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It was just over a year ago, a comment was made in the ‘About’ section of this blog about the metaphysical reasons for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  The Metaphysics of MS will be the first of many articles we will look at regarding autoimmune disease.  Leave me a comment if you’d like to read the metaphysical cause of an autoimmune disease you have or would like more information on. 

Identifying which autoimmune disease you might have can sometimes be a difficult process.  Symptoms can be vague because autoimmune diseases can present themselves in so many different ways, affecting the thyroid, the brain, the skin, or other organs.  If you suffer from an autoimmune disease, most likely it started off quite subtly – like fatigue, insomnia, a bit of muscle pain, headaches, a little dizziness, and cramps with diarrhea. Then, (days or months later) you noticed the pain never went away and you felt extreme fatigue, joint pain, more frequent headaches, memory lapses and lower back and bladder pain. You saw your own doctor and then another and another hoping one of them would explain and resolve your suffering.  Initially, you were given anti-depressants, and antibiotics, and told to rest.  You seemed to get better, then two or three weeks after, your symptoms worsened baffling your doctor.  With all this going on, you may feel trapped in your own personal hell!

Christine, 38, had suffered with extreme fatigue for a year before contacting me.  Even though she had 8 – 10 hours sleep, she felt more tired in the morning then when she went to bed.  Although Christine was put on a nutritional and detox program by her naturopath, she didn’t respond well to the treatment.  I think it’s not only important to detox the internal organs, such as liver the pancreas and intestines, but also to release any repressed emotions of pain, grief and unresolved trauma:

“….I don’t have good memories of my childhood, which bothers me a lot. Not one really happy memory, even though my siblings tell me of a happy childhood. All I have is a general sense of fear, of not knowing who I was, of having to shut down to fit in and be accepted. I cried easily because I was very sensitive, so I was always a subject of a joke, or my siblings threatened to tell my parents I was crying. What I remember most was being constantly verbally attacked or silenced.

… Yes, my entire endocrine system is messed up, thyroid, adrenals and the lymphatic system. My previous doctor was mainly treating my thyroid issue, but I am under a care of a new doctor now, and she is investigating everything. I had tons of blood work done, even genetic tests. My blood test showed antibodies for Mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria, Epstein-Barr virus (had mono when young), Lyme disease, Hashimoto, which I already knew, and looks like I m pre-diabetic, which can be reversed. Oh boy! The good news is I don’t have arthritis, and the joint pain and swelling can be from the inflammation caused by the Hashimoto or even Lyme.

 “One of the most complex and important systems in the body, the immune system is comprised of the lymph glands and nodes, the thymus gland, tonsils, spleen and white blood cells.  The main function of the immune system is to recognize foreign substances (antigens)—such as viruses or bacteria—and prevent them from doing harm.  This is the ability to protect yourself against illness.  It is an awareness of the relationship between inside and outside, to what extent you are influenced by that relationship, and the ability to discriminate between what is you or is not you—between the self and other than self.  If the immune system is overactive toward external antigens, such as pollen, then an allergy can develop; if it’s underactive, then an infection develops. If the immune system is overactive against an internal antigen, then it can start destroying the body, as in autoimmune diseases; if it is underactive then abnormal body cells will develop, as in cancer.” YOUR BODY SPEAKS YOUR MIND ~ Deb Shapiro

Most of us have been wounded by our childhood experiences and/or relationships in life. With little emotional stability, we suffer because it hurts, and often that hurt is felt deeply in the core of our being.  It can cause some serious damage to our personal power if these wounds erode our self-worth and our self-respect.  If we take on guilt or blame or feel inadequate, we can become extremely defensive; saying things to loved ones, we can’t take back.  But when our deep feelings and needs emerge, we may unconsciously fend them off angrily, impulsively and sometimes even sexually.  Often though, we deny our needs for closeness and intimacy and try to be emotionally self-sufficient. But that’s not what we really want.

