates from the body does not come from the color of the chakras. The aura actually results from the vibration of cells in your physical body. So when your body is tense, stressed, ill, depressed or run down, your aura will reveal the higher or lower rate of cell vibration in certain areas. Everything you say, think and do, triggers am emotional response from within. This also means that everything you eat, digest, assimlate, circulate and eliminate creates a vibratory response within your cells. What the chakras do is monitor and regulate the flow of energy within the aura. They also act as a filter to protect us from negative external influences. But since the introduction of technology, our bodies have become surrounded by artifical man made energies……computers, televisions, microwaves, cell phones, electric blankets, radios, etc, bombarding and distorting and fluctuating our energetic field. Not only that, our hormone levels and immune system becomes stressed to the max and become suspectible to infection and dis-ease.

How do we cope with these unnatural rhythms and create balance within the body?

There are many natural healing techniques that work on the energy body as well as the physical. Exercise, deep breathing, Qigong, Tai Chi, yoga, gardening, as well as meditation strengthen the energy field. Acupuncture, homeopathy, flower essences, Crystal healing, Massage, Therapeutic Touch, , Aromatherapy, Naturopathy, Reiki, Sound therapy, Color therapy and many more all work at balancing the energy flow of the body.

An individualized approach to healing will require you to make some changes in respect to your eating haibts, lifestyle, environment as well as relationships. Each individual is unique so harmony must be brought forth from within. Imagine it as trying to steady thousands of tiny balancing scales at once. Quite a feat isn’t it? It is about becoming aware, listening to your intuition and learning and discovering the ‘key’ to restore the natural rhythms of the body/mind connection.

“It is easy to keep oneself in a holding pattern, claiming that one does not know what to do next. But that is rarely true. When we are in a holding pattern, it is because we know exactly what we should do next, but we are terrified to act on it…change is frightening, and waiting for that feeling of safety to come along before one makes a move only results in more internal torment because the only way to acquire that feeling of security is to enter the whirlwind of change and come out the other end, feeling alive again.”
Caroline Myss – Why People Don’t Heal And How They Can


(Tarot card from The Cosmic Tarot – created by Norbert Losche

The High Priestess represents your deepest inner wisdom. She sits in the temple of your subsconscious, nonjudgementally contemplating and observing all your memories, feelings, inner tides of hormones and instincts and sensory data. This vast awareness flows through HER before emerging into your physical experience. But she only speaks through metaphors appearing in dream symbols, memory images, emotions, and bodily reactions.

To understand her message you must look carefully at the symbolic meanings of these messages or sit in quite meditation, enter her temple and ask for advice. Beware, the High Priestess does not like to be confined and will rebel against it. You cannot capture her, she must give herself to you.

When you embody her energy, others sense in you the power of mystery and inner-feminine wisdom. You feel yourself to be a vessel of untold knowledge, influenced by lunar tides and cycles of inner knowing, more potent than linear reasoning.


“The practice of quiet is an exercise……in surrender and willingness, a new discipline of letting go. Each time we sit quietly, the silence takes us as far as we can go at the moment toward the loosening of preconceived images of ourselves….yet….it is risky to view silence as a means to any kind of end. To shackle it with such expectations is to disrupt its natural quality from the outset and to enter instead into the confounding area of success and failure, of achievement and grasping.”
Gerald May

In this day and age, meditation has changed dramatically from when I was introduced to it. I’m not going to tell you, you need to take 30 minutes of your time to ‘still the mind’, but I am going to tell you that focusing your attention inward and becoming aware of the presence of your body, will allow you to access words feelings and experiences long forgotten. All these are recorded in the most minute detail and will be allowed to surface once you can break the barrier of consciousness that holds back your freedom of expression.

Meditation is about staying empty so we can become full. It allows us to be ourselves without judgement or criticism. It allows us to see our own view on things.

When we close our eyes, there is silence, images and thoughts that appear to be within the mind. In our mind’s eye we see memories of past events, imagine future situations, daydreams of what may be or might have been, dreams of happenings beyond space and time.

In order to relax we have to know what tension and relaxation feel like. Most people know when their muscles are really tense but they do not feel they can relax their muscles at will. Tension, pain, and illness are bodily words. The body is the voicebox of the unconscious. Bodily sensations are the language of the unconscious. To give the label ‘symptoms’ to pain and tension is to invalidate their signals. Pain is giving you important news about your life situation. They may well be the most important message you will ever hear. When you try to shut your pain out, you may well be forcing it to shout more loudly to get your attention.

