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“Monsanto is the world’s leading producer of ‘genetically modified’ (GM) seed and one of the most important firms involved in chemical agriculture. The company focuses its business on four key crops, soybeans, corn, wheat and cotton….. 

North American farmers were asked about their experience of GM Corn, soy and canola. The report states that “widespread GM contamination has severely disrupted GM-free production [including organic farming], destroyed trade and undermined the competitiveness of North American agriculture overall”…. 

Farmers indicate that market problems have made them question the future of GM crops. Most farming organizations in Britain, the U.S. and Canada have joined forces to lobby against the release of GM wheat, the next proposed GM crop. ~ Elizabeth Abergel, PhD, 

With the rapid changes in our technological world, food has been dramatically altered with the development of chemical farming and food processing and of course these changes affect our bodies. We have more illnesses afflicting us today than ever before. While we may be living longer than our grandparents, we certainly aren’t healthier.

There are nearly 2,000 different additives that are used by the food industry today and it has been estimated that the average person consumes approximately three to five pounds of these chemical substances each year. The foods we eat today are affecting the way we metabolize food and burn calories…chemically altered foods are affecting our weight, energy levels, and causing disorders such as candida, diabetes and hypoglycemia. They also affect our brains, our feelings, ideas, worries and decisions. Processed foods are also responsible for our food cravings, our yo-yo dieting, obsessive eating, anxiety, foggy thinking, mood swings, premenstrual syndrome PMS, allergies, most autoimmune diseases, chemical sensitivities and recurring infections.

“Eating is a complex behavior. It’s driven not only by hunger but also by the interplay of numerous biological, psychological, emotional, nutritional, social and economic factors. The craving for a cookie, for example, doesn’t just come from the urge to eat something sweet but is meaningful, in that it reflects not just the person’s desire for the treat but also their yearning for love, comfort, belonging, emotional numbing, even social status. ~ Emotional Overeating: Know the Triggers, Heal your Mind, and Never Diet Again ~ Marcia Sirota

Too many of us, young and old are overweight. We are spending billions of dollars in medical care to ease the symptoms of eating too much of the types of food that overstress our bodies. Medicine can only go so far in curing ills. If we are to improve our individual and worldwide physical conditions, we must be aware of how various facets of our lifestyles can contribute to ill health.

There is a huge gap between what we are currently eating to what our bodies were designed to require. With the onslaught of fast-food chains, processed foods, and sugar-glazed doughnuts, obesity has become a world-wide problem. It’s no longer contained in the United States and Canada, but stretches from continent to continent, gripping every major city in the world. More and more, Europe and Asia are munching on Western world appetites of fast foods shifting away from agriculture to watching TV and surfing the internet.

“More than nine million children are obese in the U.S., more than four times the number forty years ago. This is a huge concern, as the more fat cells produced when you are a child, the more likely you will become a fat adult, and the more dangerous it is to your overall health, leading to high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Fat is not the only cause of obesity, as a low metabolic rate can create unnecessary weight gain, but in most cases it is our relationship with food and love that is the originating issue.” ~ Deb Shapiro ~ Your Body Speaks Your Mind

The world is becoming over-stimulated with processed food and this is causing major problems of overeating and poor digestion. Even television and Internet are reflecting this with commercials and ads of delicious-looking foods which are almost immediately followed by commercials for antacids and digestive-aids, or the latest fad diet guaranteed to work!

We have over-stimulated our appetites to the point where we can no longer hear the real inner physical needs of our bodies. Every cell in your body is a little individual. It eats, processes what it takes in, eliminates waste and works at what it does best. In order to survive and to function at its highest optimal level, a cell needs to be fed and your body contains approximately 100 trillion of them! These 100 trillion cells are in constant communication with each other—they even communicate with each other at and through the various joints—this is usually where energy flow and information are most often constricted.

“These cellular communications are part of an immense and sophisticated communications network that no human-made telecommunications network can rival. Interestingly, telecommunications experts are closely studying cell communication in efforts to improve service provided by wireless phone networks.

 In a healthy cellular environment, signals easily cross cell membranes, getting to their source. In an unhealthy environment, signals either don’t reach their source or become distorted. Think of it as static on a phone line or dropped calls on your cell phone. Important messages do not reach their destination, preventing important bodily reactions from taking place.”STOP AGING, START LVING ~ Jeannette Graf

When the body’s weak the mind is affected too. We can lapse into negative emotions such as: anger, blame, anxiety, fear, grief and/or worry; these emotions create chemical altering changes in every cell of the body. They create a buildup of toxins and acid that dams up the flow of energy moving through your system. Stressful thoughts also weaken your natural resistance to disease and aging by clogging up your cells, slowing down your metabolism and wearing out your heart.