“What’s wrong with me? Why did this happen to me?” You cry out. First of all, nothing is wrong with you.  There are countless situations and circumstances (starting at your childhood) that can ‘unconsciously’ do some serious damage to your state of being. Perhaps you suffered abuse or betrayal, perhaps someone or something let you down and made you feel unworthy. Perhaps you were violated in unmentionable ways and you feel the guilt or shame, which is way too much to bear, yet you don’t know where to stuff it.  These are the kind of wounds that create dis-ease, infect our self-worth, taint our confidence, embitter us and make us cry ‘woe is me!’ to suffer through life so needlessly.

When the immune system’s energy is distracted from its normal functions to deal with the surges of adrenaline (crisis) in the body, it produces large amounts of *cortisol which, in high levels, is known to kill millions of antibodies as they flow through our body.  Without the antibodies to protect us, we become more vulnerable to illness.

(*When you’re frightened your brain sends a chemical to your adrenal glands to prepare your body for fight or flight. The adrenals release the chemical messenger cortisol in preparation to heal damaged tissue and stimulate your immune system.  But too much cortisol will cause inflammation in the body, not the kind of immune system response we want for healing.  This hormone can dehydrate us and cause us to use up more nutrients and vitamins, not leaving much behind for healing to take place.)

If we are very stressed or very toxic, we will use more stress to remain high to avoid the crash, hence thrill-seekers living on the edge until they burn out, develop serious disease, or find a bearable way to deal with the constant struggle within themselves. “If I don’t keep a constant grip on myself, I’m afraid of reacting with rage, suffering depression or doing something crazy”.

You need, we all need activities to counterbalance our toxic emotional stress and all the day to day demands of life. For example: taking time for self to have a hot bath, meditate, go for a walk or even hang out with friends. If our nervous system is wound up, we will have tension and in all likelihood stress hormones in the blood.

“… in a wide range of autoimmune diseases, the body’s immune cells lose their ability to read the difference between your own healthy cells and the foreign bacteria or viruses – or other unrecognizable microscopic organisms from the environment around you – that enter your body. They don’t stop at merely disabling these invading foreign agents, they go on to destroy the body’s own healthy tissue in deadly rounds of friendly fire. For reasons scientists are only now beginning to understand, the immune system goes on an erratic rampage, disabling the body itself.” THE AUTOIMMUNE EPIDEMIC ~ By Donna Jackson Nakazawa

In the upcoming articles, we’ll look at immune disorders/diseases and the metaphysical effects they have on the mind/body.  Some autoimmune disorders have been written in this blog; however, we’re going to return to these, review and possibly expand what’s already been written.  Links to the previous autoimmune diseases will be shown at the bottom of this article.

We’ll look at, in no particular order, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Alopecia, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s disease, Diabetes (Type 1), Fibromyalgia, thyroid imbalances, Allergies, Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus, Scleroderma and Autoimmune skin disorders, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Pernicious Anemia, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Lyme disease, Endometriosis, Interstitial Cystitis, Raynaud’s Phenomenon,  Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and many more. There are an estimated 100 different autoimmune disorders though the symptoms vary depending on the type of illness. Most involve inflammation within the body and a general lack of well-being, but they can be tough to diagnose medically.

“Our body’s ability to fight disease is continuously changing. The power of our immune system waxes and wanes, affected by stress, old age, the time of day and our state of mind.  Our immune system is in a constant flux; our health balanced on a tightrope.  For example, the number of immune cells in our blood tends to peak in the evening and is at its lowest in the morning. There are many changes that happen to our immune system during the night, as our body enters a different state of activity and energy use, and in turn our immune system seems to be affect by how we sleep. Reduced sleep – less than five hours per night – correlates with an increased risk of the common cold and pneumonia.”  The Beautiful Cure: Revealing the Immune System’s Secrets and How They Will Lead to a Revolution in Health and Wellness  ~ by Daniel M. Davis

From a cold to a cut, to a virus, your body’s natural defences and immune system works 24/7 to keep your body healthy and balanced.  It’s an intelligent system that is capable of recognizing (most of the time) a mutated cell from a normal one.  But with autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakes healthy cells and tissues as something foreign .. resulting in a chronic inflammatory attack on your muscles and cells.  Somewhere, somehow a breakdown in communication has occurred.

