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“We are whole as well as unique, and each aspect of our lives–the emotional, mental and spiritual as well as the physical–is rich and complex and deeply connected to the others. Each of us is brought up in a particular family at a given time and in a specific place. Each of us is a member of a socioeconomic and ethnic group.

 ….Understanding all the dimensions of a life is crucial to understanding each person and his or her illnesses. Addressing them may make possible a successful treatment that a more narrow approach would dismiss or ignore.” MANIFESTO FOR A NEW MEDICINE ~ James S. Gordon, M.D.

When a person contacts me for a distant healing, we create a time when he or she can join in at the same time—this moment of meeting is also arranged at a soul level—a moment of sacred synchronicity. Asking a client to join in frequently allows them to sense the energies in all kinds of ways and they can also give you feedback about their healing experience. All that a practitioner needs is the name and birth date of the subject and the place where they reside now. Inviting the healing process begins at the spiritual level addressing imbalances at present time … this spiritual connection helps to pick up a range of messages coming from different parts of a person’s body. Many times, after the client and I have discussed the healing, we may also focus on his or her astrological chart to gain a greater understanding to their current issues. 90% of the time, the client is eager to have an astrological point of view that provides a reflection of his or hers own ‘inner nature’.

Many people, often as the result of a life crisis or through a gradually increasing interest, feel a pressing need to get in touch with their Self and to discover, in their own unique way, their nature and place in the universe.   In the search for a method to be used as self-development they turn to sources of inspiration from ancient times—one such system is astrology. Carl Jung, saw the human psyche as a rich tapestry of forces and interactions—he used astrology to access aspects of the human personality which still lay below the surface.

Carl Jung used astrology to reveal the psychological characteristics, patterns, and dynamics of his clients. In a letter to a prominent astrologer (Dr. B.V. Raman of India) he wrote, “As I am a psychologist, I am chiefly interested in the particular light the horoscope sheds on certain complications in a person’s character. In cases of difficult psychological diagnosis, I usually cast a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I very often found that astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.”

Your natal chart is like a fingerprint, there’s none other like it in the world. Wherever you are in the world you’ll react in the same way and respond in the same; why .. because .. you are you.

The type of astrology we’re going to look is called astropsychology (individual astrology). When doing a chart, what we’re looking for is a pattern, a repetitive pattern in your behavior—the way you take information in and the way you send information out—it will show, how you respond to any environment. Astropsychology is about self-awareness, self acceptance and eventually leading to better ways of knowing yourself, of knowing what you’re doing, understanding why you act in certain ways and then disciplining yourself with higher awareness to overcome imprinted beliefs and behaviors. It’s about balancing our energies and discovering our natural abilities and merging them with our knowledge to manifest in our lives day in and day out. We are responsible for our own actions as others are responsible for theirs.   Astrology is about stripping ourselves of our outer masks (superficialities) and exposing our true inner nature. And it’s about now, it’s about change happening now, for as you will discover you have ultimate control over your chart.

Manic Depression/Bipolar people are truly gifted with many wonderful attributes that have been masked by their symptoms. Their bodies are increasingly sensitive to things the mind cannot know—physically they feel their depressions and anxieties—even when hidden under the guise of good humor and a couple of stiff drinks. Social pressures at home, at work and at school can intensify this disorder, creating other conditions such as Diabetes, Thyroid disorders, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and many more.

“Creativity is closely associated with bipolar disorder. This condition is unique. Many famous historical figures and artists have had this. Yet they have led a full life and contributed so much to the society and world at large. See, you have a gift. People with bipolar disorder are very very sensitive. Much more than ordinary people. They are able to experience emotions in a very deep and intense way. It gives them a very different perspective of the world. It is not that they lose touch with reality. But the feelings of extreme intensity are manifested in creative things. They pour their emotions into either writing or whatever field they have chosen” ~ Preeti Shenoy, Life is What You Make It

We know from the previous articles on manic depression that the brain of a person with bipolar does not move dopamine and other chemicals of the brain in the same way that the brain of someone without bipolar does. A lack of dopamine may explain the drug addiction and thrill-seeking behavior of most people with bipolar. However, I do believe everyone can sculpt a fulfilling life out of what they’ve been born with, but it will take a lot of hard work and willpower to change old habits developed in response to bipolar symptoms.   Being realistic about the great stress it has on your life and in your relationships is important but also doubly important is being hopeful and optimistic. Medications can help find your own balance point as you see bipolar in fresh ways. And all medications should be tried under the direction and observation of your doctor whom you told of your medical history.

When the harder aspects of astrology are accepted as the flip side of the very positive aspects of a natal chart, a balance can be achieved. So often astrologer’s have found a person’s greatest talents arose directly out of their most challenging aspects. Yet many astrology books will describe squares or oppositions as indicating a person’s greatest faults or weaknesses, whereas trines and sextiles shown a person’s talents or virtues.

“The energies expressed by planets in square to one another are often compulsive, too forceful, and often rooted in feelings of resentment or vulnerability. Obviously, these circumstances tend to bring out the less pleasant qualities of the energies involved. The energies represented by planets in square aspect can be very dynamic and productive – rather like an athlete who can objectively accomplish more because in training he must constantly work with a handicap … like running uphill, but they are not comfortable – either for the person who owns them, or for the people who have to deal with him.” http://www.enchantedspirit.org/Astrology/Definitions/Square.php

The first step in breaking habits is to become our own spectators. Paying attention to our facial expressions, gestures, tics, and posture can help us to see ourselves more clearly so we can begin to change certain performances of our personality. We need to learn to test ourselves too, to see where we hold strengths and weaknesses and continually improve on the weaknesses or use our strengths to counter balance them.

“In the Yoga Vasishtha, the Goddess of Wisdom explains, “Consciousness, mind, and space: These are not different things. Each of these is all pervading. This true intelligence inside you, the awareness buried beneath the everyday rambling of your mind, pervades all space. All living things are connected through this network of intelligence. It is the basis of telepathy, precognition, spiritual healing, astrology, and other occult powers.

This intelligence is perfectly tranquil, which is why people with agitated minds are unable to tap into it. There is a part of your mind which swells within this Divine Intelligence. Yogis call it the confined body. It is everywhere, and its powers are unlimited. It is the Supreme Divine Awareness Itself.” Yoga Journal May – June 1996


The astrological natal chart reflects both our light and dark shadows, our strengths as well as aspects of ourselves that need healing. It’s a way of being able to ‘observe the self’ and understanding a deeper meaning of the life journey, particularly our painful life experiences. Awareness of certain energies at work within ourselves gives us the opportunity to shift out away from our typical knee-jerk reactive mode.   The most practical perspective that will help you understand astrology in general is that everything works in polarities.

“Astrology is neither a perfected science nor solely an art form created by the intuitive faculties of the various people who practice it. Astrology combines certain elements of science, art, and intuition and as such it is a unique field of study. Astrology is a diagnostic tool which has been given to Man so that he may begin to understand his roots in infinity and the higher laws of creation which govern him. Astrology, therefore, is not an end unto itself. On the contrary, it is a beginning, for the planets and stars are but giant, symbolic bodies through which the complicated truths of the Universe may be expressed.” Alan Okin’s Complete Astrology ~ Alan Okin

The process of becoming aware and learning/discovering what’s best in us takes courage, as we are being readied to meet oneself. We all come with our own unique history; bringing our own particular strengths and weaknesses, performances and abilities. For most of us, we often find ourselves playing a role, just showing a part of ourselves and keeping other parts hidden. As we gain control of our abilities and interactions with the spiritual side of life, we are able to co-create, give form and manifest results in our physical world.

We are all familiar with some aspects of ourselves that are resistant to change, even if we feel quite aware about what we would like to do. If you encounter resistance, don’t berate or judge yourself, relax, sit down and take the time to explore your chart and find out why certain aspects are there.

Inside each of us is a variety of subpersonalities (archetypes) (eg., the hero, the victim, the nurturer) that contribute to how we respond to life experiences. We’re going to look at the astrological chart of a person diagnosed with manic depression who blamed his parents for the ‘screw-ups’ in his life. “My parents haven’t any idea what they’ve done to me, I don’t know who I am, I haven’t any self-esteem and it’s ‘all’ their fault”.

Our identity stems from our family and if that is removed, it often leaves us hanging emotionally. I mean—think about it—our family is our foundation, our home. There’s no question that what a person has been through can impact how they feel about themselves. It alters the way we look and deal with the world; bitterness can lead to depression and a lack of motivation. Instead of dealing with our anger and sad feelings, we tend to blame our screw-ups on those closest to us .. our parents.

In astrology, the ascendant, rising sign or 1st house represents our appearance, the physical body, and its overall health and vitality. Your body image has been influenced and shaped by your parents and people who influenced your family and the environment/society you lived in as a child. You could say it’s the landscape of your body, formed by the foods available to your parents at the time. It’s also based on the genetic makeup of your early ancestors and the food they ate, especially if from a different land. It’s also been called the mask we wear when relating with other people. Planets that aspect the rising sign can alter the flow of energy, positively or negatively throughout the body.

The sun and moon reflects the energies that were going on between our parents at the time of our conception. The relationship between the luminaries in the natal chart also plays a significant role in our behaviors, attitudes and beliefs as well as our relationship with others.

Anger, blame, guilt, fear and all other negative emotions when not acknowledged and released weaken your natural resistance to disease and aging.   They clog up your cells, slow down your metabolism and wear out your heart. Where we’ve been hurt, abused, abandoned or betrayed .. any of these wounded feelings can settle in your arteries, joints, throat, eyes, brain or digestive track.


Mitch astro

The name and date of birth of the following person has been changed to protect his identity.

The natal chart we’re looking at is a young man named Mitch, born in 1997 and diagnosed bipolar at the age of 12. At this tender age, Mitch was already heavily into drugs and in trouble with the law .. as you can tell by his birth date, he’s only heading towards his 18th year.   Here’s a short overview of his chart…


In Cancer, we enter the world of emotions and feelings as well as needs, intuition and our ability to bond with another human being. Cancer’s Moon has been said to represent the wounded inner child, since it holds the sensitive part of us that is vulnerable, dependent and needy.

“In Gemini, the soul was urged to move out of its self perceptions and embrace its universal self, the one that knows it is connected to all things.   If this did not occur, then the phase of Cancer will be difficult. The self beomces imprisoned in itself and indifferent to others. Spirit provides warmth, compassion and understanding; when it’s missing, reality appears distorted. Emotional needs become “black holes,” and nothing in the material world is enough to make the soul feel secure.   The dark feelings of the Cancer find relief in humor and in an interest in society and all its frivolities. Cancers are either the king and queens of superfluous behavior or courageous navigators of the truth and the unknown.” The Day We Were Born ~ Linda Joyce

For most of us it is much harder to express our feelings than to opinions, facts or theories. If you listen to people’s conversations, they are either describing things, events or people or exchanging ideas and/or opinions about something. Very rarely do we hear things about personal feelings, because talking about feelings is risky. Feedback is the risk of learning something about yourself you didn’t know before (or did, but didn’t want to know) And there’s also the risk of being misunderstood or not accepted. Yet, are these worthwhile risks to learn more about ourselves.

Mitch told me he often bottles up his feelings, especially around his friends and mother but ends up losing his temper at someone else, causing a reaction he was afraid would happen in the first place.

“Cancers struggle with mood swings, and their obsessive behavior demands they learn emotional control. Constantly battling frustration, they seek stability in their environment. It’s why they like antiques, tradition and the past. It gives them a feeling of connectedness and belonging. They are prone to collecting and easily fall into habits. They’d rather repeat an experience any day than try something new. They can easily get stuck in a rut. A mate can help here. Often Cancers are attracted to partners who bring the change they themselves are afraid to initiate.

 All Cancers deal with fear. It’s the neck brace that keeps them rigid. They also struggle to contain emotional tension, beginning in childhood.” The Day You Were Born ~ Linda Joyce

I told Mitch that from Aries through Cancer, we experience the elements of Fire (Aries), Earth (Taurus), Air (Gemini) and Water (Cancer). Water has no taste, no shape or color; water ‘needs’ other materials ‘to be observed’. Pour water into a container and suddenly it takes shape. Flavor it with something and it has taste. So feelings and emotions are only seen by something outside of us, causing internal ripples.


“…When Saturn is shadowing the Sun in the natal chart, for the Sun describes the ego and sense of self-worth. In the final analysis, the individual feels a lack of acknowledgment for who he really is and usually goes through life feeling unrecognized no matter how much acclaim comes his way. The sadness that sets in is like putting shade over a bright light. The sun describes not only the ego and sense of self-worth but the real essence of soul quality. If a person is denied by others often enough, he quite naturally begins to deny himself and his existence. He feels unimportant, and may be motivated to get the acknowledgment he craves and feels he deserves in a variety of ways, sometimes by being lured on by the reward or ego stroking he hopes to receive for a job well done. His diligence is rarely acknowledged fully, however, as he was programmed for lack of acknowledgment at that all-important time of birth.” ASTROLOGY AND YOUR PAST LIVES ~ Jeanne Avery

Child abuse and feeling deprived has created a huge chip on Mitch’s shoulders; he feels rejected and betrayed by life and trusts no one. He has such a great fear of being controlled by others that any restriction causes Mitch to fight back with a fighting rage. The root and deep scar of his sorrow is a sense of emotional abandonment from his alcoholic father. All his stuffed-down feelings have kept him moving to avoid feeling. He couldn’t turn to his mother for help who cleaned endlessly and was overly involved in the community; she went out of her way to help others to avoid her pain.

Mitch left home at the tender age of 15; he realized too that he was like his mother, running and keeping his life in high gear to avoid facing his real feelings of loss and emotional intimacy.

I told Mitch to see his constant running as a form of addiction.   We will see with other aspects that he was into drugs and alcoholism but not all forms of addiction are physical.   Addictions can represent desires, attachments, demands, expectations, emotional programming, anything that keeps us in the past instead of the here and now. Addictions disempower you by making you worried, anxious, resentful, uptight, afraid, angry, bored or any other obsessive thought pattern that prevents you from taking responsibility for your life.

Mitch told me “Then I guess you’d say I’m addicted to cutting. When I’m feeling down about myself I hurt myself by cutting my arms all up. I would rather feel physical pain then the emotional hurt that I have in my life”. Overall he felt anger, sorry, hurt and frustrated; instead of talking about it, he hurt himself.

I told Mitch that cutting make take his mind off his problems but that wouldn’t make them go away. Self-mutilation is connected to low self-esteem. Think about it. It makes sense .. Mitch cuts himself with words like “you’re worthless: or you’re not going to amount to anything.”

At some point, I told Mitch, you will decide that your “background” isn’t going to stand in your way any longer. You’re young and your wounds are fresh; it’s your fear of emotional pain that makes you so sensitive and hell-bent it won’t happen again. But this energy you’re feeling radiates from you to others—they know on a deeper level what you’re thinking and feeling—they act in accord. People’s reactions to you. are from what you’re projecting—energy put out into the world comes back to us like a boomerang.

To come into balance we have to embrace our polar opposite and for you that’s Capricorn. Capricorn is about responsibility, it’s showing you that you alone are the creator of your experiences, that no one else can cause you to feel what you feel in any situation. As mentioned in the summary Mitch needs to share himself with others; once he does his problems will begin to dissolve.

“The wonderful light that each person is needs a distinct darkness to define it. The darkness providing your balance and cosmic equilibrium is now only a vague shadow. By witnessing true darkness, the opposite of the goodness that you are, your spirit will become more clearly defined. You will become more fully aware of when darkness or negativity has come into your life, and you will be able to acknowledge it, change it, or leave the situations, instead of simply becoming entangled or lost in the darkness.


Before you get to know someone, their ascendant or rising sign will probably make a much bigger impression on you than their sun sign. The rising sign will play a big part in the way someone dresses, looks, and the way they carry themselves. Your Ascendant/Rising Sign also represents your general outlook on life.   It is the lens through which you view the world.

“A person does not have to be behind bars to be a prisoner. People can be prisoners of their own concepts and ideas. They can be slaves to their own selves.” – Maharaji

Mitch felt he had little worth, he felt depreciated by others and felt cheated and stepped on. At school he was bullied quite possibly because he didn’t feel so great about himself. To defend himself he hid behind a wall of distrust and put others down to elevate himself. He sank into terrible feelings of loneliness and isolation, cutting himself and turning to drugs and alcohol.

“Compulsive and addictive behaviors such as overeating, compulsive exercise, gambling, spending, workaholism, relationship addiction, and drug and alcohol abuse are born of intense craving for nurturing, affection, connection and personal power. Under the surface of compulsive behaviors lies an insecure, frightened and angry individual crying out in loneliness, isolation, helplessness, fear and anger. Compulsive behaviors represent an attempt at survival, security, satisfaction identity and safety. The compulsions become replacement for nurturing; the means to diminish anxiety and insecurity, and experience brief pleasure and gratification; the means to repress anger and hostility; and an avenue to find temporary security. Compulsive behaviors represent the paradox of both an overwhelming desire for connectedness and a fear of intimacy and conflict. The spending, hoarding, sex, compulsive work, etc., reflect an effort to protect oneself against overwhelming feelings of helplessness, hopelessness and fear of abandonment should emotions held in check be released. Good and Mad: Transform Anger Using Mind, Body, Soul and Humor ~ By Jane Middelton-Moz, Lisa Tener, Peaco Todd

When I scanned Mitch’s energy field during our distant healing session, his aura was like a wall of steel not wanting or letting anything through. Mitch had gone through many trials in his young life, including physical abuse, abandonment by an alcoholic father and trying to cope with a learning disability. His strong feelings had never been talked about or dealt with. They were buried. The more we conversed over email and skype, the more I realized how great the tension was between him and his parents. Mitch left home at 15 years old and lived on the streets for almost a year.

(Any type of armor around the body represents all a person’s accumulated feelings and repressed rage that’s never been processed. Mitch had only one planet in water (Sun in Cancer in 4th house)—he was definitely not comfortable in the world of feelings, or expressing himself well—another reason why his wall was created. But this form of protected armor was causing tissue inflammation and muscle pain in his body.)

Cortisol can create a fearful, threatened feeling that over-stimulates our whole system. Unexplained muscle aches, chronic headaches, feeling hopeless or helpless and crying more than usual are signs of chronic anxiety. Anxiety coupled with cortisol has been known to cause unexplained heart palpitations, a nervous stomach, road rage and short temperedness.

“The Ascendant also represents the body and with Neptune in conflict, we could by physically below par – mostly due to our uncertainty. When we are going through a difficult patch we may need to sleep on our problems, and we can suffer from tiredness without obvious physical cause. Creative talents can be wonderfully stimulated if we take up artistic or mystical pursuits.”   ‘Aspects and Personality’ by Karen Hamaker-Zondag

Cancer is a cardinal sign and for many a Cancer business is the strongest creative outlet in the horoscope. But Cancer is looking for fulfillment for the Moon, for something that is nurturing to do, for people who need help.


The moon is normally associated with home, family life, one’s mother, motherhood, bonding with others and habits and behaviors. Anatomically the moon represents the stomach, which emphasizes a direct link between what we eat and how we feel. It also provides clues to what may be “eating” at us. Cancers tend to eat when their inner child has been deprived; emotionally starved, neglected or abandoned. Each of us responds to the Moon’s cycle in our own unique manner and through its regular rhythm, it can provide us with clues to the direction our unconscious is taking.

“You may be surprised to learn that your food absorbs and transmits consciousness…and the subtle energies in your meals can profoundly influence your entire life. When you take the time to tune in and connect with the vast array of energy fields within your meal, magic happens. Suddenly you’re no longer contained by the confines of your identity and your physical body. You enter into the awareness that you’re not separate from the universe. Each item of food you ingest can be a key that opens doors of perception and connection….. 