We are all part of a subtle field of the entire Universe and with a healthy body/mind/spirit, we are able to tune into the earth’s vibrations, sense the life force of other people as well as other living things such as animals, plants and trees.


Most of our foods today are factory-produced and for what purpose? Profit! Apart from that these foods have been produced for our own convenience—no need to prepare—just open a can, bottle or carton and voila, instant food. And what’s even better—just swallow and have another if you like—there are plenty where those came from, their on special this week—six for the price of two, what a deal! So hurry hurry, the bargain only lasts till the stock the cleared. We’ve all been subjected to these advertisements that excite us into a buying-spree.

 “High-frequency stress foods are the process foods—such as white sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, excessive read meat, fried foods, refined processed foods, excessive alcohol and caffeine—that cause excessive alarm reactions in your body day after day after day. They accumulate damage and can disturb the functioning of susceptible young brains….” ~The Path to Phenomenal Health ~ Sam Graci

Processed carbohydrate-rich foods are loaded with calories have been labeled Low-Fat or No-Fat but don’t be fooled, they are loaded with calories—rapidly absorbed calories that are having a devastating effect on our insulin levels—raising them through the roof. These foods cause artificial signals and artificial stimulation not only to your genetic makeup but also to your 100 trillion cells. Unfortunately, the only thing really speeding up is the “wear-and-tear” on our bodies, causing extreme stress, excessive fatigue, a foggy mind and cells that are mangled and confused. All this stress is affecting our adrenal function and our sugar levels to rise causing our heart rate and blood pressure to rise.

Have you noticed certain foods like bread, pasta, chips and Chinese food seem to trigger more hunger. And what about hamburgers and fries? We can eat amazingly large amounts and find ourselves nibbling more and more until our systems crash into a sleeping stupor.

“Whole” wheat grain is an excellent source of vitamin E and helpful in blood circulation, healthy heart muscles and protects against the effects of stress, worry, anxiety, cigarette smoking and city pollution. But the vitamin E content is destroyed or extracted during the ‘refinement’ process as wheat germ oil tends to clog-up the machinery. Eating too much refined grains can cause chronic pain and illnesses such as: candida, diabetes, diarrhea, sinus problems, respiratory disorders, loss of hair, poor teeth and skin, obesity, and poor muscular development. When we eat too many of these foods we don’t usually have much appetite for fruits, vegetables, nuts seeds and legumes that are so important to our diet. (Daily use of fresh fruits and vegetables will help to cleanse the body of toxins and protect it from getting ill.)

Your body and the hormones in your body react to how and what you eat. Overeating and poor nutrition has suppressed the immune system, weakening the body’s ability to attack and destroy viruses, bacteria and parasites. Cancer, candida, colitis, Crohns disease, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and leaky gut syndrome are impacting the world at a dangerous rate. Our body’s are in chaos and that means we are not in control of our lives. How can we express our full potential while we’re struggling to cope with out-of-control digestive-tracts and metabolisms. We each have to tune in to what’s going on inside and learn what we need to do, individually, to live healthy lives.

 “Without a doubt the biggest change in our diets has been our sugar consumption—in the forms of refined white sugar known as sucrose, brown sugar, corn sweeteners, high-fructose corn syrup, dextrose, glucose, lactose and maltose. Over the past two centuries, we have literally shocked our bodily systems with outrageous and ever-growing amounts of nutrient-robbing sugar.” Anne Louise Gittleman


In combination with glucose, there is another special ingredient that’s required to convert glucose into energy—that ingredient is called INSULIN. Insulin is produced by the cells from the pancreas, known as the Islets of Langerhans. As the body requires energy, both glucose and insulin are released into the blood stream and they travel to various muscles, nerves and tissues, to provide the body with a continuous supply of energy.

“We now understand that an addiction to carbohydrates is often a result of an *excess of the hormone insulin. Dr. Judith Rodin of Yale University nicknamed insulin the “hunger hormone” because of its power ability to stimulate appetite. In the past, insulin was most often associated with diabetes, which is how it was first identified, but more current research shows that insulin may indeed be the key hormone in regulating a great deal of what we refer to as “the metabolism”. CARBOHYDRATES ADDICT”S LIFESPAN PROGRAM ~ Dr. Richard F. Heller and Dr. Rachel F. Heller

The first sign of being overweight is carrying around extra body mass. Carrying around extra body weight puts more stress on joints that were not meant to hold extra weight. Being fat causes your heart to have to work harder to pump blood through more fat tissue. The extra mass creates more pressure on the blood vessels and lymphatic system and does not allow them to flow freely. This causes blood pressure to rise and the lymphatic system to stagnate and become toxic.