We’ve learned that the mind consists of the conscious, subconscious and unconscious.  Therefore, we have to accept that every thought we think, consciously, or unconsciously is automatically turned into electrical impulses that affect the brain and the central nervous system.  Simply put, the thoughts you think daily create your reality and your body.  The shape of your body is a graphic expression of how you feel and think.  It reflects your history; its structure is molded by your individual experiences of life.   If your thoughts/emotions and beliefs/behaviors haven’t been processed or unresolved, you may manifest the imbalance physically. Who you are is unique, that’s why autoimmune dis-eases affect everyone differently: your body, your health, tells the story of your life – your fears and aspirations, your deepest secrets and experiences.  That’s why immune disorders usually have a multitude of symptoms, they aren’t the same for everyone.

“The activity of the immune system in monitoring and protecting our health is a cellular-level operation on many fronts. The dance of all the different kinds of immune cells in the body is a dazzling tour de force by a multitalented corps de ballet, so well trained and exquisitely choreographed, they take the breath away.” Belleruth Naparstek Guided Imagery 

When we are in harmony with our higher-selves, we are filled with physical and inner strength, courage, kindness, humility and self-control.  This incredible dance of power helps us overcome symptoms of fatigue, depression, illness, and despair. It has the ability to bring body, mind and soul together as one.

Louise Hay, Inna Segal, Debbie Shapiro, Mona Liza Scultz, M.D., Carol Ritberger. M.D., and many, many more are making it known that stress related illnesses are at their highest when we lose control of our lives, feel depressed, lonely, helpless and hopeless. With chronic low self-esteem, you may feel failure in the stomach, the pressure of self-blame in your heart or the pain of shame in your throat.

“We don’t yet understand all the ways in which brain chemicals are related to emotions and thoughts, but the salient point is that our state of mind has an immediate and direct effect on our state of body. We can change the body by dealing with how we feel. If we ignore our despair, the body receives a “die” message. If we deal with our pain and seek help, then the message is “Living is difficult but desirable”, and the immune systems works to keep us alive.” Bernie S. Siegel, M.D.

It’s possible you’ve lived with crippling insecurities, or heavy responsibilities that have severely suppressed your joyful, artistic and creative side of life.  As a child your self-esteem may have been severely bruised, your creative talent inhibited or your fun and happiness extremely limited. Growing up you may have felt insignificant or unworthy with no motivation or sense of pride.   You may have caught more than your share of viruses, colds and flu’s, now your immune system is all screwed up.  Everyday, you feel exhausted, you cannot find enjoyment in anything, yet you are under constant pressure to do or be something ..


Perhaps you were inflicted with some type of childhood limitation, a congenital disability or even a restricted upbringing. Maybe you were separated from your parents when you were young. Feelings of anger and of being abandoned may have never discharged from your body, this energy found its way in to the weakest part of your body, the joints and surrounding muscles as well as the elasticity in the body.

“The immune system begins to break down when you feel insecure, experience inner conflict, feel pressured, push instead of allow or feel threatened and manipulated.

Here you need to learn to focus within and allow the innate wisdom of your body to notify you as to when it needs to work and when it needs to rest. Focus on staying true to yourself, and have the courage to stand up for yourself and for what you believe. Practice saying no others, as always saying yes can compromise your well-being. Aim to live in balance, fulfill your own needs and desires before worrying about others”. The Secret Language Of Your Body, The Essential Guide to Health and Wellness ~ Inna Segal

If you want to receive healing you’ll need to be open to it on all those levels, especially actively participating and working with your-Self. Mentally and emotionally, you may need to seek therapy to heal and follow the doctor and/or therapist’s advice to get well.  Physical wounds can also mean you’re dealing with spiritual wounds that need cleansing and mending; all these together say ‘YOU CHOOSE TO HEAL’.



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“Guided imagery is, I must tell you, a near-perfect-vehicle for psychic development.  It’s a kind of deliberate, directed day-dreaming, a purposeful use of the imagination that automatically alters our consciousness as we use it and drops us down into the clear, receptive state that is so necessary for picking up subtle, intuitive signals at will.” Belleruth Naparstek, “YOUR SIXTH SENSE” 

When I sometimes sit down to write an article I have no idea how I am going to write it.  At first my mind sees a jumble of words….how to shuffle them around, organize and make sense of them?  Time passes and I still can’t make sense of the words and their rhythm.  This is when I relax, close my eyes and allow myself to daydream (visualize) about the next paragraphs.  It’s quite remarkable how the article all seems to come together and usually not the way it was planned at all.