 Your food is indeed composed of undulating energy fields that can profoundly impact your life. Many people view their physical body as a static biological entity. However, in reality, your body is a vibrating, intelligent force field of energy that’s constantly transforming and renewing itself. When the viable energies of your food interface with the energy flows of your physical form, it allows you to step into a higher level of spiritual frequency. (But only if you understand how to attune to those fields; this is one of the secret recipes for savoring your life.)” Denise Lin and Meadlow Lin ~ The Mystic Cookbook

“We who have Moon in Libra crave the experience of beauty and peace; we seek to co-operate with others, to please, and to establish one-to-one relationships which are mutually gratifying. We also find satisfaction in using our minds, particularly our powers of objectivity and synthesis. A parent who valued us highly, and enjoyed pleasing us; who encouraged our aesthetic and intellectual development, and who was willing and able to appreciate our points of view… may have helped us to become attuned to the constructive dimensions of our Libran Moon.

 If, however, our Moon is in difficult aspect, or if its trines or sextiles suggest a parent who was only superficially available to us, we may be attempting to gain from a partner what we were never able to experience from our parents. We may become overly dependent upon others, seeking to win their favor by being indispensable and satisfying their every desire. We may also be inclined to avoid confronting our anger and pain, suppressing emotions because we fear any threat to our relationships which might force us to acknowledge our separateness and aloneness. These patterns may have been influenced by a parent figure who placed too much emphasis upon appearance or surface harmony, who was unable to tolerate discord, or who led us to believe that relationship always means subordinating oneself to another. Such a mother or father may have brought many unfulfilled needs into parenting, expecting us to compensate for deficiencies he or she experienced in childhood or marriage.

 Although our Libra Moons suggest that our emotional fulfillment requires co-operative relationships with others, we can only build truly satisfying connections by first developing a secure relationship with ourselves, accepting as valid our own feelings and needs, and being willing to assert ourselves, even when it means experiencing temporary discord for the sake of deeper and more authentic contact. We need to apply our openmindedness and our capacity to identify with many points of view in relation to both ourselves and others – to listen to and affirm each of our internal personalities, willingly entering into disharmony and imbalance when necessary in order to create the more enduring harmony and balance which is so vital to us. At the same time, we need to honor our Libran need for beauty and peace, creating environments and relationships which, whenever possible, soothe and uplift us.” ~ Tracy Marks

The moon in astrology represents the mother, your first bond with life and your early experiences of how she loved, protected and cared for you.   The Moon represents how we were emotionally held and provided a place of safety so we could explore and express our feelings, no matter what they were. The Moon in Libra is a bit uncomfortable because the Moon is feminine and Libra is Masculine—the Moon is emotional—Libra is logical.

When I asked Mitch to describe his mother he said point-blank “a people pleaser”. He said his mom couldn’t say no to anyone and it would really tie her in knots when she couldn’t help someone.   “She gave the appearance that everything in her life was ok, even when her problems were obvious .. at home she could be critical fuzzy and demanding.. but she allowed herelf to be used, especially my father. My dad was an alcoholic and mom would go about her days avoiding it, ‘keeping up appearances’ with friends and family. She was well read and had an enormous library of music and books but kept a blind-eye to what was happening in her life. Mom even had a tendency to turn her problems into jokes; this way no one could confront or question her lack of insight into her financial and marital problems. Some of her best friends were lost because they saw through her façade … they couldn’t understand why she didn’t want help or to help herself. When I ran away from home she was deeply hurt but probably knew deep down inside it was best for me to leave the abuse of my father”.

When we turned the tables and looked at what the Moon in Libra meant Mitch, he had to laugh, “my mom wanted to be friends with everyone, where here I am fighting everyone like a raving maniac! I’m afraid of my emotions because their so intense”. Where my mom wouldn’t make a scene, scream or put anyone down I’m totally the opposite. Mom didn’t realize the shame I had about our family and it only grew worse because she wouldn’t talk about it.”

With the Moon conjunct Mars we tend to react without thinking and may impulsively, angrily leap into action. Coupled with Uranus, even though a trine, indicates spurts of little shocks that come like a bolt out of the blue.   With these aspect comes great sensitivity and intuitive abilities as well as erratic mood changes—Mars and Uranus with the every-changing Moon may appear to others as unpredictable or unreliable, lacking in commitment and responsibility.

“Every time they revert to Moon behavior, or, in other words, to a search for peace and safety, Uranus springs into action, and the planet, although intervening harmoniously, does tend to make them restless and impulsive. In breaking free they may also want to be unconventional, and interests may include astrology or esotericism, subjects which lie outside the present scientific world-picture. Of course, by no means everyone with strong Uranus aspects will become an astrologer, but they will probably be interested in something pioneering – say some innovative branch of technology like radar.


Once they have found an interest, then they can throw themselves into it heart and soul. They become absorbed in each new bright idea. Not all of these are likely to be usable, but that’s not important; what matters is that the idea interests them intensely, and they have scant patience with the comments or criticisms of others. These people always give full rein to individuality and act according to what they think at the time. Possibly they shall bring about reforms in society, but these attitudes can also isolate them. Not for nothing is Uranus called an eccentric, solitary planet; and Uranians feel compelled to push themselves forward in order to express their individuality although, incidentally, they would be scandalized at the suggestion that they were being egotistic or self-centred.” Karen Hamaker-Zondag ~ Aspects and Personality


*The MidHeaven (10th house) represents our direction in life, what we strive to achieve, what we are reaching up for …

 Some people with the aspect, Neptune conjunct Midheaven (MC) suffer from identity problems most probably caused by parents who already decided what ‘they want’ for their child. As a result the child can grow up wondering who they are and what their role might be in life. This is why Mitch has become so super-sensitive to what others think and say. When we talked of his parents, he said he hated them and had even told them this to their face. Was it true? No, I think he was using these harsh words as a verb weapon to get my and their attention. He wrote more than once, “I haven’t done anything wrong, it’s all ‘their’ fault’. He also wrote “I’ve always felt like I was born in the wrong family, like what I wanted, what I cared about was completely opposite of my parents.”

The 4th house, Imum Coecli (IC) represents our heritage, our home and family’. The Moon is the ruler of this house (Cancer) representing our upbringing, the mother and our needs, instincts, and subconscious urges. The Sun rules this house in Mitch’s chart, it indicates one’s ego, vitality, pride and leadership. The Sun, not well aspected in Mitch’s chart showed he didn’t think much of himself or his sense of self-worth and that most of his upbringing was from his mother.   Insecure, she didn’t reflect his sense of self-worth and he lacked a healthy ego that affected his feelings about himself. With Sun square Saturn in the 4th house, the mother was deeply insecure herself … you see Mitch’s dad was an alcoholic and abandoned or was absent most of Mitch’s life.

Excellent article on the 4th house  http://www.astro.com/astrology/in_dgfourthhouse_e.htm

With Neptune conjunct Midheaven (10th house), Mitch needs to find a job in a quiet, low-stress environment that allows him to daydream, fantasize and create. With this aspect he is likely to dedicate a great deal of his time and energy to his chosen career because it will provide him with a tremendous sense of fulfillment, something he couldn’t match in other areas of his life. He also needs to develop some outside interests and form some personal relationships; this will keep him balanced.

Sometimes the 10th house is related to the father, who in Mitch’s case was withdrawn in a world of disillusion. His father could have shown Mitch all the negative attributes of Neptune: alcoholism, drug-addiction, chronic mental or physical illness, weak character, or all of the above. Mitch needs to examine his beliefs about why his father was in his life instead of avoiding the issue. When he does this he’ll discover, understand and appreciate his Neptunian gifts. (Mitch is being counseled as we speak.)

Mitch has a wonderful imaginative talent and loves painting mythological creatures and anything to do with the  fantasy world. He’s written poetry that is truly alive with deeply felt emotions and feelings.  Just as we need sleep, he needs to escape to a dream world of magical spirits and whimsical creatures; it helps him relax and to transform his visions into works of art. It is very probable Mitch is here to inspire us to our sense of wonder and to learn how to free our imagination.

Mitch and I talked about him taking an art workshop, or creative writing, which would bring his talents out and could also be an effective counselling tool.  We also explored meditation, some which are located on this blog.


“Uranus is the first of the higher octave planets. It describes a quality of electric energy that is very high in vibration. …

Uranus also describes healing, enlightenment and mental brilliance ~ for a person it show one who is a humanitarian, individual and unique. Special and unusual situations occur when Uranus is stimulated in our chart. They can lead to new awareness as a result of breaking up old patterns. A person who has Uranus strong in their chart can be rebellious, high-strung and nervous. At times the electrical energy in our bodies is so strong it can cause physical conditions such as bronchitis, allergies, asthma, etc.. So you could say the body’s on overload, and we need to let off all that excess steam within our own system so we don’t damage our health.

Uranus rules the breathing mechanism as well as indicating the nervous system, tension may produce shallow breathing or a general lack of oxygen in the system. The meridians in the body may be reversed. (Meridians are the lines that connect acumpuncture points in the body.) Reversed meridians may lead to what appear to be learning disabiities. Actually the individual may learn so rapidly and be so far ahead of the norm that he tends to jam his own circuits by trying to slow down or cnform to the methods of others. This is especially true if there are difficult aspects to Mercury or to the ruler of the third house of communications. In extreme situations, those difficult aspects may indicate a potential for dyslexia as a result of those reversed meridians.” Astrology and Your Past Lives ~ Jeanne Avery 

We contract or hold-in our breath, when we’re tense or protecting ourselves from something or someone in our environment. Usually when we feel safe, the body relaxes; the breathing slows down and drops farther into the belly, becoming deeper and more nurturing.   But if we continue to tense up this area, our breathing becomes shallower and the body’s back and neck will have to compensate for it. With the lungs imbalanced, the neck will be forced to crane forward, having to physically carry the weight of the head rather than allowing it to balance naturally on the spine. The neck pulled forward causes undue strain in many of the muscles in the shoulder and back area.

When working on Mitch’s energy body, his breathing appeared shorter, shallower and more in the chest than in the belly. The muscle that is responsible for controlling the lungs is the diaphragm (ruled by Uranus). This is a large dome-shaped muscle that separates the chest cavity from the abdomen.   It lies directly under the lungs and when we breathe in the muscle stretches out to let air into the lungs.   As you exhale, the diaphragm curves inwards and upwards to force all the unwanted air out of our lungs. The diaphragm is one of the most under-used muscles in the human body.

“Uranus represents the need for independence and originality; it crashes through forms and restraints and helps develop individuality on the basis of inwardly desired change. Neptune on the other hand, represents the desire to experience what lies beyond individuality itself. Hence it stands for a need to disassociate and blur things, to idealize and perfect them. But there is a danger of the individual mind becoming chaotic and losing itself in the collective. When the two factors come together, as they do here, we get a highly idealistic personality displaying an impersonal attitude every now and then.” Aspects and Personaltiy ~ Karen Hamaker-Zondag

A lack of life-energy (chi) can cause the entire body to experience health problems and cause the entire body to slowly deteriorate. I suspected Mitch had a skin condition and called him on it. Mitch said he suffers from a skin condition called psoriasis.

Psoriasis is an immune disorder said to originate in the intestinal tract. (Mitch’s 6th house in Virgo rules the intestinal tract and this area of the body is where he’s most affected). Those familiar with leaky-gut syndrome know that toxic substances that normally pass through the intestines are instead seeped through the walls, entering the lymphatic system and invading the blood stream. The liver and kidneys attempt to filter out these toxins but when the liver becomes overloaded the skin comes to the rescue to help eliminate them. Psoriasis, then, is an overproduction of skin cells that cause a pileup of dead cells, thickening the skin with raised red patches.   Metaphysically this is a mental issue of patterns and attitudes that are already dead and finished with but haven’t yet been released.

Mars in the 6th house can get quite a deal of angry and impatient when our ordinary day-to-day life isn’t going as planned. Fuming over what was, burns up a lot of reserved energy, burning out the adrenals and feeling quite anxious. Again with Mitch we see an accumulation of repressed rage and suppressed feelings that never got processed. Interestingly, in the aura, these appear as dark red spots that can be quite explosive when disturbed.

“Each feeling contains atomic particles, and the feelings which are denied contain particles which spin at a greater force than normal because their natural movement has been suppressed. This greater intensity of spin creates the color, red. When there is a large accumulation of these particles, the energy can no longer be contained, which results in an explosive force which you perceive as violence. This may express itself as a tantrum, as abrasive behavior, belligerence, insult, physical abuse, rape, or even murder. ‘Seeing red’ is an actual phenomenon.” Color and Crystals ~ Joy Gardener


There was a lot of personal information discussed with Mitch that wasn’t explained here.   In regard to astrology, For instance, I showed him all the retrogrades (R’s) in his chart, which means that from the earth, these planets (Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) appear to be moving backwards. Because Mitch had so many of them, it means he has to figure a lot of things out for himself, to go within and discover his truths. Once he is able to get himself sorted out, then he’d feel more comfortable interacting with the world.

“Escapism, daydreaming, and fantasies attract, and you may retreat into an ideal and perfect inner world where all is good. This is the conflict between illusions and external reality which reflects the interplay between the Virgoan dream of perfection and the Piscean dream of idealism. A misapplication of these impair your ability to deal with the real world”. North Node In Virgo ~ Paul Hayden

We also talked in great length about aspects to the Moon, Mars, Chiron and the North Node which are all placed in his sixth house. Mitch really wants to push his way through life and once back on track, make up for lost time in his past. It could mean he may have to do a lot of physical work but will have to watch his health. When Mitch was young he had a tendency to run high fevers when run down.

This quote summarizes Mitch’s repressed rage..

“Although it is not like Ares, if he did hold in his anger, he would probably suffer regularly from headaches or more generally turn his aggression against the body. (With the planet Mars in the 6th, feelings and impulses register very strongly in the body and must find some sort of expression if it is not going to short-circuit and blow a fuse.)” Howard Sasportas

With an Aries rising, Mars, Chiron and North Node all in his 6th house Mitch has a great combination of air (intellect) and earth (practicality) to live the way he wants and where he wants. The solution, he has a lot of work to do on himself; Virgo is associated with exercise, health foods, healing and natural products, an area he needs to explore.   Virgo is always striving to learn; this sign needs some form of study to stimulate the mind and Mitch is thinking of going through a graphic arts class sponsored through a government funded program and he’s really interested in exploring the artistic field, especially fantasy art.

“Integration only comes to this individual through service. Must come out of his shell and work. Has been isolated through self-undoing in the past. Either enforced seclusion, or restrictions due to lack of compassion in the past, has made it easy to retreat this time. Fulfilment comes to this individual through serving others and losing the sense of separateness. Humility, the last virtue to be attained, can be the keynote of hits life if the individual is willing to serve others with no concern about the self. In order for any of us to become something, we have to be willing to be nothing. This is the message of the sixth house.” ~ Isabel Hickey

The main thing Mitch and I worked on was for him to be less aggressive and more “assertive”. The key to being assertive is using the “I” statement.   When someone says “I feel frustrated” we open to what they have to say. People are usually more willing to listen to an “I” statement—and—being assertive builds our self-esteem—it’s validating our feelings and opinions. I also told him being assertive wasn’t going to change people; they still may be verbally abusive; but if he made it his goal to stick up for his opinion, even though they spoke the same way, it was a victory for him.

Important aspects such as Chiron opposite Saturn cannot be denied and applied so strongly in Mitch’s chart.   This is what I wrote him …   Chiron opposite Saturn emphasizes the need to strip away old, outmoded forms of self-expression. We’re challenged to become aware of our woundedness in the areas of thoughts, perceptions and communication. This means playing around with ideas, thoughts and words: what ideas do you have that might move you beyond your current situation? Try out some of these ideas and experiment; have fun with them. For instance do you often feel you’re not heard by other people? Perhaps you could learn more effective ways of communicating or choose to be better a better listener. Are you intimated by what others expect of you, losing touch with your own ideas and opinions? Maybe you could learn how to consciously redefine yourself at regular intervals. Be receptive to feedback from trusted friends, but choose what is right for you in the end. Try not to react to what others are saying but take it in as food for thought. If you’re tempted to react or get angry, let that anger spur you into action for your own self-development.

Mitch has been in spiritual counselling for about six months now.  He’s also seeing a naturopath who gives freely of her time to teach him of the respective foods and supplements he should be taking. Definitely 3000 mg. Omega 3 daily, was at the top of the list along with a Candida diet and moderate exercise. L-Glutamine and N-acetyl glucosamine are excellent for rebuilding the stomach wall.  Mitch was also told to try a homeopathic medicine called Kapli Sulphate, a cell salt for Virgo which neutralizes the acidity in the blood.

Mitch is on Depakote and Seroquel for his bipolar, but Seroquel has been causing him muscular spasms and is presently being weaned off of them.

I promised him the next article on this blog will be an in-depth study into Psoriasis ….

Links to follow …

Excellent article “What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital”  themindunleashed.org/2014/08/shaman-sees-mental-hospital.html


Neptune conjunct Midheaven ~ “Any planet conjunct one of the four angles is significant, and when that planet is the outer planet symbolizing spirituality, sensitivity, idealism, the arts, illusion, delusion, surrender and personal sacrifice, it is very significant indeed. Born when Neptune was as high in the sky as it could be on the day of your birth, your career will probably be related to the arts, film, medicine, service, and/or the ocean. Who, what, and how you profess yourself to be will have a deeply sensitive and spiritualized tone. You may be denied some of the natural ego gratification or public acclaim many seek in a career. With other contributing influences you could even serve as a psychic or a sensitive. You have a natural sense of what the public wants and dreams, and can project images of the desirable or the ideal in an enchanting and spellbinding manner.”


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“During the course of our research into the role of the chakras in health and disease, over 200 cases were observed clairvoyantly, and in a large number of these the disease was found to be related to the endocrine glands…..

Studies of the etheric chakras showed that whenever there were severe abnormalities in their colors, rhythm, direction of movement, brightness, form, elasticity and texture, this indicated a serious condition, probably resulting in the development of the disease, either in the endocrine glands related to that center or in that part of the body to which the center provides energy.” The Chakras and the Human Energy Fields by Shafica Karagulla, Dora Van Gelder Kunz

It is no secret that the endocrine glands have an intimate connection with the chakra system. The seven chakras or centers of energy have been seen as whirling cone-shaped vortices, which receive and distribute vital energy (lifeforce/prana) throughout the physical body. Each chakra also corresponds to a different endocrine gland and these glands govern specific parts of the physical body and areas of psychological and spiritual development. We know from the previous articles in this blog, on the subtle anatomy that the physical body has an aura of subtle fields known as the etheric, astral (mental/emotional) and causal bodies. We also know that damage to one or more of the subtle bodies through physical or emotional trauma can filter down from the aura to the etheric and physical level, creating a wide range of physical and mental ailments. All four levels of being, (etheric, astral, causal and physical body) are supposed to work together, encouraging and supporting each other.

More and more, science is proving what the mystics and ancient healers have been trying to tell us: there is no separation between the etheric system, endocrine system, nervous system, blood system and immune system; they all interact together at many levels. Each one spins a web of connectors not only to each other but to every other being and with the universe as well. Throughout our lives we learn by trial and error about our own physical presence on this earth and the effect that our presence has with others.

“The importance of this glandular system cannot be over-estimated. It is a replica in miniature of the septenary constitution of the universe and the medium of expression and the instrument of contact for the seven ray forces, the seven Spirits before the Throne of God. Around this at present unrecognized truth the medicine and the healing methods of the future civilization will be built.” Alice Bailey, Esoteric Healing

The day you were born, your spirit descended into matter, ready to face a new set of circumstance, or circumstances similar to those of a previous life, if the lesson had not been learned. At the moment of your birth, your body chemistry was set, directly related to the position of the planets at that point in time. The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, (main controller of the endocrine system) react to your thoughts, emotions and knowledge (placement of the planets, houses), that let the other glands know what the brain is planning and wanting the body to do. These special glands also have a thinking capacity all their own, you could say, that our endocrine system is an amazing group of different beings, each with their own history and experience, each with their own attitude, emotions and responses. With no exception, these glands are united by a very strong bond and linked by a shared history, each reacting to the other by way of the nervous system (mediated by neuropeptides, neurotransmitters and neurohormones). They are constantly eavesdropping on your thoughts and feelings and listening to the conversation you are having with yourself—every second of your life!