 In addition to causing physical health problems, being overweight can cause mental problems as well. Mentally, being fat can make people insecure about themselves. Overweight people tend to be full of excuses about their weight. They may jump from diet to diet, pill to pill or one exercise to another, but often lack the will power to stick with anything long enough to see results; therefore they quit trying. I think being overweight can also keep someone from doing the very things that will help them lose weight in the first place. I once had a friend that was overweight. She constantly talked about what she was going to do to lose weight, but she never followed through. It is a shame that talking doesn’t burn a lot of calories because she would have been slim – fast! I bought her a gym membership for her birthday, but she never used it – because, get this – she said she was too overweight and embarrassed to go the gym! Health And Happiness An owner’s manual for the mind and body ~ Sean Donovan

If you tend to put weight on easily, especially around the abdomen, you might be insulin resistance and eating a high carbohydrate diet may be your worst enemy. That’s because our blood sugar level governs the functioning of our entire metabolic system. Years ago, medical researchers discovered a link between obesity and changes to the secretion of the “hunger hormone” called insulin. Insulin ‘calls’ your body to eat. It signals you to roam your cupboards and fridge for starches, snack foods and/or sweets. If you follow these cravings, insulin makes you feel as if these foods give you a happy/content feeling.

To understand insulin’s effect on weight, we need to also see insulin’s role as a storage hormone. The higher your insulin levels are, the more fat you store in your tissues, the more weight you gain because insulin determines how much fat you burn as fuel. Our bodies usually can’t burn all the calories we’ve eaten, especially from processed foods. The excess blood sugar cannot be burned but instead must be converted to triglycerides (fatty acids), and stored in the tissues as fat.

*An excess of insulin in your body is called “hyperinsulinemia” and evidence has shown it may be a major risk factor in Alzheimer’s, heart attacks, diabetes, stroke and cancer.

For thousands of years our ancestors ate foods that slowly released calories in a process we call digestion. Their diet consisted of mainly fish, plant food, grains, fruit, nuts, seed and legumes. These types of foods are slowly absorbed into the bloodstream and easily handled by a tiny spurt of insulin. Unfortunately in this modern age we are eating huge amounts of refined carbohydrates that are creating a rush of easily absorbed sugars in the blood stream. High-glycemic foods like bagels cause an excess of insulin in the bloodstream…although this provides us with a burst of energy, it’s always followed by drastic drop in sugar levels causing fatigue, shakyness, severe mood swings, depleted energy and more cravings and bingeing on starches and sweet things

“When the sugar overload increases the amount of insulin the body, all the organs in the body, including the heart, liver, lungs, and muscles, begin to take in sugar from the blood, leaving less of it available to the brain. Although it seems that sugar will provide the quick energy fix we’re looking for, the opposite is true. Sugar triggers excessive insulin release, and it reduces the amount of fuel the brain needs to function most efficiently….

 (Hypoglycemia causes, low blood sugar, depression, muscle aches, chronic headaches, feeling hopeless or helpless and crying more than usual…

Sugar leads to chromium deficiency. Chromium is a very important trace mineral needed for glucose metabolism and its deficiency can affect behavior.

Sugar also causes copper deficiency, which can lead to abnormal behavior.

Sugar causes high blood pressure. People with high blood pressure are less tolerant than people with normal blood pressure.)

 When the brain is undernourished, it’s not just our physical health that suffers. Our state of mind is affected as well. Although we may not always be aware of it, we frequently use food as a mood-altering drug. Those ups and downs of energy caused by too much sugar and refined carbohydrates also cause us to alternate between depression and euphoria. When we get that sugar high, we’re ready for anything. Then as blood sugar levels dissipate, we begin to feel worse and worse. To varying degrees, we get irritable, shaky, nervous, depressed. So we begin to eat like crazy again, gobbling down more sugar and carbs. In extremes of anxiety and depression, we may resort to binge eating in an overzealous attempt to modulate our moods.” THE BALANCE ~ Oz Garcia

When your bloodstream is too high in sugar, the pancreas is alerted to send a “surge” of insulin directly into your bloodstream causing a dramatic decrease in your blood sugar levels. If blood sugar levels drop too low, the body has to stop the fall, otherwise you could plunge into deep shock and if not corrected, you could die. Hypoglycemia or sugar-shock alerts the adrenals to immediately squirt excessive amounts of adrenaline and cortisol to prevent your blood sugar from going too low—these hormones raise your blood pressure and your heartbeat and tell your liver to turn glycogen in glucose. But the sudden release of adrenaline can cause you to feel shaky, sweaty and weak—you may have had the same effect after drinking caffeine, which produces the same kind of symptoms.

Insulin’s main job is to escort glucose from the bloodstream into the cells where it’s “burned” or used as fuel for energy. Usually only a small amount of it is needed to do the job. We know our bodies turn all foods into glucose, but with refined sugars and flours, too much sugar floods the bloodstream too fast. If you’re a diabetic, it means that your pancreas either secretes little or no insulin, causing sugar to accumulate in the bloodstream. Too much sugar in the blood can cause a host of problems, such as diabetes, stroke, heart problems and kidney disease.