Closing the eyes relaxes the body.  Daydreaming relaxes the mind.  With the relaxed mind holding imaginative thoughts our brain waves slow and the right side, the creative side of our brain is activated.  This is our intuitive network, our guidance system reaching out and grasping the creative flow of words and images from a different source.

“When intuition comes, the brain releases endorphins and neuropeptides to all the nerves, the blood vessels, the heart, the lungs, the gastrointestinal trace and all the other organs.  And a systematic organization of specific emotions and memories in the brain is being transferred to specific organs in the body….An intuition network is in place inside every one of us”  Mona Lisa Schulz  

If you’re new to creative imagery, you may want to read through the ones you’d like to try a couple of times to get a feel for them or to ‘see’ them in the mind.  Just start where you are and do what you can.  If you can only meditate for a minute, then meditate for a minute.  During that minute your mind may constantly wander, don’t worry about it just keep bringing it back, gently and firmly….similar to the discipline and love you’d give a child or puppy.

“It can be difficult for some people to hold a mental image for any length of time.  As soon as the concentration falters, the pictures fade, and/or are replaced by an incongruous image from the mundane world.  If this occurs, bring your determination and strength of will to bear.  Clear the mind and build the scene again, from the place where it disintegrated or better still, re-build it from the beginning.”  Patricia Crowther 

 Make your images as real as possible.  Allow them to form in your mind and bring them into sharp focus.  Notice details.  Enliven them with color.  If you can’t visually see the pictures, sense them, feel them, put emotions to them.  Get right inside the image and experience it as if it were actually happening—feel the excitement—bring them to life.  Your body is a mirror of the mind—let every cell express what you think and feel—your body will change according to those thoughts and emotions.  To be more specific, it will open and expand the nurturing energies of your heart.

 Creative imagery re-ignites our hopes, our ideals and passions—there is a future and that future is coming. That in itself is a very empowering realization.  It’s the place where magic happens.  It happens because we are focusing our senses, our awareness, our power on the object of our desire.  Our hearts and mind yearn for it and when we truly yearn for something we can make it happen.

 “Meditation is a technique of calming the mind to access energy and insight, utilized by traditions from Zen to Judaism.  In this receptive, nonanalytic state, you’re using more of your intuitive equipment, particularly those sensors that let you detect your higher power.  Mediation has been proven to relieve pain and stress, and to boost our immune system.  It also yields quick results.  In just minutes, meditators have shown increased alpha activity—the relaxed brain waves—plus less anxiety and depression.  Not to worry.  You don’t require an hour twisted in the lotus position to feel energized (though feel free to meditate as long as you like).  A little quality time can revive you.” Judith Orloff


 This is an example of using the breath to relax and release any tension or stress before beginning a meditation/visualization.  If you have a favorite way of relaxing, that works for you, by all means use it.

Before starting any time of meditation/visualization, find a comfortable place, a place where it is quiet and you won’t be disturbed.  It may be a chair, a bed or even the floor.  Make sure that you are comfortable, your clothing is loose, your arms and legs are uncrossed and you are in a comfortable position.  Allow yourself to become calm and focused.  Empty your mind of all thoughts and start concentrating on the breath.  Just focus on the breath and breathe deeply in through the nose and exhale from the mouth.  As you become totally aware of your breathing, allow it to become slow and rhythmic, like waves rolling in from the ocean.  With each inhalation, breathe in the wonderful sensation of peacefulness and calm.  Then as you exhale, slowly breathe out any tension or concerns.  Let your attention remain on your breathing as you sink deeper and deeper into the feeling of relaxation, breathing in peacefulness and calm, savoring the feeling of relaxation, and breathing out any tensions or concerns.

(The vagus nerve is the major quieting nerve in the body. http://www.medicallecturenotes.com/2010/03/vagus-nerve.html  This nerve runs from the medulla in the brain down to the base of the spine.  It branches out to the heart, the respiratory and intestinal tracts.  When we concentrate on the breath and breathe deeply, the vagus nerve goes into action.  It immediately lowers our blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and pulse rate.  Our natural response when we are angry or stressed is to breathe deeply.  This is how we activate the vagus nerve to quiet the body.)

