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Cutting the ties that bind helps us to regain our power and self-esteem by cuttting away old attachments or energetic ties that no longer beam us love but have become flat and stale.  These attachments cling to our lifeforce, depleting  our soul and wounding us over and over again.

There are postive connections we form with people in a healthy way and ties that bind in an unhealthy way. The unhealthy ones sap our energy and the more there are, the more they seem to control and stress us out. This is an easy and painless way to unbind yourself……find a way to ground your energy….perhaps standing barefoot on the sand near the ocean or in the middle of a blooming garden. The sky is clear and the sun shines brightly.

Sprouting from your body in all directions are lines, or cords….you might see or sense them as telephone wires, ropes, tubes or hoses. Some might be clustered together, some may look like bundled fiber optics…..others may look dark and stiff.

Each line of cord represents a connection you have with someone. The stronger the connection, the thicker the cord. The livelier and healthier the bond, the brighter it glows. The ones that are muddy or dark symbolize connections that are unhealthy with no life flowing through them.

Your subconscious may or may not show you which cord is connected with which person but you may sense or see a person at the end of a cord, or it might simply disappear into space.

Certain areas of your body may hold strong emtional attachments….such as your chest, abdomen, and back…look to see if they sprout thick clusters of cords. The darker ones are the negative connections that weigh heavily upon you….they may even cause chronic problems in that area….see if there is a negative connection in these areas. L

The dark stiff ones you want to cut loose. They drain your energy and keep you tense. In your mind’s eye look for something to cut them with. A pair of golden scissors, a silver dagger, a magical sword? Choose whatever feels most powerful to you. Hold it in your hand…feel the coolness and weight of the metal.

Don’t worry about cutting healthy connections…these magical cutting instruments only cut through the negative cords…leaving the healthy ones in tact. Best of all there’s no pain.

Cut the dark unhealthy cords one by one or slice through several at a time. You might feel a slight pressure or resistance as you begin to cut the ties that bind, but no matter how thick the cords are, they are easily severed. The end that is attached to someone else whips away into space. The end attached to you, curls up and dries to dust in seconds. It crumbles away painlessly, leaving no mark or scar.

As each black cord is severed you feel lighter and lighter. Lighter as in bouyant, lighter as in glowing, cheerful. No longer bound by the ties that bound and drain energy, you are free to enjoy the loving ties that make you feel energized and happy to be alive.

Phyllis Krystal http://www.phylliskrystal.com/phyllis-krystal-en.htmlwas the first to develop and create workshops and write several  book(s) on “Cutting The Ties That Bind” …listed here http://www.krystal.cnchost.com/

Also, there are other creative visualizations that might help





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