It is the sensitive nerve fibers of the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) that ends in the adrenal glands. The adrenals aren’t the only energy producing system in the body; the thyroid, parathyroid and pancreas are too. Actually, both the adrenal system and the thyroid gland are dominated by the sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the autonomic nervous system, (ANS). The ANS controls your heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, hormonal balance and metabolism. The sympathetic nervous is associated with two hormone stimulants, adrenaline (epinephrine) and cortisol. Adrenaline and cortisol are released to bring you to a heightened state of awareness….when they think there is a threat to the body, they sound the alarm! When this happens the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the release of sugar/glucose from the liver, to get your blood pressure up. Your digestive system literally comes to a halt so that all your energy can diverted to the muscles and face, which become tense and prepared for action. With your nerves on edge, you’re ready to respond to the fight or flight reflex.

 “An EXCITED nervous system forces your body to produce an excess of the stimulating and stress producing hormones adrenaline and cortisol, which inevitably have an effect on the metabolism. A PASSIVE nervous system, on the other hand, causes the production of calming substances like serotonin, but it also produces lesser amounts of the thyroid hormones that control energy production and metabolism. This is why people with a PASSIVE nervous system have a greater possibility of having hypothyroidism and a slower metabolism.

 The “slower metabolism: and conditions like hypothyroidism are much more common in people with PASSIVE nervous systems. First of all, let be clear that both the EXCITED and PASSIVE nervous systems can cause obesity because they are extreme conditions in which there isn’t a BALANCE. The result of both of these conditions is a hormonal imbalance.” The Power Of Your Metabolism ~ Frank Suarez


The thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system located at the base of the throat. It sends hormonal messages to every cell in your body, maintaining body temperature, heart rate, muscle contraction and metabolic rate (the rate at which food is converted into energy).

If the bacteria in your gut have been imbalanced for some time, then you may have a bacterial infection in your gastrointestinal lining also known as ‘leaky gut syndrome’. Leaky gut syndrome happens when undigested foods seep into the intestinal walls, allowing minute particles to escape into the bloodstream. The immune system perceives these minute particles as ‘invaders’ and attacks to get rid of them. Sometimes these particles can look similar to the molecules of one’s own body causing the immune system to start attacking them and in so doing turns on itself, destroying healthy cells and tissues. Such is the case of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis – an autoimmune problem and one of the most common causes of thyroid problems. This is where the immune system attacks the thyroid with antibodies causing the thyroid to swing high and causing hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism but ultimately make you hypothyroid. This results in slowing down your metabolism causing muscle-aches, mood swings, weight gain and even depression.

Overweight people have slower metabolisms and for some reason have shown reduced levels of enzymes and hormones in the body; this results in a decreased breakdown of fat. Without proper enzymes, food cannot be converted into energy; this may cause a person to eat more and more in an effort for the body to obtain the essential active nutrients that are lacking in refined, processed and cooks foods.

 “Many overweight people have a lower-than-average amount of a liver enzyme that produces crotonyl coenzyme A. Without this enzyme, fat is accumulated in the body instead of used. These people may have exhausted their ability to make the enzyme.” Dr. Neil Solomon

 “[Dr. Solomon] found that the overweight paitents were not metabolizing glucose properly, that they had low levels of growth hormones, which helps regulate carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and that some obese people even produce antibodies against their own thyroid hormone, which causes the body to not use it properly.” The Straight Scoop About Dieting: Learn the Truths About Weight-loss Diets ~ Sharon Greene Patton

If you have a thyroid problem than most likely your adrenals may not be working properly either.


We have two adrenal glands that sit on top of each of our kidneys and are part of a wider network known as the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis (HPA). The HPA governs different bodily functions such as heart rate, mood, body temperature, thirst and hunger. The adrenal glands are an important part of this system because they produce certain hormones related to metabolism and stress. Adrenaline, (epinephrine) cortisol and DHEA (dhydroepiandrosterone) all help the body’s immediate response to challenges and dangers, by channeling the body’s energy toward the fight/flight response. These three hormones improve oxygen and glucose to the muscles generating mental and physical alertness. Blood and the violent intake of air courses through our bodies similar to the life-threatening situations our ancestors experienced thousands of years ago.

“The human body is well set up for high primal stresses. However, it isn’t very good at coping with small insidious ones such as forgetting where you put your keys, a single mosquito in your room at night, the dripping of a faucet, or the constant whining of a child. It seems that your body has no sense of humor at all.” THE JOY OF STRESS ~ Peter G. Hanson, M.D.