The following guided meditations literally speak for themselves.  Although simple, they are very powerful at regenerating and rebuilding your energy and health.  They give you energy when you think you have none and sharpen your intuition and mind.

There are no guidelines or rules in doing any of these visualizations. They are a few of my favorites and very easy and simple to do.  You can read them, tape them, or change them to suit your style.  Once you’ve learned them you’ll be able to enjoy them anywhere, when you need to relax, heal or boost your energy.

*All visualizations can be found in The Joy of Visualization by Valerie Wells


 1. POOL COOL (length 15 minutes)

Sit or lie down comfortably and close your eyes.  Let all distracting thoughts fade into the background…relaxing more and more.  Take a few deep cleansing breaths and relax into the center of your being.

Imagine that you’re floating on your back on a raft in a swimming pool………The pool filter gurgles softly………..You trail one hand in the cool, clear turquoise water……….A gentle breeze plays across your body……….Overhead the sky is a sea of blue.

The sun feels soothingly warm upon your body, it massages the soles of your feet………and tickles the tops of your toes.

Cozily slippered in sun, your feet relax and your toes uncurl. (pause)

Feel the magical energy of the sun on your ankles and legs……… feel the suns soothing energy on your knees and thighs…letting this healing force absorb all pain and tension, carrying it away…….

Feel the warm glow of the sun on your pelvis and hips…………feel the warm glow of the sun on your stomach…easing all tension and pain………

The Sun’s warmth penetrates your skin and is soaked up by your body………..Wherever the sun touches, it absorbs all pain and tension and carries it away………

Beams of sunlight dance on your chest……….reaching gently into your heart to lift out all physical and emotional pain………

Feeling soothed by the sun, you breathe more calmly, more fully.

Become aware of the sun massaging your shoulders, arms, and hands……….Feel them relax.

The suns/ warmth moves up your neck to your throat………Any tightness in your throat melts away……….

Feel the sun resting gently on your face, drawing tension from your temples and eyes……….Worry empties from your mind……..The sun warms the spot where your jaw hinges and your jaw relaxes, dropping slightly………..

Breathing in through your nose, you inhale the bright energy of the sun…………Feel the warmth and light of the sun fill your lungs and spread throughout your body……………Direct extra light and warmth to any area that is especially tense or painful…………Then breath out through your mouth, exhaling stress like a dark cloud that immediately evaporates……….Tension and doubt disappear in the light of the sun.

In your mind, turn over on your stomach…………Feel the warmth of the sun on the back of your head……….your neck………and your shoulders………Release tightness in these areas, allowing the sun to lift it away………….

Slowly the sun’s warmth moves down your back……..Let it rest there, like a heating pad, until all aches are gone………………………..

Feel the sun on your buttocks and the back of your thighs………..The backs of your knees and your calves receive the warmth of the sun………and any muscle strain disappears.

Feel the sun again on the soles of your feet……….Let the sun massage your feet and tickle your heels…….you are now completed relaxed from head to toe………….

Float on the raft in the clear turquoise water of the pool for as long as you want, whenever you want to relax.  No matter how cloudy it may be in your physical landscape, in your mindscape it is always soothingly sunny.

2.  Fountain of Health (length 20-30 minutes)

*Read this over a few times to find your own rhythm of where you’d like to pause.

It was over five hundred years ago Ponce de Leon searched for the fountain of youth.  He may have been looking in all the wrong places.  It’s possible that the true fountain of youth and its counterpart, the fountain of health, won’t to be found in Florida or any other place on earth, because they exist within.  We have, built right inside us, the ability to repair, recreate and rejuvenate ourselves.  This wonderful visualization helps you to discover your inner fountain of health.

*Visualizations like the one that follows have been shown to create a rise in T killer lymphocytes, the main component of the body’s immune system.  As well, endorphins,(the body’s natural painkillers) are released, elevating our mood and relieving tension and pain.