If you are familiar with the many Edgar Cayce readings, (the sleeping prophet) he stated the endocrine glands are repositories of past life memories emotionally charged and repressed. As we become more aware of ourselves, through dreams, meditation, self-healing, astrology, etc., these past memories come to the surface, appearing as symbols, giving us clues to hidden parts of our personality and to emotional problems/illnesses we are experiencing in this lifetime.

The endocrine system is made of glands situated throughout the body that secrete hormones or chemical messengers directly into the bloodstream. Circulating around the body in the blood, they continually bathe our tissues, stimulating changes in body cells. Each hormone has a variety of different effects, depending on the cells they are acting upon. Each gland and its chemical function has a part to play in the whole and with its own personality, character and agenda. The endocrine glands contain hidden aspects of yourself, which at times we all have had trouble seeing or accepting.

“Hormones are essentially tiny chemical messengers that spark communication processes throughout your body. They play an enormous role in influencing almost every aspect of your well-being, including your thoughts and feelings. Whether you feel the need to sleep, warm up, cool down, eat jelly beans, grab a coffee or have a quickie, your desires and actions can be traced back to your hormonal activity.” Dr. Natasha Turner

When we are reacting to either food, or a situation, or a person, or to the weather, we are actually responding to a signal that started from the hypothalamus to the pituitary gland. The signal may be in the form of comfort or discomfort, but if we could learn how to listen to these signals that are being sent to us, all the time from within us, then, we’d realize that these signals affect our moods, our behavior, our perceptions, our tastes, our habits, our attraction to other people, our appetites, our urges and so on. Knowing your body/mind, allows you to TUNE into yourself and of course to others. This allows the pituitary to analyze situations before taking action.

The most powerful chemicals created in the body come from the endocrine glands. This highly complex and sophisticated system is…. “controlled by the nervous system through the hypothalamus. This structure at the base of the forebrain has intimate connections with the pea-sized pituitary gland, to which it is adjacent. The pituitary gland releases a great variety of hormones that fan out within the body, stimulating actions in the other endocrine glands. In this sense, the pituitary is known as the master gland of the endocrine system, although the hypothalamus is the real power behind the throne”. Wayne Weiten

THE PITUITARY is a pea-sized gland that hangs like a little round bag from the hypothalamus, the part of the brain that controls emotion and appetite. Though the pituitary is tiny in size, it plays a major role in the functioning of your whole bodily system. It is constantly influenced by the higher centres of the brain, which give us our senses, memory, creativity and thought. It governs the lower base of the brain, the ears, nose, left eye, medulla and nervous system. Its color is indigo and its note on the musical scale is “A” .

Astrologically, the planets I associate with the pituitary is Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter, for its wisdom and intuition and Saturn for its intelligence and reason. This idea seems to works well with the 6th chakra, known as the Ajna or ‘Third Eye, which when opened represents telepathy and knowing. This chakra is depicted with two indigo lotus petals, one representing the ego self and the other, the spiritual self. It is at this centre that the masculine and feminine energies merge, initiating a spiritual awakening. The pituitary points to the earth and is our connection between spirit and earth, it is the ‘meeting place’ of both body and mind.

The pituitary produces nine hormones of its own and regulates our sexual characteristics, growth, blood pressure, fertility, metabolism and numerous other activities. It takes its orders from the hypothalamus, stimulating the other 6 endocrine glands (pineal, thymus, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, and sex glands) through the autonomic nervous system to produce their hormones. (The autonomic nervous system is a part of the nervous system that is ‘not’ under our conscious control—it is responsible for certain functions such as heart rate, breathing and muscular contractions of the internal organs)

An unbalanced pituitary can affect the performance of the pineal, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, ovaries, and testes glands, causing one’s whole life to be affected. When our brain is thrown badly out of balance from a hormonal imbalance, everything can go out of control. We’re going to do an extensive study on the endocrine system and the emotional/physical effects they have on the body. We’ll look at weight gain (obesity), Cushing’s disease, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), depression, bi-polar, prostrate problems, asthma, allergies, insomnia, diabetes, heart problems, cancer, Cushing’s disease, etc., but first we need to know and understand the performance of each one and how they work together.

Our hormones are constantly rising and falling, caught up in the fluctuations of the earth’s natural cycles (spring, summer, fall, winter) and, our own fluctuating thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about ourselves. The PINEAL GLAND (so-called because it looks like a pine cone), is associated with the crown chakra or ‘third eye’ (clairvoyance, vision) which is related to our personal understanding of the universe and spirituality. It responds to light. This light not only reflects our vital energy, it also reflects the Light of wisdom, compassion, healing and understanding. When the pineal is active and healthy, we become sensitive to the higher frequencies of light and subtle energy bodies.

The pineal gland is situated just above the ears and adjacent to the eyes, at the center of the brain. Esoterically, the pituitary gland points to the earth; the pineal gland points upward to spirit. This endocrine gland responds positively to the musical note ‘B’, the color violet and associated with the planet Neptune. The reason I chose Neptune is because of its association with empathy, inspiration and insight, bliss, romance, spiritual yearning and even hallucinations, loss of identity and mental confusion. Both Neptune and the pineal gland are associated with dreams and with the chemical known as melatonin.

During the day, the pineal gland releases the hormone serotonin and at night the hormone melatonin. Serotonin keeps us awake during the day, it influences our appetite, boosts our energy levels and makes us feel relaxed and good about ourselves. If serotonin levels are low, you’ll find yourself craving for sweets or constantly wanting to binge on foods. We tend to eat to make ourselves feel better…and it works because the more carbohydrates we eat, our serotonin levels go up! The problem is, the more weight we put on, the more serotonin it takes to elevate our mood.

Low levels of serotonin have been linked to such conditions as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, overeating, bulimia, obsessive-compulsive behavior, autism, PMS, migraine headaches, schizophrenia and even erratic behavior.

Melatonin is secreted when darkness falls. It makes us drowsy, calm and ready for sleep. Production of this hormone usually occurs while you’re sleeping. If you sleep with a light on or light floods into your room, it can effect the production of melatonin. Melatonin also works with the growth hormone from the pituitary gland. As you sleep and your body cools, growth hormone is released into the bloodstream, repairing tissue, skin, bone and muscle, preparing you for a new day.

But too much melatonin (usually winter months or in areas with little sun) can affect our personality, sexual and reproductive functions as well as our appetite. It has been associated with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which is known to create symptoms of lethargy, irritability, overeating, low self-esteem and mood changes…it’s where we just want to sleep all day.

Melatonin is mainly found in the brain, skin, heart and genitals. It can affect mood swings, menstrual cycles, estrogen levels, sperm levels and ovulation. When too much of this hormone is in our system, during daylight hours, we can suffer mental confusion and depression, insomnia, nightmares, skin problems, fertility problems and many other health complications. People suffering from these ailments tend to have large amounts of cortisol, a hormone produced from the adrenal glands, in their bloodstream. Too much cortisol has toxic effects to the billions of nerve cells in the brain, particularly the hippocampus.

“The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is particularly vulnerable to stress and stress hormones. Some researchers have reported that high cortisol levels are linked to the development of Alzheimer’s disease…..While cortisol levels fluctuate throughout the day, they often soar when a person is faced with a stressful situation. Studies have shown this stress also affects memory….[for instance] people taking cortisone pills which change into cortisol in the body were not good at remembering a list of words as people taking placebo pills.” The Encyclopedia of Alzheimer’s Disease by Carol Turkington, Deborah R. Mitchell

The pineal gland is a biological clock and is highly sensitive to the solar activity of the Sun as well as the Moon’s phases. Our bodies operate on a 24 hour clock, regulated by sunlight, which controls the day/night levels of serotonin and melatonin. As we know, melatonin is important in regard to the health of our immune system as well as the healing process, which takes place while we sleep. Melatonin declines as we age. This is possibly because the pineal gland slowly withers and calcifies as we grow old. Taking melatonin supplements can help but too much can cause some negative side affects, interfering with the natural rhythms of the body. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, breath work and other spiritual practices not only help to regulate the serotonin/melatonin balance, they also help us to understand there is a life force, an energy that flows through us. They also help us to develop our spiritual sight and keep the pineal gland and endocrine system healthy and strong.

From the endocrine glands in the brain (hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal) we move down to the THYROID GLAND located in front of the neck below the adam’s apple, larynx or voice box. Its two sides look very much like the wings of a butterfly. This endocrine gland responds to the musical note ‘G’, the color blue and sits in the 5th or throat chakra. The throat chakra rules the arms, hands, throat, mouth, voice, lungs, cervical vertebrae and respiratory system. Not only does this chakra govern communication, willpower, truthfulness and creativity, it provides a link or bridge between the spirit and personality. If you suffer from sore throats, dental problems, speech impediments and the inability to express yourself creatively, this chakra may be imbalanced. A weak or overpowering voice, problems listening to others and hearing and speaking the truth are indications this chakra is blocked too. The neck is the link between the mind and body.

“The throat center is the organ specifically of the creative WORD. It registers the intention or creative purpose of the soul, transmitted to it by the inflow of energy from the ajna center; the fusion of the two energies, thus brought about, will lead to some type of creative activity. This is the higher correspondence to the creativity of the sacral center. In that center the negative and the positive creative energies are embodied in the separate male and female organisms and are brought into relation in an act of creation, consciously undertaken, though as yet without much definite purpose.

The dense physical externalization of this center is the thyroid gland. This gland is regarded as of supreme importance in the well-being of the average human being of today. Its purpose is to guard health, to balance the bodily equilibrium in certain important aspects of the physical nature, and it symbolizes [155] the third aspect of intelligence and of substance impregnated with mind. It is in reality connected with the Holy Ghost, or the third divine aspect in manifestation, “over-shadowing” (as the Bible expresses it), the Mother, the Virgin Mary. The para-thyroids are symbolic of Mary and Joseph and the relation they hold to the over-shadowing Holy Ghost. It will eventually be determined that there is a close physiological relation existing between the thyroid gland and the pineal gland, and between the para-thyroids and the two lobes of the pituitary body, thus bringing into one related system the entire area of the throat and of the head.” Esoteric Healing by Alice Bailey

The thyroid gland is one of the most sensitive organs in the body producing hormones that control the metabolic processes in all the cells of the body. These hormones have an impact on your energy, muscle strength, growth and development, and nervous system.

“This gland is not only involved in keeping our hormones aligned, it also keeps all the organs in the body balanced and running smoothly. It also regulates our metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature.

An illness in the body could indicate a thyroid problem. Also, if your autoimmune system is out of whack this can also be the thyroid. Hormone failure can also indicate problems with the thyroid, adrenals and ovaries. Thyroid dysfunction is NOT something to ignore. If you suspect a problem, please check it out before more harm is done.”

I wrote this in a previous article called Zooming in on the Thyroid. Clicking on the link https://ravenstarshealingroom.wordpress.com/2009/07/11/zooming-in-on-the-thyroid/ will guide you to this article and help to understand how the thyroid works and the different illnesses caused when it is out of balance (e.g., hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, weight problems, ADD/ADHD, high cholesterol, tonsillitis, speech problems such as struttering, goiter, dwarfism and problems with excess estrogen, etc.)

Another link on the thyroid in this blog is here https://ravenstarshealingroom.wordpress.com/2009/07/11/emotionally-psychologically-and-spiritually-decoding-the-thyroid/

Stress, illness and poor diet can easily affect the thyroid gland. The thyroid uses foods such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and minerals as fuel. This gland coverts food into energy, not only controling the body’s growth and temperature, it also controls every cell in the body as well. Your skin, complexion and even your outward appearance is affected by the thyroid. It’s the engine of your body and when it goes into low gear, the whole body is affected.

The astrological planet I’ve associated with the thyroid is Mercury. The reason I chose Mercury is because of the 5th chakra’s involvement with mental development. It’s also related to thoughts and belief patterns you use in when communicating, your indentity and your creativity. Mercury in the positive sense is about flexibility and adaptability to understand a variety of different options and reaction to change. In mythology Mercury was known as the quicksliver mind; he was imaginative, communicative and as Carl Jung said, able to get one in touch with his or her creative gifts. Mercury also had the ability to touch the unconscious and spirit as well. Clarivoyance and telepathy can be developed in this area.

We now move to the PARATHYROID GLANDS, four very tiny small shaped discs embedded in the back of the thyroid gland with one behind each of the upper and lower poles of the ‘thyroid wings’. Interestingly, the parathyroid glands and the pancreas (organ and a gland) are not controlled by the pituitary, they act independentally, which means they are not influenced by any ‘outside’ stimulus. The parathyroid glands, like the thyroid respond to the musical note ‘G’ and are situated at the 5th or throat chakra area. Right now I’ve associated Mercury with the parathyroid glands. The reason being, Mercury is the planet that controls your metabolism. If your metabolism is high, your bodily system is dominated by the adrenal system and the thyroid. If your metabolism is slow, it’s dominated by the parathyroid gland and the pancreas and the sedating hormone calcitonin. When the parathyroids are active, the heart rate slows down, decreasing oxygen supplies, metabolism and energy.

“Your parathyroids support your pancreas, liver and ovaries and are regulated to calm down your thyroid.” Pamela Levin

From the above statement we begin to understand that the parathyroid and thyroid actually work in opposition to each other, for example, in color healing orange stimulates the thyroid gland but depresses the parathyroid glands….indigo stimulates the parathyroids and works as a depressant for the thyroid. But when these two are balanced like a see-saw or teeter totter affect, they work together to make sure the calcium levels in your blood are balanced.

The parathyroid glands also affect one’s mental development and polarity in the body. The parathryoid glands secrete parathormone (parathyroid hormone, PTH) that controls the body’s calcium levels in the blood, which are important for healthy bones and teeth and proper brain function. When calcium levels drop, the parathyroids go into action by secreting parathormone. Parathormone signals the kidneys not to flush calcium out in the urine. If there is too much calcium in the blood it can affect our nerves, cause hand spasms (tetany) in some people, or even depression, tiredness and irritability. Sometimes the cause is just from taking too many calcium supplements, other times it can be caused by a much larger issue. The parathyroids are often overlooked by doctors. The parathyroids out of whack can cause body weakness, nausea, constipation, thirst and even possibly kidney stones. Since alternative healers are not allowed to diagnose, we usually recommend a client see their doctor and have blood tests done on his or her hormone levels.

Below the thyroid and situated just above the heart sits the THYMUS GLAND. The thymus gland’s main function is to produce hormones that guard against infection and keep your immune system strong. This gland reaches its maximum size in early childhood and begins to shrink as we mature in age.

The thymus gland can indicate the all around condition of the endocrine system and is related as well to how rapidly we age. Even though it does shrink as we mature it continues to produce hormones against the many viruses, bacterias, parasites that invade our system. In fact, as you’ve been reading this article, you body has already created around four million new immune cells and hundreds of thousands of antibodies which are now coursing through your bloodstream. Even if you are a healthy person, there may be thousands of viruses in your blood and only a few of these are known by scientists and doctors.

It’s only been recently this gland has been explored more. One reason is that it was thought to be only involved in the growth process and the development of immunity in childhood. Now there is more research being done on this gland which has been given the name, ‘the throne of immunity’. It has also been called the ‘gateway to the chakras’ and other endocrine glands because of the intense interchange of energy between the etheric system and the physical body.

“The thymus gland produces T-cells, which deal with bacteria, viruses, parasites, cancers, allergies, and release the T-cells into the blood system. It also produces specific hormones that help deal with infection and immunity. When excessive stress or trauma cause an increase in hormones released by the adrenal glands, these in turn inhibt the production of the thymus hormones, leaving you more susceptible to infection and illness.

The thymus is also known as the seat of fire because of its close connection to the heart. For instance, when you are in love, feel confident or have an open and positive frame of mind, you will find it quite hard to get ill, as your T-cell count will be high. Conversely, when you feel depressed, lonely, or sad, your T-cell count drops and you can catch cold or get ill quite easily.” Deb Shapiro

Our immune system is not totally controlled by the brain and pituitary gland. It is a sensory organ as well, transmitting chemical messages about bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals, dead tissue, dust and even cancer cells which spontaneously arise every day in everybody and must be disposed of.

The word thymus in Greek means soul or personality, which fits well, atrologically, with the brilliant clear light of the Sun, the ‘core’ of your self-expression and personal identity. The thymus gland responds to the Musical Note F.

The PANCREAS lies behind the stomach and secretes digestive enzymes to break down carbohydrates, fat, proteins and acids. It produces insulin to convert sugar, starches, and other food into energy needed for daily life. Our brains run best when the amount of glucose (digested sugar) in the blood is balanced with the amount of oxygen. It is the pancreas’ job to produce insulin in order to escort this glucose into cells where it can be ‘burned’ and use as fuel for energy. Insulin also helps the muscles and other tissues to obtain the sugar needed for their activity. Too much sugar, can damage its ability to function.

“…..sugar depletes the body of specific nutrients including B complex vitamins, magnesium, chromium and other minerals. Ingested sugar destroys the germ killing capacities of the white blood cells for approximately four hours.” Dr. Jacqueline Krohn, The Whole Way to Allergy Relief and Prevention

Sugar isn’t all bad. The body, genetically and evolutionarily was designed to crave sweets….the main reason for this is because it doesn’t or hasn’t the ablity to manufacture vitamin C. In the study of primitive man, we learnt they not only hunted animals but gathered berries and fruits as well. Fruits and berries gave them the fuel they needed for energy as well as vitamin C and also the fibers present in fruit. But in our day and age, we consume sugar in hundreds of different forms (e.g., cereals, snacks, cakes, juice, ice-cream, carbonated drinks) and too much sugar can cause the body to go into crisis mode.

When we consume sugar, insulin is released from the pancreas, usually a small amount is all that’s needed to do the job. Under normal circumstances, our sugar levels flunctuate all the time, but when we eat a sugar loaded meal or snack, the pancreas panics and overreacts, producing large amounts of insulin. We still get that sudden burst of energy but the high insulin production drops it just as quickly lowering our sugar levels to below average, creating a condition called hypoglycemia. If there’s too much insulin in the blood, it can cause a condition called hyperinsulinemia. This condition can lead to problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and diabetes.

Insulin also influences the sodium levels in our body and too much can cause us to retain water causing our bodies to swell. An excess of insulin in men can cause their testerone levels to be converted to the feminine hormone estrogen which increases fatty deposits in the abdomen and breasts…this is caused by an enzyme called aromatase which is stored in the body’s fat cells. It can also cause hair loss and affect their sex drive. In woman, too much insulin and the same enzyme, aromatase can cause their estrogen levels to covert to testosterone. This too increases fat stored in the abdomen as well as their breasts to sag and shrink; acne, and abnormal hair growth is also possible, especially in the facial area.

“The need to be loved is a secret hunger for the Pancreas. Eating is a social act that has deep emotional meanings. Early in life food somehow got mixed up with love and caring — we started eating because we felt undernourished and/or didn’t get enough nurturing. There are also some of us who eat to feed the hungers caused by stress or loneliness. All this has an impact on our pancreas, affecting our energy, our attitudes and blocking our metabolism.

The Pancreas is also extremely vulnerable to intense emotions and feelings caused by a reaction to an outer event. In fact both the spleen and pancreas react to serious events that can affect us for life. These two organs absorb most of our severe shocks.”

This is quoted from another article I wrote on this blog called https://ravenstarshealingroom.wordpress.com/2009/10/11/diabetes-balancing-the-sweetness-in-your-life/ Reading this may help to understand the metaphysical and physical aspects of the pancreas. The pancreas is connected to the third chakra or solar plexus, responds to the musical note ‘E’ and is associasted with the planet Venus.