In this day and age many of us become overly stressed from traffic jams, unexpected bills, an angry phone call, a confrontation with someone at work or at home, the kids fighting, etc., All this moves us into a high state of alarm and we stay there for long periods of time. This prolonged adrenaline rush dramatically slows down your metabolism, causing weight gain, affecting your mood, a negative person of the Self. Adrenaline is a stress-related hormone causing the body to have high glucose levels (blood sugar) because it tells the liver to turn a large amount of glycogen (a type of glucose stored in the liver) into glucose.

Cortisol stays longer in the body than adrenaline, interfering with digestion and suppressing the immune system allowing tumors if present to grow faster. High levels of cortisol stimulate an excess of insulin released into the body, leading to swings in energy and blood sugar, causing anxiety, fatigue, hyper/hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and mood swings. It can cause food cravings, especially for high-fat, high sugar, high carbohydrate foods such as a ice-cream, chips and cookies.

Anxiety and depression also prompt the adrenal glands to secrete cortisol. Cortisol prepares the body for an emergency, including telling it to store more fat, especially in the belly where cells have more receptors for cortisol than do superficial fat cells under the skin. Cortisol is like a key in a lock, opening fat cells, allowing fat to be stored. Cortisol also eats away lean muscle mass, which the body needs to burn fat. In addition, high cortisol levels significantly reduce grow hormone output. Prolonged stress has been associated with the aging process and a number of hormonal and digestive diseases.

By living off stimulants such as coffee and cigarettes, a high-sugar diet or stress itself, you increase your risk of upsetting your thyroid balance (which means your metabolism will slow down and you will gain weight) or calcium balance (resulting in arthritis) or of getting problems associated with sex-hormone imbalances and excessive cortisol. These are long-term side effects of prolonged stress, because any body system that is overstimulated will eventually under function.

The outer part of the adrenal gland, the cortex, makes steroid hormones, similar to the ones prescribed by your doctor to stop an inflammation in your body. Cortisol in minute amounts helps the body to metabolize fats, carbohydrates and proteins in the body; cortisol encourages energy production and reduces inflammation. But cortisol is also known as the stress hormone and prolonged stress can have a dramatic impact on the body and the mind. Excess cortisol can undermine our health and set-off a host of different illnesses such as asthma, colitis, high blood pressure, insomnia, ulcers and cancer. High cortisol levels also have a negative impact on the muscles and joints, causing them to break down and weaken. Prolonged cortisol levels can also cause a redistribution of fats….causing weight-gain, particularly in abdominal area (in men we call it the pot-belly). Trauma, strong emotions (rage, fear) and prolonged stress can force your adrenal glands to work overtime.

 “Excess cortisol leads to weight gain in the abdomen and face, increased blood pressure, erratic blood sugar levels, strange hair growth, acne, depression and irritability, bone thinning, muscle weakness, and irregular menstruation.” All is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations, and Intuition ~ By Louise L. Hay and Mona Lisa Shulz

Cortisol can create a fearful, threatened feeling that over-stimulates our whole system. Unexplained muscle aches, chronic headaches, feeling hopeless or helpless and crying more than usual are signs of chronic overarousal. Anxiety coupled with cortisol has been known to cause unexplained heart palpitations, a nervous stomach, road rage and short temperedness.

“The stress response can also literally poison the brain—because it causes excessive secretion of the adrenal hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released at about the same time adrenaline is. However it stays in your system much longer than adrenaline does, and that creates a terrible problem. Cortisol gives your hippocampus, as well as other parts of your brain, a highly destructive ‘toxic bath’. It can be so destructive that your brain may never again recover absolutely all of its cognitive function.” Brain Longevity by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. with Cameron Stauth




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Food, like any other addiction, is a form of self-medicating. So you have to get to the source of what you are trying to numb. Otherwise, you can go from diet to diet and it won’t matter. You may lose weight, but you will gain it back. You have to face what you’re hiding from, why your self-esteem is affected and replace your meals with essential nutrients that naturally balance and boost your metabolism.


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Within our humanness, there is a drive, a hunger, to seek, find, understand and re-unite with an essence greater than ourselves. It is a sense that somewhere exists an infinite place of total, unconditional Cosmic LOVE. A place of such magnitute that all human experience pales before it. We ‘all’ yearn for this, whether you believe this or not.

We all need a place where we can rest in silence and solitude. It’s a place, a safe haven where we can reconnect with that ‘still’ small voice and hear the whispers and guidance from a higher wisdom. It’s a place where we can escape from the fast lanes of existence, balance ourselves out and feel comfortable and relaxed in our bodies. The problem is when we don’t want to come back to reality. We want to stay (hide) in the free flowing, worry-free living of space. It becomes an addiction.

“Meditation, however, is anything but a cure-all and has dangers too. Many people use meditation as a method for relaxation and may complicate a problem that already exists: lack of extraverted involvement. For such people, the indiscriminate use of meditation may unnecessarily increase loneliness and contribute to reducing lively contact with reality.”
Arnold Mindell

In the last segment of this blog, we learnt that inactivity leads to bone loss. We also discovered weightlessness, has many scientists worried about the bones of astronauts who venture and stay in space.