 Lie or sit down, breathe and relax, allowing your thoughts to come and go…..going deeper and deeper to your favorite place within….

 Imagine that you’re walking on a path where rocky cliffs rise against a bright blue sky.  Hear the sound of your footsteps.  Is the path made of dirt or crushed rock?  Look down to see what kind of footgear you’re wearing.  Look at your hands.

 The crisp, clear day is invigorating.  Rounding a bend to your right, you find yourself at the opening of a cave.  Curious you take a few hesitant steps inside and find an old miner’s lantern.  You dig some matches out of your jacket pocket and to your delight, the lantern catches, casting a wide circle of golden light into the darkness of the cave.  You feel safe.

 Drawn irresistibly deeper into the cave, making your way is easy with the aid of the lantern.  You reach the back of the cave where the vaulted ceiling and the floor meet.  Raising the lantern high, you discover a tunnel just a little taller and wider than you are.  You enter.  The light of the lantern reflects off the rough-hewn sides of the tunnel, revealing a thick vein of gold.

 At the end of the tunnel are steps cut into the rock leading down.  Count each step as you descend.  The last step is inlaid with the numbers of your birth-date spelled out in turquoise.

 Ahead stretches a hall, at the end of which is a flickering glow.  As you hurry down the hall you hear a musical splashing sound that gets louder and louder, stirring greater and greater excitement with you.

 Bursting through the end of the hallway you find yourself in a high-ceilinged oval chamber.  In the center is your very own fountain of health.  It shines and splashes merrily, the water cascading down over seven golden tiers, each round tier increasing in diameter from the spire at the top to a large pool at the bottom.

 The water glows with a powerful inner luminescence that lights the entire chamber.  The floor, walls and domed ceiling of the chamber are made of amethyst, rose quartz, and crystal-clear quartz.  Thick veins of gold and silver run through them.  The chamber hums with vibrant energy.

 In the fountain, subtle colors shift and slide through the streams of water, raspberry pinks, mint greens, champagne golds.  As you near the fountain the spray from the splashing water mists your face and arms.  On an amethyst ledge near the fountain is a champagne glass.  You pluck it off the ledge and use it to catch the water as it splashes merrily from one tier to another.

 Bringing the brimming glass to your lips, you sip this liquid of life and health.  As it glides across your tongue it effervescence titillates your taste buds with a flavor at once sweet, tart and mysterious.  With each swallow this elixir of youth cascades down your throat and flows through your body where it is absorbed.

 The water from the fountain of health cleanses every cell in your body, reminding of its right to be healthy.  It melts away stress and disease.  It revitalizes every part of your so that you feel your body come alive.  It feels like thousands of lights blinking on within you and twinkling like stars.

 You climb into the large golden pool at the bottom of the fountain.  Youth juice sluices over your body from the tiers above, rinsing away tension lines and firming your skin.

 Once you’ve discovered your fountain of health, you can visit it anytime you want to.  Just picture the quartz chamber with the fountain of health shining and splashing in the center.  Then treat yourself to a drink of youth juice and bath in the health-restoring waters.

3.  WISHING WELL (10-15 minutes)

 This is truly one of my favorites in defining a wish and making it real.  Read this over a couple of times and find your rhythm of movement and pauses.

 Take a few deep breaths, and allow your body to let go and relax.

 Picture or sense yourself on a moss-covered path in a forest.  Afternoon light shimmers through the branches, turning the leaves a rich green and dappling the path.  The energy of aliveness and growth is all around you.

The path curves to the right then slants uphill to a grassy knoll.  At the crest of the knoll is a wish well made of stone.  A brass plaque is inscribed with the word Wishing Well, and above the words is your name.  You smile.

 Reaching into your pocket you find three gold coins.  You hold them in the palm of your hand, feeling their coolness and their weight.  You examine the first coin.  On one side, in raised letters, is a single word that embodies the essence of one of your wishes.  Whatever you wish for see the word centered on the coin.  Encircling it is a garland of intertwined yeses.  Turning the coin over you discover a picture of  your wish with a halo of light around it.

 Rub the raised surfaces of the word and the picture between your fingers.  As you rub the coin, picture yourself in your wish.  Happy feelings come alive within you.