There are millions of meditations that are accessible on the web. I’d like to share what has helped me when my FM is literally attacking my body.


When I am plagued with FM striking my body, ‘for no good reason’ I allow it to tell and retell its story of any traumas or hurts that may have injured it of late or in the past. I pay attention to what it needs for nourishment, for rest, for exercise, for touch. Sometimes I am surprised at the intensity of its needs. I ask myself ‘what has kept me from meeting those needs’.

The Exercise

Write down any injuries or illnesses of late…or any part of your body that has been a discomfort to you….a headache, a persistent pain, a dull ache, or some part of your body that you know is ill. Let them come to you in whatever order.

After you have completed the list, redo it in order of their importance. Look at what lessons each one has taught you or what you still need to learn…..perhaps because the wound is still fresh and frightening.

Having a deeper awareness of your body, you are ready to have a dialogue with it regarding your priortized list of illness and injury.

Sitting quietly and eyes closed turn your attention inward and become aware of the presence of your body as a person, a person with a story to tell, a person with needs fears and hopes. As you feel the presence of your body as a person grow stronger within you, you may be aware of an image of your body taking shape within your imagination; perhaps in the form of a person who bears the marks of many wounds on his or her body or in the form of a wise old man or woman. (my preference is the wise one, although there are times the wounded one appears as well). You may want to give the person a name in order that communication flows more smoothy. If not, simply be aware of the body you ‘see’ within you.

With eyes still closed let the presence of your body as a person grow stronger. When you feel ready, greet the person who is your body and listen to what your body has to say about the wounds your body has suffered over the years. Go back to each trauma you listed to refresh your body/memory and ask about their meaning and what they mean or have taught you.

Listen to what your body needs from you in the future. Let the communication between you and your body flow freely, recording both what you say and what your body-self says, your pen simply recording what is there without censoring or interpreting. When the feelings stop flowing, the dialogue between you and your body is complete for this period of time.

Everytime you experience this form of communication you will discover a little more about yourself and your life. You will discover more about your difficulties and deepen your awareess of your body/mind. I have found doing this exercise makes me feel more centered and makes my life just a little more simpler and less confusing.

This meditaion is about taking responsibility for what you do and can allow you to act and be more honest and much more effective.


This is a very ‘personal’ meditation I created for fibromyalgia pain. This is not a meditation where you lie, sit or stand. This form of meditation, you move around. You can dance, walk, listen while you’re in the bath, doing the dishes….it’s totally up to you.

I recorded this visual technique on a voice recorder with music in the background. This way, the words and my body flow together in harmony without any pauses or restrictions. What is written here, I read over and over until I had created a 15 minute subliminal message that talks directly to the conscious and subconscious mind.

If you like it, you are welcome to print and tape or modify to your own liking.


I visualize myself standing under a starlit sky
watching as the stars start to whirl and dance around me
vibrating and tingling a pleasant energizing something in the air
Something that contains expectancy and excitement
It exudes a sensuous magnetic energy.

I can feel the magic as it pulses and hums around and through my body
Hmmm a sparkling supply of magical energy

Sensing this energy as dancing microdots of sparkling colors
Traveling all through and down into my body
Massaging and energizing as it goes
Buzzing with energy
Becoming pure sparkling radiant sensuous energy
Letting it work its magic deep inside my body

Yes vibrating tingling light moving all the way to the tips of my fingers and to the ends of my toes
Cleansing, healing and revitalizing every cell and organ in my body
Moving all the way to the bone, strengthening and revitalizing
Shaping a magnetic aura of vibrant tingling energy all around me

My aura is filled with vibrant glowing energy
Illuminating everything it touches with its exquisite brightness,
And vibrating color –
My body is bathed in a light that has never been seen before
Glowing, dancing and sparkling, stunning energy
Rinsing away stress, tension, tightness and pain.

I radiate warmth
I radiate love
I radiate the beauty within me
Yes healing magic weaves around me
I am relaxed
I am beautiful,

Know that this spell will create a magical magnetic field around me
Oh wide ruling powers
Thank you for the sparkling healing energy,
And Mark well what I have done here
So Let It Be

(Next…..A Reiki treatment)

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