“…….Venus represents what you like and dislike. Venus’ cycle comes into play in our astrological chart around 10 months of age. After a lifestyle of the ‘same stuff’ , we start wanting something else.

Venus also represents your sense of ’taste’ what you like and don’t like, and taste is also tied into early memories of what’s nice and not nice, what’s beautiful and not beautiful as well as our Self Worth and Personal Values.”

This is a previous article I wrote on Venus…. https://ravenstarshealingroom.wordpress.com/2009/11/28/how-venus-influences-your-life/

The ADRENAL GLANDS are two small, somewhat flat glands, located at the top oc each kidney in the lower mid-back of your body. The adrenal cortex or outer part of the adrenal gland, is essential for life, producing the hormones adrenaline, cortisol and even sex hormones. These hormones help to balance the levels of salt and potassium in the body, maintain proper blood pressure and keep the kidneys working well.

If we were to take a closer view, the right adrenal gland can look triangular in shape, the left one often crescent shaped. The triangle symbolizes fire, the masculine principle and the Trinity, which represent your aspirations, potentials and truths. The crescent Moon represents the feminine principle and the continual cycle of changes, movement and renewal. Together the adrenals represent the energetic balance of your inner and outer life as well as your emotions. Without the adrenals we would die. They are our strength to continue to push on even when the odds are against us. Unfortunately the stress levels in our lives can takes it toll on these two little glands and buildup up to a danger point causing burnout and a wide range of neurological and physical ailments. Continual high adrenaline levels raise the blood pressure to dangerous levels, which in turn can damage the heart. We’ve already read about cortisol and the dangers it can cause to the hippocampus, causing such illness such as Alzheimer’s.

Bodily stress can come from anywhere, it can be triggered physically, biologically, chemically, psychologically or when the body feels threatened.

“Physiologically, emotions are themselves electrical, chemical and hormonal discharges of the human nervous system. Emotions influence—and are influenced by—the functioning of our major organs, the integrity of our immune defences and the workings of the many circulating biological substances that govern the body’s physical states. When emotions are repressed……this inhibition disarms the body’s defences against illness. Repression—dissociating emotions from awareness and relegating them to the unconscious realm—disorganizes and confuses our physiological defences so that in some people these defences go awry, becoming the destroyers of health rather than its protector.” WHEN THE BODY SAYS NO by Gabor Mate, M.D.

Lou Gehrig’s disease or ALS is a motor neuron disease, a stress related illness that causes the nerves that control muscle movement to gradually die. My friend’s mother passed away recently from this terrible disease. I’d like to look at this disease with you, down the road, and its metaphysical causes in reference to the above statement.

In Part 1 of the Endocrine System, we talked of the HYPOTHALAMUS and its close ties with the parasympathetic and the sympathatic systems. It is the nerve fibers of the sympathetic system that ends in the ADRENAL GLANDS. In fact the energy producing systems of the body are the adrenal, thyroid glands, the parathyroid glands and the pancreas. Both the adrenal system and the thyroid gland are dominated by the sympathetic nervous system, which is part of the autonomic nervous system, which we discussed earlier. We know this system controls our heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, hormonal balance and metabolism. The sympathetic nervous is associated with two hormone stimulants, adrenaline (also known as epinephrine and closely related to norepinephrine) and cortisol. Adrenaline and cortisol are released to bring you to a heatened state of awareness….when they think there is a threat to the body, they sound the alarm! When this happens the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the release of sugar/glucose from the liver, to get your blood pressure up. Your digestive system literally comes to a halt so that all your energy can diverted to the muscles, which become tense and prepared for action. With your nerves on edge, you’re ready to respond to the fight or flight reflex.

“The stress response can also literally poison the brain—because it causes excessive secretion of the adrenal hormone cortisol. Cortisol is released at about the same time adrenaline is. However it stays in your system much longer than adrenaline does, and that creates a terrible problem. Cortisol gives your hippocampus, as well as other parts of your brain, a highly destructive ‘toxic bath’. It can be so destructive that your brain may never again recover absolutely all of its cognitive function.” Brain Longevity by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. with Cameron Stauth

There does seem to be a stress loop that connects the adrenal glands, brain, hypothalamus, and pituitary together, which then flows back to the adrenals again, pushing them way out of kilter. This stress loop also affects the other endocrine glands creating a continual cycle of stress in the body, causing muscle tension, stiffness, eating disorders, depression, heart palpitations, excessive sweating and even migraines. Too much cortisol in the blood damages our memories, our learning capabilities and our creativity. This stress cycle will, if not corrected, eventually affect the immune system.

Exercising, dance, massage, yoga, breathwork, reiki and healing all help to relax the muscles and allow the blood and oxygen levels to return to normal.

Sometimes our most negative emotions such as anger and fear will be extracted by the kidneys causing urinary tract infections and problems with the bladder.

I think most astrologers agree the planet Mars is what rules the adrenal glands. Mars governs our creative force and power, it wants to act on something and respond. Mars is a definite expression of our creativity added with passion, strength and confidence. It is a planet that is self-reliant, brave, instinctual, erotic and willful. Mars is definitely passionate but not exactly tender or always aware of another person’s feelings. The problem with this planet’s warrior-like energy is its impulsiveness. It can get carried away and make hasty decisions and later on regret its actions. The adrenals respond to the musical note ‘C’ on the music scale.

The GONADS or SEX GLANDS (reproductive glands) are among the most subtle and power chemicals in nature. Scientists are still trying to get a handle on how these glands affect the whole human brain-body system. Although scientists are skeptical of the sex glands and the so-called kundalini energy, they can’t deny that male and female energies become heightened, balanced and attuned during orgasm. And although the word sex makes us think of sexual intercourse, the act itself is only a tiny portion of what is known to be sexual. Its energy infuses life and influences everything we do.

“Sexual energy underlies every act of individual expression. It is a creative force, the influence of which extends far beyond sexual activity to include thought, feeling, behavior, dress. Sexual energy informs art, music, fashion, even architecture and automotive design. It is an all-pervading force.” Christopher S. Kilham

Unfortunately, when our sexual energy is blocked or not flowing well, it affects our entire system. Not recognizing or transforming or lifting up this energy can interfere with the body’s naturally healing process and block spiritual development as well. To generate this energy can only be done by the power of one’s will and through intense concentration. Life itself is an array of sensual experiences, if only we would realize our inner potential, we could also actualize our dreams.

Men and women who suffer from hormonal problems most likely suffer from too much or to little testosterone and too much or too little estrogen. Testosterone like estrogen is obtained from a substance called cholesterol (surprised, I was too). We all need cholesterol in our blood to produce DHEA, adrenal and sex hormones. In some cases doctors have worked so hard to reduce a person’s cholesterol, it has interfered with their hormone function and their immunity.

“Many people who take cholesterol lowering medication experience a reduction in their libido; this makes sense as their body is less able to produce sex hormones. Low levels of sex hormones may also contribute to erectile dysfunction and aggravate the symptoms of fibromyalgia, such as tender, aching muscles…..People with low cholesterol die earlier than those with normal to high levels, and they seem to have higher rates of cancer” Cholesterol, The Real Truth by Sandra Cabot and Margaret Jasinska

But there is also twist in all this, as the liver eliminates toxic estrogens in the form of cholesterol, which can damage the liver. High estrogen levels can also affect the gallbladder and slow down the excretion of bile. In woman this can make them more susceptible to gallbaldder stones than men.

If you are a male with high amounts of testosterone, this too could compromise your immune system, which means you may not be well protected from viruses and bacteria that invade your body. High testosterone levels have also been known to cause narrowing or hardening of the arteries or heart disease and problems with your prostrate. Men are also suffering from too estrogen in their system. The testicles are supposed to produce testosterone and a very small amount of estrogen. But with more animals being fed estrogen-like hormones there is more estrogen being found in a man’s blood. Too much estrogen can affect the muscular system of the body, making them flabbier than usual. High levels of estrogen in men, can also cause weight gain, breast growth, love handles around the waist, headaches, mood swings, hypertension, cancer, diabetes and autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s etc…

Low testosterone can also cause heart disease, dry skin, fatigue, loss of muscle tone (especially in the arms and legs), depression, problems making decisions, impotency, sleep apnea, loss of bone density, etc…

In women, estrogen is produced by the ovaries and also in smaller quantities from the adrenal glands and the placenta. Estrogen levels rise each month as a woman begins to ovulate, stimuated by hormones from the pituitary. Progesterone rises after ovulation in hopes of fertilizing the egg and if fertilization doesn’t occur, it falls dramatically and then menstruation begins, caused from the shedding of the uterine lining. Then all this build up again as a woman’s hormone cycle begins again. Many of us woman have suffered from the emotional roller coaster of our hormonal cycles. The dramatic flunctuations of estrogen and progesterone can cause, headaches, cramps, water retention and bloating, swollen breasts, acne, fatique, insomnia, joint pain, as well as overwhelming feelings, moods and depression. All these along with emotional stress have been given the name Premenstrual Syndrome or PMS.

And if that isn’t enough to contend with, we also have to contend with menopause, which causes hot flashes, loss of sexual desire, painful sex as well as vaginal and urinary infections. There is also a link with menopause and heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Both the ovaries and the testes are dependant on and sensitive to the hormones secreted from the hypothalamus, pituitary, pineal and adrenal glands. The hypothalamus communicates with the pituitary and the pineal gland that has been said to control our biological clock. These glands send signals to the body to begin puberty, fertility cycles and sexual arousal. But sometimes certain kinds of stress can make the uterus and ovaries react, having a sudden affect on the pituitary gland’s hormonal production and cause a woman’s menstrual cycle to go completely out of whack.

The gonads or sex glands sit in the 2nd or sacral chakra, but we should add the 1st chakra to them as well. The musical note is ‘D’ and the planet I assocate with this area is Pluto. Pluto represents the subconscious, the underworld, excretion, reproduction, chemical processes, regeneration, cellular change and tissue destruction.

Most of the people I’ve seen in the years have been concerned with weight gain, fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), depression, lack of interest in sex and feelings of being run down. In healing, I’ve been trained in a variety of alternative healings, however Reiki is most definitely at the top of the list and can be used with all types of healing applications. I’ve trained many nurses and massage therapists who find Reiki enhances their healing and intuitive abilities. As well, astrologers, naturopaths, psychics, tarot readers, yoga instructors and many more have found this ancient practice an asset to themselves and their clients. A healthy energy flow enhances and influences our health, affecting everyone and everything around us.

In Reiki, the hand positions are related to the locations of the chakras and the endocrine glands. Reiki energy has an accumulating effect in the endocrine glands, which helps to keep our immune system in top-working order. When enough energy has accumulated, then the chemical reactions of the glands push the immune system into different cycles of the healing process.

When a person has had a long-term imbalance, there is usually not enough energy to trigger the immune system, the “condition” seems stuck, which can have an impact on our health. But, when additional energy is introduced, then the immune system can draw upon it, kicking the body’s defense mechanism into a higher level of healing, breaking up the trapped energy and allowing the body to regain its balance. By doing the specific hand positions with Reiki a practitioner can give the fastest “charge” to the glands that are responsible for maintaining ‘health’, and accelerating the healing process.

I tried my best to explain the endocrine glands in a simple but concise way to help you to recognize these ‘tiny beings’ are an essential part of your health and nature. Out of your own life experiences these glands have documented your habits, attitudes, perceptions, traumas, challenges, feelings, thoughts, memories, and unresolved issues or situations to make you aware of what’s getting in the way of your health and progress. Pain and suffering cannot be avoided no matter how much we try. Pain is a built-in warning mechanism, a wake-up call, telling us something in our lives need to change. It is my and your responsibility to learn what our bodies are trying to teach us so we can avoid illness and continue evolving.

Now that we have studied the endocrine system from the top to the bottom, let’s approach them again in a metaphysical way and study each illness independantly affected by their imbalance. This way we can understand and take the positive steps needed to physically, nutrtionally and psychologically empower and heal ourselves.

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“The Causal/Soul Body is named “Causal” because it is the originating source of each personality that incarnates in each lifetime. It is the source of your personality, causing it to be and exist. When your personality ends, the essence of you is absorbed back into the Causal Body. It is the first level of your individuality that is relatively immortal as the Causal Body exists for many millions of years, during your journey as a human through many incarnations or lifetimes. Animals have yet to obtain a Causal Body and super-humans that are liberated from the cycle of rebirth discard the Causal Body and move on to higher levels” http://www.energyreality.com/pgs/caus.htm


Your very first breath of life, anchors your soul in the Causal and physical body.  The Causal body is where your life plan, life tasks, karma and astrological makeup are stored as well as ‘permanently stored past life information’.  There is a very strong connection between the Causal, Astral and Mental fields, as well as several bodily pathways that include the brain, nervous system, endocrine glands and immune system.   

Many have described the Causal as multi-layered, round and similar to an onion…the most outer layers are easily accessible, the inner layers much more difficult to obtain. We all need the intelligence of this field to solve problems, help us evolve, find new directions, new methods and a new sense of self.  When we tap into this wellspring of information we discover an endless supply of wisdom and information.  The Causal contains several layers of survival information as well as a record of all our previous lives. 

The content of the causal body is the accumulation by slow and gradual process of the good in each life.  The building proceeds slowly at first, but towards the end of incarnation, – on the Probationary Path and on the Path of Initiation – the work proceeds rapidly.  The structure has been reared, and each stone quarried in the personal life.  On the path, in each of its two divisions, the work of completing and beautifying the Temple proceeds with greater rapidity…” Alice Bailey 

When I read this quote from Alice Bailey, I had a vision of Blacksmiths, Goldsmiths, the Mayas. Egyptians and Masons, who learned, with their hands, to take nature apart and put the pieces together in a new and more powerful combination.  It made me think of words like structure, patterns, architectural plans and how they are all fashioned geometrically in design.  I thought of crystals and how they’re put together and the way atoms are made of their parts.  I visualized the spiral structure of DNA resembling several layers of different parts put together.  I realized the creativity and skill of ancient monuments and world carved giant stones are embodiments of universal truths and the product of their creativity. They are, just like the Causal Body a timeline of many stories that exist within us and without.  I have learned that as we awaken and develop our soul power, we raise our vibrations and open up the channels to our Spiritual Self.   

“The collective unconscious is that set of building blocks from which human reality is made.  It’s as if there is a great reservoir outside of time and space, patterns or energy—from which everything is drawn or everything is made.Reality consists of patterns made upon this gridwork, and like a gigantic spiderweb, if you pluck one part of that web, other parts of it respond.” Stephen Segaller, Merrill Berger 

We live in a world of interrelationships…each of us is connected to every other being on this planet and as well to the many dimensions that spiral up to the original source.   Your Soul (Higher Self) is a dynamic, growing life-force existing in an intricate network of energies where all beings unite as one multidimensional consciousness.  Your higher self is the very essence of who you are and holds a wealth of knowledge from ALL your lifetimes.    

Our souls are connected to all other souls on earth and all other great beings in the universe.  Through our souls we have the ability to communicate with higher levels of consciousness through prayer and meditation.  When we are in this state we have a sense of unity with all things.  This is what the Causal Body is all about.  It is both individual and universal.  When in contact with your soul, there is a part of you that is detached, that is listening and watching all the events in your life.  This is where its power lies.  Your causal/soul body is both the observer and the participant at the same time.  You must observe yourself as you observe others, hear yourself as you hear others.  You must be able to see yourself as others see you and understand. 

 “Way down inside ourselves, we have never really forgotten our true nature.  We are spiritual beings and will always be spiritual beings.  The problem is that we do not remember consciously what it was like to be in the spiritual realm before we were born this time around.  And it is only in a rare moment that we vaguely recall our past life experiences on this earth—perhaps when we meet another person in a certain situation, or awaken from a dream with a recall that tells us that we have lived before.  This discovery on the part of the mind is a beginning.” William A. McGarey, M.D.

The causal body stores emotionally charged and repressed information from this lifetime and past life memories.  Connected to the etheric field (mirror of the physical body) it then has connections to the seven major chakras and seven major endocrine glands of the body.  The number 7 and the number 12 have great significance in the architectural building of the causal body or ‘temple of the soul’.  7 is the combination of 3 (The Divine) and 4 (matter)….its ultimate goal, unification.  The number 12 represents twelve soul types linked to the twelve astrological signs, known as the zodiac.  There is a tremendous history in the world of astrology dating back to Atlantis and the Egyptians.  It was the Greeks who fine tuned the daily movement of the planets and added mystical gods to each sign which were borrowed from the Egyptians.  Each soul sign holds the key to lessons you’ve learned in each lifetime.  Not only does each sign empower you, they also show weaknesses and repeating challenges that sabotage your effects.

Much of our daily life is concentrated on meeting our basic survival needs like keeping ourselves and our families fed and clothed and the daily routine of working for a living, paying the rent and the bills on time. Although we aren’t conscious of it, each day, we pass around the great astrological wheel, moving slowly through each of the 12 zodiacal signs for the unfoldment of our soul.  If we were aware of this, we would see how we affect other people, our environment, and our own lives. We would see just how important our own life is and how all things are connected.

I wrote this on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum as tink27 (Cosmic Tarot, Wheel of Fortune), “In a twenty-four hour period, we spin around the wheel of life as the risk-taker (Aries), the sensual self (Taurus), the inner-child (Cancer), the creative self (Leo), the analyzer (Virgo), the projected self (Libra), the secret self (Scorpio), the truth-seeker (Sagittarius), the ambitious self (Capricorn), the individualist (Aquarius), and the spiritual self (Pisces).

And it can be a continual turbulent rollercoaster if we aren’t balanced and can’t adjust to the many different changes in direction that can occur on a daily basis. I think this symbol can also reveal startling revelations if we are grounded and aware. The wheel of fortune can open doors to our higher desires. It can also force us to face our demons….to do a lot of soul-searching to discover what is blocking or isn’t working in our lives.”

We did not come here by chance.  We decided to enter the karmic wheel through birth with a will to fight, and with the courage to experience many trials and tribulations to change and heal our lives. The Causal body encourages us to become attuned to our own mental and spiritual well-being and is characterized by the twelve petalled lotus, which we’ve come know as the twelve soul signs or  the twelve great states of mind, known as the zodiac.

“The petals of the lotus open in a specific order depending on various individual factors, but in general the three knowledge petals are the first to unfold, followed by the love petals, and then the sacrifice petals. The three innermost petals are the last to open. They are activated by forces flowing from the monad during the third and fourth initiations. (See Figure 2.) These inner three enclose what is called the ‘jewel in the lotus‘.” http://www.fortunecity.com/roswell/leadbeater/0/golden.htm

 That Jewel within the lotus is similar to a seed that we not only nurture and give life to, but also a purpose. If you know the glyph of the Sun in astrology (a point within a circle) the jewel within the lotus could be this symbol, representing the many cycles of life, death, rebirth all condensed into one initial point. And it takes a lot of hard work, time and nurturing for a seed to begin to grow, so its essence wouldn’t begin to unfold until after many incarnations. The twelve petalled lotus is about weaving the knowledge of past, present and future into an intricate web of wisdom and understanding.

“The [astrological] signs are our spiritual needs. They are the dimensions of evolution, the ways in which we can grow. The houses show those areas of life in which the signs seek expression and development. They describe the experiences and circumstances of everyday reality through which we learn the lessons of all twelve signs and grow and develop accordingly. Without teachers in the school there can be no lessons. The planets represent personality functions or energies which initiate the activities that provide learning experiences, helping us to develop consciousness and fulfill our potential. The planets are intermediaries that bring the influence of the signs down to us, pervading our lives with their spiritualizing energies. They link the spiritual factors behind life’s expression to everyday experience. Signs are remote and set in the heavens, but the planets are nearby and less impersonal—as witnessed by their personification in the influential gods of Greek and Roman mythology, actively engaged in human affairs.” http://www.douglasbaker.com/astrology.html

Carl Jung believed that there is a repeating story in everyone’s life that is related to the ancient myths. He called these ancient myths, archetypes. Each archetype has its own special story that helps us find meaning in our lives. We have been fascinated by these myths which are multicultural in nature and have exchanged or cross-fertilized their information through time. Now, many of these old stories are rising up and being awakened and reborn.