 When you’re feeling so glad you think you might burst, drop the coin in the well.  It flips over and over as it falls, and then disappears in the depth of the well.  After a few seconds you hear a muffled ‘plop’ as the coin hits the water below.  Your wish has been received.

 Do the same thing with the two remaining coins.  If you sih you were better at generating original ideas, see the word Creative on one side, encircled with yeses, and maybe on the other side a picture of you with a light bulk shining over your head.  Rub the surfaces of the coin and drop it into the well, listening for the sound of it hitting the water.  Do the same with the third coin.

 After you’ve made your three wishes and heard them fall into the water deep in the well, know that your wishes will come true.  Believe in them!  Look forward to them!

 All this wishing has made you thirsty.  You notice a wooden bucket tied to a rope that is wound around a winch.  You grab the winch handle and turn, lowering the empty bucket.  It hits the water with a satisfying splash, and you unwind it a little more to let it fill with water.

 As you hoist up the bucket, it is so heavy with water that you have to grab the winch handle with both hands.  Up it comes, until you can pull the bucket over to rest on the edge of the well.

 You drink the clear, sweet well water, a toast to wishes coming true.  The water satisfies not only your physical thirst, but your mental and emotional thirst as well.  This is how clear and sweet your wishes are, and how satisfying it is to have your wishes come true.  You have wished well, indeed!

 4.  Light Might (15-20 minutes)

 Light is essential, active and powerful.  It illuminates, helping us to see and be seen.  It casts out old limiting beliefs and attitudes, lighting the way to new knowledge.  It encourages growth both metaphorically and literally.  Without sunlight there’d be little growth.

 This meditation increases the quantity and quality of light in your life, attracting and magnetizing what you want in your life.

 Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, relax and breathe deeply, let go of all thoughts and tensions and allowing the relaxation to deepen…….

 About a yard in front of you, between your chest and your forehead, picture, or sense a small ball of light about the size of a ping-pong ball.  It’s bright white and glimmers with energy.  It vibrates with power.  It hums with potency.  Even though it’s small, it shines with such intensity that it lights up a large area around it.  Why it even lights up you!

 As this ball of vibrating white light floats in mid-air in front of you, bobbing slightly as if eager, you begin to feel an inner glow.  It seems to tickle your sense of fun and makes you feel optimistic.  You wish the ball were bigger.  The instant you have that thought, the ball of light begins to expand.  It grows to the size of a honeydew melon, then to the size of a dinner plate.  It expands to volleyball size.  You realize you can make the ball of light as big and bright as you want, just by thinking about it.

 The ball of light grows bigger and brighter until it’s just slightly taller and wider than you are.  The light has powerful magnetic appeal and draws you to it.  You step into the light as easily as stepping into your living room, and it feels just as familiar.  As soon as you enter the light, you feel simultaneously excited and peaceful.  You’re sparked by the idea that anything you want to have, or do, or be is possible.  Yet at the same time you feel relaxed, confident that what you want will come to you.

 You both hear and feel the hum of light.  Pinpoint bursts of light dance around you, tickling your fancy. You feel bubbly, like a glass of champagne.  The light shines on you and through you, realigning energy, revitalizing, healing.  It sparks ideas.  You feel whole and healthy.  Protected.  Empowered.

 You realize that the high energy of the light creates such a strong magnetic field that as long as you’re filled and surrounded with light, it will attract what you want.  Think of something concrete you want to have—money, love, a job, a computer, a car, a home, etc.—really want it so that you beam brightly with desire, shining your light on the object of your desire and drawing it to you.  The light expands to completely surround your goal.  You have illuminated, attracted and protected your goal.

 Step into your ball of light the first thing every day.  By putting yourself in the light you can see and be seen more clearly, feel energized, attract what you want, solve problems more easily (because you see the light) and avoid or reduce mishaps.

 It’s also helpful to put a ball of light around anyone or anything in your life that you want to protect or empower:  loved ones, friends, employers, doctors, your car, airplanes, your home, your work site, meetings, letters, business projects, your checkbook, investments etc.  There’s plenty of light to go around.

 Light is powerful and empowering.  When you surround and fill yourself with bright white light-might, more things go right!

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