Spiritual addiction leads to physical inactivity which also leads to bone loss. Spiritually addicted people prefer a quiet, dreamy solitude, they lack interest in the daily routines of life and their own physical body. This can lead to lack of exercise and careless eating habits, which quickly can affect the bodily system and undermine its health as well. The body lacks breath, motion, experience, curiosity and many other activities that make life worth living. The more we live in the higher chakras of the body, the more disconnected we will become to reality. The upper chakras will be spinning at full throttle but the torso, legs and feet immobile. Less blood will be pumped through the circulatory system, causing softening of the vein walls. In time, the heart could utterly collapse from lack of movement.

“In my view, the drama of human existence, and the drama of the transpersonal, take place against a rich psychological backdrop of good and evil. If we deny the psychological reality of evil, then how can we partake fully or deeply in life’s drama? This does not mean, however, that we must therefore accept the existence of transcendent Evil, in the sense of a metaphysical reality beyond the realm of human experience. For me, and this is crucial, the transpersonal does not necessarily imply, nor depend upon, the metaphysical transcendent. Transpersonal means the transcendence of ego boundaries, not the transcendence of human, psychological or interpersonal realities. Transpersonal development involves becoming more fully and more deeply human, not rising above our humanity.

In order to reclaim and enrich our humanness it is necessary, I believe, to acknowledge fully the shadow side of human nature, both personal and collective, and to find meaningful, creative, soulful responses to the challenges that this awareness will bring. As human beings who happen to be transpersonal psychologists, we should also realise that there is an important shadow side to the transpersonal that must be understood and responded to.” The Shadow in Transpersonal Psychology by Michael Daniels

The below case study deals with a couple who were very much into the Hippie Movement, Woodstock and illicit drugs.  They believed in the slogan “Turn on, tune in, drop out”  adopted by Dr. Timothy Leary, one of the founding fathers of the Hippie Movement.   

Dr. Leary apparently ate the legendary “sacred mushrooms,” which he purchased from a shaman. The psychedlic mushroom apparently put him into a  state of mystico-religious ecstasy, which he described as the deepest religious experience of his life. From then on, Dr. Leary, a lecturer in psychology at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated
himself totally to research on the effects and possibilities of the use of
psychedelic drugs.  This research was doomed from the start and Leary was put in prison for possession of illegal drugs.

This link http://www.flashback.se/archive/my_problem_child/chapter5.html#6 is about Dr. Tim Leary and is actually chapter 5 of a whole book entitled My Problem Child From Remedy to Inebriant by Albert Hofmann. 

“After nothing had been heard from Leary for a long time, his name again appeared in the daily papers in summer 1975 with the announcement of a parole and early release from prison. But he was not set free until early in 1976. I learned from his friends that he was now occupied with psychological problems of space travel and with the exploration of cosmic relationships between the human nervous system and interstellar space – that is, with problems whose study would bring him no further difficulties on the part of governmental authorities.”  Albert Hofmann

This case study involves a couple I met at a Health Conference in Toronto, 5 years ago. Chris and Gail were both in their late fifties and in their younger days, known as the Hippie Generation and the Love Children.  They both definitely knew of Dr. Leary and both Chris and Gail had tried LSD and ‘magic mushrooms’.  It isn’t for certain if the drugs had anything to do with their inability to have children…..only Gail sadly spoke of this.

Today, Gail suffers from osteoporosis and other complications. Chris had severe osteoporosis and died 2 years ago from Cancer invading his whole body.

After the Hippie movement, Chris dedicated his life to Buddhism and Channeling, Gail worked feverishly to pay the rent, keep the home clean and meals at the table. She gave Chris space to further his studies and worked with him in her spare time. On weekends they went into seclusion, meditating each day from morning to night. Neither one knew how this threatened the bodily function, until Chris slipped a couple of stairs and broke his hip and pelvis. A bone scan revealed his bones literally melting away!


At the time of our meeting, Chris was wheelchair bound with a nasty cold. Gail, a tiny frame of a woman, told me her energy felt divided between her daily tasks and her spiritual activities. She told me the more she meditated the more she wanted to spend there. “The world seemed so cruel and unyielding all I wanted to do was escape the turmoil.” Instead of training her mind at the task at hand, she and Chris lived in the Universe’s all embracing love. Instead of being aware of their surroundings, they dissolved them into nothingless. “The more I did this, the more scattered and confused I became.” Reality had given them a hard knock, forcing them to re-gain consciousness.