We are in truth composed of a metaphysical and psychological anatomy. All your past lives have helped to mold and fashion who you are today. In fact I believe this information is stored in several different areas in the physical and spiritual bodies. When the Causal body recognizes information that may be pertinent to you right now, it releases that info via the body’s nervous system which affects endocrine glands and the autonomic nervous system, which affects the brain. All this occurs in less than a second! If we could see this visually it would look like colorful flashes of hyper energy overlapping one another.

Once in a while we are given glimpses of different lifetimes through our dreams, our intuition and through meditation.  The soul knows when the moment is right for you to access a past life and bring it to the surface.  If you feel stuck or there’s an area in your life that keeps repeating—pay attention and watch for clues!  Your Soul (Higher Self, Inner Wisdom) is always talking to you through your intuition and feelings.  It also communicates through coincidences and synchronicities – in the form of people, newspapers, books movies and anything else that will give you the message(s) you need to hear.  As you strengthen your connection to your higher self, you will experience many more insights, revelations and heightened awareness.

When we heal ourselves and create the reality we want to live in, we are happier and share our happiness with others, through a smile or a gentle act or conversation. We help brighten up others’ spirits, and they then pass it along to others. If this energy is strong, it can flow through many, many people. It is like the chaos theory: a minute change can have a huge effect in the long run.

Think of all the people you effect through your words and actions. Do you want your world to be filled with happiness, peace, understanding, joy? Then learn to accept these things in your life, in the present moment. If you feel they are too distant for you right now, then simply choose to be willing to allow these into your life.

I’d like to end this article with a wonderful reading, channeled by the late Edgar Cayce.  The whole reading is very long so we’re going to step into a conversation between God and the Master,(known to us as Jesus).  In the beginning of the channeling, we are told the Master had lived many other lives, namely Amilius, Adam, Enoch, Hermes, Melchizedek, Joseph, Joshua, Asaph, Jeshua and Zend.  “In none of these lives had the Master lived a perfect life, but he had done much to point the way to God.  Several times, he had given to the lost souls revelations from God which described God’s mysteries and which should have served as a blueprint for their salvation.  But each time, the meaning of the revelations was forgotten when the Master departed….Before the master returned [to earth] again to achieve his goal, God came to him and spoke lovingly and affectionately.  “My dearest son, you have done well.  You do not have to return to earth, you can stay with Me forever in heaven.”

The Master replied, “I thank You, Father, for Your love, but I also love my brothers and sisters.  I want to show them the way, which I have not yet wholly done.  I am ready now to live a perfect life in materiality.  I will not fail this time.”

God recognized the commitment and love of the Master for his brothers and sisters and was pleased.  However God also warned him, “Although I too think you are ready to complete the task you began long ago, you should know that your life on earth, even if it is perfect, will be one of suffering and difficulty.  You have set certain patterns in your earthly record, which, if you return, you must meet and finally overcome.  When you lived as Joshua, for example, you killed many people.  If you are to complete your earthly mission, you must heal and restore life to the people in the areas where you took life before.  And you must endure death and experience some of the agony you inflicted on others.  If you do all this and do not err, your mission will be complete.  You will have removed the penalty of death which you incurred as Adam.  The way for all to follow will be shown and they will not forget this time.  The bond will be restored between Me and My sons and daughters.” 

The master knew what lay ahead, but he praised God and humbly said, “I am ready.” 

The way was prepared for the Master’s entry.  Eve returned to be the channel for his birth and many others who had worked with the Master from the beginning returned to assist him in this epochal venture.” Edgar Cayce, Story of the Master retold by Glenn Sanderfur

Stay tuned to Subtle Anatomy Part V – The Aura

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This is a continuation of the prior two articles “How Venus Influences Your Life”  and “Diabetes, The Imbalance of Sweetness in Your Life”.   We are focusing on hard aspects to the Moon and Venus, related to your self-esteem, self-worth, emotional self and deep-rooted past.

Re-visited from  the recent article “How Venus Influences Your Life”

“We can understand Venus as describing what we like, sort of what tastes good to us. But like sweet sugar in the mouth, the pleasure it gives is nice, but might not be very fulfilling. The Moon describes what feeds us. Therefore, it is important that we understand the relationship between Venus and the Moon in our natal charts. If the two are in conflict, extra attention may need to be paid to make sure that pleasure feeds us, rather than leaving us undernourished. by Jeff Jawer 

In this particular post, we are looking at an astrological study of two natal charts, focusing on the Moon and Venus.  Both individuals were born with Juvenile Diabetes.  Both natal charts are years apart.

It was interesting when looking  at these charts that each individual’s Moon was situated in Gemini.  The choice choosing the charts was totally at random, my brother Leonard, and a young woman Aleisha (not her real name).

Aleisha’s Moon is situated in Gemini, her Venus in Aquarius.   Interestingly, both Leonard’s Moon and Venus  sit in Gemini.  Gemini is a masculine, mutable airy sign, whereas the Moon, associated with Cancer is feminine, cardinal watery sign.

The instability of Gemini coupled with the fluctuating nature of the Moon can show a mom who is a little too changeable and nervous.  Aleisha mentioned her mom always seemed to be in a hurry, going this way and that, never slowing down enough to play with her children.  “In fact, her mind at times, seemed scattered, hyper….it drove us crazy and made her irritable, antsy or upset.  She’d pick a fight with us for no logical reason other than to  release some of her pent-up tensions.”

Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo Sagittarius, Pisces) of the zodiac can have their lives filled with sudden and unusual events and opportunities.  If they can flow with this energy great!  But if not, it can easily make one feel scattered, confused or frightened of it.

With Aleisha’s chart there are no hard aspects with her Moon, however Venus is a different story.  Venus conjuncts Mars as well as squares Pluto.   Aleisha suffers from ADHD a disorder that influences the way she learns, moves, relates to others and feels about herself.  She’s also a diabetic.

Leonard had many hard aspects to his Moon as well as Venus, which we’ll look at shortly.  In the past article we already looked at the influence of Venus in one’s chart.  Now  let’s take a quick look at how the Moon and the mother are directly connected.

Do you believe in past lives?  If you do, then you’ll also believe that at birth you inherit, bring or carry over certain patterns, expectations and beliefs from other lifetimes.  The Moon therefore represents our unconscious which houses memories and experiences from past lives and memories, experiences already gathered in this lifetime as well.

To get here and take your first breath, you need to spend a certain amount of time nestled and nurtured inside your mom- two souls simultaneously living in one body. All her thoughts, feelings, angers, fears, joys, inspirations and intimidation’s will have an effect on the health and welfare of your body – in fact your whole genetic structure!

From the moment of birth, the developing nervous system experiences and records our first major imprints, our most frightening profound (heart pounding memories of conditional love and intimacy.  The Moon therefore is our emotional self, our deep rooted past that extends back through childhood, through the maternal (mothering) influence and deeper into the cellular memories of your unconscious.

The Moon represents your unconscious instinctive behaviors that govern your basic habits and patterns (eating, sleeping, drinking, smoking, nutrition, etc.).  It represents everything that happened to you before this moment and how you feel about yourself now.

Now before I go any further, I don’t want all the mom’s out there to feel that this article is targeting them.  After all, I’m a mom too!  We aren’t just motivated by mom but our father (Sun) and  family as well. It’s just that mom is who we spent most of our time with and who we’re focussing on at this time.

Every experience, every reaction etched into your nervous system and into your personality will come back to haunt you later on in life.  Without an awareness of these, our daily energy  could end up tangled in past routines and behaviors.  Our minds are often driven by our past, our feelings, our needs, our hungers, and basic instincts.  Each lifetime is suppose to build on and evolve from what has happened before.

In a natal analysis, all signs, planets, aspects and houses should be considered to get a complete picture.  In this case we are looking at old patterns and unconscious responses that influence your emotions/feelings and self image about yourself…which also affects the pancreas…your emotional center that thrives on being understood, accepted and loved.  When the pancreas is functioning at its fullest, we feel good about ourselves….at its worst we feel emotionally sad, isolated or lonely.  Perhaps from an experience of losses in our lives.  To compensate for the lack of love, we overeat which forces the pancreas to produce more insulin.  So the pancreas’ main job is to maintain the right balance of sweetness/love in your life.

If you tend to look at yourself unlovingly or beat yourself up when things go wrong, take a look and see if there are any hard aspects to your Moon  and Venus.


Hard aspects are your best friend!  They force you to look at and break old molds of the past, to conquer your fears and redeem and evolve your spirit. They force you into action.  But to do this we each have to fight for our lives by separating from our families (for a time) and the influence of the woman who gave us life. Individually we each have to figure this out for ourselves.  And one way of doing this, is looking at and studying our birth chart.

Aspects, especially hard aspects contain deep within their core a hidden gift or treasure.  The truth is available to you if you open yourself to it.  And opening to it can stop the vicious cycles you’ve been creating by understanding how to use their energy positively.



A conjunction is when two or more planets are in or very close to the same degree.  The planet(s) involved have no means of escaping the colors, qualities and characteristics of the other(s) which creates an unbreakable bond with each other.  An example of this could be likened to Siamese twins….what one twin wants, wills or desires will impact the other.   If they don’t agree, a struggle ensues until they compromise OR one or both surrenders to the other.


A square is an angle between two plants of approximately 90 degrees…..the planets are approximately at right angles to one another within a person’s natal chart.  This difficult and challenging aspect can block, impede, frustrate and hinder the planet(s) expression.  It’s  kind of like two people constantly aggravating, pushing and pulling each other because of their values and needs are different……they just don’t get along.

From studying different charts, I’ve seen two distinct types of squares emerge in a natal chart (and there’s probably more). The first one seems to originate from an individuals family history, background, habits and self image which is, in most cases poorly developed.  The individual finds him/herself having to perform under pressure; he/she can’t just be themselves.  Fear holds them back from exposing their true feelings…..fear of ridicule, judgment and isolation.  Therefore, he/she will tend to “overcompensate” the energies involved by being vain and  grandiose on the one hand, and touchy and combative on the other to defend their boundaries.

The second type of square deals with the outer world and what drives and pressures us to make a name for ourselves socially and publicly.  Depending on what planets are involved, reveals how far we will go to fulfill this need.  In some instances we will create conflicts, struggles and scraps with others to acquire the honor and prestige we crave.

Squares and conjunctions are usually seen expressed too forcefully, abruptly and often rooted in feelings of resentment and vulnerability.  We discussed resentment and vulnerability in the segment on Diabetes and in the one prior on how Venus influences our lives.

However, these aspects can be very dynamic and productive as well, if we constantly and continually work at it.  It is like having to work with a handicap, of having to constantly run uphill.  Both squares and conjunctions aren’t comfortable to have and they aren’t meant to be either.  They challenge you to the core.


An opposition is an angle between two planets of approximately 180 degrees where the planets literally oppose one another in your chart.  This aspect deals with difficult and challenging relationships as both planets strive to parade their own individual wares and won’t think twice about ‘shooting each other in the foot’ to prove it!

If you have oppositions in your chart, then you’ll find yourself dealing with relationship issues as oppositions have a tendency to release certain aspects of ourselves that we learned to repress as child.  We did this of course to be accepted and loved by others.   Oppositions are where we befriend our shadow side, the undeveloped and rejected aspects of ourselves.   Oppositions also force us to compromise  as each planet involved must be willing to accept each other on their own terms, without judging or trying to change the other.

What all this means is that oppositions will attract to you, people who seem to be overly independent or dependent, , selfish, whiny, fretful, anxious, insecure, restless, paranoid, jealous, possessive  and the list goes on and on.

What this challenging aspect wants is to develop empathy and compassion for another.  The opposing planets wants to awaken and integrate what we have denied in ourselves.

When we can do this, we’ll no longer need to get what is missing in ourselves from our relationships and we’ll no longer see each other as the enemy.


Aleisha has always been plagued with self-doubt and self-worth….at least that’s what she believes to be the case.  Her mind is always going, thinking of new and exciting ways to do something….she gets all enthused then bam, worries how mom will respond to these new ideals and finds herself at a crossroads.   What Aleisha is doing is seeing how mom will react before she makes any decisions.   How could Aleisha even predict her mom’s response?


One attribute I’ve seen with this aspect is being afraid of authority figures and feeling or being over-powered by them. This aspect also cries of not feeling loved while growing up.  This placement can be cold and harsh at times.

Some people with Venus square Pluto remember mom and dad punishing them not because they did anything wrong but because the parent(s) displaced their anger on them.   Growing up in this kind of atmosphere the child developed a sensitivity and lack of trust to others and their immediate environment.  These children  learned to scan people and their surroundings for threatful conditions that they believed could harm and embarrass them.   It was also their way of staying clear of powerful people.

Stimulated by fear, Aleisha confuses caution for control.  Coupled with self-doubt and fear she soon loses sight of her goal.  This also explains the many projects never finished and dreams, insights  unrealized.

Venus/Pluto aspects relate to power, abuse, threats to relationships, betrayal, rage, jealousy, and possessiveness. Aleisha has difficulty trusting others because she was so deeply hurt when young and her love/innocence manipulated.

When a child senses rejection by a parent they start to reject certain aspects of them self.  This creates weaks spots in their development , buried needs and wants become split off from our emotions….they become wounds which aren’t healed but bandaged over.

Some people attract very controlling personalities with this aspect.  Robert Hand wrote PLANETS IN YOUTH (an astrologer’s bible) and explains this aspects superbly and mentions we may even choose friends who act destructively towards us.  “If this happens, it is only because you have a destructive attitude toward yourself.  Your inner psychological drives may also push you into unpleasant situations that you want to get out of but seem unable to.  This is why it is so important to understand yourself and not lose your perspective.  You always have a choice of walking away from a situation; you aren’t forced to be with anyone. 

Some people who master the energies of this aspect turn around and act destructively toward others, just as they were treated badly.  You should avoid that course because it will isolate you from others, and eventually you will be alone.”

Robert Hand also notes that this aspect “signifies that you will work out many of your most important psychological problems through  your relationships with others.”


Similarities rang true with Venus square Pluto and Venus conjunct Mars.  Robert Hand explains that this particular aspect (Venus conjunct Mars) and relations with the opposite sex are important for our development.  He also mentions ‘parent of the opposite sex’ but  in this case Aleisha’s natal chart seemed directed right at the mother.

“It’s almost as if they reversed roles”, Aleisha said, “my mother exhibits and displays alot of male energy, my father’s appears more feminine.”

Reversing the parents roles,  helps us to understand Robert Hand when he writes….

 “The patterns of your relationship with that parent will be the basis of your relations with the persons of the opposite sex as you get older.  Unfortunately this aspect often means that you have mixed love-hate feelings for that parent.  If that is the case, you will run the risk, as an adult, of being drawn to people whom you know are not very good for you, but who fascinate you.”

Oh my god”, exclaimed Aleisha, “this is so true!”

Venus conjunct Mars square Pluto can make a person sexual alluring or sexually attractive to the opposite sex.  People with these aspects know they have this magnetic quality about them and they aren’t afraid to flaunt it.  But the feminine quality of Venus can be burned up by the masculinity of Mars.  For instance, Aleisha longs for a love that is secure but when she finds it, she either rebels against it or become too possessive, jealous and demanding, then she loses it.

All this is very confusing to Aleisha, it makes her frustrated, irritable, restless and dissatified with her life.  Binging on sweet foods, comfort and help to control her feelings from exploding, but it creates another problem, her body is suffering.  The more sweets she eats the more insulin the pancreas must produce and the more it produces the more her body stores fats.

Eating disorders are connected to issues of love, self-love, self denial, rejection, abandonment  and loss.  Let’s look at hard aspects to the Moon and how these can affect our life.


Venus Square Jupiter

This aspect shows someone who is extravagant and overgenerous, in everything they do. They have a relentless and strong will that won’t back down possibly which could cause them to be in trouble with the law or authority figures. Leonard used to have fist fights with my dad.

Because of Jupiter’s tendency is to enlarge and expand,  your emotions lack depth, feelings are definitely a distraction, as they tend to interfere with your ability to function. Professional success is how you value yourself; you can be stubborn and inflexible; and a bit careless and indulgent. You may have trouble with your weight as you are addicted to rich food and a very sweet tooth.

 You are competitive and afraid how others see you, this can cause you to submerge your feelings even further as you work even harder to make a good impression on everyone. You fear being rejected and can be obsessed as to how you come across to others and what they think of you. Issues of being successful enough, competent and attractive enough continually replay in your mind.  Thinking everyone is eyeing you, you find it hard to express your own genuine feelings and even knowing what your own feelings are. Acting to maintain an image but not your own real needs and wants,  you are constantly adjusting your image to suit the moment.  One thing you are very good at is adapting easily into an environment.  You are extremely efficient at work and would do well in advertising and fashion.  Both these industries know how to package themselves and put together the ‘right look’.

Leonard had diabetes .. he expended way too much energy trying to be someone he was not.  Although outwardly it looked like he had it all together, inside there was a inner emptiness.  I’m sure that if he had lived passed his thirties, Len would of learned the rest of his chart and how to get in touch with his inner wisdom/child.

Venus Square Neptune

Neptune makes us extremely sensitive, our empathy and sympathy can wear down our emotional defenses and invites others in, leaving us very vulnerable to such things as bullying. Plus Venus square Neptune is always looking for the perfect friend/lover (fantasy) and this can overwhelm others…it’s like you want to get under their skin…to mesh with them. This can create tenseness in a relationship where at some point both people will need to reestablish themselves to get a sense of self by pulling away.  But when someone pulls away, the Venus square Neptune sees this as a rejection who has all but given of themselves to the other and now feels taken advantage of or even stabbed in the back.

Hmm self-negation…What do we do when others reject us….we try even harder for someone to like us. We forget who we are and do what makes others happy so they’ll love us. We suppress our feelings because we’re afraid of disapproval/rejection.  There is a tendency to misuse alcohol, making our desire to merge with another/others, even more intense.

People with this placement are easily deceived in love and may for example, marry an artist or someone ‘way out there’ without emotional stability or money. This reflects the Venus Square Neptune’s lack of perspective around emotions, finances and self-worth. If you own this placement, you also tend to be drawn to people who need extra love and care.  It is your hope that if these people appreciate your love, they won’t run away from you.

“People with Venus-Neptune contacts are inspired by beauty and peace. Commonly, they do not want to know about ugliness or discord. This applies to art, to music and to relationships.
The Venus-Neptune individual is invariably very romantic and idealistic about relationships. They are in love – so much so that there can be great difficulty in maintaining interest in, and commitment to, an ordinary person and the rigours and (let’s face it) unromanticism of the everyday domestic and habitual living with someone. Sue Tompkins ~ Aspects in Astrology

Famous people with Venus Square Neptune  http://astrologyforthesoul.com/billstreett/vennep.html 

“This aspect is often found in charts of spiritual students. An important incarnation for the individual has to turn deep desire for personal affection into a universal sense of love and compassion. Often personal affections bring disappointment or heartache. Person comes into life with a depleted spirtual bankbook where love is concerned. Does not attract love until his dues are paid. To overcome this aspect there must be a relinquishment of the desire for love; it must be replaced by being Love. In financial sense individual must learn practicality and caution. Could be loss through deception and by giving wrongly.” Isabel M. Hickey ~ “Astrology A Cosmic Science

Venus Square Chiron

My brother Leonard had three hard aspects to the planet Venus; the last one being “Chiron’s wound”. The wound centered around  abuse that started when he was a child, which seemed to cause problems in relationships as he grew older.  Any kind of abuse can make a child abandon their Inner Self – abuse as well can make any person or child more aggressive and extremely hostile. I wish I would have known him better; being 8 years apart, we were practically strangers to one another.

Looking at the many different different interpretations of Chiron square Venus, I came across one by Barbara Hand Clow who believed a person with this aspect has a ‘Gender Identity Crisis’.

“Chiron square Venus sets up the maximum stress between finding a value system which will enhance spirituality, or just giving oneself over to one emotional high after another. Also, Chiron square Venus usually signals heavy duty past life karmic pressure having to do with gender identity. In the esoteric teaching, we are taught that we choose a particular gender identity to balance male/female polarity, anima/animus polarity. Life is no more than an opportunity for experience so that we can become more evolved. And part of being able to become developed involves experiencing both sexes. Often when we are moving into a gender we are unused to there is a lot of stress, and Chiron square Venus indicates this type of stress. Thus, a person with many male past lives may be bom a female this time or vice versa, and this is often shown in the chart with Chiron square Venus. We also see this frequently when Mars is conjunct Venus in the natal chart. This client may be essentially male trying to cope with being female or vice versa, and astrologers can help the client with in depth Mars/Venus counseling. Often this native will cop out of sexual balancing by becoming gay or lesbian, although he or she might accomplish more by switching genders completely. Or, this native may appear to be gay or lesbian while actually being asexual and adjusting to the situation. In all cases, counseling on Mars/Venus energies in the chart will be most enlightening. The astrologer of Chart 22 has experienced deep emotional conflicts and a great struggle with her powerful animus within. The conflict will tend to resolve at the Uranus opposition. It is very likely she has powerful male past lives and that she is learning to use power with female or Venusian means this time.” Barbara Hand Clow ~ Chiron-Transforming Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets

My brother was in a mental institution when I was only twelve years old .. I had no idea if he suffered a ‘gender crisis’. I know he couldn’t hold down a regular job or cook or clean for himself and was in a group home for many years. He wanted nothing to do with parents which unfortunately also involved the whole family, myself included.

“Chiron-Venus people need to first heal their own deep fears of not being “good enough”. They need to learn to love themselves and to make sure their partners are meeting them halfway. They might also be attracted to partners who need help, but with the hard aspects, it might be hard to get back the same kind of attention or appreciation.”

The last time I spoke to Len was a month before he died from a diabetic coma.  He told me he was angry at himself for what he had done to himself. He realized he had wasted precious time, missed opportunities and fallen behind others, personally, socially and professionally.  He felt ashamed and noted his withdrawal from life was not a way to find himself.  He was terribly upset and full of self-doubt.  Leonard’s Chiron was located in Libra on the 9th house. Perhaps if he hadn’t died so young he would have healed his wound with Chiron and even found himself as a counselor, helping other couples heal relationships…thereby channeling Chiron’s energy in a more objective/productive way.


The Moon’s role is to sustain and to nurture.  Its purpose is to protect and accept new experiences, new seeds for growth, new concepts for living.  It represents the archetypal mother whose sole aim is to embrace, nurture and protect.  In your natal chart the moon describes your early experience with maternal energy (your mother) the emotional impact she had on your life and how her presence or absence has shaped your concern for safety and protective boundaries.  Messages delivered early in your life have become the foundation upon which all future emotional responses are based.  Emotional fantasies as well as fears have been instilled here.  These fantasies and fears can save your life or hinder your progress – trapping you in habits of the past, you no longer accept new challenges our of fear of the unknown.  The moon in your natal chart is like a watchdog, always on guard to protect, and always needing to adapt according to your development level at the time.  The role of the mother is not to retard growth but protect without inhibiting development.  The moon can inhibit growth in its attempt to protect.  An attitude based on “what worked then will work now” may feel safe, but if you believe that, you stagnate.  The moon is concerned with instinctive emotional survival, yet survival is not growth.  A life built around survival becomes a life of stagnation, a cesspool of inactivity.

Harsh aspects to the moon suggest the difficulties you have accepting experiences or changes presented by the slower planets due to unpleasant memories from the past or lack of information. Squares and oppositions will make you confront difficult experiences in order to help you accept change with creativity and to teach you to let go of old patterns.   These aspects challenge you to break out of your old ways of responding and to accept the NEW challenges being introduced by the slower planets.  These planets and aspects want you to deal with the past  and learn, adapt and evolve from this experience.

“Very commonly with these transits, you deal with others doubting your character in your love life, and you could feel like you’re forced into a position of proving yourself. Your first reaction is to do just that prove yourself to a partner or lover. However, you eventually realize how fruitless this effort is. If this transit comes at a time when you are single, it can be a period in which new people in your love life are unable or unwilling to commit to you, who fail to see you as worthy of partnership material.”


“1)  Aspects to the Moon colour the anima image and what we experienced via the mother or caretaker.  For instance, do we meet Jupiter or Saturn through the Moon (through females or mother)?  Are we owning our anima image or projecting it”

2) Planets aspecting the Moon generally describe childhood conditioning, and further define our feeling nature.  Are we open, closed, defended, quick or slow to react?  The nature of a planet aspecting the Moon describes our instinctive responses to life as well as what we tend to meet in the emotional sphere.  The Moon’s aspects will also colour how we care for and nuture others, or how we liked to be cared for.

3) Aspects to the Moon describe something about our domestic life.

4) Planets aspecting the Moon can come out through the body and the way we move.  In particular, aspects to the Moon will describe a woman’s relationship to her own body.” Liz Green & Howard Sasportas – THE LUMINARIES MOON CONJUNCT MERCURY


Moon Conjunct Venus

“Different expressions of this aspect can include people who constantly feel the need to adapt to others, those who use roundabout ways to charm others into getting what they want, or people who do everything they can to avoid conflict. The mother or mother figure may have herself displayed these tendencies–using charm rather than directness to get what she wanted, or she may have been submissive and adaptable, always tiptoeing around others so as to avoid conflict. Or she may have been susceptible to charm–the child may have discovered early in life that to get what he or she wanted (attention, generally) from the mother, the most effective vehicle was charm, pretense, and other indirect tactics.”  http://www.cafeastrology.com/natal/moonvenusaspects.html

I think too this aspect has artistic if not poetic gifts where a person would express their most deepest feeling through writing or some kind of art form. When hurt the Moon conjunct Venus would be quite panic/anxious about any situation and probably tends to take things way too personally where the heart is involved.

“[Moon Conjunct Venus] In most instances, childhood brought a feeling of abandonment and a noticeable lack of affection, hugging, stroking. The touch becomes especially sensitive and the need for touch quite profound. In some instances a strong mothering, nurutring quality emerges that is beyond objective necessity. It becomes a way of assuring love in return on a very subconscious level. At times the individual may be hurt when he feels he gives affection but does not receive the same measure in return. When this aspect is turned to positive expression, the individual touches the hearts of humanity through his artistry, sense of fair play, and love nature. ~ Astrological Aspects ~ Jeanne Avery 

I love the cafeastrology description and agree of the submissive mother – as my mom always seemed to tip-toe around my father who was very jealous of the time and attention she gave my diabetic brother.

Leonard was good-looking, a charmer and loved people, especially women because he felt and understood them. This seems to tie in with Chiron square Venus, where it states he may of struggled with his own physical gender. However, the more I think of this, Len was extremely spiritual/philosophical which tends to be feminine in itself and could describe his difficulty living in a predominately male world.

Another thought, Len was diagnosed with diabetes when he was only 8 years old. The moon rules the stomach and Venus describes the pancreas and kidneys,… together they show wanting something sweet to candy coat hurt or empty feelings. Even abandonment issues.

“Our earliest experience of food and safety, and our first encounter with the lunar principle after birth, is mother’s breast. Although the Moon is really inside us, we first meet it exteriorized in the person who has given birth to us, feeds us and protects us.   If mother goes away, then the dark of the Moon has come, and we are overcome with terror of the abyss of extinction. “ Liz Greene The Illuminaries

Moon square Mars ~ This indicates a lot of inner tension and frustrations when trying our best to express our feelings, especially when our instincts are in conflict with them. This may cause us to have angry outbursts when we can no longer take the inner pressures. 

Pent-up emotions can later manifest as arguments and confrontations – we may enjoy them as an excuse for self assertion, though they may really be a release of held-in energies. If these emotions become dominant in our life we can suffer from psychosomatic health disorders through repressed anger – espeically affecting the intestine and stomach areas. This repressed energy needs to be released through constructive channels; perhaps self-help techiques, relaxation or meditation. 

Moon square Saturn 

“The square between your Moon and Saturn indicates that you find it difficult to let go of the past and anyone associated with it. Because of your early conditioning, you are overwhelmed with guilt when you express disloyalty toward someone you have known for a long time. Family matters are therefore very important to you, and you forget few birthdays or other commemorative events. These tendencies show that you are emotionally trapped; it is difficult for you to establish your independence outside the confining circumstances of the home and family.

…The most likely fields of work for you are those that serve the needs of the elderly. Such fields as nursing, physical therapy, housing, geriatrics, food, and public assistance programs are some possible avenues of expression. These areas of endeavor emphasize domestic circumstances or identification with individuals who bring to mind your parents. You could perform excellent work and be amply rewarded for your efforts, and at the same time know that you are filling an important need.” Robert Pelletier 

Leonard had this aspect which also contributes to isolation. Usually with this placement we like to keep most people at a safe arm’s distance .. we appear more serious .. we need our space. This may be rooted in one’s upbringing as the moon also represents the “emotional blanket” that is related to the emotions and sense of security that a mother gives us. With this aspect chances are this didn’t  happen and if you have this aspect, may of had a sad and love-lacking upbringing, . Of course this will have an impact on a person’s adult life.

Leonard was quite argumentative growing up in the home this too may signify a mother’s coldness. To heal this square you have to trust yourself, trust that you deserve to love and be loved, believe you’re a good person; accept that this is how you grew up and that this has nothing to do with you, and  accept that your family did the best they could.  

You maintain tensions and frustrations by refusing to release behavior patterns formed during childhood and within your parental relationship. it is your choice, if you wish, to continue limiting your life, but it is not inevitable; limitations are only imaginary parameters which we draw around ourselves as a barrier; they can be erased or expanded. Your creativity is blocked by emotional repression. If you dissolve the barrier and redirect the energies toward positive and constructive channels, then much could be achieved. Finding additional interests and stimulation would be beneficial, showing that the world has much to offer if you open to its riches. Becoming involved with children could reveal new ways to see things; their enthusiasms and sense of wonder could be transmitted to you. With contemporary self-help techniques, visualization, meditation, affirmation, and the availability of numerous ways to release blocked energies, you can transform your life to face the future with positivity and optimism. Once freed from past restrictions, you can uncover your latent potential. ~ Paul Haydn 

With this aspect in particular, it makes us very sensitive and fearful of criticism. This could be due to the fact that the mother has or had criticised us for all the things we did wrong (in her eyes). My mother was very hard on her children especially in regards to our success in school. It always made me feel like I was walking on eggshells around her … and this carried over into our adult life too. It’s taken me a long time to understand that there is a difference between constructive criticism and controlling criticism. I think too this aspect also reflects a mother who did very little hugging and kissing with her child/children.

“The Moon-Saturn child generally gets the message very early on that it has to be emotionally self-sufficient. The child receives early messages that they will be loved only if they behave in a certain kind of way; responsible and unobtrusive, staying in the background, not getting under people’s feet…The ramifications of this are that in adulthood, the individual finds it very difficult to react and respond in a spontaneous kind of way because there is a constant, very often barely conscious expectation of criticism. People with hard contacts, and the conjunction too, tend to express their feelings with great caution and a certain defensiveness.” Sue Tompkins 

to be continued……

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“VENUS you make the heavens tremble and the earth quake. Great Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart? You flash like lightning over the highlands; you throw your firebrands across the earth. Your deafening command … splits apart great mountains.” D. Wolkstein & S. Kramer, Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth

“As they turn, the planets are showing us the mysterious workings of God’s hand, expressed in the harmonious movements of the spheres. Each planet, as it revolves in its orbit, reaches positions where Earth, Sun and Planet form distinct alignment patterns. Only one planet shows us a perfect geometrical form. This form is pentagonal and the planet is Venus. Creating five equally-spaced alignments over a period of eight years, she draws the perfect, hidden and secret symbol of the five-pointed star in the heavens. As above, so below. The very landscape bears the sign of her secret revelation.”
—Key To The Sacred Pattern by Henry Lincoln

The quotes above were taken from http://www.maverickscience.com/venus.htm “The Many Faces of Venus” , 


http://www.aniwilliams.com/magdalene-venus.htm “Venus and the Return to Beauty”

It has been documented throughout history by scientists and astronomers and astrologers alike, that Venus definitely seems connected to great catastrophes to the earth.  She has been linked with the great Influenza of 1918, the Sars epidemic of 2003 and possibly even the H1N1 (Swine Flu) 2009.

 Apparently Venus has no magnetic field of her own, so when she passes close to our atmosphere her turbulent ’emotion-in-action energy’ interacts with the magnetic field of the earth.  Venus can easily sway and control the elements of water, air and fire in her favor.  Many pictures of Venus/Aphrodite depict her as the fire and air of the imagination, floating naked in a conch shell, upon the rippling waves of the seas uncontainable surges. 

In mythology Venus/Aphrodite birth was complex and subtle.  Uranus, her father was cast into the ocean, the unconscious and feeling element prior to her birth.   Born from his genitals, sensual organs, this symbolized her connection with feelings, the power of water, the unconscious and with pleasure.  Almost immediately after being born she rose from the ocean into the air.  I’m sure you’ve all seen the famous painting by  artist Botticelli,  showing Venus rising from the sea called  The Birth Of Venushttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Birth_of_Venus_(Botticelli)

Astrologically, we’ve come to know Venus as the planet of love and beauty.  She also possesses the power of attraction, enmeshment and the power of quiet, gentle persuasion.  She is symbolic of affection, sentiment, sympathy, romance, friendship, beauty, pleasure, music, manners, art, attractiveness, values, appreciation and a sense of aesthetics.  

“Astrologically speaking, the archetypes that correlate to self-sufficiency or self-reliance are Taurus, the 2nd House, and the inner side of Venus. Remember, Venus has a dual rulership: Taurus and Libra. The Libra side of Venus reflects a persons needs that are projected upon a partner: co-dependency. It also reflects our capacity to give to, and receive, from a partner. The Taurus side of Venus reflects the inner awareness in all us of what our needs are, needs that must be meet in order to live; survive. It also reflects our inner relationship to ourselves.”   Jeffrey Wolf Green

But to put all this simply, Venus represents what you like and dislike.  Venus’ cycle comes into play in our astrological chart around 10 months of age.  After a lifestyle of the ‘same stuff’ , we start wanting something else. 

Venus also represents your sense of  ‘taste’ what you like and don’t like, and taste is also tied into  early memories of what’s nice and not nice, what’s beautiful and not beautiful as well as our Self Worth and Personal Values. 

Everything that you like and don’t like is a statement of your values.  And your values will depend on how secure you felt with your mother, represented by the Moon in your chart.  Your self value  also has to do with how she loved herself and if she truly wanted kids or not. 

Value and Self-Worth (Venus) also represents how beautiful you ‘think’ you are.  From a Scale of 1-100, how beautiful are you in the morning?  Do you have to enhance it or is your image beautiful just the way you are. 

Like Venus, we all want attention, to be liked and noticed.  It does make a difference when you are liked and you like yourself.  When we don’t get the attention we need it affects our emotions, how we live and our habits (Moon).  How do you eat when you are rejected or don’t feel loved? 

So if we are going to look at Venus in  your chart, we also have to look at the Moon, for the Moon is the primary feminine archetype in astrology and represents your relationship with her which will inflence, all relationships to come.  

“We can understand Venus as describing what we like, sort of what tastes good to us. But like sweet sugar in the mouth, the pleasure it gives is nice, but might not be very fulfilling. The Moon describes what feeds us. Therefore, it is important that we understand the relationship between Venus and the Moon in our natal charts. If the two are in conflict, extra attention may need to be paid to make sure that pleasure feeds us, rather than leaving us undernourished. Someone with Venus in Cancer, for example, might appreciate the cozy and caring aspects of a love affair. But if the Moon is in Aries, space for spontaneity must also be included. This person can be very responsive to the partner much of the time (all other chart factors being equal), but suddenly pull away to reclaim her/his individual space. This can lead to confusion for both partners. It’s really about addressing two very different needs. The difficulty is that Venus and the Moon are close enough in their natures to mislead us into reading one for the other. Liking and needing are not the same thing. The form of love (Venus) and the substance of emotion (the Moon) may or may not be similar for a given individual. ”  by Jeff Jawer http://www.zodiacal.com/articles/jawer/intimacy.htm

Oh and what about your financial stability, that’s a Venus aspect too.  Someone once said Money is one of the greatest spiritual masters on this planet because no one touches it without a change of values…….so all that glitters isn’t gold. 

What happens when you want something you can’t have or spend all your money on a special dress for that unforgettable evening, only to find out someone is wearing the same dress and paid a 1/4 of what you paid.  Will it cause you to reevaulate things?  Will you stay at the party? 

So Venus is about how much you like yourself, how satisfied you are with your life and these all tie into your Self-Worth.  So where does this all begin?

As a child, we absorbed everything around us, seeing and hearing everything that our parents and everyone else around us did.  Every hour of every day we watched how one was praised, one was criticized, who won arguments and how; who was liked and disliked and why; what was noticed and what wasn’t.  We quickly developed strategies for making friends, getting a new toy, being allowed to stay up later, getting our sister/brother in trouble, being Grandma’s favorite.

We also aborbed our parents way of being together and learnt to evaluate whether we approved or disapproved, adopted or rejected it. 

You may have not liked how your parents dealt with each other and vowed never to act that way…..but to your dismay when your partner angered you, you found yourself giving him/her the very same look your mother gave your father whenever he dared to stand up to her. 

Our Self-Worth and Self-Image are the building blocks to how we hold up and interact in our relationships.  Venus rules the sign Libra, the sign of marriage and also the 7th House. 

Libra is represented by the ‘scales of balance’ and this sign and the  7th house pushes us outside of ourselves to search for a partner with the right chemistry.  But this chemistry isn’t all honey and roses.  The goal/purpose of your unique natal chart is to become consciously aware of yourself and receptive to new information.  Hence the  7th house outwardly and unconsciously attracts someone who will meet your particular emotional needs that were unmet  as a child. 

So what we fall in love with, is a partner who possesses both the positive and negative traits of our parents and reflects those images back to us.  Hence the looking glass of Venus, the sacred mirror for inner healing.   


 to be continued…..

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One of the greatest methods of teaching I learned was astrology. Enrolled in a class with people from all walks of life (nurses, policemen, secretaries, alternative healers, teachers, etc.) we embarked on a learning that would change our life.

I thought I’d delve into this interesting topic a little deeper. In one particular seminar, astrologer Robin Armstrong was discussing the houses, the topic, “How do you hold yourself together through the good and bad experiences in life? How do you hold yourself together and still be here? What makes you tick? What is the backbone of your character? Here’s what I learned……

Everyone in this world has different backbones, so the answer would have to be multifaceted. We all come from our families and home, start school, high school, college, find a job, get married, etc.. How do you hold yourself together when you go out into the world? Or do you? What motivates you? We all have different motivations and we are all motivated by the mother we come out of. Why? Because, the core of where we are coming from wants, desires, security, a home. We don’t fully understand why we’re doing it, but we can find ourselves in life and death situations through different motivations.

Personal Integrity is the ability to integrate the different fabrics of what come into you and out of you and how you live with yourself. It is the ability to find your ‘root’ (personal subjectivity), your inner most core and be able to ‘stand’ through the many turbulent changes and transitions in life. When you get hurt, intuit a strong feeling, do you lose it all, throw it all away or stay centered in yourself. If a loved one passes on, how do you cope? If you overreact, misinterpret something, can you forgive yourself, live with yourself? How do you hold up in the face of opposition?