Both were intrigued with Hands-on-Healing and asked if Reiki would help them. At the time I wasn’t sure how or what the Reiki would do; the only way to find out was to try it. And that we did. Gail came first. As I scanned her body, her outer energy felt distorted and revealed it had suffered a great loss of energy, especially to the immune system and endocrine glands. Also, for Gail’s age, her skin was wrinkly, her hair all white. As my hands scanned her throat area, the former vibration of heat from her energy body suddenly went numb and cool. Although healers are not allowed to diagnose, I felt her thyroid levels of thyroxin were low. Hypothyroidism can mimic aging which is caused by an abnormal decrease in a person’s metabolism. I recommended she ask her doctor for a full blood test. I also felt Gail was dehydrated, depressed, malnourished and inactive.

After scanning Gail’s body, the Reiki treatment began. Starting at the head area, I slowly worked to the position of invoking the Sei-Hei-Ki symbol for mental/emotional healing. It is in this placement we intuitively ask the client if they would like a spiritual and emotional healing. Most times a Reiki practictioner will hear a Yes or No; sometimes the body itself will physically reveal if it does or does not want to proceed. In Gail’s case, it was a big YES!

I was not prepared for what happened next. Unbenownst to me, Gail’s tissue and muscle (especially the upper back, the reverse side of the heart) had served as an armor to hold in all past emotions and prevent them from rising to the surface.

Blocks are held by the tissue, the story behind those blocks are held in the bone. Layers and layers of hidden and denied needs cried out for recognition. Each had a voice of their own as the room suddenly seemed full of several different entities. Gail’s body seemed to slightly rise up and slump back down on the Reiki table. She started sobbing as repressed wounds and clinging pasts were released. I’d never seen anything like it! Deep down I sensed feelings/past-lives/issues still weren’t ready to be released, they held on like glue. They were locked away in her lymph glands and sub-basement, more work was needed for Gail to find the key.

(When I do a healing, my guides are automatically present and beside me. I imagine a white pail filled with sea salt by my feet and near the treatment bed. This pail is used to absorb, cleanse and purify darker energies put in it. At the end of a healing session, I imagine the pail being hurled into space and cleansed/transformed by the light of the Sun.)

The whole session took nearly 2 hours to complete. Her adrenals and liver were lethargic and exhausted. When this happens, the cortex of the adrenals gives off a hormone called cortisol. When this hormone is dramatically elevated it reduce’s the stomach’s ability to resist its own acid, this could lead to ulcers and gastritis. All this can also affect the thyroid, the gas pedal of our metabolism. If you’ve ever felt an inexplicable inner shakiness, this could be caused by an exhausted thyroid gland.

I explained to Gail that as she continues to let go and clean out old experiences, her aura will change color, become clearer and less dense. It will flows smoother and more evenly and her energy patterns will increase. I recommended acupuncture, acupressure or shiatsu to work on her swollen lymph glands (these glands are an important part of the immune system). It is here foreign substances are surrounded and dealt with by an army of white blood cells called in by the physical body.

Gail was amazed of the initial healing and frankly so was I.  The healer’s body is but a conduit for a higher power.


Chris’ healing was a totally different story. When he finally came to see me, through the urgings of Gail, his energy was silent, withdrawn and lethargic. More than once I had to call him back to reality as he seemed to lose focus and disappear into a spacey, dreamy kind of altered state. It seemed to be his way of skirting different aspects of himself as well as refusing to be consciously aware of ‘things as they are’. He seemed split off from life to avoid the challenges, risks and unplesant experiences that are a necessary part of living. When one does this, he becomes less in contact with himself and less in contact with his surroundings. Chris seemed to be putting himself to sleep to avoid his own feelings and desires. A hynoptic sleep to ignore these experiences.

When our thoughts are free, our feelings flowing, our bodily senses intact, we have contact with the outer world as well as what’s happening on an inner level. As I nudged toward this possibility, Chris changed the topic to, annihilation of the Ego to reach elightenment through Ascension. Oh my gawd, this is a misconception many spiritual teachers and gurus have taught their students….to kill the ego to make real spiritual progress.

“Those who try to “kill” the ego by an act of will are usually those who are least comfortable with their own ego, whose ego is in active conflict with their spiritual aspirations and who wish to achieve the wishes of one part of their personality at the expense of some other part. This is psychological rape, for which the abused psyche will surely seek revenge. Generally these people convince themselves that they have destroyed their own ego, when in fact they are merely ignoring it.” Marilyn Waram

We are to live in this world, we won’t survive it or protect ourselves if we don’t. Chris seemed to be in search of a world, an illusionists dream of a world filled only with unconditional love which he couldn’t seem to find. This endless search, I discovered, left him with a horrible craving and an empty feeling inside. The more he yearned for it the more ungrounded he became. I could tell his physical system was starting to burn up by this high circuity of energy and sooner or later he was going to blow a fuse.