Our Rising sign will do anything to get encouragement and attention from others. Words of praise motivates us personally—we spin around and out from our inner motivations, from where we come from, our roots, our culture, our homes, our mothers. Everyday we go in, we go out, we see what we can do and get a ‘pulsing’ of certain attitudes and patterns—it’s how we dance through life. We often expect everyone to accept where we’re coming from and that doesn’t always happen, does it?

One of the students in the class asked if integrity and values had similar meanings. We were told values are an outward expression, integrity is about our own inner truth.

So if Truth is US,—why are we always struggling to seek something we can’t seem to grasp? Can anyone answer this question?

Many of us are motivated for all different sorts of things and have various degrees of personal integrity or lack of it. Integrity is the deepest point within ourselves, it’s not a static point, it’s not just a thing, it’s a ‘presence’, it’s like a Star-light and very few people live consciously in that point of their life. And those that do, we rarely meet because they don’t want to interrupted—they’re deep inside their own personal world!

How do you live with yourself? The world doesn’t stay the same, it keeps turning—we go through change and so does the outside world—we become ‘attached’ inwardly and outwardly—we have different focuses—everyday we take in and give out energy. Some days we ‘stay deep within our home’, other days we go out, extend ourselves and affect others. Once you project you see your affects on other people—and if you get an affect you will project further—and if you don’t you’ll back off and try something else. If not, you’ll get insecure about it. So our Rising sign, Ascendant, 1st house is how we project ourselves and our Descendant is how others react to us. We all bounce off each other in different ways and we can get along with anybody as long as we are okay with who they are.

Our ascendant and descendant are in opposition to each other. They fight each other in ourselves! Sometimes we have an awareness of them but most of the time we are in a dilemma about them—especially what we put out and the reactions we get. If we start getting reactions we don’t want we have to come to terms with it and do it different. We push things one way or another and we build up extremes in one area. As soon as this happens we are not dealing with the other half. And if we can’t deal with it, we tend to disassociate, forget about it, move on.

Aries, Taurus, Gemini Cancer, Leo and Virgo are all motivated by a certain amount of freedom and independence—they don’t like others cramping their style. They need space. It doesn’t mean these signs can’t relate or have relationships, it just means you are centered, motivated and held together by You—not so much by belonging.

People with Libra, Scorpio Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces are motivated by ‘how they belong’. “Whose doing things with Me—let’s build it together’ and this gets more complicated.

Our deepest point within, the Immun Coeli (IC), is the most important point in our chart and the most ignored in Astrology—because everything spins around your ‘personal integrity. The immune coeli, the 4th house is where you came from, your foundation, your security. It is the point of midnight in the horoscope and is seen as a symbol of the soul, its origins, homeland, family, our inner most issues, our past, or past lives. It is the You that gets up and puts on a face to greet the world. It’s You that goes out the door before you even react to anybody. So the IC is your anchor, where you are relating to everyone else and where you are coming from out of the world outside of yourself. And if we aren’t anchored deep within this point we can become overwhelmed by situations, crowds, noise, people, odors, temperatures and all other sudden changes. If we try to process different degrees of depth, we begin filtering criticisms, rejections, betrayals, losses and deaths.

So how do we live with ourselves, hold ourselves together, stay centered, take impressions in and put them out? By living our own personal inner truth. And it’s not rational, it’s not centered by other people, it’s in ourselves! So everything below the horizon represents our deeper subjective being. It is the umbilical cord of the soul—how you got connected to your body in the first place.

Integrity is so simple yet so powerful! It means subjective motivation and personal power. The problem is we are always aligning ourselves one way or another, positive or negative to conditions and people in our life. To the soul it doesn’t matter, it’s still going to experience—but through these experiences we begin holding judgments and layer upon layer they become crystallized onto our ‘wheel’. It can take months, years to recognize and peel away the buildup and eliminate them from our unconscious.

Our quest is to discover who we are in this most deepest point and take the risk of being unique in ourselves. We then will find the way of living and feeling rich, empowered and authentic.

The IC is connected to a powerful line that ascends to the Midheaven. This is called the line of consciousness. The Midheaven is the highest point in the sky. It is the peak of our accomplishments, our status, honor, respect, position, what kind of career you have and how much you accomplish each day. It represents our social integrity and our communal relations—what type of job we have and how we hold it altogether. The higher the profile, the higher we have to hold ourselves in our community It’s where we push out to be somebody each and everyday.

Putting time out in the world requires effort to do it. How responsible are you for what you put out in the world. If something goes right or wrong are you ready to back it up? Are you ready to pay for the price of your mistakes as well as the benefits of your victories? If you go bankrupt will you still pay everyone you owe? If you don’t there will be repercussions.

How many people can have an effect on others and still not have their career ruined? We are in contact with lower energies and it takes Integrity to react to the status we want to achieve.

We are all coming from our past moving towards our future. With different priorities, different values, different game plans—they change daily. The sun goes up, the sun goes down—we go around our chart, changing and accumulating to it daily. We can’t change what happened but we can add to it today—which is the essential basis in healing.

We all have challenges of how we tap into each house and how we express each sign. We want it all to be alive as much as we can, but most of us live in only one point of our charts at one time. We jump from one point to another instead of learning to extend it so that it all comes alive at one time.

This is what The Healing Room is all about. It is about discovering that part of us that never changes. When we find that point it cleanses our mind and body of thoughts, feelings and memories that have stood in the way of our own healing. It is about increasing the body’s energy flow and rebalancing the whole system. It is about discovering and resonating with your own integrity. It’s about being conscious of our own power.

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Lewis Carroll (birth name, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) was born in England on January 27, 1832. The astrological chart you see here was created from http://www.astro.com/ Looking at Lewis Carroll’s Sun sign, we know him to be an Aquarian. The keywords to Aquarius is perceptive, temperamental, organized, erratic, cool, detached, ingenious, impersonal, goal-oriented, insightful, outgoing, self-expressive, revolutionary and unconventional. We certainly know Charles Dodgson was not the run-of-the-mill type of guy. He definitely had special qualities which seemed to set him apart from other people. As a person with a keen intellect, he was able to focus with a depth and vision on his passion for symbolism through intellectual and philosophical concepts.

The homepage of Lewis Carrol, http://www.lewiscarroll.org/carroll.html, especially the link “Looking for Lewis Carroll” was a tremendous help in learning about this man. For instance his love of children—Chiron just happens to sit in his 5th house, a house in which Chiron’s teachings would most likely be associated with young children.

Sagittarius and Aquarius dominate Lewis Carrol’s chart…..Sagittarius, a restless fire sign—constantly seeks the Truth……Aquarius, an air sign, is a seeker of the Golden Grail. Hand in hand did these signs help Charles to discover the door or doors to a higher consciousness through means of the physical, metaphysical, mental and spiritual worlds? If they did, let’s add Venus to this equation, also lodged in Sagittarius and we discover Charles Dodgson as an independent person who deeply desired and needed his freedom to experience and learn his own personal truths. His Mars, also in Sagittarius, acted upon what Venus found and with his own ingenuity created adventures which played simultaneously between the visible and invisible worlds—an inward and outward link of his own personal truths.

As you can see the Moon, Venus and Mars are all in Sagittarius and placed in Lewis Carroll’s 1st house or Rising Sign/Ascendant. With such an influence of fire in the 1st house, he most assuredly was an enthusiastic, energetic, and vibrant man always with an idea or project. If we were to meet Charles Dodgson we would feel privileged and fascinated by his achievements and his ability to focus and create what is important to him.
The Ascendant or Rising Sign

When reading the following interpretation by Liz Greene on the ascendant my jaw dropped in amazement….

“As we have said the Ascendant is a very important point in the horoscope. It shows how you express yourself to the world outside. In many ways the Ascendant is more obvious to people than the Sun. You have to know someone for a while to really see how their Sun Sign operates. But if you meet someone at a party, or are just introduced, then you’ll see the sign on the Ascendant. It’s like the doorway to the house. No matter what’s going on in that house, the first thing you see is the door. Some doors are open, welcoming inviting, painted in cheery colours. Other doors are silent, closed, with a little peephole so whoever lives inside can check you out first before they let you in. Some doors are large and grandiose, like palace entrances. Other’s are small and unobtrusive. The door isn’t really any index to the inside of the house. There are houses where you would never notice that shabby little door, but the inside is beautiful. Others are very flamboyant outside, but small and unobtrusive inside. Never judge a house by it’s door. But the door reflects how that person wants you to see him. So we have the sign on the Ascendant.
Liz Greene

The ascendant is who we are and how we meet life. It describes yourself, your identity, your image, your size, your shape, your hour of birth and your personality. It also indicates your childhood and how you learned to react and present yourself to the many different influences and people in your life. Lewis Carroll’s ascendant was placed in
Sagittarius, a fixed fire sign. .

Changing our personality to suit others, we rob ourselves the process of becoming. Our soul becomes imprisoned in a house that was built brick by brick from our early childhood to adulthood. The more we stay behind these ‘walls of comfort’ the more we rob ourselves of new choices and exciting ways to experience life.

We all have the choice of feeling free and experiencing life through our dreams, visions, fantasies. To do this we have to make a conscious effort to find ‘the door’ to each room, and clear out the clutter, dust and debris. The more uncomfortable each room feels the greater the chance we have of making changes in our lives.

Were the many writings of Lewis Carroll indicative of this? I don’t know if this man knew or learned astrology and or divination……what I do sense is communication was a form of stimulation for him. He enjoyed the intellectual freedom of teaching, lecturing, publishing and the exhilaration of exploring the unexplored.

We’ve already clued in that Charles Dodgson’s ascendant was in Sagittarius, a fire sign. The element fire is represented through the signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Life is always a constant search for inspiration, stimulation and spontaneity. These are the signs that initiate first and ask questions later.

The moment their curiosity is aroused they throw caution to the wind and jump right in. Sometimes in their haste they tend to forget important details as well be somewhat inconsiderate of others—not intentionally mind you.

Aries likes to be Number One, Leo loves the social scene and being the center of attention. Sagittarius is the lover of freedom and independence. But as we learned from the last section “Integrity” Sagittarius likes the idea of creating with others. “Who’s doing things with me.”

My main interest in studying Lewis Carroll’s chart was to understand how the configuration of his chart attributed to his migraines. I had to refocus this intention to get back on track. This man fascinated me to the point of wanting to delineate his whole chart! Perhaps we could return at some point and do this, but for now let’s find what the underlying cause was to his headaches.

July 13, 2008 – New Addition
Hello everyone! Sorry for not getting here sooner. Recently, as mentioned to Jenny in the comment section, I just did another chart similar to her’s and Lewis Carroll’s natal chart. And again it was discovered this person suffers from migraines. It seems that with an intense grouping of planets in one or two signs makes migraine sufferers vulnerable and born with a blood vessel system that is easily dilated. It seems that emotional stress as well as air pressure, odors and other signals may trigger and throw their whole system out of whack.
Lewis Carrol did seem to be a hard driven man, known psychologically as a Type A behavior which could have increased the risk of either migraines or tension headaches. Also, this interesting bio on Carroll http://www.wordiq.com/definition/Lewis_Carroll states…….
“It is often said that he was naturally left-handed and suffered severe psychological trauma by being forced to counteract this tendency, but there is no documentary evidence to support this.”
This site also states Charles Dogsons uneasiness at a private school at neary Richmond. The writer questions whether sexual abuse was involved. (more on this later)
There are many Aquarians. Aquarius rising and North Node, South Node people, who have attested to being left handed! Aquarius is the 11th sign of the Zodiac and it is Fixed Air. These people love to live in the mind…..they are intellectual, emotionally aloof, tempermental, and unpredictable. Look at Dodgsons chart…..most of his planets are in the left quadran! It must have been hard for him and for others like him to be forced to use the right hand. It wouldn’t allow the words and mind to flow harmoniously together….instead it would create rigidness and tension in the body. Imagine getting a sudden fash of insight, a vision or dream and unable to quickly and with ease write it down. Did this contribute to his migraines?
Also I think Lewis Carroll attributed his left handedness in his books. Ever try to teach a left handed child? To them, it’s just like looking at what you’re doing in a mirror. Go ahead, look in the mirror and try showing yourself something….it’s hard isn’t it? And I can attest to that…..I too am left handed and my mother was frustrated as heck when trying to teach or show me something. She used to curse my left handedness…..alot!! By the way, my North Node IS in Aquarius!
Remember the Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland? Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, and the Madd Hatter definitely had the uranian qualities of inventiveness, originality and impracticality didn’t he?
How did Lewis Carroll come to grips or ‘solve‘ his migraines? Was it the sensation of letting himself go inwardly and ‘dropping’ to a deeper level of the imagination. As he plunged down, the ground gave way, landing in an imaginary world of symbols, animals, potions and experiences. Solve comes from the Latin word ‘solvere‘, which means to loosen, release or free. In dreams, the outer personality is loosened, the ego experiencing itself as an element of something larger. What a hard thing to do…..to dissolve back into a dream and allow its images to ‘wash over you’.
Charles Dodgson knew that one day he’d hit pay dirt, he just didn’t know how.
The 9th house with its many interpretations is also the house of published writers, which Lewis Carroll aspired to do. Dreams also represent the 9th house as well as Neptune and Sagittarius. Although Lewis Carroll lacked the Element Water in his chart, his Neptune in the 2nd house signifies creative ideas such as fairy tales could bring him dividends—which it did. Neptune in the 2nd also relates to sensual pleasures, the arts, especially photography which Lewis Carroll enjoyed and excelled in.
With Neptune in the 2nd house, sensuality is at the fore and a person with this placement can retreat to this ‘ultimate ecstasy’ when their life is threatened or becomes too nasty. In Dodgsons case he seemed to ‘dive into the depths’ when under too much pressure….the problem is if one stays too long in the ‘ocean’s deep’ we can become intoxicated with confusion which divers call ‘rapture of the deep’. I wonder if this intoxication was therapy to heal the migraines Lewis Carroll suffered from.
Pluto in the 4th house
Howard Sasportas (The Twelve Houses) said this about Pluto in the 4th house which Dodgson had in his chart.
“Complexes, traumas and unresolved issues from early childhood often seethe below the level of conscious awareness if Pluto is in the 4th house..the very bottom of the chart. Some children may try to cut off their deeper feelings altogether, exerting rigid control over themselves as a way of defending themselves against these raw emotions. And yet there is always the sense of something dangerous lurking there which could overwhelm them . For some, their whole life is about suppressing what’s down there, and in this respect they are dominated by those very things they are trying to keep at bay. Finding the self is like peeling an onion—layer upon layer has to be removed to reach the core. More than any other placement, this is the deep-sea diver who must plunge into the depths of the personal unconscious, bringing hidden complexes to light so that they can be examined, worked on and hopefully transmuted.”
The 4th and 10th house describe early conditioning of parent child relationships. At one time it was believed the 4th house was the father and the 10th the mother. In modern astrology, the 4th and 10th can be of either gender. These houses describe the energy exchanged by parent and child and the specific qualities of the parents’ personalities that the child registers and stores in his subconscious. Emotional as well as behavioral patterns and attitudes become imprinted in a child’s nervous system and within their psyche.
In his book Alice in Wonderland, Alice drinks a potion that makes her large and we find her weeping in misery at this. Then she drinks another elixir that makes her small and she finds herself drowning in her own tears. The walls of each room could have been built to separate the outer self with the inner. But all in all Lewis Carroll’s stories seem to tell us that although we wish to believe we can separate ourselves from others, ‘we are in this together’.
Is the true essence of Neptune to seek, find, understand and re-unite with that which is larger, more spiritual and more perfect than anything found on this earth. Is it about placing our faith with something or someone whome we can trust to never let us down? What if that certain someone who most naturally would seem to be the mother but in this particular scenarios isn’t?
With Pluto in the 4th, I’ve attributed this house to the mother…although it could be the house of the father as well. It could be, it was here, Charles Dodgson was wounded. If indeed there was conflict in the home between himself and his mother, this could very well inflict migraines on a child. Also Charles had a stammer that apparently wasn’t pronounced when around children. It was only with adults. I also don’t think he was able to rebel or speak his mind in the home. Was his mother quite frail…..so frail that anything loud and boisterous just might shatter her?
And, a poorly aspected 4th house can indicate some kind of abuse which was mentioned earlier in this post. Mars, Scorpio and the 8th house are also attributed to sexual abuse, Lewis Carroll’s North Node in Leo just happens to sit in this house.
Charles Dodgson was a very religious man. The 9th house has to do with our values, beliefs and philosophical ideas. It is also the house of higher learning, religion, history, principals, morals and or lack of.
3, 6, 9, 12, houses are called the Cadent houses. Their main ‘job’ is to understand or transform concentrated energy. In each cadent house we reconsider, readjust, reorientate to understand or transform. Lewis Carroll’s 12th house is in Scorpio with no planets in it. House 9 and 12 are similar and seem to overlap in their search for the Divine, the difference is that the 12th house disires to jump into the Divine waters and merge completely with it. The 12th house is ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. See the correlation?
Did Migraines become part of Charles Dodgson’s personality, his being and identity? They did indeed seem to be integrated in the framework of his life and touching all aspects of it. Because of this was the cause and pain a mystery to Carroll which encouraged him to seek their meaning as well as understand and heal the pain? Was this what Alice in Wonderland was created from? Shapes definitely alternated in different sizes…and the senses, hearing, taste, smell, touch and body image distorted.
And what of his childhood? Who was the Queens? The Rabbit and the Mad Hatter? All these seemed quite prevalent to uncovering the wounds of his childhood. The question remaining, did it heal his migraines?
Sample of Alice’s Adventure…..
“Take care of yourself”! screamed the White Queen, seizing Alice’s hair with both hands. “Something’s going to happen!” (was this the beginning of a migraine)
And then (as Alice afterwards described it) all sorts of things happened in a moment. The candles grew up to the ceiling, looking something like a bed of rushes with fireworks at the top. As to the bottles, they each took a pair of plates, which they hastily fitted on as wings, and so, with forks for legs, went fluttering about in all directions: and very like birds they look”…..
From Neptunes depths, Plutonian energy exploded it into an array of abnormal shapes and sizes with flickering lights. The planets concentrated intensely in Lewis Carroll’s first house, visibly could be seen shaken from their very core!
Depression, anxiety and frustration do seem to lower our threshold for pain. On the other hand endorphins (natural pain killers) have a remarkable similarity to morphine and narcotics. So what gave Lewis Carroll a natural high?
I found a remarkable site http://www.sabian.org/alice2mj.htm written by Marc Edmund Jones (Sabian Symbols) on Alice in Wonderland. Quite enlightening!
From this site……
“The adventures of Alice would recommend themselves by the mere virtue of their survival alone but there are added considerations that give them unique value in the field of philosophy.
Of principal importance is the fact that they were written by a mathematician. Mathematics is a divine science not because of its abstractions but because of what its study does to the consciousness. An untutored individual turning to nonsense produces non-sense. Even Lewis Carroll himself when building on a conscious working at nonsense produced the relatively infantile Hunting of the Snark. But the so-called nonsense allowed to emanate spontaneously from a brain that has grooved itself in accordance with cosmic ritual almost infallibly will bring forth something of cosmic significance.”
Before even reading this, a Sabian Symbol had been picked to conclude this article on Lewis Carroll and his migraines. This is the symbol chosen:
Sun Sign: LEO Degree: 2 Number: 122 Symbol: AN EPIDEMIC OF MUMPS.
The Karmic symbol for this Sabian is Leo Degree: 1
Wow! How uncanny is that??? Karmic signs apparently help us to understand why we are the way we are.
“a talent that’s been brought through or an issue that needs to be worked out and possibly let go of. “
Lewis Carroll was a mathematician. Mathematicians can be perfectionists, intelligent and overly conscientious and meticulous in their ways. They are prone with greater intensity to overwork, fatigue, worry, stress and frustration.
Also, Lewis Carroll apparently had a stammer. This could have frustrated him to no end, causing stress to continually buildup to a breaking point. This too could have triggered his migraines.
This is what I wrote about this symbol on the Aeclectic forum:
“Looking at this symbol as a person, I see one who can be very strong minded. Through the course of time, they have learnt to cultivate their values and opinions…..and sticking to them. When thinking outside the box this person can be very inspirational, brilliant and enlightening. I think this person has had to look deep within their lives and has been driven by an inner need to create changes and even changes in their own character. This could also be caused by feelings of inadequacy.
As far as feelings….I think they can be inclined to depressive thoughts and excessive worries, especially in relationships. I think they can be intensely loyal with someone and all they ask is the same in return.
They may justify themselves by what they accomplish. And, being held in high regard could be an important aspect with this person. They need someone who loves who they are, which is sometimes hidden within a closed box.
Did something recently occur to make them feel angry or frustrated by something you thought was trivial? Because they weren’t sure what to say or do, they bottled everything up, that’s stirring inside like a volcano. I think deep down, this person is attracted to you, but they are a master at controlling and containing their emotional side. And it really frustrates them to no end, that they can’t just open up and be themselves. “Grrr, they say, what’s the matter with me”. Because of their feelings of inadequacy they need someone who can see through the shield they’ve created and gently show and express to them, what you see is special about them.”
And, from what we know of Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddel was that person! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice_Liddell She encouraged him to publish his writings and that’s how ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and other works became famous.
Returning to the original symbol, known as what we should be ‘focussing on’ Sun Sign: LEO Degree: 2Number: 122 Symbol: AN EPIDEMIC OF MUMPS. This is also what I wrote on Aeclectic…….
“Zowie! The word epidemic jumped right off the page at me! What is an epidemic? “Affecting at the same time a large number of persons in a locality and spreading from person to person.” (My very used dictionary has no cover left…..my apologies for not naming it)
Metaphorically an epidemic is a victim and global consciousness shared on a collective level. It relates to stress, anxieties, and social and personal insecurities….and ‘everyone’ is plugged into it. An epidemic to me, represents inherited principles, ideas, or forces we adopted from our tribes, our cultures, our religions etc., which we need to come to terms with…otherwise they will limit, confine and imprison us.
Mumps is a contagious disease, a virus that is easily transmitted from person to person. It swells around our salivary glands and especially those around the jaw. Catching mumps as children, we form an ‘immunity’ a support system against it. But if we catch it after puberty, it can affect the ovaries and testes in an older person….it can cause sterility!! Metaphysically I see sterility as being unable to pro-create, we are unable to bring something of ourselves into being. We are displaced and not in touch with our own senses.
Most people see viral infections as something that exists outside of us and is independent of our control. That’s probably why we talk about ‘catching’ a cold, the flu, mumps, etc….And because it exists outside of us we give it Power. Usually we’re not even conscious of the fact that we’ve invested our spirit, attitudes and beliefs in it! Most of you might say, ‘oh no I broke away from those beliefs a long time ago’, but in truth we’ve only just begun.
Usually we are catapulted out of an epidemic situation at sometime in our lives. When we are, we are forced to take command of our thoughts and emotions……we have to begin ruling our own life our own world to survive…..and when we do we drive out the limitations we’ve inherited or acquired and we begin consciously to free ourselves of the past. When we do, patterns are broken, chains suddenly break and fall free. We feel the dynamic call and power of our spirit…..a personal discovery of what we know as the Word.”
The symbol following Leo 2, The Quest: The result of Lewis Carroll’s efforts….Leo 3 Degree: 3 Number: 123 Symbol: A MATURE WOMAN, KEEPING UP WITH THE TIMES, HAVING HER HAIR BOBBED.
My thoughts….
“A change of consciousness for Lewis Carroll began!! What we see here is a healthy expression of Lewis Carroll’s sensualities, expressiveness, sensitivities, and seductive qualities…..bobbing away from the familiar rhythms and habits of expression on an individual and massive scale!”
To conclude, the writings by Lewis Carroll’s could have been his ability to understand, heal and transform his life. When we have an illness our goal is to be free of its ailment and get better. It has been said many times that the imaginal realm is the meeting group between the physiological and the spiritual. Were the great works by Lewis Carroll healing to his body, mind and soul? If so, there was a great deal of detective work done on his behalf to make sense of the many different visualizations and symbols. The many bottles of magic potions in Alice in Wonderland could have symbolically meant forgetfullness and sleep. It was if they were created to let go of the logic of the day world and enter the imaginal world of dreams.
When an image evokes an emotional response (fear or wild passion) we know that that the imaginal creatures are somehow connected with the body and is ‘hungering’ to be part of our lives.
“Ever drifting down the stream—
Lingering in the golden gleam—
Life, what is it but a dream?”
–Lewis Carroll
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Rachel is a new friend of mine who suffers from FM and frequently visits for a Reiki session or ‘tune-up’. As mentioned earlier, each person and each treatment is different. Rachel is one of several people I know that suffer from CFS and FM. I thought I’d share a Reiki session we had recently.


When Rachel first called for a Reiki session, we only knew each other from an acquaintance of ours. I learned from our telephone conversation, Rachel was born January 7, 1972 at 4:00 a.m. in Toronto, Canada. She was born a Capricorn with the Moon in Libra. In numerology, her date of birth or Lifepath adds up to a ‘27/9” (1 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 2)

As we talked, I could see Rachel has ridden an emotional rollercoaster through life. Rachel mentioned her restlessness, and impatience has caused difficulties in staying focused—she also noted that there have been many times she has retreated into a dream world to escape the realities of what she sometimes sees as a harsh world. As we continued our discussion, I could sense that it wasn’t the world that was harsh but the criticism and judgments of her own efforts. She mentioned the word ‘perfection’ several times in our conversation and that in her attempt to create something of her own, she would in despair, tear up what she had written or drawn, even though in another’s eyes it might be excellent. She almost mentioned times of feeling ‘out of breath’ and that exhaustion and Fibromyalgia seem to hit then. This could also offset a Migraine.

Delineating a natal chart is fascinating as far as health concerns. For this particular chart, I looked at the Sabian Symbol for her Sun, Capricorn 17: A young woman surreptitiously bathing in the nude., as well as the Symbol for Chiron, (discussed later) which sits in Aries and her 4th house.


As you know, Chiron is a passion of mine—there is still so much to know about Him.

There is a wonderful website which describes Chiron in all the signs and houses. This next quote is from: http://home.iprimus.com.au/gjdemontfort/Chiron.htm

“In Aries or the first house, the sense of self has been violated in some way, manifesting in feelings of worthlessness, and/or that nothing is ever quite good enough. The lessons of Chiron here are in learning to assert yourself and to take appropriate action or initiative to remedy the situation – appreciate yourself and others for who they are. Easier said than done, as you can tend to be self sabotaging in your thought patterns. Remember your thoughts are powerful – you reap what you put out.“Chiron in the 4th
If the 4th house is taken to be the father, then he may carry the Chiron projection. The child with this placement may be exceptionally sensitive to his wounds, or view the father as a kind of teacher or mentor. One woman I know with Sun conjunct Chiron in the 4th was, as a young girl, abandoned by her father shortly after her mother died of cancer. This early rejection contributed to her receptivity to the pain, needs and feelings of other people.It is possible that in the later years of life, those with this placement may develop a latent interest in various forms of healing.”

The Sabian symbol for her Sun, Capricorn 17: A young woman surreptitiously bathing in the nude……well I had to look up surreptitiously—of the many interpretations I chose the word Secretive. Nude symbolizes vulnerability, being open, honest and truthful—it is as if this young woman enjoys her time alone to look deep within at the patterns and behaviors of her life. I bet Rachael spends a great deal of time, meditating and intimately learning about herself. By symbolically understanding the pains and traumas in her life, they will start to loosen their hold and power. Genuinely, this ‘young woman’ seen in a positive light is comfortable enough with herself and not overly concerned about her appearance and seems happy with her sexuality. Nudity can also express a highly sexed and/or senuous woman which would enhance her artistic talents and spirituality.

On the other side of the coin, this form of retreat can make a person disengage from life, from people, from relationships. Rachael mentioned she has an affinity with the tarot card, The Hermit. Is Rachel a shy and reclusive ‘young’ woman? Does she hide from certain people, situations in her life? Does she not want others to see her inner beauty and light? Or is all this for a greater purpose? It is true Capricorns can be very complex, deep and theoretical. and do not like to stray far from their favorite mountain peak……but they are always striving for the summit.

When a person withdraws from life it could be because they feel out of place with their views and beliefs. These people avoid confrontation and tend to be passive, allowing others to dominate and walk all over them. This may be why Capricorn 17 tends to live in her own little shell. Like a snail, she has built a shell of protection around her.

“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they are yours.”–Richard Bach Illusions.

When people have a low self esteem, they feel they have little worth and almost expect to be cheated, stepped on and depreciated by others. To defend themselves they hide behind a wall of distrust and sink into the terrible feeling of loneliness and isolation. Fear steps in and constricts and keeps us from risking new ways and solving problems. Reassurance of our capabilities and strengths helps us highlight who we are and carry on. But if we tend to live in isolation we detach from our need for people and lose this viable and necessary connection. We all need people.

“You teach best what you most need to learn.”–Richard Bach Illusions.

Fibromyalgia can hit with a force on people with low self esteem. It feeds on negative thoughts and comments and poor attitudes about the Self. But Fibromyalgia is not really the problem—that is, it’s a symptom. There is usually something much stronger happening underneath. With astrology, numerology and the Sabians and more, I try to uncover what’s under someone’s skin, the deepest point within.

The Sun is weaker in Capricorn than most signs and its ruler, Saturn can be a hard taskmaster, especially for young Capricorns—although Saturn tends to mellow as Capricorns grow older. Saturn also represents the lord of Karma—you reap what you sow. One of the karmic laws is that whatever you send out to the universe will return to you three-fold. I told Rachael when she finds herself thinking negative thoughts to erase them in her mind and replace them with something positive. She said she’d definitely try it.

Vulnerable areas of Capricorn are the bones, knees, teeth, skin, shoulders, lungs, hands, nervous and digestive system. Rachael also experiences respiratory difficulties and becomes exhausted and tired easily.

Rachael mentioned her FM hits mostly in the shoulder and neck area which sometimes causes a dreaded 3-day migraine. I felt that Rachael’s sinuses were affected too and seemed to be full of old negative emotions that were mopped up but never drained away. This lack of drainage could also affect her ongoing muscle and neck tension as well as depression.

When I started working on Rachael there was tenderness and pain around her right shoulder. I told her this could be coming from a congested Liver Meridian. Surprised, she asked how shoulder pain could be linked to this meridian. Because I said, this meridian is linked to your shoulder via the nervous system.

The Sabian Symbol for Rachael’s Chiron is Aries 10: A teacher gives new symbolic forms to traditional meanings.

Part of body, The Eyeball. The eye (window of the soul) by itself is circular and resembles an expanded point of space (similar to the symbol for the astrological sun). It is close to the ‘third eye’ which turns inward to see the ‘infinite’…the language is strange, the symbols unfamiliar. To discover new symbolic forms, the teacher will gather pieces of the puzzle (some traditional, some unknown) and begin the process of creating.

The inside of the eye works like a camera. The lens projects a sharp image on the back surface of the eye. There, a layer of light-sensitive cells called the retina works like photographic film. The image on the retina is ‘upside down’, but the brain turns it the right side up. Interesting!!

WOW! Immediately I found myself reflecting on The Hermit card in the tarot which Rachael had mentioned earlier. Also the Hermit card is said to be related to Virgo, which I believe is related to Chiron!

The Hermit lives with solitude and introspection, learning through self reflection. He is about serving others through the knowledge he has learned and gained. He is about bringing something new to the world, something that never existed before (look at the Hermit in the Thoth-Crowley deck –the universal egg and sperm). He says, when we understand our uniqueness we will be able to trust ourselves completely. But first we must deal with the three headed Cerberus which represents healing our past, present and future. Then the Hermit can shine his light for others, offering a different perspective from the mountain peak of pure abstract thought.

I have often seen a person with Hermit energy having to travel in what seems like the wrong direction – backwards – in order to go forward in life. Deep in his soul, the Hermit has a knowing he is here to conclude unresolved issues of the past, so that he can move on.

Chiron (son of Saturn) constantly records every memory, input and experience, searching out ways to cure a ‘wound’ that won’t heal from traditional beliefs and medicines.

This quote is from http://www.alphalifetrends.com/chiron.html The whole article is interesting and enlightening.

“The Truth about Chiron is that it points to the type of qualities and the area of our life that is designated to give us the opportunity to understand selfless giving and to grow through our chosen responses to these potholes. Within these challenges, we are given the deep hole of experiencing unfair situations that we must accept, deal with, understand and ultimately bless. This is a very tall order, however, our life, our path is sprinkled with them.”


I purchased a Reiki portable healing bed quite a few years back and love the freedom it allows me and my clients. If a patient is too ill to travel, the Reiki bed and I go to them. In this case, Rachael came to me. When she walked into my home, a CD of Reiki music was playing, the curtains closed, shutting out the day’s worries, which was relaxing for both her and me. I asked Rachael beforehand to wear light loose clothing. In Reiki one does not have to undress, the healing passes right through the clothing to the source.

Before we began, Rachael sat down and we talked about the Sabian Symbols for her Sun Sign and Chiron. (Talking with a patient, a healer can often sense a person’s frame of mind and level of stress) Rachael was very excited at my finding and confirmed this was indeed her personal story. She mentioned she knew ‘big time’ of her weaknesses but not so much of her strengths and abilities. Also in her childhood she was put-down by others, especially her siblings and parents. Rachael told me she learnt to bottle up her thoughts and feelings by keeping them to herself. But sometimes she EXPLODES over insignificant things and lets her feelings of frustration, anger and lack of control out especially while in her car—road rage!

“Half of the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half have nothing to say and keep on saying it.”–Robert Frost

“It was if I internalized all their negative comments and believed them” Rachael exclaimed. “I’d hold my feelings in until boom, they found a way out”! Swearing or verbally attacking a ‘bad driver’ was her place to Vent her Anger and Pain—at people she didn’t know and whom she’d probably never see again! But she also knew road rage can cause serious accidents! Somehow Rachael needed to communicate her anger and frustration to her parents and siblings. Her response was….they won’t listen, they won’t change. Well, somehow her feelings had to be known. Even if they don’t change, at least she would be sticking up for herself and communicating the best she can.

Rachael also mentioned she was in a dead-end job that on some days bored her to tears. “The people I work with are wonderful, but the work itself is repetitive and routine—nothing changes from one day to the next”. She let out a big sigh.

I felt as if Rachael’s Capricorn was hiding in the ‘shadows’. Capricorns main interest IS their work. Their career is supposed to be one of their reasons for Being. A job that isn’t challenging can stress Capricorn to max, leading to indigestion. Rachael definitely needs to find what motivates her in life. She needs to find her PASSION. The feeling of self-fulfillment, usually through helping others, is one of the beautiful gifts that the Lifepath 9 has to offer.

Capricorns also love to ‘keep moving’. I suggested aerobics or some kind of exercise would be more to her advantage than ‘fighting’ rush-hour traffic.

Usually I will ask a client to pick a card from a tarot deck or the Inner Child Cards. Today was different. With the Hermit such a focal point in Rachael’s chart and healing, we decided it was exactly what the Universe had ordered.

After our talk, I asked Rachael to sit sideways on the chair, allowing my hands to flow slowly over her body. Gently sweeping through and around Rachael’s energy field, head to toe, I acknowledged where my hands would tingle, feel no vibration or feel hot or cold. Sometimes my hand would shake slightly at troubled or congested areas. All this took maybe five minutes. With the initial assessment done, I asked Rachael to lie down on the Reiki bed, face-up and the treatment began.

Usually a Reiki treatment starts at the head or feet of a client. This helps to ‘read’ the person’s entire energy field. Areas of imbalance have a tendency to express psychological and emotional information. With Reiki II, the Emotional symbol allows impressions to be received from the practitioner which if expressed, encourages the client to participate and explore their meaning. Reiki often can bring out specific body memories, emotions and thoughts which need to be uncovered and released so healing can take place.

The actual treatment and conversation between Rachael and I is confidential. Spiritual energy was very strong in the room, and I sensed ‘many hands’ helping and healing….surrounding her body soothingly. Between the Reiki and the ‘many hands’ both Rachael and I could feel tension being drawn from her body, from her legs, stomach, shoulders, arms and neck. Rachael noticed pain and tension disappearing from her head. Knots in her muscles unfurled.

Make a list of areas in your life in which you do feel worthy. Identify your true value and how that value serves you and others. Don’t stop listing until your heart opens to loving yourself. Also list the ways in which other’s “bad” treatment of you has helped you to learn how to assert yourself and to value yourself more. Again, keep listing until your heart opens to them, and to yourself, for experiencing the lesson.”

And this, from a book by Howard Sasportas (The Twelve Houses)

Spirit showed me Rachael’s energy field which was low and her solar plexus congested with dirty red energy. There were many hot spots in her field and in the thymus/heart area the color, Olive Green. Olive Green means we are starting to compromise our immune system.
Rachael’s liver was off balance and possibly affecting her cholesterol levels. The gallbladder, spleen adrenals and lymph glands needed special attention too. When the organs in our body are full of toxins they have difficulty releasing and eliminating toxins as they are released into our system. Reiki helps to wash them away.
From my Reiki Manual

Reiki works a little like soap. Soap gets dirt out of your clothes by using the positive and negative charges of atoms. Each of its molecules has two sides, one attracted to dirt, and the other to water. The dirt loving side attracts the dirt like a magnet does to iron filings and the water loving side sticks to the water, carrying the dirt with it, which is then flushed out of our system.

For Your Interest

The gallbladder meridian when afflicted causes eye weakness, temple and migraine headaches neck tension, jaw pain, ear weakness, and shoulder pain, tightness in the ribs, asthma, shingles, arthritis, pain in the hip and knee complaints too! PHEW! That’s a tall order for a little organ huh?

(Picture below from “A Beginner’s Guide to Shiatsu by Partick McCarthy)

The Gallbladder and Liver Meridians (notice the intensity of the gallbladder meridian in the head region). One of the linked sites on my blog is Wingmakers. A FANTASTIC SITE! Discover what it says about the Gallbladder and its connection to the Wood Element. http://www.wingmakers.co.nz/Nature_Meridian.html

The full body treatment lasted for approximately an hour and a half. I would like to stress that the healer does not do the healing. We are merely a channel for something greater that moves through us. We also do not have to know or understand a person’s illness to heal….for healing comes from beyond us.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with the heart.”-Helen Keller

“Love not what you are, but what you may become.”-Cervantes

“Dwell in possibility.”-Emily Dickinson

I told Rachael she had to stop holding back things that needed to be said. We focused on building up her self esteem, taking time to write down her gifts and strengths and setting personal goals and facing her fears. She realized she had a lot of work to do. Healing IS hard work but the rewards are many.

“You are amazing, original, the one and only you.”-Sue Bender

I would like to intervene and say that I have learnt a great deal about myself by mirroring the people who’ve come for Reiki. Most of what I have shared about Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has been from my friends and clients. Many of the online sites and books were due to their own search for self-healing.

“This, then, is the test we must set for ourselves: not to march alone, but to march in such a way that others will wish to join us.”-Hubert H. Humphrey
As Rachael relaxed after the Reiki Treatment and enjoyed a cup of herbal tea, I recommended a friend of mine who is a Homeopathic doctor and my friend Sue the acupuncturist. As stated before Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue are multi-faceted illnesses. More than one approach is needed for healing. Although this will be a great investment of time and change for Rachael the road to health begins with the conscious decision to be well.


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”—Gandhi


Chiron and more

Sabian Symbols

Earth Meridian

The Twelve Houses by Howard Sasportas (talks of Chiron through the houses

Stay tuned……(a new topic!)

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