When I approached Chris to scan to his body, he in turn took two steps backward, as if to say, “I don’t want to do this.” Almost immediately I sensed a tension creeping through his body, as muscles tightened around his chest and stomach, making his breathing difficult. His body stumbled towards me as if it was crying out for help. It was obvious he was visibly disturbed at what I had just witnessed and tried to compensate for what was happening. I in turn was feeling at my wits end on how I was going to help this guy. It took a few seconds for me to realize it was he who was projecting those thoughts on me. I had to re-center myself so as not to lock in on his emotions.

Emotions force us to do something to remove the tensions they’ve caused. And one of the best ways of removing tension is to talk. So I decided to break the ice. Through experience, I have learned that although emotions are aching to be released, sometimes we wait for the other person to put our puzzle pieces into a whole picture….which I was grasping to do. The problem was, all the pieces didn’t seem to be there! Or, I had become too emotionally involved.

I asked Chris what he was trying to do with his life. It was a question he appeared ready for. His answer was to make the world a better place through his spiritual work. I told him, if he wants to change the world, the best place to start is his own life. I reminded him that the Aborigines in Australia were the ones that said….”you must become the change you want to see in the world.” Chris looked as if he was going to escape into another dream world, when a sudden commotion down the hall jolted him back to the moment. Again, it seemed something or someone was intervening. Chris seemed drained of trying to hold in all that unwanted energy and leaned against the healing bed. “How can you help me”, he asked. “Let me show you” I answered.

As I scanned his body I told Chris everything I was doing but not ‘all’ what I was feeling. His insides were chaotic and literally on fire. It was if there was a rebellion going on, a war that had been going on far too long. I’d seen this before and although I wasn’t totally sure, (and not allowed to diagnose) Chris’ body showed signs of possible cancer. Cancer has no regard for human life, only for its own survival. Could it be that all those denied and pushed away feelings were now rebelling, forming unsociable behaviors, that in our outside world is seen as gang related. And these gang members were wreaking havoc on the normal cells of Chris’s body? Again, I wasn’t sure.

When I tried the Reiki mental/emotional symbol on Chris, the answer was a flat NO. He wasn’t ready to release anything yet. His emotions were locked up as if in a tightly secure prison with no way out. As I proceeded to do hands-on-healing, I could feel this tightly held energy trying to force its way up my arms and through my body. Fortunately, Reiki attunements and its symbols won’t let this happen; they protect the healer from coming in contact with these extreme static energies.


The Chinese beleived that the vital force call chi, circulates in the body thorugh meridians traveling a set route between organs and systems. The meridians are either yin or yang depending upon which way the chi flows. The meridians have an intimate connection with the nerve pathways of the body’s autonomic nervous system which is linked to every organ and part of the body. When chi is flowing through each of the twelve meridians, the body is kept in balance and good health. The autonomic nervous system works continually without you even having to be aware of it. This system helps you breathe, digest, grow new cells, keeps hormones balanced and your heart beating to name a few. It is only recently that we are paying more conscious attention to our bodily functions rather than leaving them on auto pilot.

Paying close attention to the flow of Chris’ meridians, the kidney meridian was one of interest. The kidney meridian (Yin) flows ‘up’ the body. It starts at the sole of the foot and runs up the back of the leg to the front of the body. From this point it ascends in a straight line to the breast bone. Disorders associated with this meridian include brittle and soft bones, back pain, asthma, phlebitis, varicose veins as well as uterus and prostate problems and a weak bladder.

The bladder meridian (Yang) complements the kidney bladder and flows ‘down’ the body. It is one of the longest meridians that starts from the inner corner of the eye, passes over the head and divides at the base of the neck, creating two branches that run down along each side of the spine, past the buttocks, down the back leg and ending at the little toe.

While I was scanning Chris’ body, my hands, especially the fingers, followed the meridian lines which sensed what was balanced and what was not.

When energy work is needed on the meridians I like using a Herkimer diamond which complements and enhances the Reiki healing energy. Because these herkimer diamonds are small and hard to handle, I sewed mine into a pair of laced cotton gloves. I don’t need to worry about losing them and their effectiveness and healing potential are increased with most cotton materials.

Chris and I talked through the whole procedure though he carefully guarded his deepest secrets. I realized Chris wasn’t truly meditating, he was using it as an escape to avoid being bulldozed by the weight of his emotions.

I suggested an alkaline diet for Chris which comprised of mostly fruits and vegetables. Also a complete medical was adviced. I aso told this to Gail who made sure Chris made the appointment. It was through the medical field that Chris was diagnosed with cancer of the prostrate which eventually found its way into his liver and lungs. Sadly, Chris passed away in 2007. Gail has taken living in the moment very seriously. We are still in contact with each other even though we’re thousands of miles apart. After Chris died, Gail decided to move closer to her sister’s farm in Texas.

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